Re-Okorocha: A tentative assessment



My piece on Okorocha attracted deluge of comments. Here are some of them for your enjoyment. Dear Obioha, Thanks very much for your piece assessing Governor Okorocha and his government. I consider myself a supporter of Governor Okorocha but some times I do wonder whether my support for Okorocha stems from my desire for him to succeed or because of his actual performance as a Governor.

I do not live in Nigeria at the moment, so my view is shaped from what I read on the news and opinion of pundits. I was encouraged by Governor Okorocha’s rhetoric but action they say speaks louder than words. Until now, all the assessments of Okorocha’s government that I have read had been partisan thus made it difficult for me to form a balanced opinion of Okorocha and his leadership.

So, your piece is very timely. Clearly, you are not a praise singer neither are you an opposition hatchet man. Your piece reflects your genuine love or Imo State and desire for its development, and that makes your criticism very constructive.

Where I think I may slightly differ is on your call for complete free education to all Imo indigenes all the way to university level. I will support your call so long the state can afford it. The analysis of government revenue should be the basis for any expectation from the government.

Because if we call for government expenditure that do not balance with the revenue, we may end up setting the bar too high thereby providing the opposition the weapon with which to attack the government. So, we have to be realistic to avoid jumping from frying pan to fire. May be, partial scholarship at the university level may be the realistic option at the moment.

Thanks for your piece and continue the good work. Johnson <[email protected]> Sir, “Okorocha’s media team had not responded as it should {to endless character assassination publications against Okorocha}. Probably, they want the governor’s works to speak for him. But such attitude does not work well always.

It is detrimental in a situation where the opposition is running him out of town with half truths and at times falsehood.” Apt! Okorocha and his media people do not seem to know that the pen is mightier than the sword. Methinks, Okorocha threw open his underbelly to critics and opponents on July 2012, when he rescinded his decision to locate IMSU outside Owerri zone which is already congested with tertiary institutions.

“The new look of Orlu council should be extended to other councils in the state.”  Sir, this is in bad mood. In 1976, when Imo State was created, there was hardly any difference in levels of urbanization between Orlu, Owerri and Okigwe.

If government starts a modernization of Orlu and Okigwe now (belated), to provide them with one-fiftieth of the size of infrastructure in Owerri, is there any point in asking it to do same in all the other 27 LGAS in Imo state? One after the other, isn’t it?

By the way, one believes Orlu and Orsu/Awo-Idemili cannot be rivals. Surprised! Your stance can be likened to an Mbaise or Ikeduru man insisting that government must simultaneously bring any modernization it is doing in Owerri to Mbaise or Ikeduru. That kind of insistence has never happened in history.

Your stance may even be discouraging to the governor, and he may resort to the usual, Imo-one-city-state of Owerri, development policy of past regimes. The suggestion to dualise Orlu-Ihialla Road is nice; it shall take a lot of agreements between various governments.

A regional surface water supply project earmarked by Mbakwe for Orlu zone which was meant to supply water to the LGAS in Orlu senatorial zone is yet to be built. Okorocha came to power and privatized water supply; whatever that means.

Today, there is no water in Orlu area including in Awo-Idemili, and there is no private water supply company. Private water boreholes do not sustain any city. Borehole waters are not safer, nonetheless, only a few in Nigeria treat it before consumption. One expected you to cover the issue of absence of water supply.

Uzo Chinenye <[email protected]> Dear Obioha, I am an Imolite living in the United States of America since 1988. I take interest in the affairs of Imo State and visit quite often, the last being in September 2012. I read your article about Rochas and quite agree with almost all the contents.

While you mentioned how Orsu and Awo-Idemili and the rest are neglected, you intentionally or by omission refused to mention the neglect of Awo-Omamma, which I should mention is quite big and has been neglected since the time of Udenwa.

The road from Okwudo to Awo-Omamma was tarred during Governor Mbakwe’s time and since then, nothing else has happened in Awo-Omamma as far as government project is concerned. I purposely drove through the road during my recent visit. It is exactly 11 kilometres and it is in such a state of disrepair that you wonder what is going on. I should mention that the road is the only tarred road by the government in Awo-Omamma.

Fair reporting is good and as a journalist, I think you should cover all the states in your report. Gerald Anudokem <[email protected]> Sir, Your tentative assessment of Okorocha was interesting but was not comprehensive. You seem to be carried away by the antics of some diehard opposition PDP faithful and so labored needlessly to highlight their very frivolous or flimsy outbursts against the Rochas administration instead of giving us graphic details of your unbiased assessment from all sectors – infrastructure, education, health, industry, tourism etc.

That Rochas peopled his administration with unknown names in Imo polity is not as important as what such team has been able to accomplish for us in the state. As an interested Imolite from Orsuihiteukwa in Orsu Local Government area, I took time out this January, before returning to base in Lagos and moved round Orlu town just to confirm what I have heard and read about the massive infrastructural development of the zone by the Okorocha administration.

As I moved round, the enormity of work done was not only amazing and revealing but very exciting to behold. Good networking, expansion and total rehabilitation of roads with street lights, new market shops and plazas in the old motor park and the on-going drainage work in front of the Catholic Church at Umuna to take care of the perennial flood around the area caught my fancy and nod as a civil engineer. If what I saw in Orlu alone is being replicated in other zones of Imo, then we are already in a new dawn. A man who is orthodox and bureaucratic, as some would like Rochas to be, cannot achieve this feat in one year and six months as he did.

I, therefore, totally agree with you that Rochas is doing to these zones what the combination of Udenwa and Ohakim could not do in twelve years. This Governor deserves our commendation and support for him to take us to the Promised Land. Engr. Paschal Mgbecheta, 08035958458 Thanks for reminding Rochas that he owes Awo-Idemili a duty of that rehabilitation in your column.

After all, we gave him our votes during the election. Ikemba Uzoeto, 08161761116. Thanks a lot for your write-up in the Daily Sun newspaper. I pray that Okorocha listens and come to the aid of Orsu LGA. We have been neglected for so long by past administrations in the state.

Keep it up. Madubueze, PH. God bless you. Your write-up in the Daily Sun on Okorocha speaks the mind of Imo people. See all the things the PDP are writing on him, yet his media team do not speak for him.

Their silence in this wise is uncalled for. We want the progress of Imo State. O.N. Chukwukere, Abuja. Thanks for your master piece on Okorocha. Do you guys really have the global audience in view when you write or is it meant for villagers only? 07084377155. Comment: My village is part of the globe. Globalization for me starts from my village. RO. I thank you for your piece on Okorocha. What made me happier was your mention of how Orsu LGA had been neglected since the emergence of this democracy. Keep it up and always write to remind every sitting governor that Orsu is part of Imo and needed development in all facets.

Once again, thank you for your good work. Ichie Matthew Emereole. Thank you Obioha for telling the truth that Okorocha’s media team is not doing well by allowing the opposition to control the airwave of the state. Uchenna, Umuzike.

Thank you my brother for your article on Okorocha’s administration. Though I am from Anambra State, my opinion is that Ohakim should know that Mbadinuju, who performed abysmally like Ohakim didn’t engage Ngige (another performer) in the like manner. Let Ohakim cover his face in shame for deceiving Imolites through governance by mass media. Tito Chigor, President, Congress for Igbo Agenda.

Your assessment portrays that you are prejudized against Ohakim. Okorocha has consistently marginalized Ngor okpala right from day one. He treats the people like animals. Where then lie his rescue ideals?

Okorocha is an emperor who needs no advice on how to run a state. He is not addressing the economy and unemployment which are the issues and not these shows he is doing with AIT television. 0816370907. I am not a member of any political party but you forgot to mention the impassable Orji-Okigwe, Mbaise-Umuahia and Orlu road. The inner ring road which was started by Ohakim should have been completed to decongest Owerri and others. Please try to be objective. 08033584682.

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  1. Imolite u people have to encourage and support ur able and hard working governor if my own gov in Abia is doing half of what okorocha is doing we will be carring him in our shoulder evry time.imo is working.

  2. Esuola Musibau on

    I must congratulate Rochas For the giant stride his team has replicated in Imo State within 1 year and 6 month. Though, i am not an Igbo extraction but it is only a mad fellow that will not appreciative of what Rochas is doing in a state where the Duo of past Government has turn to dustbin. I pray that in the future, a man like Owelle should be allow to fix Nigeria`s problem

  3. Dear Rochas, they talk good, they talk bad….some will want you to be there for the people of IMO state, some want their own LGA to be developed, some will even wish you go and build their family houses for them, PLEASE READ EVERYTHING, IF YOU CAN, BUILD YOUR EXPERIENCE AND MOVE ON. So far so good you have done. Rome was not built in a day. A journey of one thousand miles starts with one step. One step at a time. You started with the right step at the right time and hopefully, you will cover the whole territory of Imo State. The forces of opposition or whoever will neither harm you, distract you or stop you from accomplishing your heart-felt mission if you have the majority and I think you do. From backtoroot in diaspora

  4. Owelle is doing well, even if he developed his Town only. Development must start from somewhere, and that is what he is doing. If others who were there before him, improved on the legacy of Chief Mbakwe, Imo State would have been better. All we had before as Governors are people whose development of the State can only be seen in the Newspapers. Owelle, remember also Ohaji/Egbema, it is part of Orlu zone, and at the same time the Goose that lay the golden egg in Imo State.

  5. Okorocha should be commended for the numerous projects he has embarked upon,while some are on-going, some are completed. These projects are people oriented.
    I will like the governor to construct a by-pass road that will be equivelent to Benin by-pass,so that vehicles going to Aba, Portharcourt, Onitsha, Orlu, Okigwe and Umuahia will not come into Owerri city. He should also cunstruct a beautiful GRA in Owerri, open up new Layouts that will accommodate commercial, residencial and institutional buildings. He should also urbanise Mbise, Oguta, Mgbidi and some other areas of the state, construct a business park, industral park, more recreational parks and build more international market accross the urban centers.

  6. we are ernestly praying for Okorocha’s success bcos if he succeeds, the impact will rub off positively on Imolites. I will advise him to analyse every suggestion, commendation and condemnation that comes to his notice dispassionately with a view to using the relevant information towards improving the lots of those that sent him to

  7. ibe obinna henry on

    great imolite.we ought to support owelle and stop condeming him,let us give him our franchise support,we have to stop these issue of so called orlu,owerri ,okigwe,urbanization,if we are to continue with these criticim, we will fail,take for instance the area of late chief sir mbakwe ie obowo not even a remarkable road have done,among all the roads project that have been awarded by owelle administration, none have done,the worst of it, is the road that lead to the village of late sir mbakwe,owelle should give that road a standard construction to honour sir mbakwe.aleast with that, we wil appreciate it,but if the administration cares to do more for obowo L.G.A . We will all we the obowians still give him our profond support, so my beloved imolite let us stop digging deep on thing that will jopardise the future of imo. Let us give owelle our full support,so that the prophecy will come through. We believe in the prophecy that IMO must be BETTER.not even the ZONE’s nor L .G .A . is the prophecy. we are all imo,always remember the prophecy that IMO MUST BE BETTER.

  8. stanley Chigozie on

    The presence of any former Imo government including Okorocha`s government is yet to be felt in Awo-omamma. So i am asking the Okorocha regime wda they have Awo-Omamma in their plans for infrastructural development

  9. I rest my case. I had wanted to make case for my amiable governor and insult the unknown and unrecognized fellow who has no base as a place. political thug of Ohakim, sycophant as he tend to be by writing. It is obvious that during Ohakim reign, Imolites were in agony but to God be all the glory He gave us Rochas as a saviour. May God be praised in Imo State!

  10. Owelle is performing ! Pls be patient,give him more time, this breeze will definetly move across the lenght and breath of Imo state. That’s al I can tell Imolites .

  11. Owelle is performing ! Pls be patient,give him more time, this breeze will definetly move across the lenght and breath of Imo state. That’s al I can tell Imolites .

  12. Okorocha is only a show man he is owning contractors working in Imo state and only mobilizing Roche group and contractors associated with members of his family. He has corner the resources of Imo state.

  13. I believe this write must have been paid by his big brother senator who took over from Izunaso in a grand style. Okorocha cannot be removed that way. He has done what Napoleon “Udenwa and Ohakim” could not do in 12 years.
    Let’s give him support. The road from Umuaka, Ekwe, Amandugba Isu-Njabam Eziama to Mgbaboano was done half way for 12 years from Umuaka to little after the Isu lga. But Rochas in a year and 6 months has been able to do it from Umundugba to nearly Mgbaboano as at the time I left village January 20th.

    • That road is supposed to continue from Mgbaboano to link Amaokpara to Amaike (Imo state Industrial estate) to Orlu urban town. We pray that Okorocha-led government shall complete it to Orlu.

    • Owelle, Pls after this phase of road construction, let the next phase be running water supply. Without running water urbanization and urban lifestyle are a mirage.

  14. As a believer in good things all I can say is TO GOD BE THE GLORY.
    To God be the glory for giving Imolites a governor who within a year and six months has done what two governors could not achieve in twelve years.
    My advice to Imolites whose area have not been touched is to be patient. It is just about two years, what will happen in four years? I believe that before Rochas completes his four year tenure, his governance will reach you.
    All our prayers should be that he should always be directed by the Holy Spirit in his governance of the state and not by bad advisers who only thinks of “sharing the money”. Long live Imolites.

  15. This person that called himself or herself “jon”, must surely be an Ohakim or PDP apologist, so we should his stupid rantings about Rochas owing contractors or not.
    We the good people of Imo State will continually thank the Almighty God for giving us a man like Rochas Okorocha as Governor. We continue to pray that the good God will protect him, give him long life and the wisdom to always do what is right for the upliftment and better of the human capital and the infrastructures in Imo State and propel to a higher political position in the might name of JESUS.

  16. What Achike Udenwa and Ikiri Ikedi Ohakim could not archived for 12 yrs, Gov Okorocha got it right within only 8 months of his leadership in IMO state thus equalling the good job of our former leader late Chief Sam Mbakwe of blessed memory. You will triumph over your political foes in Jesus Name Amen! We wish you long Life and purposeful leadership in IMO state.

  17. I sincerely thank all the people who read about Rochas, Imo State and the ongoing trend of events in the state especially the 99% who see the good job being done in Imo State by this administration and come here to bear witness. The 1% who see the smoke coming up but for one reason or the other, best known to them, try to hide it, I don’t ignor you. In every 12 apostles there must be a Judas. Chief Rochas go on with your programs. You are not disappointing the people that voted for you. With this speed I believe, by the time your first 4 yrs. finishes, Imo State will be one of the best governed states in Nigeria and your name will perpetually be on record for that. Good Name is Better than Ointment . In addition to all the good contributions being made by the readers: PEDESTRIAN CROSSING ! PEDESTRIAN CROSSING !! PEDESTRIAN CROSSING !!! Lack of pedestrian crossing in Nigerian roads means lack of respect for human life. It looks small but a very serious omission by the so-called road safety agents and Nigeria’s leaders in general. Please Rochas, give the above a thought and introduce it fully in the ongoing road development projects in the State. Thanks and more grease to your elbow. Backtoroot in diaspora.

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