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Re: Why Nigeria’s unity is still negotiable


Your write-up was great. Anyone calling for the continuous existence of Nigeria with its lopsided structure is a simpleton. The unity of Nigeria is a pride for Africa because we have a large federation that could be called giant of Africa in terms of size.

Nigeria needs a total restructuring and a balanced federation in terms of state creation; the state in the North must equal the number of states in the south. If a region in this country has seven states then the south east not only need an additional state but 2 more states.

The South-South region need additional states the most needed is the Anioma state.  As to why past government policies don’t work it is because of lack of those in government to lead by example. You don’t just announce a policy you must plan it, live by it, implement and monitor it.

In those days we have the national orientation agency that use the media to talk directly to the people but today it is like they are no more or have gone to sleep.

In the History of Nigeria, no democratic government has ever created states; it is only the military that have done it and hence the military government has always come from the north they favour themselves in state and local government creation.

Those in the national assembly that ought to pursue equity are been suppressed by those who enjoy the present lopsidedness of the country yet they will be the first to say they want peace in Nigeria in the absence of equity and justice; the call would amount to hypocrisy.

The only way to ensure progress and peaceful co-existence is when we listen to ourselves and Right the Wrongs.  Rev. Monye J Gold, The mass movement for responsible leadership.  I read your article on Daily Sun dated Friday 12th July, 2013 on Nigeria’s unity and I tell you, I was never more moved this month.

The South -Eastern Nigeria has seen hell in this geographical expression called Nigeria-  less states, no federal presence etc, yet, the people from the region are those that have kept this nation together, being found  all parts of Nigeria developing those areas and having the least tribalistic mind in Nigeria..

I mean, it’s only an Igbo person that will openly praise people from other groups, sometimes even at the detriment of his own roots.

But, am thinking our efforts are not being appreciated hence something more concrete has to be done to secede from this geographical expression. There is no point pouring water on a duck’s back. Am growing into a person that will be historically vital in splitting this country tomorrow by rule or by crook; what do you think? Ngozi Ezeh. Robert, Peace is divine and only thrives on divine foundation of Equity and Justice.

The nation will continue to pay the immeasurable price of the collective siege of the South-East. You have told the truth, he that has ears let him hear. God bless you. Ben Obaji. I have just read your piece on the negotiability of Nigeria.

You were deadly right and bold, as your provenance requires. Nigeria is in a state of flux, but with presumptuous assumption on its indivisibility by those who benefit from the extant state. I share your optimism; after all nature has a way of correcting injustice.

Thanks. P.L. Osuagwu. Robert, if you laugh at political elites’ deceits, I weep for them when one of them evokes a revolution that will consume them. Is Tambuwal not one of those putting Nigeria’s unity in doubt with his loyalty to Northern agenda against the South? If his conscience is pricking him, let him confess his sins before the Armageddon descends on them all.

And on point of correction, there has never been any pogrom against Igbos in the South-West at any time. Pa Nnamdi Azikiwe lived at Ekotedo in Ibadan where his political party, the NCNC, dominated the scene under Adegoke Adelabu, an indigene. It was the imminence of the civil war that made Zik leave Ibadan where he was treated like an indigene for a better part of his life, for the East.

Do you blame the North for subjugating the South when Southern leaders sell out once they are settled individually? An extra State and Presidency for the South-East are required for equity. Lai Ashadele. Good talk Robert on Nigeria’s unity! The rulers of the nation underrate the people’s intelligence by pretending they love the country.

Their vision of the nation is a huge bazaar where you grab as much as you can while it lasts. They don’t believe in the country! Joe Mends, Abuja. Robert, there was East Central State and there was Rivers State. Out of East Central State, Anambra, Enugu, Ebonyi, Imo and Abia states were created. Out of Rivers State only Bayelsa State was created. Who needs additional states and why are we so self-centred? 08033123591. Bob, don’t mind Senator Ike Ekweremadu.

If his National Assembly fails to create state in the South-East, he should not return to Igboland after his tenure. Eze, Njiko Igbo Chieftain. My dear Robert, I love your page in the Daily Sun. That is what it ought to be at all levels. You respectfully call the attention of the people in authority to do what they are supposed to do. Governor Okorocha is a workaholic, I am sure he will attend to all the LGAs.

On the other hand, I am personally worried that Governor Rochas who sings “Obughimu ji onwem…” is now being dragged into unhealthy partisanship. We are witnesses to what Okorocha, Mbadinuju, Orju Uzor Kalu, Uche Ekwunife etc suffered in the PDP in those days.

Yet Mbadinuju and Orji Uzor Kalu are still in the PDP supporting our very peaceful and amiable President Goodluck Jonathan. Governor Okorocha should just concentrate in that marvelous work he is doing in Imo and leave the future to God. The bible says that “evil communication corrupts good manners!”

I am afraid! Tell Governor Okorocha that nobody presides over his own election. Please he should hand over everything to God in prayers! He should remain an Igbo man and watch his tongue. The future is in the hand of God. Politics should not dent our Okorocha. Mrs. Obioma Anigoh, Onitsha. 08037115057.

Thanks for your open letter to Governor Rochas Okorocha. Okorocha is a listening governor and in a hurry to develop Imo State. And your letter is a tonic needed to give your LGA a facelift not minding selfish and clandestine activities of the PDP whose 12 years of governance is nothing but shamble and cruelty to the good people of Imo State who they manipulated.

But thank God for the 2011 election when they (Imolites) took their destiny into their own hands and I strongly believe we can collectively achieve the same come 2015 elections by protecting our votes to the detriment of that monster called “PDP”.

Cardinal, 08033049857. NGF crisis The questions you asked in your piece on the NGF are to me uncalled for because Governor Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State said it all. I hope you read it that the mistake their gang made was that they voted. Esau made the same mistake thousands of years back before Mimiko’s gang own yet the blessings that were his (Esau’s) which were given to Jacob were not revoked.

They must have had very clear reasons or convictions for agreeing to vote. So the election was not inconclusive at all as you started your piece with

. What made it conclusive, Bob? Ben When you said that the NGF should fizzle out, you miss the point. To President Goodluck Jonathan, it is either he controls the Forum or he destroys it, all because of his inordinate ambition, to run for a second term.

Such reminds me of one of the biblical stories where two women came to King Solomon to judge which of them was the mother of a disputed baby. You know the rest of the story that it is needless repeating. That is what the presidency wants: to destroy because it cannot pocket the Forum.

The point is that the president is ready to wreck everything, including the country’s nascent democracy so that he rules again. Also will the president concede defeat if he loses in 2015 or will he play ‘Jang’?

This is what he has left Nigerians wondering by parading Jang as the chairman of the NGF when everyone knows that Jang lost to Rotimi Amaechi. G.A. Uche, Umuahia. Thanks for your write-up on NGF.

I vehemently disagree with those calling for the head of Governor Chibuike Amaechi on obeying the power rotation policy between the North and the South on a two-year basis. Didn’t Bukola Saraki from the North do second term and didn’t President Goodluck Jonathan jettison the PDP rotation policy and contested the presidency to the detriment of the North. Cardinal.

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  1. jamil July 27, 2013 at 12:36 am

    Yeye people always thinking abt life 4geting d death

  2. Israel July 27, 2013 at 5:30 pm

    @jamil the suicide bomber..go and blast ur self in the mosque. I have seen that u cant wait to see ur promised virgins in heaven.

  3. Justice July 27, 2013 at 5:41 pm


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