Soldier kills tanker driver over wrong parking


…We are investigating-Army

From NOAH EBIJE, Kaduna

A Petroleum tanker driver, one Mohammed Isah was at the weekend shot dead by a trigger-happy soldier at a check-point in Kaduna. The incident has angered members of Petroleum Tanker Drivers Association (PTDA) to disrupt transportation of petroleum products in the state. But authorities of the Nigerian Army said they were investigating the incident, adding that the family and friends of the deceased had been pacified to remain calm as justice would be done accordingly.

According to the Assistant Director, Army Public Relations 1 Mechanized Nigerian Army Division, Colonel Sani Usman Kukasheka, “I wish to acknowledge the allegation of shooting by our soldier. “ I wish to state that the headquarters of 1 Division is aware of the incident and has commenced investigation with a view to ascertain the cause of the soldier’s action involved, to ensure justice is done. “1 Div. has gone an extra mile in dialogue with PTDA with a view to reaching a possible solution, we are appealing to them to remain calm in the interest of peace “We are appealing to the family and friends of the deceased and the PTDA to remain calm, Army will not condone any breach of the rule of engagement by any of its officers or soldiers.”

The deceased who was said to have travelled all the way from Gombe to load fuel at the Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company (KRPC) was shot dead over argument of alleged wrong parking of his vehicle near the check-point at the KRPC junction However, other soldiers on duty at the check-point, according to an eyewitness, were able to rush the driver to St. Gerald Catholic Hospital in Kaduna where he later died.

An eyewitness said, “The decease came from Gombe to load fuel but was shot by the soldier for refusing to comply with an instruction at the NNPC/KRPC junction.” .

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  4. Anybody that killed should also be kill. The soldier has pronounc death sentence for himself with his fingers. and unless the Army or Govt. wants to cover up that beast deserve to die too. May God have mercy on his soul.

  5. solomon did u fine out what the tanker driver do before the soldier open fire? judge both sides you are tryin to judge one side of the case.

  6. why must he open fire to someone without any gun?does it mean that everybody in northern Nigeria is a boko haram?..oh my people of the north have you seen what idiots called bok haram has done to all of you just because you needed power by all mean

  7. Why won,t him obey a semple other by not paking thare. Naw it has coust him his life. The soja is afred of the boko boys mey his soul rest in pis.

  8. So bad, can you imagine a Naija man losing his life because of wrong parking. Our lives here is just nothing to these men in uniform.
    @ Bernard Ogba, it is very wrong of you to say rubbish when another person loses his or her life in such way. It can be anyone. We must learn to love one another in this country because there is no way we can change been our neighbors even if Nigeria is divided.

  9. Udam Ochiaghandigbo on

    This officer should be publicly executed if found guilty, of course, so as to serve as a deterrant to other officers who might be tempted to do same. This is a wishful thinking, because Nigeria is a country of anything goes!

  10. Alhaji Dan-azumi Gana on

    Emma’s is right, may be the soldier is afraid boko haram boys. You know kaduna is a terrible city where the terrorist always hit. The soldier’s action is right.

  11. The soldier who killed the driver must asked to face the music. It has become obvious that soldiers see bloody civilian as somebody they were superior to, but I want to tell the army authority that the able body people of this country cannot put head to the army work, the duty of the solders is to protest the territory of the country and more so the people and they should remember that they are being paid by the taxes from the so-called bloody civilian. Those who kill by the sword should also die by the sword.

  12. The 1 million $ question is: why did the driver disobeyed instructions from the solder but instead picked an argument with him? a good lawyer could argue that parking a tanker which might just be loaded with petrol near an army check point in a town bedeviled with terrorism and refusing instructions to move it from there is a very good ground for suspicion by any security personnel. I am not trying to make a case for the solder here, but one must note that, there was no way the solder could have known that the tanker was empty at the time it was wrongfully parked. It is very possible for boko haram to hijack a fully loaded tanker, drive it close to an army check point and detonate an IED attached to the tanker! non the less, i think a thorough investigation should be done to ascertain the circumstances that culminated in the fatal shooting and if the solder is deemed to have acted out of order, by all means he should be charged for murder in order to ensure that justice is done and also to serve as a lesson to others

  13. If na police,the next thing you will hear form frank mba is either the report have reahed my table or he was killed by armed robbers

  14. May the soul of the young man who was shot dead rest in peace, But the soldier didn’t try at all….. Of No reason should He open fire on some-one armless… Infact We dnt have the right or previlege to take away life created by God… everybody should be warn and fear God because He is a God of Vengeance

  15. All of you just start talking nonsense.the men that blew-up a church in the heart of barracks is inocent till their did was done that killed and maimed many was BOKO HARAM written on their faces or somebody born soldier also.

  16. Army kill one ikechukwu from aku in enugu last october 26 2012, but why is it boko haram? He was kill at orokamu in benue state .

  17. Whether wrong parking, disobeying order or boko haram is wrong for d soldier to open on d driver. Hu knows may b it is as a result of #50 demanded bz d soldier?

  18. It is totally wrong friends for any civilian to disobey instructions from any security personnel, especially in a state like kaduna. I am not supporting the security personnel though! But considering what happened in jaji(every body is a suspect) may God Almight console and give the decease family the grace to bear their lost! may ur soul (Isah)rest in peace. No body is above the law! If the soldier is found guilty! Justice should take is cost, cos what goes around comes around!

  19. Nigerian government hv course much confusion in this country, can any body tell me wat concern army man wit check point pls can’t this people go back to their barracks where they suppose to be and wen there is riots or war they can call to come bcos if nothing is done b4 we civilians will finish in the hand of this uniform men. Let there be justice bcos 4 no course he shld shot the driver.

  20. It is unfortunate this happened but why argue with a man with a gun? I have resolved that whatever orders ‘am given at check points I’ll obey especially given the level of insecurity in theland now. My life is not for me alone but for the children and all those who look up to me and I’ll do everything within my power not to just throw it away as a piece of rag.

  21. Babawo or is it babalawo, on Solomon, you talk like a lunatic. Must the soldier even brandish his gun before a hapless civilian talkless of shooting. Whatever the man did was not any reason for his life to be cut short. Do you know how many lives that this man’s death has adversely affected? To me, that blood thirsty, hungry soldier must go the way the tanker driver went. Babawo may decide to join his soldier friend in protest to general opinion.

  22. May God deliver us from the spirit of being murderers. Uniform men, remember that ur weapon will turn against u if u misuse them on your fellow country men and relatives.

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