Saraki was a political colossus –Jonathan



President Goodluck Jonathan has said the late Dr. Abubakar Olusola Saraki, one of Nigeria’s most prominent political leaders, medical practitioner and democrat, who passed away in Lagos yesterday morning will be remembered as a political colossus. In a statement by the Special Adviser on Media, Dr. Reuben Abati, the president extended his sincere commiseration to Saraki’s family and the people of his home state, Kwara to whose service and uplift he selflessly devoted his long and very successful career in politics.

Jonathan urged them to be consoled by the knowledge that their departed father, leader and mentor lived a very successful and fulfilled life, rising to national prominence by dint of hard work, uncommon generosity, political sagacity, dedication and wholesome commitment to the service of his people and the entire nation. Jonathan said he believed that Saraki would be long remembered and eulogized as a consummate politician, an astute grassroots mobiliser, and a political colossus with awe-inspiring powers of political organisation.

He said he had no doubts that “this public-spirited politician will always occupy a place of honour in the hearts of his people, supporters, friends and associates across the nation.” Jonathan said he believed that the ordinary people of Kwara State in particular would always remember the ‘Oloye’ with great affection because of the constant support they received from him.

The president further noted that Saraki’s brand of people-oriented politics and his success in building on his strong support-base to contribute positively to Nigeria’s political development as a powerful voice in the nation’s dominant political parties, as the Senate majority leader in the second republic, and as the ultimate reference point in the politics of Kwara State for decades, had assured him of a place among Nigeria’s heroes of democracy.

President Jonathan urged Nigerians to emulate Saraki’s patriotic commitment to national unity, politics without bitterness as well as his magnificent spirit of philanthropy. He prayed that God Almighty would grant his soul eternal rest.

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  2. So what sort of country did he leave behind? colossus my foot!!!.While I rejoice at his death because it is a sign of good things to come to Kwara state,I am pained that this man died a natural death

    • Don’t be pained. For a person to suffer for 5 years of cancer and then died should give you solace, if that is what you want. If he had died in his bed peacefully, maybe you can rejoice. But hold it, everyone is going to die anyway, therefore, you do not need to rejoice at the death of the old man. Just send your condolence to the family.

  3. Romnel or whatever you cal ursef, l guess u’re not familiar with yoruba culture, it is a taboo to speak evil against the dead, 2 u’r not a kwaran or else u would have know that Oloye changed pple’s life for better which was epitomised in his children that created drastic change in kwara state when Bukola was guvnr. Pls, speak don’t be subjective in criticisn but rather be objective and apply modicum of respect to elders.

  4. MaryJane Samuel on

    For his ineffable contribution to the development of democracy in Nigeria and his unquenchable love for his Kwara people,it wouldn’t be a bad idea to immortalize this sage by renaming the University of Ilorin after him thus:OLUSOLA SARAKI UNIVERSITY OF ILORIN, he deserves it like his colleagues.GEJ please note.

    • Nope. It won’t be good. Something else could be named after him. Unilag was named after MKO, and it didn’t go down well with too many people!

  5. He wanted to make his daughter the Governor of Kwara State but could to achieve that. What an irony!! A political collossus, Kwara state Godfather and kingmaker… An irony indeed.. May his soul rest in peace any way.

  6. He wanted to make his daughter the Governor of Kwara State but could not achieve that. What an irony!! A political collossus, Kwara state Godfather and kingmaker… An irony indeed.. May his soul rest in peace any way.

  7. Uzoh from lagos on

    This man failed in many respects,he got Ajaokuta Steel Plant located in Kwara State instead of Onitsha but ended up sharing all the money for the project that he later fought with his agent on the Project money sharing.He was founding member of APP later ANPP ,went for Presidential contest but failed.He later decamped to PDP and joined Obasanjo to ruin Nigeria.He made his First Son Governor of his home State at a time the First Daughter Gbemisola was a Senator and his Second Son Member of House of Reps,is that what made him colossus?
    He owned Societe General Bank that trapped lot of Depositors Funds including J.J.Okocha that Govt has to pay on his behalf to enable him play for Nigeria.We should stop this hypocrisy of praising bad men when they die in the name of African culture.Saraki is part of the elites that left Nigeria in the condition it is today and we wish more of these people should excuse us urgently.

  8. I commiserate with the Saraki family on the death of Dr. Olusola Saraki. He was many things to many people, but was generally and indisputably known as the “Strongman” of Kwara politics, a sobriquet he obviously took great pride in. But from a Christian perspective, a strongman “is a high-ranking principality , a demonic spirit that sits on thrones in the spirit realm and rules over the evil spirits that operate in the earth realm. These evil spirits can rule over certain geographical areas of the earth…”( Kimberly M. Synder)

    Dr. Saraki exploited the massive poverty of his people to enslave them and continually fed them fish when he had every opportunity to teach them how to catch fishes for themselves .

    And now, the strongman is dead! Should we “mourn” or “celebrate” the passage of a man whose demise will bring freedom and liberation to the long- oppressed people of Kwara? The choice is for the people of Kwara to make!
    RIP, strongman!!!

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