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Thanks for phasing out Lagos molue buses

… But this okada restriction is killing our business 


There is no end yet to the flurry of reactions trailing the recent restriction of motorcycles aka okada in Lagos. The state government had rolled out a law restricting riding of private and commercial motorcycles along designated roads, bridges and areas in the state. But commercial motorcycles operators and even some beneficiaries of their services have since been kicking against the law.

A motorcycle and tricycle dealer, Mr. Ephraim Ujumadu says the restriction is already taking a heavy toll on other businesses, which indirectly depend on okada to survive. He however commended the state governor Mr. Babatunde Fashola for gradually phasing out the ever-ubiquitous 911 buses aka molue, which before now were common features on the city’s roads. Speaking to Daily Sun Ujumadu, said the law is in bad taste. He believes it will work against the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in the next election in the state.

He also believes its introduction is hypocritical as it does not provide an alternative to the services of the okada operators whose means of livelihood have been taken away leaving them with nothing to fall back on. Ujumadu noted that, the transport challenge in Lagos had worsened since then and advised the state government to do something urgent by engaging the ex-okada riders in meaningful ventures to avert an upsurge in crime.

He admitted that some okada riders were reckless and their action in the past had resulted in several accidents, but that was not enough reason to ban okada in the state, contending that there were also reckless drivers on the roads. He believes the state government ought to regulate the operation of okada riders and not to restrict them. Citing the example of developed nations with good transport system, he said those countries still allow private and commercial motorcycles to ply the roads. He blamed transportation problem in state on lack of evenly spread BRT as many areas have no motorable roads and the only means of transport in such areas is okada.

The motorcycle dealer faulted the Commissioner for Transport, Kayode Opeifa’s statement that what the state meant was “restriction” of motorcycles. He said what the state government had in mind was outright ban, insisting that it action was a ploy to get all motorbikes off the roads. He pointed out that the state government knew that outright ban of motorcycles in Lagos was a wrong decision.

And now, that is not going down well with populace. Speaking further, Ujumadu said the state government couldn’t convince Lagosians that restricting motorcycles from plying major routes was not an outright ban. He gave some instance: “Everywhere in the world, even in advanced countries you see motorcycles plying the roads. You will agree with me that even if motorcycles are not used for commercial transport services, people can purchase and use them to commute to work.” He said when government restricts motorcycles to the kitchen how can those who cannot afford a car get to their offices considering the transport challenges commuters face in Lagos?

He insists that “the decision doesn’t go down well with Lagosians particularly those of us in motorcycles business. I don’t know whether they want us motorcycle dealers in the state to engage in illegitimate businesses since the state government has not made any provision for people who are in the trade before enacting the law.” He further admitted that that some okada riders are reckless and irresponsible but stated that many drivers too are worse because they are reckless.

Ujumadu affirmed that the state government shouldn’t have said that only motorcycle accident victims abound in the hospitals, contending that if Lagos state government was sincere that the ban was for safety reasons, it should have provided alternative means of livelihood for the operators.

He cited the example of Benin Republic, where over 70 percent of the people depend on motorcycles and now they have “created a separate lane for motorcycle users. It is different from the lanes used by cars and vehicles. “The state government, before contemplating any ban, ought to have introduced the BRT in major areas to enable commuters get vehicles to their destinations.

If there were dedicated lanes for BRT, motorcycles ought to have their lanes too. “Let Governor Fashola encourage the use of motorcycles as means of transportation. Let him make it safer by dedicating a lane for okada riders and if okada operators refuse to use it, they can be apprehended and penalised. “But from what obtains now, I fear that it’s like they want Lagos to be only for the rich, as they are systematically edging out the poor.

“The number of okada operators in this city is in the region of 1millions. Lagos State Government cannot create one million jobs to absorb these people and now that they have succeeded in forcing them into the labour market, I imagine what is going to happen in this festive month.”

An okada rider Aliu Musa told Daily Sun that “The politicians engaged us during the last electoral campaign and even provided us with branded helmets to make our operation safe. We in turn assisted them to win elections.

At a time, the state government even asked us to buy rider’s card and the money went into government coffer. “We paid through the nose to purchase rider’s card the other time to enable us ply the roads. Was that not an authority to operate? It was like the state government after using us, turned round and banned us from operation.” While appealing to the government to repeal the new law, Ujumadu, said: “We all know that there is no good system of transportation in Lagos State unlike in the Western countries where things are much better – you dress up in the morning and ride your bicycle or motorcycle to the nearest bus station, park the bike at the bus station and join a bus to your office. “Now that okada is banned from plying major roads, how do people get to BRT stations? Of course, we all know that BRT does not cover 10% of Lagos routes.

BRT only plies Ikorodu road to Lagos Island, Mile 2 to CMS, Oshodi to CMS. What then happens to commuters in the other areas of Lagos? How does the state government expect Lagosians to move from their homes to the BRT stations when there are no okada?” However, he praised the governor for his tact in “systematically phasing out the molue buses that once were dominant features on Ikorodu to CMS and other major routes in the state.

He also praised the state government for the good job it did by not banning molue buses and for providing BRTs as alternatives. He said if the government had restricted the molue, their owners could have withdrawn their services from the areas they operate.

He urged state government “to borrow a leave from Akwa Ibom State governor, Godswill Akpabio, who summoned all okada operators in the state to a meeting and told them to surrender their motorcycles to the state government and got cash equivalent to start a new life. “But in Lagos, it’s a different kettle of fish. All of a sudden, government began to confiscate all the motorbikes without minding what happens to their owners and their source of livelihood. Of course, they have families and responsibilities. Some of them are graduates who are not supposed to be okada riders but were forced into the trade because there are no jobs for them.

But instead of government to encourage them, it came up with an unpopular law and now, it is now confiscating motorcycles even when the individuals that gave them the loan to purchase the bikes are waiting for their money. So what next should they now do? “The Commissioner for Transport Mr. Opeifa said in a television interview that the state government asked the okada operators to enroll and be trained in other trades but only five so far have come forward. If truly there is a place where those people would be trained and empowered, I tell you, millions of them could have dropped their okada and enrolled immediately,” he added.

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  1. TEE December 14, 2012 at 6:06 pm

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  2. Damola December 14, 2012 at 6:28 pm

    I pity the Okada operators for the pain imposed on them vide the new traffic law. Sincerely speaking in this modern age, using motorbike as a means of transportation in any place in Nigeria signify backwardness that predated our independent.. On the other hand, this is an opportunity for the government to focus on the tranpotation need of the people and see where it could engage the available manpower (Okada operators) through empowerment and partneship in other mass-transit transportation and availing the un tapped water transit transportation.

  3. Say you, Say me December 14, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    Now i know that most of the anti govt protesters on the ban or restriction of okada are motorcycle importers. This is not Benin Republic. We are not having special lanes for okadas. Since you have mentioned what goes on in other climes, i would want you to know that you do not have buses plying all routes in major cities. e.g If you live in a place like GRA Ikeja, you might have buses plying Airport road, Issac john, Joel Ogunaike, police college road, and the road leading to Agege motor road. If you live on the inner roads, you find your way to catch a bus on any of these roads. That’s how it is. You can take an okada from the inner roads, to any of the junctions of the banned roads, and take your bus from there, whats the biggie. Are the inner roads not ok. When okada was banned in other states, how many of the above mentioned by you were done. They all left those states to come to Lagos – city of milk and honey. Okada riding isn’t the only business these people can do. My friend, if the ban is affecting your business, diversify. In my opinion, and I have said it several times, the people who turned the other way when these motorcycles were flooding cities in this country did us a disservice. Commercial motorcycles have no business in a developing world. And I do not understand what people always mean by govt should provide alternatives for these riders. Aren’t there other unemployed people?. Govt evicts squatters from its land, people expect them to be provided with alternatives. What is it? I am not being wicked, I am not just into all these sentimental rubbish.

    • Jay December 16, 2012 at 6:33 pm

      Thank you o my brother, Say You, Say me ….

  4. cliffo December 15, 2012 at 12:18 am

    There must be alternatives. You don’t just put a law without considering factors surrounding it. Rehabilitate them(okada please mr Governor.

  5. Ebiyi December 15, 2012 at 2:18 am

    My simple question is how do i ride my private motocycle.?

  6. Adex December 15, 2012 at 2:40 am

    Very wicked govrnor

  7. Jay December 16, 2012 at 6:26 pm

    A lot of these people are saying nonsense. Let us be real,what is bad is bad. No covering it. OKADA MUST GO!.

    Even one death is enough for us to think. What if it were your own brother, sister, father , mother that dies by it’s reckless use. Go to hospitals and see for yourselves before discussing the issues.

    These riders dont even learn properly. They see it as fun. And to think they gambling other innocent lives. Abeg, make we leave matter for Mathias.

    I commend the commissioner of police who says, outrightly , they ought to be banned!.

    We have our modus operandi for movement until it’s entry into the system. It has corrupted the transportation system. Initial intent was good( for easy access), but now, the disadvantages surpass it’s advantages. Dont get me wrong, I use it myself.It’s fun when they move at high speeds (speaking honestly) with the twists and turns. Thank goodness the government cares for us even when we don’t care for this single life that we have). That is the government’s responsibility . PLEASE, Mr. Fashola, honor your promise to protect us the citizens. Flush this indecent and improper, death risking transportation out of the system. Not even with the reckless abandonment they ride with… One way passage and all that. Oh no.!!!

    No law favors everyone . Sometimes we are affected by the law. Nevertheless, the law must take its course..
    And to think of the crime it is used for also., oh no…Only those who support bad things will think of it’s existence. I give it up. It is a bad thing.

    Governor Fashola, thank you for thinking of us. God will continue to give you the support to restore the glory of Lagos state . Unfortunately,I was not able vote for him but i commend his interest to better the lives of the people.

    Why, to even think of it, how many of these dare-devil(well, not all of them but most) riders are actually true Lagosians? Yes we welcome all Nigerians to be residents and citizens of this role model state, but please do not spoil it for us. Go to your own origins and spoil there and see if your own governments will not hammer their laws on you…. Lagos is for all of us and we must use it well.

    But don’t also get it twisted, I am anti-ACN because of the god-fatherism involved. But one man has distinguished himself;Mr. Fashola.

    What is worth doing, is what doing well! If you love us , then take them off all streets of Lagos, and not just 475 roads.

    Oh may I also mention that now that they are being gotten off the road, we have no choice than to walk when we have to (good for our health) and also now, we can know the names of streets which a lot of people did not know because they could shuttle the easy way to death(okadas)even for short distances that could be walked because we could afford it.

    What is bad is bad and no covering it. We shall walk,protect our people, restore sanity and make our state right again.!!!

    God bless us all as we reason aright.

  8. Jay December 16, 2012 at 6:30 pm

    Oh just a quick note, for private users, read about the law properly. I didn’t know myself until i learned. There are requirements and rules for owning a private bike and then I learn if those requirements are met, the law is on your side,ride freely!!!

  9. francis cole December 17, 2012 at 3:02 am

    Its right for Lagos state goverment to ban Okada right away. Nonsence, why cannt they go to Abuja and complain why they were ban. We Lagosians dont want okada Armed robbers. If you dont like fashola better go back your village or your state. You Okada people should stop complaining.

  10. okolie emeka December 18, 2012 at 10:24 pm


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