…As Falcons end  AWC  empty-handed

Nigeria lost the chance to salvage parts of her lost pride after she lost third place at the African Women’s championship to Cameroon yesterday. The sorry Falcons fell 1-0 to a 31st minute strike by Gaelle Enganamouit to finish their worst-ever AWC in the fourth place. The Lionesses outplayed six-time champion, Nigeria, to avenge a 2-1 defeat in the group stage of the tournament. Cameroon also eliminated Nigeria from the 2012 London Olympics qualifiers.

The Falcons were due back in the country yesterday as the future of Coach Kadiri Ikhana is uncertain. The final of the 2012 AWC is between host, Equatorial Guinea and Bayana Bayana of South Africa. In 14 years of the African Women Championship, the Super Falcons had won all editions but one. The only one they lost, in 2008, was the only edition staged in Equatorial Guinea before this year’s. Then, the Falcons had lost 0-1 to the host nation in most hostile circumstances, with the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) protesting the conduct of the match officials. In football, as in any other sport, the least you expect in battle is fairness in the rules of engagement.

The setting in Equatorial Guinea, this time, was not much different, as regards officiating. After the first match against Cameroon, in which the referee inexplicably disallowed a good goal alongside several other questionable calls, I had told a few NFF members that our girls had to step up their game and play very well to be able to retain their title. While conspiracy theories may not have taken firm roots in our minds after that first match, the game against Ethiopia showed clearly that the officials had their ideas of what the rules should be (particularly against defending champion). , or they simply wanted a new champion.

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  1. The problem of the falcon is the coach and nff, how can you use someone who no nothing about fimale football as there coach. B/cus he did well in national league and instead of young players he went and the retiries back in the squad.

  2. Although Nigeria went to the competition to win. I still think the girls did a good job and there’s nothing shameful about it. Instead of criticizing them, let’s congratulate them for finishing fourth. Moreover, those who lost out f the game and those who won prizes did not participate just to watch Nigeria win. They came for prizes too. KUDOS babes….. We are proud of you.

  3. It wasn’t their fault. The Falcons did their best but i tink there’s a spiritual forces hindering the succes of our foothbal here in Nigeria expecialy our female team. Dis hapend to our female U-20 ind dis zears women world cup at Azeebargan. Same tin also hapend to our female U-17 team in Trinidad and tobago. They always com first in dia group matches but hence they get to d knockout or semifinals dey get eliminated. Surely there is a evil forces hindering their succes. Gudluck Jonathan has turned to Badluck J….Mtcheeew!

  4. Its no shame at all. They are better than the male team. Moreover, they did better under a female coach. Why on earth wont NFF give it a trail again giving them a female coach.

  5. hello the problem is that all the senior they are old and the coach is not a good coach i want nff just remove the coach with all okowcha many of them they have old to play for super falcon they dont get power again

  6. coach Kadiri Ikhana did not study the abilities of the ladies, he knows nothing about the female league but he chooses to coach.

  7. Am sometimes at a lost how we criticize in Nigeria. Any type of game played any time is a game of chance. you either win or loose. Your winning depends on your seriousness and determination. As you are preparing, your opponents are preparing. Those that won those editions for Nigeria has reached their peak and had gradually dropped from optimum performance level. These new crop of players now are are improving on their production level and most of them have not reached optimum level which is a guaranteed stage for success.
    Ghana black stars once reached their peak and was hero of African soccer. Cameroun, Egypt, Tunisia, Morroco also ruled Africa. Today where are they all? Except Ghana which has went back to drawing board and started from the scratch to mold a formidable winning team over time which eventually reached semi final of 2010 world cup, where are others. Nigerian Eagles team reached their peak in early 90s and fell apart. Old falcons that made fame had reached their peak and fade away.
    The new falcons should be encouraged and not written off and the same for coaches.
    Continue molding the new girls into great shape to conquer Africa and the whole world.
    Proffer solutions and not only condemning.

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