Satanic mistress strangles lover’s 4 children



In what sounds like a movie tale, A woman in Obuno Umuochefu, Igbo-Ukwu in Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra state has snuffed life out of four children of her boyfriend by strangling them. Not done with her bestial mission, the suspect sat back at the scene of the crime until her victims’ parents returned, and attacked their mother.

For Mr and Mrs Nwanneka Ogechukwu Okonkwo, both natives of Ekwulumili in Nnewi South Local Government Area but resident in Igbo-Ukwu, January 15, 2013, came like any other day. But the young couple who are each 28 years old, never knew that it was the day their four children, Chukwuebuka, (13), Chukwumelum (6) Obumneme (3) and 15-month-old Chinenyenwa would breathe their last.

The young couple had no premonition of the tragedy that shocked everybody in the community. Their three sons and a daughter were allegedly killed by a lady simply identified as Blessing, from Abakiliki in Ebonyi State. Narrating the tragic incident, the mother of the dead children who spoke with Sunday Sun at Ekwulumili Health Centre where she was recuperating from the shock, said that she was also attacked by the suspect. Mrs Okonkwo said that the eldest of her children, Chukwuebuka, was the first casualty.

According to her, the suspect allegedly hit him on his forehead with a hard object and dumped the lifeless body inside an underground tank in the compound before strangling his siblings one after the other. “I was to go for a burial ceremony with my husband at Ukpor on that fateful day and the children went to school. We initially left with the youngest one, Chinenyenwa but the vehicle we boarded was jam-packed with passengers and the baby started crying. Consequently, my husband said we should disembark and use our motorcycle but people around said the road was too dusty to ride with a baby on a bike.

I decided to go home and wait for our other children who went to school so that they would take care of the baby and enable my husband and I to make the trip with our motorcycle. “But long after school hours, the children didn’t come home. We went to the school and other pupils told us that our children had gone home. I looked for them along the roads they usually take to the house but I did not see them.

Thereafter, I urged my husband to go on his own and look for them, but he returned soon after, saying he had seen them coming home. Before my husband and I left for the burial, I gave them food and told them to go and stay with an old woman in the neighbourhood because we are the only occupants of that building, and I don’t like them staying alone in the compound. “We had stayed barely one hour at the burial ceremony when my husband said we should go home.

But before we left, my husband’s phone rang and I heard him say, ‘I’m in a burial’. So, as we got close to our home, his phone rang again and he told the caller that we were not back yet. I didn’t ask him who the caller was as we rode straight to the house.

“When we got to the elderly neighbour’s house, we were told that she had gone for prayers and that my children were not seen there. We got to the house and I opened the gate from behind believing that the children were inside the house. As we parked our motorcycle inside the compound, my husband pointed to the underground tank that was open. I became apprehensive because we don’t keep it open. But I said maybe the eldest might have drawn water from the well and had forgotten to close it.

I called Ebuka but there was no response. I ran into the sitting room and saw the three younger ones lying on the floor as if they were asleep. I ran out again believing that those three were sleeping. I continued to call Ebuka and looked into the tank and I didn’t see anything. “Later, I decided to wake up Ebuka’s immediate younger brother to ascertain the whereabouts of his brother. I called him but he didn’t wake up; I tried to rouse him but he was motionless and so were the other two. I cried to my husband that the children were dead and I concluded that since the three were dead, Ebuka might be inside the well.

There were marks of human nails on their necks that showed that they were strangled. One of them had faeces in his anus. “It was when my husband started crying and moved towards our bedroom, that the lady (suspect) emerged from the bedroom and asked him why he was shouting. Then, I advanced towards her and demanded from her, where she kept Ebuka’s body because I had seen the others she killed. I held her and she gripped me. When I freed myself from her grip, I rushed to lock one of the two gates and raised the alarm until neighbours came.

“Later, somebody rushed out and called the youths of the community before the local vigilante and policemen arrived. She was arrested along with my husband.” Sources told Sunday Sun that the timely arrival of the police and the local vigilante saved the suspect from being lynched. It was also gathered that Mr Okonkwo, a furniture maker, had been dating the suspect, a relationship his wife confirmed, and had been battling to stop.

When contacted, the couple’s landlord, Mr Sunday, who lives outside the community, described the alleged killing of the innocent children as unfortunate and declined further comment. The Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) in Anambra State, Mr Emeka Chukwuemeka, confirmed the incident and said the matter was being handled by the State Criminal Investigation Department in Awka, the state capital.

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  1. Just too bad . May God console this woman . The killer is totally deranged with unparallel jelouse . She deserves no pity .

  2. Oh! My God this is unbelievable this jilted lover must be deranged. Hope she dies most horrible death this man must know he was playing with fire.
    I feel terribly sorry for the mother of those children, not only that she lost her children added to the terrible betrayal from the husband cheating on her with a mad woman.
    It will haven been very nice if those local vigilante group got hold of that mad killer of those innocent children.


  4. Just look at what dis man couse 2 his whole family,warning 2 men who like keeping girlfrinds after marrige.dat evil woman should be send back 2 where she belong(hell) she dont deserved 2 live with human being, & police should investigate what make her 2 result 2 killing d mans children,& if found guilty,let him pay 4 his sins according 2 d law of d land.may d soul of those innocent children rest in peace.Amen

  5. This bitch is a sister to Martins Elechi, the same spirit Elechi is deploying to strangulate Ndi Igbo,s unity with impunity was exemplified here without contraction, it takes the likes of people with calloused mind to commit crimes of such magnitude, these set of people are not suppose to live among humans.

  6. dont b surprised with d judgement at d end of d day if dis woman or her relatives can spend money in d police station and in court. i weep for the country.
    hw many innocent nigerians are being killed by armed robbers,kidnappers, boko haram members etc everyday?.
    we have experienced enough fresh air.

  7. Going by the couple’s age of 28 each, I believe both of them were just 15 years when they had their first child who was 13 and 7 years later they had the second child who was 6 years old. This shows that he must have impregnated the wife during friendship because a 15 years old child should be in the secondary school and under the care of his or her parents. Now, this guy started sleeping with a woman at that young age, keeping more than a girl friend and only God knows the promises he has made to the mistress which he failed to keep. I believe too that the mistress was the person calling his phone when they were at the burial. Then the mistress expected him to drive away the very woman that gave him 4 children in order to marry her which the guy sees as impossible. She took the worst step by killing the children just for clear way for her to move in. The stupid man was the cause of all their problem and we should not lean in a hard way . May the souls of these young children rest in peace AMEN. As for the mistress I believe she should spend the rest of her life in jail and even if she eventually comes out of prison, she must have reached menopause and can never ever bear children.He who kills by the sword dies by the sword.

  8. Dis is barbaric & quite unfortunat dat a human being can turn 2 a day devil lik dis. Anyway dats a normal abakaliki behavior bcos dey reason frm there anus. Wht culd d father of these innocent,harmles children hv done 2 jezebel 2 warant such a gruesome murder? Peter Obi eject these animals frm Anambra state if u wnt 2 realis ur dream state. If u go 2 upper iweka,awka etc u’ll b convinc dat these idiots re hindering d growth of dis great state.

  9. Dis woman deserves to be feeding with her own flesh everyday until she dies! Take her to Aluu community for judgement!
    ABI U NO NO!

  10. Okechukwu nwosu on

    Ndi abakaliki this pple self any wicked crime comited in anambra state is always them .chukwu yere anyi aka .last year seven criminals were caught in nnewi all of them were frm izza

  11. For no reason on this earth shall this devil of a woman justify such a………i dont have a word to name this act.what is going through her head while strangulating children?Can such person ever be a real lover?no.what failed promise can trigger such……still short of words,cos this is beyong cruelty,barbarism,stupidity etc.what shall I call this?i don’t u know what it takes to raise and nurture a single child?,
    This is why many young nigerian especially ndigbo living outside nigeria never go back to marry from home,cos if u’re a traveller and see the way woman of other nationalities behave,u wont look back’s not peculiar to igbos,it cut through all nigerian ethnic grouping.nigerian woman have adopted a guerrira attitude that can discourage even an angel.see the one that call herself Chioma affirming that a failed promise is enough to bring this barbarism.if u truely love a man,u cant do this to his offsprings.nothing will make u throw acid on somebody u once loved for a failed mariage promise.this is also done by naija men.all this is evil.what?

    • Say the truth, if you read my write-up well you will understand it. I never justified the woman’s action because as a woman, I know very well that not every relationship leads to marriage. For a man that had her first child at the age of 15 when he was suppose to be in secondary school does not make him a responsible person yes. for a boy of 15 to father a child, and still keep another relationship other than his wife does not tell good of him. And I am very sure that none of the couple’s parents consented to their marriage at that early age. I am a mother and can never be happy seeing my daughter got impregnated by a man at the age of 15 and may be leading to forced marriage. This is a forum where we express our views and not to attack somebody because of his or her comment.

  12. Why Abakiliki are very wicked set of people.both there man nd woman are the same in devilish mind even there gov.every body should beware of them nd there will neva see peace again.

  13. This is too bad to hear 4 innocent children just killed because of jealousy again it could be better the lady kill the man who fail earlier to stop the mad lady than these helpless kids what a wicked world. Also the blame goes to both wife/husband why must they abandon 4 little kids to so called elderly neighbour’s house,who later took the kids back to their house without anyone to care for them, instead of her to wait until the family comes back or why won’t her told the family earlier that she will go church for prayers? anyway, it has happened but parents should be careful on how they handle their children, for me all this happen due to their careless. already the kids are back to their creator no sin on them. people should learn from mistakes especially men that always promised girls Heaven/Earth just because of sex.

  14. This is demonism of the highest order aided by complex ring of indecency and immorality. Yet the narration shows the signs of God’s attempt to forestall the unfortunate incident – the jampacked vehicle, the crying baby, their disembarkment, the advise of the people not to use motorbike because of the baby and dust, the returning to home, the fear that led the woman to take the children to the elderly woman’s house. Very unfortunate. May God grant this woman the grace to overcome this stranger than nightmare satanic-written and executed script.

  15. Owerri bastard n hugo swine it happened again in ur land. Only God can deliver u jews from ur blood suckers. Nigerian jews n evil hmmmmmmmmmmm. Only feel sorry for de children mum n de kids.

  16. No, one should condone extra marital affairs But no matter what, that Satanic Lady should not have laid her hands on those innocent children, what is the fault of those children?
    May their Angelic Souls rest in peace.

  17. What a devilish woman have the heart to killed the bright feature of tomorrow men and lady, what have they done to deserve search measurable death by that satanic demon heart women. Infact she dose’nt deserv live alive but death by hanging period. May D LORD our FAITHFUL FATHER who knows the human heart to grant them peace to rest with him, amen

  18. am sure that if this has happened in the north they would have said so many rubbish especially ayo oritsejafor….can the CAN president pls comment on this dastardly act….the fact is that east,north,south or west we have serious problems and challenges caused by a system of bad leadership,corruption and indiscipline….

  19. Where r d likes of Chioma & Edo boy? Am surprised those riffraffs don’t want 2 comment 2day. The other day they attributed raping & other negative vices 2 calabar, is dis not worst than raping? Or is dis also done by a calabar man? Well, I wldn’t want 2 join issues with their likes 2 abuse any tribe. It’s obvious their comment was a clear display of stupidity.

    • If I must say you are the most stupid human being on earth if not why should you pick on somebody for making a comment? Among the whole tribes in Nigeria who does not know that calabar men are very useless and only good at having sex? that is why they end up doing steward in almost every hotel in Nigeria. Does that tell good of him? a 27 years calabar man raping a grand mother of 62 and even killed her after whereas there are prostitutes everywhere.. If my comment sting you badly organize workshops for you calabar men to improve their mentality towards anything on skirt. I will say it again no matter whose ox is broken i do not care.

  20. Aboki and kolanut amodu i guess you people love Igbo Jews thats why the Igbo name will forever remain in your lips.We all knows that yoruba and housa are the worst tribes Nigeria ever have and jealousy will kill you people.kolanut amodu and aboki fools and imbecile of the highest order you peole are.Igbo Jews will be rising from strenght to strenght and God of Jews will keep blessing Igbo Jews while yorubas and housas will be a baring and deserted land

  21. Joseph Ohale O. on

    I wonder where wickedness, anger, unforgiven spirit is leading us 2, MAY GOD ALMIGHTY hv mercy on us…so painful, 4 children (i.e 9 months each) for that mater !!

  22. This is a lesson for ALL MEN that are not contented with their God given wife. I so much pity the mother of these children that were murdered. May God give her the grace and fortitude to bear the loss.

  23. Aboki and Amodu, the both of u are not any different from dat evil woman. U are so bais and evil in ur heart. Y not read a news/story and just make a reasonable comment witout abusing any tribe. U are both bringing bad names to ur good tribes…pls stop dis ok…I beg u my friends!!!!!

  24. The man is to be blamed.he allowed his penis to control him.its a good lesson men control ur penis do not allow ur penis to control really an unfortunate incident.what does a man who has a 28 years old wife want from another woman,probably even older than his wife?

    • Anonymous thank you for that advice to the menfolk. You are one of the few men who stood up to blame the man for the mess that has befallen his family and he was responsible for whatever. How would he ask for forgiveness from his wife and expect that forgiveness to come forth? I believe he must have been condemning his wife anytime he goes to have sex with the mistress and that was what gave the imbesile Abakali woman the gut to penetrate their home in their absence and take away life out of these innocent harmless children. It appears she had the spear key to their house too.

  25. It’s quite shocking and sympathetic. The innocent children are victims of their father’s infernal acts. We readers shud learn parable from the fig tree and apply our heart to wisdom.
    May their innocent and gentle souls RIP

  26. It’s like the Devil has his Tripod here in Nigeria o, every day you hear terrible things that kept you thinking what kind of creatures that constitute this country, The love of …… is the root of ALL EVIL, it is really playing here but people might not know cos the devil is trickish he will be putting|using a lot of things to fuel evil

  27. There are bad eggs in our society – assassins, armed robbers, ritual killers, boko haramists and a lot more. All these are human beings like us; they suck others’ blood and waste lives. The question is: will bad eggs enjoy peace in their lives and go unpunished even here on earth? Imagine a married man engaging in a serious, deep extra-marital activity that could breed hyper-hatred. I hope that man’s hand is clean, and not that he is being visited because of the atrocities he committed against mankind sometime, somewhere.

  28. Stine chykee while must all evils come from jews region? It must be cos u’re evil. Not a day go by that we failed to hear or see evil after evil coming out of Anambr, Enugu,Imo,Abia n of course, Ebonyi. Why why only jews region. Are u de only tribe that made up of nija. Shame on u jews.

  29. Madness,Boko haram sisters,stupid Nigerians everywhere! North,South,East,West everywhere! yet no Government! Last Monday,these children were alive o, hail and hearthy!may be thisbad news will stop one day!

  30. Judging by the cruelty associated with most of the news from Ebonyi and the way I see some of the people from this end behave and hear them talk, one can conclude that they are very mean and can be equated with some of the fulanis who have no regard for human lives. Although there may be good ones among them but it is better to avoid them or treat them with upper most caution.

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