•Hard drugs, alcohol daily diets
•Women display breasts 24/7
•Men gamble, watch x-rated movies all day

By SUNDAY ANI ([email protected])

The enclave of Ijora Badia in Apapa-Iganmu Local Council Development Area (LCDA) of Lagos State is a constellation of absurdity. It is indeed a melange of miscreants, roughnecks, gangsters, fraudsters and prostitutes. It is an enclave situated along the railway line that runs from Ijora to Iddo. The environment is filthy with euglena infested brackish lagoon, which harbours dangerous reptiles and breeds mosquitoes in millions. From Ijora bus-stop, a macadamized road that links the bus-stop with Ijora Badia railway line community gives a wrong impression of where it leads to.

On both sides of the link road are shops that display different wares ranging from electronic equipment to clothes, shoes, bags, among other articles of trade. But the end of the link road exposes one to the railway line habitat, which bubbles with a plethora of indecent and unspeakable activities. By the swampy side of the railway are clusters of large wooden cabin suspended up to six feet atop the brackish lagoon. There are several of such accommodation housing half-dressed, haggard, dishevelled, fierce-looking women of all sizes, shapes and ages. In fact, one could rightly say the cabins are brothels on the lagoon.

By 12 noon when this reporter visited the enclave, some of the women, especially the older ones appear worn-out with bulging, sleepy, red eyes, an indication that they must have had a busy night, perhaps also, it’s an indication that business is booming. Even as they intermittently shut their eyes and nod their heads involuntarily as they fight against the sleep trying to envelope them, reliable sources swore they were still ‘ready for action if a customer calls’. For the younger women, most of whom appeared tattered and unkempt, they sat in clusters with their navels on display, as well as their breasts shooting out like balloons.

Although, the sight of those riotous stretch-marked breasts may appear repulsive to any reasonable man, the male folks in the community, who appeared morally depraved and seemed no less better, found such commodity very luscious, salacious and sexually arousing. They also wore skimpy tight skirts and shorts that exposed their thighs up to their pubic region, but like the breasts, such exposures were also very repugnant. This is because instead of robust and succulent thighs that would spark a riotous blood through the sexual veins of any healthy man, who would be anxious to see what is hidden beyond the thighs, what was exposed were coarse, rough, stretch-marked and mosquito bite-infested thighs.

The women in this breast terror, navel and thigh exposure business lined up on the railway line. Both young and old women found breast-pumping the new fad. From investigation, it appeared that any lady that failed to expose her breast in very tempting manner could is seen as a deviant. It is right to conclude that at Ijora Badia, breasts are on parade; there is a breasts’ fair of a sort any time, any day and for any willing viewer. While some displayed their wares in front of the make-shift wooden houses, others step forward at the base of the rail to display theirs while pretending to be recharge card sellers or phone call vendors.

Investigation revealed they have a ready and booming market in the male folk of the community, who are mostly gamblers, drug addicts and fraudsters. Fighting is not a novel occurrence in Ijora Badia neighbourhood. Checks revealed that in Lagos State, the neighbourhood has the highest number of brothels where deviant teenagers, who ran away from their parents’ homes, find solace. The constellation of these young ladies, who have sold their souls to sex, attracts criminals in the neighbourhood. They are belligerent, testy, violent and can do anything, including stripping themselves naked to vent their anger.

This reporter witnessed what could have been a live adult movie when a teenager almost stripped herself naked. She was having a fierce argument with a male folk beside one of the wooden cabins, while two other boys and another lady encircled them. She walked briskly away from them to the pavement of the rail line where she sat. But the roughneck would not let her be. He followed her to that point and the girl in readiness for what would follow picked up a big stone. But, before she knew what was happening, the man grabbed her by the waist, raising her feet above the ground. When she eventually freed herself from the man’s grip, she quickly pulled off her T-shirt, exposing her breasts as she did so, because she wasn’t wearing a bra.

The breasts dangled dangerously and violently as she proceeded to unzip and possibly remove her shorts, before the man left the scene. It didn’t even bother her that at such a tender age her breasts had become flabby and saggy. As soon as the man left, others prevailed on her to rescind her action, which was to display her nakedness in broad daylight. As the drama was unfolding, most people were not even interested; they carried on as if nothing was happening. Further checks revealed that similar incidents are commonplace in the neighbourhood.

However, the male folks are seen in clusters of 15 and 20, looking rough and fierce, either drinking gin, smoking marijuana, playing ludo, whot cards or draught games. They appeared so rough and fierce that one actually must be very careful to stare at them. And because they engage in one criminal activity or the other, they are always alert and know when a stranger comes into the habitat. They are not like the women whose only trade is to exchange their bodies for money with any willing man.

Men who live among the women in make-shift wooden houses stay inside during the day, except when they want to enter town, but the ones living separate in their own wooden cabins wander around in company of teenage girls. Ijora Badia is not only about prostitution, gambling, hard drugs and alcohol consumption. There are football viewing centres scattered all over the rail line, just as there are film houses in the place. Like most European football viewing centres in Lagos, you see signposts announcing which teams are playing. You also see viewers patiently waiting for the kick-off time, but their composition also leaves much to be desired.

They looked every inch like those earlier seen smoking and drinking; a confirmation that football is a unifying force. Just as normal, reasonable people enjoy it, so also the hoodlums do. Investigation revealed that at the cinema centres adult films (blue films) are freely shown during the day, while volume of the speakers is raised so that those outside can hear the moaning sounds from porn films.

This reporter corroborated this finding when, on approaching one of the film centres, a deep shrill, humming and moaning sound filled the air. Every discerning ear would know that such sounds only come from a woman in deep sexual intercourse with a man. However, in the midst of all these, carpenters were busy nailing woods together, while hairdressers and barbers were equally busy twisting and creeping through their customers’ hairs. Food vendors as well as beer palour operators were all in this neighbourhood struggle to make ends meet.

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  1. Your investigations are right, such place needs God’s intervention because those people are devil workshop or more tools used by devil.

  2. Boxer Muhammad Ali’s Advice To His Daughter.

    An incident transpired when Muhammad Ali’s daughters arrived at his home wearing clothes that were quite revealing. Here is the story as told by one of his daughters: “When we finally arrived, the chauffeur escorted my younger sister, Laila, and me up to my father’s suite. A…

    s usual, he was hiding behind the door waiting to scare us. We exchanged many hugs and kisses as we could possibly give in one day.

    My father took a good look at us. Then he sat me down on his lap and said something that I will never forget. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Hana, everything that God made valuable in the world is covered and hard to get to. Where do you find diamonds? Deep down in the ground, covered and protected. Where do you find pearls? Deep down at the bottom of the ocean, covered up and protected in a beautiful shell. Where do you find gold? Way down in the mine, covered over with layers and layers of rock. You’ve got to work hard to get to them.” He looked at me with serious eyes. “Your body is sacred. You’re far more precious than diamonds and pearls, and you should be covered too.”

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  4. The type of news that is going on this days is horrible.nude nude nude. Nigeria has turn 2 nude high sexual tension country just like other country of the world. why is it that this girl can not control ther libido. This country is turning 2 anoda thing which i do not know.even the one that is wearin nyce cloth.i pray that God will help our youth!!!

  5. Am nt doubtin de sun brothel are everywhere in Nigeria and women dose it happily while men take it as fun, wht an end time, will all dis brothels end?

  6. The state of affairs is getting worse. the number of those practicing sexual imoraliity in dfferent homes and campuses are inumerable. For this to become as public as this means that we are becoming worse than sodom and gomorrah. May God help us to safeguard our hearts because out of it everything stems.

  7. Akpos got a message from his girl friend on his Bday
    “Message Reads” HBD Boo… LLNP, LYSM TTYL”…

    Akpos provoked and called her phone “Kate what’s the meaning of HBD LLNP and Those rubbish…?”

    Kate replied “Haaa Akpos don’t tell me u are dis dumb and local! Oh My Gooosh, u dnt even know the meaning of HBD and all dat? Mtchwwww. Well, HBD Means “Happy Birthday”, LLNP means “Long Life Nd Prosperity” LYSM means “Love You So Much” and TTYL means “Talk To You Later” dumb ass….”

    Akpos ( angrily ends the call and sent her a text message 2mins later, *message reads* “TFY…”

    Kate called immediately, AKpos wat is the meaning of TFY?

    Akpos answered Oh u don’t even know common TFY?
    After much laugh Akpos replied TFY means “Thunder Fire You”

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  8. Its as a result of greed,impatienceand lust for material things.Re-orientation is needed for most Nigerian women both the poor and the one you assume is rich.Most house wives now do prostitution on full and partime basis.Students in most higher institution and colleges of learning are full time prostitute with their own code name which they call runs.
    I fear for the future of this country.

  9. there are a number of jungles like that around the country and very terible crimes happen there and you dont hear thm outside and most big time criminals originat from such places because most of them dont even know their fathers so no fatherly care

  10. ” Ijora Badia is not only about prostitution, gambling, hard drugs and alcohol consumption”

    Where are the POLICE and the so called
    Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corp?
    may be they are waiting for things to get out of hand

    • bros ask dem where our police dey,cant ds type of people be arrstd, cant govt do somtn fast.,pls securty shul be in motion, all ds plcecs dey are.

  11. How many Nigerian marry their age mate or high school sweet hearths?
    It’s all because of greed and taste and want for what will come later in life.
    Tackle this first, before will start to fix what is not broken.
    We are a people should not run away from multiple questions.

  12. Subuhanallah! that’s 2 say we’re no longer ourself. presnt society deviat frm our original norms & values, may Allah c us thru

  13. Where there is no law there is no sin. 4rm religion angel is a great sin. But in dis country our leader don’t care catter 4 any body u can what ever u like and scot free if u no ur way.

  14. naija is all about settlement, once the people concern are settled go ahead & do what ever you want to do, that’s naija security for you cos bribery they say blinfolds the eyes of a wise person.

  15. That is the only option nigeria govment left for their yourth,No employment for yourth, It is not that I suport them but our govment is the course of everything.

  16. odigili ikechukwu on


  17. God pls come and help these people in ijora, Lagos state. So that they will forget thier evil ways and look for ur face Amen!

  18. Very Bad. This goes to show the high level of Moral Decadence in our country Nigeria. How can we move forward, when most of our energetic and healthy young men and ladies are only concerned about SEX? Do you think that the supreme creator, God, in his wisdom didn’t know why he gave us commandments to obey? What we are experiencing are a result of disobedience to the great God, who told us what to avoid in his eternal wisdom. Instead of us to channel our energy to creativity and reasearch, we are all thinking SEX, SEX, SEX.. Where are we heading to with reckless Sex?? Even some of our so called religious leaders are not to be trusted. All of should take a sober reflection, map out how you would affect Nigeria positively in the fear of the lord, control urself and pray 4 God’s mercy.. I pray we’d all change, Sin is getting too much.

  19. Nigeria WAHOOOO bad government , politicans you must answer de quiary. God save dere soul.father make den to do U-turn to YOU

  20. In all ds,yet a handful wil still be saved.those whose name hav bn written in the book of life n r destined 4 such 4rm d foundation of the world. U want sex? Go ahead, hav it n enjoy it to the full after all u come to world ones but all work has a reward.youth remember ur creator while u r young for time shal come wen u ‘l say these doesnt me anymore

  21. Prostution which is d oldest profession on earth can not easily be wiped away from Nigeria, but it can be reduced to d barest minimum. Our leaders have not shown any genuine effort to curb dis scourge called prostitution dats why is on d increase in our beloved country Nigeria

  22. This is a ghetto created by influx of migrants from other states wanting a better life or ashamed of going back to their home states without making it. Right thinking lagosians wont be seen dead in such areas. The contradiction in your article is glaring. In one vein you wrote of a peaceful community where fights seldom occur and in another you were talking about fierce looking men. If you are shocked by naked display of breasts in lagos, you might as well go back to your state. Lagos is the only place where you can exercise your freedom without fear. The semi naked girls you complain about own their bodies and you are guilty of lookism.

  23. chidi ihenacho on

    the wages of sin is dead.the police should clean up that dat the evil camp will no longer be.dats d way to solve dis problem

  24. The core reason this ladies expose their bodies is because of poverty. I urge the government to empower them so they could stand for themselves. The % of poverty is high in this country we need do something. I believe in Nigeria.

  25. Nigeria should legalise abortion so dat all this unwanted babies dat grow up nd stand every hook nd corner of every street , hotel, beer joint wii reduce. thy used all sort of fetish materials to trap men eg powder, charm breast. etc

  26. frustration lead 2 crime , govtment is root of problem of Nigeria , 85% of Nigerian youth need re-orientation , rehabiteration , skill , etc , when govt can pay 18k per months 4 civil servant , how do we expect family of 4 2 survive for their daily activities .God will help Nigeria


  28. Are u sure of ur comment Dr Mr A.Obi. well if it found out true, we NDIGBO UNITY FORUM will carry out strict investigation and follow due process. but personally i doubt it.

  29. These people are bad, evil, immoral, irresponsible, morally depraved blah blah blah but they are not BOKO HARAM thus, they are not our problem.

  30. I want government to help build more hotels for this girl so that they will not stay outside for their business but they should take their business very sirius this my advice on them.

  31. uche onyekwere on

    I was a trader in Ijora as a child many years back.T hen the prostitudes where actually very beautifull girls and where not unkept as the reporter mentioned.I am not shock it still exist because prostitution will be to the last day of man’s existance.Suprisingly these girls go to church but there pastors are busy preaching prosperity instead of righteousness.

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