…Security operatives take over Ogwashi-Uku


From PAUL OSUYI, Asaba

Barely 24 after the kidnap of Prof. Kanene Okonjo security operatives have taken over the polytechnic town of Ogwashi-Uku in Aniocha South Local Government Area of Delta State. Prof. Okonjo, mother of Nigeria’s Finance Minister and Coordinating Minister of the Economy, Prof. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala was hurled into a waiting vehicle by gunmen numbering about 10 on Sunday afternoon.

The incident occurred at the palace of her husband and Obi of Ogwashi-Uku, Obi Chukwuka Okonjo who was said to be far away in Nasarawa State for a meeting. Daily Sun learnt that a detachment of soldiers from the 4th Brigade of Nigerian Army in Benin was deployed to beef up the security. Brig. Gen. Ubi Umahi led the detachment of soldiers.

The state Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, who visited the palace yesterday, assured residents of Ogwashi-Uku that government was on top of the situation. Dr. Uduaghan who warned against rumour mongering in connection with the abduction, urged the people to remain calm and come up with useful information that could assist security operatives in tracking down the hoodlums.

The kidnap might have prompted a closed-door meeting between Governor Uduaghan and traditional rulers in the state yesterday in Asaba. Speaking with journalists at the end of the meeting, the 1st Vice Chairman of the Delta State Traditional Rulers’ Council and the Obi of Owa Kingdom, Dr. Emmanuel Efeizomor condemned the action, describing the invasion of the palace by the hoodlums as sacrilegious.

He urged the kidnappers to release the victim On his part, the state Commissioner of Police, Ikechukwu Aduba said his command was positive in its action to rescue the octogenarian Queen Mother unhurt. Aduba, who did not confirm the arrest of more suspects as was being speculated, said there was “no cover up and we are on course in our investigation.”

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    • In Itsekiri, Uguaghan means coward. Same goes for Jonathan, a coward asleep like in the bible but this time the whale is nigeria. sleep has died and no one will rest. Boko Haram in the north, armed robbery and kidnappings in the south and corruption all around. Yet CPC, ANPP and ACN are arguing about an opposition? The joke is on nigeria, a country of incompetent leaders, but the best part of it is that come 2015, these die hard fanatics will vote PDP in again. At least ask what your PDP leaders have accomplished, and if not what can the other guy offer? This tribalism and mediocre selected leadership is destroying Nigeria. Soon it will be too late, and i worry if this wanton negligence on the part of our leaders is not to set up the stage ofr another Somalia?

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  3. You guys are reacting so late. When their precious daughter are being threatening by evil men in this country. You think they will not come after the parent or any of her relation. When Obama become President of USA, the grand mother in far away Kenya is being protected by Inter pol. Too late. I pray nothing happen to the Prof.

  4. Lets see how federal government will agree to their bill, my concern is that poor Innocent woman. Pls they should let the old woman be and go for people they really want since our government refuses to do what is right. They always wait for crime to come before they will do something. Shame to them.

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  6. Oh my GOD! A sweet mother has bn kidnapped. Pls kidnappers release that old woman and don’t ever use mothers to play. Since my dear lovely mother died I hv realised that mothers are very important and they don’t hv duplicate. Settle whatsoever u hv with daughter amicably but don’t touch the mother. Mothers are very sweet. Pls our mothers should not be taken for granted. But from the pictures posted who is the mother or daughter it seems Ngozi is looking older than the mother. Eyaaaa the burdens of national assignment is making Ngozi to age by force. May God deliver u Ngozi.

  7. Can you hear them? Security operatives take over Ogwashi Uku. Medicine after death, where were they when the woman was abducted? This country has completely derailled in all sectors. The govt is even more confused than the citizens. This system of jackbooth security is no more in vogue, they are just eating money in the name of security without securing anything. I just pray that the woman is not hurt.

  8. please the security operatives should work even harder to ensure that the Queen mother is rescued from hands of these criminal Ibo people activities that they called its business.

  9. @Haruna sako, what abt d ritual acts dat gose on in d north? Allahajis havin sex wit young boys &setling dem wt cars &money. What of dose who do snick into anoda man’s compound durin 4am sala just 2rape married women after deir husband has gone for early mornin islamic prayer, dey (d rapers) do so 2make money (ritualist.) what abt d hajiyas who goes 2mecca 4harlotery &also trafickin young muslem girls 2mecca 4dsame tin. What do u cal al dat? Business? Or religious pilgrimage? As u Pple w’ld alws use ur so called religion 2cover up evil acts! Beware!

  10. this is a calamity kidnaping is now a war between poor and rich but the they are demanding is too much, were are they going to get the money?



  12. Which Way Nigeria on

    Let the security men spread all part of the states, like Imo, Abia, Ibonyi, Anambra, Enugu, Cross-River, Edo, etc, etc. in search of these guys.

  13. @Nwankwo Hyginus, don’t so presumptuous. Considering the scenario of the incidence and the subsequent ransom demanded by this hoodlums, you should have understood that these are professional kidnapper looking for unlawful cash. Think before you leap! My question is: why is our security system always reactive to situations instead of being proactive, can somebody tell me?

  14. Is this how to reward a world class professional who left her world bamk job to help her country? I plead with the kidnappers to release the innocent, old woman unhurt

    • @olu joseph:
      You are so naive. Ngozi did not leave her world bank job to help her country. She left to fatten her pocket and help herself greatly. If she tries that at world bank she will die in jail.

      • @Nuhu, Apes like you are not worth the effort because, like a sick animal, you cannot understand the effort of a vet to treat your illness. Instead you fear the vet intends to harm you and act viciously toward your helper.

        That’s how morons like you misunderstand this poor lady(Ngozi Okonjo) who gladly offered her services to help her country. Miserable retard…

  15. Like her name means,IWEALA,{anger of the land} it may have visited ngozi okonjo iweala,her advice n fight to increase pump price tha

  16. IWEALA means {anger of the land} it may her visited ngozi okonjo,the cries of nigerians january 1,2012,removal of subsidy,the tears n suffering supported by this woman I think has befalling her,I pray for the queen mother to be freed in Jesus name Amen,since she is not the architect of what she is suffering,God will hear our prayers n she will be freed,npf should work harder n bring those kidnappers to book,its a criminal activity n must not be treated with kid glove,queen mother be free in Gods name Amen

  17. Godfrey Izah Ukpor on

    Thanks Ikye. It is medicine after death. I just hope d security operatives face their official assignment & nt to harass or molest innocent Citizens. Their mode of operations should b watched to avoid looting or rape. Governor Uduaghan is an idle man. We Delteans re nt hapi with his inexperience governance.

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