The Obama victory


On November 6, 2012, President Barack Obama re-emerged as the President of the United States of America, which is a consolidation on his first-term historic electoral success as the first African-American to attain that height.

It was indeed a landmark victory considering the fact that his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney, fought vigorously and also lost robustly. Nature—Hurricane Sandy specifically —and the media, it seemed, worked in favour of the Democrats, going by post-election analyses. Generally, the Republican drubbing defied all pre-election projections and permutations! It was not just a function of political luck, but astute strategy and planning that built on earlier accomplishments and outstanding challenges.

A plot of Obama’s political ascent at various levels clearly indicates a stratagem that cultivates a deliberate and organized march towards maximization of opportunities which come up along the trajectory. This, among other variables like youth generally and spinsters particularly who lavishly voted for Obama according to official statistics, underscores his latest triumph.

There is no doubt that the American economy is in a potentially explosive bad shape. It is not the first time. At a point recently, there were 700,000 monthly job losses! Now, with the benefit of hindsight, the likelihood of crashing this figure is very high and in further consummation of his electioneering testament to Americans.

This is one major way to buttress the overwhelming mandate given to this emotive orator whose thunderous speeches rivet the traditionally hypercritical American audiences. No American president had won re-election with an unemployment profile above 7.2 per cent as obtains currently. In fact, analysts are of the view that Romney did not exploit this angle very well.

Perhaps, the second emergence of Obama may, not have been possible if he had not successfully ensured the ultimate death of Osama bin Laden whose terrorist delinquency put the entire world on the edge. It is to the glory of America that Obama painstakingly saw to the death of Osama. If, perchance, the onslaught had turned out a fiasco, that possibly would have marked the end of the Obama presidency.

In other words, the much-acclaimed termination of Osama was not just another American credit, but an immeasurable boost to the Obama political project. It is indeed soul-lifting to note that Obama lived above board. This explains why despite the formidable challenge posed by Romney, Americans opted for the one they can trust, a leader with immense potentialities and novelties with no scandalous past of any hue.

We commend both Obama and Romney for the mature and issue-based campaign they carried out. There was no mudslinging of any kind. This is one lesson that politicians in this part of the world need to learn. We are also impressed with the dispatch with which the loser congratulated the winner. There were no talks of electoral manipulation or the prospects of litigation to question the result of the polls.

Seeking political office is not synonymous with smear campaigns. At the organizational level, our Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has a lot of characteristics to copy from the American module. There were no logistical throw-ups or sharp practices by election officials. The objective of everyone was the conduct of a credible, hitch-free and successful election.

What this calls for is good planning and institutionalization of credibility in the entire process. We congratulate Obama on his well-deserved victory and implore him to keep to his election promises. The African continent expects so much from him and America in terms of development initiatives and the Washington global transformative agenda. Bail-outs, when necessary, should be extended to needy African countries as a way of propelling their economies. Such foreign assistance goes a long way in growing the developing world, represented mostly by African countries.

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