So sad:Man develops kidney problem 6 months after wedding


…Now needs N7m for treatment


“If God gives me a second chance to live after this kidney transplant, I want to become a pastor. I will pray to God to give me the power to heal the sick, especially people with kidney problems. I want to become a pastor because I want spiritual healing for people that have renal failure.”

These were the words of a 41-year-old man, Tokunbo Ogunlusi, who needs the princely sum of N7 million for a kidney transplant. Ogunlusi’s renal failure started six months after his wedding in 2008, affecting one of his kidneys. Though the marriage has not been blessed with any child, his faithful wife has resolved that what God has joined together, no renal failure could put asunder. She has refused to leave her husband, a native of Aramoko-Ekiti in Ekiti State, to carry his cross alone.

She has remained a faithful partner and has been helping her husband to live through the end state renal disease and hypertension. But Ogunlusi is not only lucky to have a good wife, his mother has also volunteered to donate one of her kidneys to him. They have been doing some tests to determine the compatibility of their kidneys. Ogunlusi, a distributor of home videos in Ogba, Lagos, told Daily Sun how the problem started. He said: “It started with malaria, which I treated severally but it refused to go.

This made me to seek medical attention at a private hospital. But the hospital referred me to the Gbagada General Hospital.” “Some tests were conducted after which I was diagnosed with kidney problem. I was placed on dialysis. At the initial stage, it was once in a week. Now, the dialysis is twice a week because my condition is deteriorating. I pay N20, 000 for each dialysis.

“Since then, I have tried to raise funds for the kidney transplant but it has not yielded positive result. The hospital even sent a medical report of my kidney disease to the Commissioner for Health, Lagos, in April 2009, but nothing has come out of it.” A medical report by Dr. B.O. Ojuroye of the Gbagada General Hospital, Lagos State and dated November 24, 2008, disclosed that Ogunlusi came to the hospital on September 3, 2008 with a year’s history of hypertension, a week history of facial and abdominal swelling, oliguria and fever.

“Following a thorough assessment, he was diagnosed with end state renal disease and he is presently on maintenance haemodialysis. However, the patient would eventually need a renal transplant which offers a better hope for survival,” Ojuroye said. By 2009, Ogunlusi has been placed on a maintenance haemodialysis two times every week. He said his kidney picked up in 2010 and was stable for about one year, but lamented that the problem has come back.

The turn of events, he said, made him proceed to the St Nicholas Hospital, Lagos, for some tests with his mother, who has agreed to donate one of her kidneys to him. “My mother has said she gave birth to me and she wants me to give birth to my own children too. She told me she succeeded her parents and she wants me to succeed her too. This is why she volunteered to donate one of her kidneys for me to live. “The transplant and drugs for a year will cost about N7million. I need the help of Nigerians and corporate organisations.

My friends and family members have been financing my dialysis. I am begging all Nigerians and our government to please help me. The transplant can be done at the St Nicholas Hospital, Lagos,”

Ogunlusi said. For those who might want to help, Ogunlusi can be reached on 08023344386 and 07084203381. A GTBank account no 0010016038 has also been opened for him at Ogba Branch in the name of Ogunlusi Tokunbo Isaac.

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  1. were our gvmnt were our multi biloniers this d time GOD want u to bless smone in i pray dat man of GOD wil see dis colum a cry for help bles ar dos dat help d needis our ddy t b joshua pst e o adebayo rev pja olaiya pastor bakare pst adeboye pst christ an odas spiritaul fathers dis man need ur pls help dat wat GOD send u to do our prsdnt gej our 36 gvnrs mmbr of d senate mmbr of d house our wel meansnigerian is time let u ppl art in action to save dis life may GOD bless d hand dat help

  2. I believe in divine healing. It was unfortunate that this man ran into this problem just six months after wedding. No doubt it is satanic attack. Please go mountain of Fire and Miracles. God will glorify himself.

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  5. May God bless the mother that gave birth to you

    May God bless the faithful wife that is staying by your side

    May God bless all those who have kept you alive by shouldering the cost of dailysis

    May God bless the journalist that publish this news

    Finally May God forgive any of our politician who would be repentant and come to this man’s aid because I know N7million is what they can afford.

  6. It’s sad that people like this young man could not find a support from our corrupt governments, all the bastards know is money laundry! I Pray God will send helper to you man, and nothing like having a good mother who ready to sacrifice her life for you. I pray everything goes well.


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  8. I really feel for this young man. I’m grateful to his faithful wife and loving mother. His mother is a mother in a million! God will surely surprise all of them in Jesus Name! Please, please, please, I am pleading with our wealthy Nigerians to reach out and help this man because you will not take even one Naira with you when you die. Our legislators in the upper and lower houses can decide to donate even N100,000.00 each without feeling it and this will go a long way to solve the problem and God will replenish them abundantly. I also believe in the miracle working power of God. He who raised Lazarus from the dead after 4 days can still stretch out His hands of healing upon this young man in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen!!!

  9. Pls fellow Nigerians, lets join hands 2gether 2 help this man in any way we can. For those who may want 2 financially contribute but don’t have, lets help him in prayers cos i strongly believe that there is nothing that God cannot do. He has done it b/4 $ He’ll still do it again. PLS GOD, GIVE HIM ANOTHER @ LIVE AGAIN, IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME, AMEN.

  10. I am Not Scared on

    Oh God bless me from now to next year, if u bless me, i must help this man with any amount of money u ask me to give him God, Amen.
    I realy have very good heart to help me this man/

  11. I am Not Scared on

    Oh God bless me from now to next year, if u bless me, i must help this man with any amount of money u ask me to give him God, Amen.
    I realy have very good heart to help this man/


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  13. Rich men and women of Nigeria, kindly help dis man and the Lord will bless u, for god loves a Cheerful giver, and u will experience gods blessings in abundance. Mr Ogunlusi the Lord will heal u becos of the kind of faith u have, and try to get in contact with people like Rochas Okorocha the Governnor of Imo State, he might be of great help.

  14. Father, i have nothing to offer, pls accept my prayers, heal this man- only you can do it. I ve confidence in you, you ve done greater things before, i claim healing for this man in Jesus name.

  15. I pray that God will use well meaning Nigerian to come to this man’s aid. May GOD keep his mum and the good wife that He has bless this man with. GOD will come to you aid in JESUS name!

  16. Anthony A. Oyegunle on

    It is an attack by a demon. It must go in Jesus’ name.
    “I come against you in the name of Jesus, I take authority over you in the name of Jesus. I therefore command you to go out now in Jesus’ name. Amen.
    Go! Go!! Go!!! in Jesus’ Name.Amen.”

    Ogunlusi, you are free in Jesus’ name.

  17. The greatest physician who specializes in healing all manners of diseases and sicknesses, the LORD JESUS will heal and make you whole.

  18. Please anybody who know this man should tell him that he will not die.i have a man of God who can handle his problem without paying any kobo.if they can bring him to Imo state.the name of the church is Freedom Faith Assembly.founder senior prophet Imoh Joshua.your case is nothing before God

  19. Lord Jesus, as you heal the blind Batimeaus of his blindness, pls draw this man nearer to you and prove to him that You Are the God of impossibility and the Mighty Healer.

  20. I can promise for anything now. But God, u’re the healler of every sickness. Pls help this man on his present predicament. Where are these so-called men/women of God in Nigeria that keep buying Private JET for themselves and family. God will punish fake pastors, fake prophets, fake evangelist, fake bishops etc.

  21. God said i wil heal ur wound n restored health on u.may he heal u n give u a new kindney and bless ur mother, ur wife n others who contributed in one way or d other dis i pray in Jesus name. Amen

  22. Please you should fly down to india for kidney transplant since your mom is donating one for you.The reason is because,our unqualified doctors might spoil that kidney and may not be able to transplant properly.Afterall if we have good hospital,why should Taraba state governor be flown to Germany for treatment?

  23. Ezenwosu Francis Ifeanyichukwu on

    God help Nigeria….pls gud Nigerians who ever dat listen to Mr Isaac pleads will be blessed….Am calling on Ekiti state Governor to offer sum help to her home citizen…U & Ur mother will hv a reason to praise God vry soon….Amen

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