Traffic Law: Fashola nabs police officer riding okada



The Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola yesterday arrested a police officer, identified as Ebahan Johnson, who violated the new traffic law by riding his 100 CC commercial motorcycle popularly called Okada on the Agege Motor Road, Ikeja. The governor accosted the police officer on the expressway during an inspection tour of ongoing projects in the Lagos-West Senatorial District of the state, while riding a red Bajaj motorcycle.

The officer who resisted arrest earlier, succumbed when he realised that he was accosted by the governor, who had warned that Okada should not ply the express road with a motorcycle with such capacity and without helmet. Fashola on the arrest said: “There is no one that is above the law. If anyone cannot submit itself to the law of the state, then that person should please leave the state.” He warned that the state government would not condone violation of the road traffic law of the state, which was signed into law to bring sanity back to road transportation.

He said: “There is no society where laws are not broken, but the state government will increase its enforcement for residents to comply with. And as we move on the road and we see any one violating the law, we will stop and arrest them.” On the officer, the governor stated that the officer would be handed over to the Commissioner of Police, Umar Mankko for proper prosecution.

“I am sure he would be prosecuted,” Fashola stated. Meanwhile, hundreds of traders of Katangowa, Agbado-Oke-Odo Local Council Development Area, (LCDA),urged the state government to halt its plan to relocate the market for the construction of the new Lagos State Digital Village presently located in Ikeja Area of Lagos.

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  1. hmmmmmm This law has to be wll emphasied i agree its wrong to ride without protection gear its even suicidal but is it wrong to ride a 100cc well that for another day
    Please lets comply to State laws but where the law is too strigent lets discuss it Thats one gain of democracy

  2. No body’s above the law said by the state governor after the arrest of the police officer. Sanity in the road sanity also in the government house new thing dawn in lagos.

    • Gen Olusegun Obasanjo on

      him 4 give d officer frog jump n leave d poor man if u dismiss am na additional armd robber or boko haram b dat, fashola u b police abi army

  3. rule of law hmmmmmm very good now lets start from 1 person.. can u tacle corroption or those custome men at the airport extorting money from passangers returnning home from abroad.. set ur trap and you will catch them… and those taken bribe from those travelling out is their salariesd not enough for them why putting this nation in shame and embrassement

  4. Yes, you are right Governor Fashola to arrest the law breaking police officer, he is suppose to be law enforcer but the cop thinks as a police officer he can break law and get away with it, he must be sanctioned according to the tenets of traffic laws in Lagos state. Nobody is above the law! Laws are made to have peace and orderliness in the society while lawless society brings about chaos and anarchy that are tantamount to peaceful co-existence of mankind.

  5. Government officials especially the elected officers like Fashola violates the law of the land.
    Stealing money meant for development is a violation of the law. Fashola is also a notorious law breaker. He and Tinubu has bought all properties in Lagos.

  6. Who will help us in Yenagoa? We don’t have okada here eh. But the town is bedeviled with reckless driving on narrow roads and the use of siren and amber light. Oga fashola pls help us talk to our oga here na. Make ulna put head together eh

  7. A de laugh o. Will Fashola be on all roads to enforce the law. As reported, the officer resisted arrest. But for the status of Fashola, who would have arrested a law breaker who is also expected to enforce the same law. Or is it LASTMA that will arrest a policeman, much more an officer.

    And what is the asurance that the officer would be prosecuted.

    Someone raised this issue on people’s palava (mitv program) recently and the response of the representative of police on the panel was that police by their duty may be expected to go into places that requires the use of okada.My take on this is that the understanding of the Police authority is that police are immuned from the traffic law. And that is the impression that have been passed to their officers and men. That explains why the officer must have resisted arrest.So there will be no prosecution of the officer.

  8. Acn Na Wah oo, fashola nd one side law lasma will ride Okada police nd army wiil be arrested nd persecuted becos dia re federal property if is state it will be coded

  9. Acn Na Wah oo, fashola nd one side law lasma will ride Okada police nd army wiil be arrested nd persecuted becos dia re federal property if is state it will be coded. Fashola is pretending innocent becos some abble pple is protecting hm soon or leta he will at Efcc net

  10. fashola should knw that governors is turn by turn, i heard how he want to insult baba by taking hostage his Ota farm motors; to me fashola is still a boy in politics of naija, he should emulate his boss Tinubu whom i respect somuch

  11. The best way to enforce traffic law is 2 get particulars o the motor vehcle, give a note of warning 2 d offender and next time d person commits d same offene then d person shld be fined.fashola is not d right person 2 d job.

  12. Fashola u went with a bike and u arrested a police officer on a bike and u think ur justified. If I were them I would left d job 4 u. U will leave d govt house and go to the road to enforce ur tyrany

  13. it is a shame that it will take a state governor to catch someone breaking the law. imagine obama or an american mayor or governor stopping police on the road. if the governor was not there, no one would have dared stop the police law breaker. I hope the police will take action against the office. when the people that are supposed to be maintaining the law are breaking it. it shows a state of anarchy and lawlessness.

  14. Action governor,your outstanding performance speaks volume,the mere fact that you are able to change lagos to such a beautiful state within a short period won my admiration and respect. keep it up youngman.

  15. Poorman dey suffer for Lagos. The way LATSMA and POLICE dey cease Okada every day for Lagos is disturbing.
    Why Lagos they consficate poor man okada. Wetin the man go chop with his family.
    2015 you go say make I vote for ACN?

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