Reps kill same sex marriage bill


By Iheanacho Nwosu and Chuks Akunn, Abuja

Agitations for legislation of gay mariage in Nigeria was dealt another blow yesterday as the House of Representatives, unanimously threw out the Bill.

The development was coming a year after the Senate passed a bill banning same-sex marriage and prescribed 14 years imprisonment for violators.

The Senate Bill is awaiting ratification by the House before it will be assented to by President Goodluck Jonathan.

The Bill, presented before the House sought to strenghten the existing legislation which already outlaws gay sex by criminalising anyone who witnesses or assists such marriages, or make public displays of affection by people of same sex, a culpable offence. Under the new law, groups that support gay rights would also be banned.

Reeling out the relevance of the Bill, the House Majority Leader, Hon Mulikat Adeola-Akande (PDP Oyo) noted: “It is alien to our society and culture and it must not be imported. Our religions abhor it and our culture has no place for it.” Akande’s position drew support from members who also flayed, in strong terms, the introduction of such practice to human sexual relationship. Hon. Adams Jagaba Adams (Kaduna PDP) and Bimbo Daramola (Ekiti ACN) implored Nigerians to defy threats from Western countries to freeze their aids to Nigeria over their opposition to the act. On her part, the Chairman, House Committee on Diaspora, Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa (Lagos ACN) while expressing support for Bill called for caution in view of the touchy human rights implication on persons likely to be affected by the legislation. In his contribution, House Minority Leader and Leader of Opposition, Femi Gbajabiamila (Lagos ACN),contended: “The Bill represents a convergence of both law and morality. This issue (same-sex marriage) is both illegal and immoral”.

He insisted that same sex marriage was a clear breach of Nigeria’s Marriage Act. In the same vein, the Chairman, House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Nnenna Elendu-Ukeje (Abia PDP) argued that the Bill presented “a competition between religious principles and international convention which Nigeria is a signatory to.” After an exhaustive debate which lasted for about two hours, Speaker Aminu Waziri Tambuwal refered the Bill to the Committee of the Whole for further legislative action.

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  2. Now I can see how they entangled others to imitate their immoral ways of life, by treatining to freez the aids they offer. Nigerian govment and Nigerians must bear in mind that it’s better for one to go hungry than to eat poison. It is abomination in the East,West,North and South of our Country period, Unacceptable.

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  4. chukwudi and steve,u guys are foooooools.let me remind u,this site is nt 4 ur selfish advert of an out dated 419.we nigerians cant accept such a devilish act of same sex marriage

  5. Same sex marriage is an abomination to our fathersland if any nigeria go’s into such act that person is nothing but a homosexuali or lesbianism. same sex marriage is not our culture. The introduction came from U S A and such evil practices has no place in nigeria. God bless nigeria

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  7. Please, let this issue of same-sex marriage and co never be implemented. This is not our culture and will never be. It is really immoral and dirty. And, I wouldd love to ask, what is the international organizations such as WHO(World Health Organization), UNICEF etc doing or saying about these acts?

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  9. @Eazyfool or what do you call your self. Please restrict that your supid joke to your unfortunate mother and not to a noble and God blessed race, the Igbos. Remember this column is not for you and other 419s to advertise your illegal business with out paying tax. Your book of jokes will fail because your are cheating.

  10. For God’s sake what prompted the bill in the first instance? If we must copy from the Western world I believe there are a lot of things we can copy. For example child benefit which is every child’s entitlement until the age of 18. Nigeria can afford to pay child benefit too because those western world countries are not really better off than we are but there is proper accountability. Again, free education up to secondary school level is govt. responsibility for every child and parents pay for the uni or whatever so you have no excuse for not sending your child to school. In Nigeria, education is for the rich. Same sex marriage is illegal and against every religion in our country and can never be allowed.

  11. I hail Nigerians for standing up to do and for the right thing despite the western countries intimidation.
    There’s no room for gays in our culture and our way of life.

  12. Shaaibu Abbazih-California on

    Nigeria with copy-copy. Don’t we have something better to copy than same-sex marriage? I believe we have better things to copy from Western world that will be more beneficial to the well beings of Nigerians. How did it get to the Congress in the first place? When members of the Congress have better things to discuss that will touch the lives of the masses. Same-sex marriage or whatever it is called is an abomination in our culture. Anybody caught should face death penalty.

  13. Please can we knw the fool that brought the bill to the house?lets start from him,he or she needs to be burnt alive or deported to western countries that’s where he belong,why didn’t they name the people that brought the bill?

  14. My careful observation about the whole issue baffles me reason being that the only two folks who happened to be showing sympathy to this stuff is none other than Abike Dabiri of all persons and another lady from East. I am wondering if this rumor of most women folks in the national assembly are lesbians seem to be true. How can a person in the caliber of Abike ever think of supporting rubbish because of human right which is alien to Nigeria.Abike, if I say that I am highly disappointed it will be an understatement, but regrettably I never expected to hear that you support same sex marriage because of an imported culture called human right against the will of GOD. You are among few Nigerians I respect in that so called house of reps. Please maintain that love.

    • Abike Dabiri of all people?? how are you sure she is not one of them? I mean LESBIAN? Are there not other important things that we can copy from the western world? People cant sleep with two eyes closed cos of boko haram. Our power sector is in shambles. Health, Education, banking and other sectors of the economy have nothing to write home about. Cant the house copy them on these areas for improvement?? Look at the caliber we voted to represent us! Its a NATIONAL SHAME. I wish to rest my case.

  15. There are other important issues that these clowns should focus their energy on. Things like bringing out the dividends of democracy to Nigerian, decaying infrastructures, corruptions, education, security and power, etc. Will anti gay marriage bill put food on the table of an average Nigerian? Yeye people


  17. the antichrists are already here they are just waiting for their leader- the man of sin to arrive but as the scripture says they will be resisted by the Holy Spirit until the Church is out of the way in the rapture then will that man of sin be revealed. are you there you have not turn in your life to Jesus Christ why waste time the Holy Spirit is pleading with you hurry up for time is running out. God bless you as you make the most important decision of your life. Amen.

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  19. western aid my foot….same sex marriage which was one of the greatest sin before God tufiakwa….this was the only reason that God destroyed soddom and gomora in the holy bible yet this stupid westerners are trying to tempt God again…when God created men did he create only one sex?God made it in pairs ..male and female,day and nite,heaven and earth,raining season and dry seasoning…so men do not tempt God your Lord!!!!

  20. Dear Sun Editor, I am confused by the heading of this article. Nowhere in it did we see ‘Reps Killing the Bill’. So why such a heading? We are made to know virtually everyone that made contributory statements su[pported the bill and that Speaker Aminu Waziri Tambuwal refered the Bill to the Committee of the Whole house for further legislative action. So why this damning headline?

  21. Ochigbo Innocent on

    iNever. Nigerians will neva agree to dis evil and immoral tin. Let who ever propose or brings dat idea again be punish by the law, let dem enact a law binding any1 4rm even sugestin dat devilish idea in senate and reps.

  22. Abike Dabiri s’ constituency should initiate the move to recall her back from the house of representative with immediate effect for she have lost her sense of sound reasoning. What on earth made her to support abomination or else she have sold her soul to the devil. Lets call a spade by its name, same sex marriage is evil, ‘ARU’, abomination and its alien to our faith in God and our culture short and simple.

  23. You see Lesbians and Homosexuals has this helpless ways of exposing themselves no matter how they pretend to be straights. Mrs Abike Dabiri is a Lesbians or has been or wants to be one. Same sex marriage is alien to us, nature etc and is repugnant and against good conscience and morals. there should be no mincing of words here. you either Support it or Reject it and there is no room for playing Cautious here. the practitioners must be disgraced in public and giving a very long jail term.

  24. Human beings have inalienable rights that includes sexual orientation as long as it does not infringe on the rights of another individual,should someone or people decide to have sex through their nose,what is my concern? and should there be health implications,they should pay their own hospital bills,let us stop this attitude of using religion to explain everything,we are not God and neither can we monopolize him,do I not have a right not to believe in anything? does that make me less of a Nigerian? homo sexuality should never be elevated to a national discuss,let these legislators ransack their brains and think of something more productive than meddling into peoples private lives,Nigeria is a secular and free state where liberty is approved,allowing our emotions to cloud our judgement is not good for national development.We should always try to be as objective as possible.

  25. Can this type of discussion come up in saudi arabia or dubai or any muslim country where koran is used as a holy book?d answer is No.americans & british can go on with their stupidity,dat shouldn’t bother us.discussing same sex marriage in nigeria in d first place is a waste of time.its absurd & should not be talk about at all.americans & british should learn morals from africa because they are perverts & they just can’t help them selves any more,morally.they are already making love with animals.they will soon pass d laws legalising marriage with dogs & monkeys etc.human right my foot!

  26. I appreciate both houses for througing out such abominable thing called same sex bill, And who introduce it should even be shown the way out from the house. is that the devolopment he/she should introduce. U.S keep giving Nigeria unwanted and refurbished things donated from people’s and factories garage all in the name of aids. To hell with their unwanted properties.

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