Rumpus over Ekwueme’s birthday celebration



Former Vice President, Dr. Alex Ifeanyichukwu Ekwueme, may have enjoyed the glamour that came with his 80th birthday anniversary, but the dust raised over allegation against leadership of the organising committee is trying to be a blight on the event. Frontline politician and three-time governorship candidate in Imo State, Dr. Ezekiel Izuogu is pushing the leadership of the committee to render account of the income and expenditure for the celebration, which lasted one week.

The man at the centre of the row, Dr. Ken Nnamani, a former president of the Senate, said he had long rendered the account, as demanded.  He said that his committee had rendered account in writing to all the people involved in the celebration. According to Nnamani, “I have computed how much was raised for the event and how much was expended. We still have some money left and we will use it to do a documentary, which we will soon run in the media.”

Former National Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), one of the leaders of the planning committee, Dr, Okwesilieze Nwodo, also dismissed claims that the committee is being rocked by crisis over rendering of accounts on how much was expended. The trio  spoke to Saturday Sun in separate interviews. Izuogu asked Nnamani to explain how much his committee realised for the event and how much that was spent.  He claimed that Nnamani and Nwodo were keeping him at arms length because of his insistence  on accountability.

He said: “I’m not out to run anybody down. The event has come and gone, but I think it is desirable that Nnamani and his committee should render an account. “South East Forum (SEF) for which I am the National Chairman, initiated this celebration.  Dr Alex Ekwueme is a leader of the group. We got his approval to organise a dinner at Transcorp Hotel for him. We constituted a planning committee led by Chief Nnamani. At the inauguration of the committee, we gave him and his members terms of reference.”

He narrated further: “Nnamani however, dumped  the terms of reference SEF handed to him after he met with Anambra State Governor, Mr. Peter Obi. They changed the budget for the celebration without our knowledge. They started keeping away from me and the SEF leadership, but I continued to press for accountability. I insisted that we should open an account. We later opened an account with Diamond Bank.

Nnamani, Nwodo and I were the signatories, but that was the only thing I knew about the account.” On what he expects from his demand, Izuogu said: “They are responsible and highly respected people and I don’t see them turning down my request. I do know that everybody is afraid of me because I will always insist on accountability.” On their part, Nnamani and Nwodo believe that Izuogu is deliberately trying to smear their reputation.

The former Senate President said: “I have respect for Izuogu, but I will not take kindly to somebody running me down for what I do not know. We have distributed a printed copy of the amount of money that was generated, the amount used for the celebration and the amount that is left, which will be used for documentary of the celebrant. “Anybody who knows me knows that I give priority to probity and transparency.

All the South East governors participated in the celebration and none of them is complaining about the handling of the money that was raised for it. The committee was made up of prominent people. Okwesilieze Nwodo was there. Former House of Reps Speaker, Agunwa Anaekwe,  was also a member. We did everything transparently and the record is there for whoever that wants to see.” In the same, vein Nwodo said that he was surprised that Izuogu was pointing fingers at the committee when there was no reason for that.

He said: “The record of what was got and spent is there. It is sad that Izuogu is engaging in this smear campaign. There’s no basis for that.”

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    • You, calling for respect? lol, the irony of it all, had you any respect for gen Buhari or his dead daughter? Abeg they are merely doing what you would have done in their shoes.

  1. When will NDI IGBO learn. There are certain things you discuss in “NKPUKE” and not on the pages of Newspapers. I know Izuogu felt slighted at the manner he was sidetracked. Please, Engineer Izuogu you have made your point. This issue can be resolved without resorting to the press. All of you are Igbo elders.

  2. Rendering account of birthday expenditure? The budget might well have taken care of a proposed Ijekebee State.

    But why wash the linen, though not yet known to be dirty, in the public? Some of our elders somehow behave like children. Or could it be they just wanted to throw mud, which Joseph Tarka said, must give you dirty hands?

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  4. If such personalities should be making noise on the pages of newspaper on birthday account. Just tell me how in the history can igbo produce a president.

    A kingdom that divided itself cannot stand. However, they never satisfied and can never be satisfied. If they continue to drag it, u will discover that the way some of the things were handled could be a show of shame no matter how big and respectful they are.

    Continue to disgrace yourselves. Definitely yourbas and Hausas will turn u into laughing stock.

  5. Dr izuogu you are being too childish I know you are the one that brought this to the press. How can you be embarrasing prominent igbo leaders because of birthday money ? Why can’t you people be matured enough to settle this rubbish indoors ? You people are embarrasing the igbos to a very extent. And where is Alex Ekwueme when all these things are happening ? Can’t he stop the tension ? Aftrall its because of him.

  6. Ekwueme is a gutless coward who was busy dining & wining with a war criminal Gowon, who on justly murdered over 2 million Igbo innocent women & children.

    Ekwueme;s Igbo origin has to be reviewed & examined, Is only a fool man can dine & wine with a war criminal who killed his wife & children, woe onto Ekwueme, he is a disgrace to Igbo race.

    • Dont mind that hopeless Ekwueme who is brain dead, all the blood of those Igbos murdered by war criminal Gowon will continue to follow Ekweme to his grave, he will never found his feats in Nigeria political sphere again, he will continue to used as a rag tag politician until they end him as someone who does not know where rain started descending on him.

  7. Ndubuisi amakeze on

    If birthday money can cause trouble 4our so called political elites,i wonder what wil happen when they begin 2control our oil money when Biafra is born again

  8. I don’t know why some people are praticaly so hungry that they may even go to a grave yard to robthe dead. This man MR. E IZUOGU is a total disgrace to igbo race. From his days in PAC all he ever wanted is were he will steal even stipends from. Pls can someone tell him not to insult the entire Igbo race bcos of his greed for crumbles from a birthday donation which am sure he did not donate a dime. Pls Mr Izuogu stop this campaign NOW! Shamless old cliptomenia.

  9. izuogu is a very foolish man and hungry man to have brought this issues to the public, i mean birthday money? tufiawa! no wonder why he has continued to fail his governorship aspiration, he is such a mannerless human being

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  11. Most of the issues we have in Igbo land now , involves Gov. Peter Obi, even the systematic annihilation of APGA………………may GOD save us

  12. All these big for nothing politicians are still going about display there arrogant and fraudulent attitude in a common birthday. SHAME ON TO YOU ALL.

  13. Orji and osisi stop insulting Ekwueme bicos he dined with Gowon igbos have been mixing with Gowon relating in all aspect of life even praying in igbo land.what do tell pple like late Ukpaei Asika and Ike Nwachukwu who fought us aligned with federal enemy.

  14. The igbos will never change. Too monetary conscious. Look at d suposed top politicians ranting and raving bcos of pea nuts frm birthday celebration. If it were sharing of national cake now, u guys will go for guns and cutlasses.

  15. When money is involved our elders will forget their old age.It’s very shamful for them to be fighting and attacking each other over a small amount of money meant for the purchase of food and drinks for the celebration of only one man’s birth day party.
    While uncircumcised Hausa/Fulani people are in Abuja sharing the crude oil money in billions of dollas without any stress.

  16. pls Izuogu, ve respect for Igbo race enough of your stupidity for these you will never hold any office in Igbo land you are a disgrace to us . Tufiakwa

  17. Igbo enwe Eze! Bcos @ evry slite mistak dey open deir anus 4 d enemies see d@ dey dont hav common front neida do dey hav a consensus candidate 4 Nigeria prsdency of Igbo xtraction com 2015 or 2019 wen Jonathan wil finish south south slot. Watch out some none entities wil com 4rm anoda tribe n put more fuel into d already burning fire so as cause more confusion in deir midst knowing fully well d@ deir unity wil bring about deir all round emancipation in dis country, infact! I suspect somtin fishing arround d wole qorel, som Judas amongst dem r plan on how dey can btray Igbo pple’s common goal, deir plan is 2 mak oda tribes bliv we dont hav unity amongst oursefs, n also 2 colect money 4rm oda candidate oposed 2 Igbo intrest 4 deir sefish intrests, bt dey shud beta read d hand writing on d wall.



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