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Re: Nigeria’s oil mafia

I read your piece with the above title published March 11, 2013, and wish to make my contributions as follows: One of the problems of man is his inability to learn from history. We read histories of how monarchies in Europe and America were toppled and beheaded for profligacy and imperial recklessness.

Yes, the people of Europe beheaded their kings and queens and hung their heads in Public Square for all to see. And that brought the end of monarchical dictatorship. It brought the end of reckless leadership and insensitivity to the plight of the people. All these happened because leaders of those times took things for granted and the people said no.

And today, the people of Europe and America are better for it. The Italian and American mafia are not known to interfere in government affairs. They run their own illegal business activities. But in Nigeria our own mafia have hijacked government business and institution and are dictating the pace of things. Whereas the mafia in other climes are having a running battle with government, we are celebrating them in Nigeria. We have given them all sorts of elegant name, from statesmen to important personalities.

The government is making them more powerful by extending patronage to them. Perhaps what we have in Nigeria are occult societies who are into fetish practices and empower their members with juicy contracts and positions. So if you want to enjoy the privileges and protection of the group, you join. That is why we don’t have a mafia godfather in the likeness of the late Italian/American Al Capone, who can be regarded as the head of crime family in Nigeria. Our mafia are not organized.

They are simply occult criminals scrambling for the soul of Nigeria. Why they look so powerful is because our state institutions are weak. When you have weak institutions of state and a weak leadership, even a cripple and a dunce can have his way with such a government. Every Nigerian government seeks for her survival first and in the process a lot of compromises are allowed which leaves the people more confused and deprived. Those we regard as powerful presidents or heads of state are actually local champions who choose the battle they can fight, while pretending they are building an enduring nation.

That is why the legacies of former presidents are rubbished by their successors immediately they assume office. But today, whether out of sheer wickedness or plain ignorance, the elites of today’s Nigeria are still going about the business of governance with the mindset to plunder, loot and acquire all the resources which will better the lives of the people. Pastors have spoken from the pulpit. Intellectuals have written dozens of proposals on good governance.

Philosophers and statesman have given advice on what to do and how to govern, but it seems subsequent governments in Nigeria are adamant and heading to perdition. When God deposited crude oil and gas beneath the Nigerian soil he had a reason. It was not the making of anybody or any group. Nobody lobbied God for it. God had a purpose for Nigeria. That was why he deposited the oil for us. God knew Nigeria will be the hope of the black race.

He knew Nigeria will be an important nation in the comity of nations. He gave us the oil to develop our infrastructures and live a better life like other nations. He knows Nigeria will not command any respect before the world, if she has nothing and the people are living a miserable life. God blessed Nigeria with good weather and abundant natural resources. But these blessings have entered our head and we have taken things for granted, like the 14th century Europe and American imperial monarchies.

Meanwhile, God is watching. He must be wondering the type of Business Managers we have in the name of Nigerian politicians. Whose proclivity and predilection to plunder is legendary and notorious. Pray, how can any sane government wake up and just give oil blocks to people- just because one is in support of that government – whether the government is doing well or not. In a community of a thousand people, government will select one man and give him oil blocks, so that the rest of 999 will depend on him and queue behind on any social, political or economic issues. Where is equality and justice in that? Where is federal character in a situation where Northerners own 83% of oil blocks in Nigeria?

The defence of the allegation in an online new media is as belated as it is empty. How can you say that because some of the oil blocks has dried up, therefore it does not exist? Who exploited the oil blocks until it dried up? Where did the money go to if not to live imperial and unproductive lifestyle? I am particular about the mafia elite in the North, because when you compute the resources that has flowed to that region since independence, it is not commensurate with the level of human and infrastructural development.

They are not wealth creators, but wealth consumers. It is not about grabbing power and acquiring wealth. It is about attitudinal and cultural change. After all many Arab countries are governed by Islamic and theocratic laws, yet there is little peace and development there- in spite of the resources they have.

Sincerely speaking, if the impact of the 83% oil blocks by northern elite is being felt in improved infrastructures, building of small scale industries which will create jobs, or improved lifestyle of the average Northerner, then I won’t border with this rejoinder, neither will I demonize Northern elite. But even a blind man can see that poverty is so pervasive in the North, to the extent that an average Northern youth is a danger to himself and his environment.

When you add 83% oil blocks and 38 years of Nigerian leadership in the hands of the North, you begin to wonder why begging and poverty is seemingly a profession in the North. You begin to wonder why leaders don’t spare a thought for their people. Why leaders are so heartless and selfish. I expect the true leaders of the North, social engineers, philosophers and intellectuals to begin a campaign of wealth redistribution.

They should tell their imperial over Lords that feudalism and slavery in the North, is a time bomb waiting to explode. No matter how Northern youths are brain washed and deceived, one day they will come to their senses and ask their leaders questions. Northern elite are claiming that Boko Haram is caused by poverty. Whereas they are sitting on oil wealth that could have lifted their people out of poverty, the leaders are misdirecting their anger to imaginary enemies in the South.

The Northern elite should wake up to the reality that we are in 21st century which cannot accommodate 14th century ideas. •Darlington Agomuo, Public Affairs Analyst (08022905726) Oil! Oil!! Oil!!! Since 1958. I beg, it is high time we changed topic. We couldn’t even discover the oil in the first place. What plans do we have for our children who may not live on oil? This is madness. I mean absolute madness.

So, apart from oil, Nigeria cannot do any other thing? Funny characters that call themselves leaders! – Ekekwe True federalism, the way out Let all encourage true fiscal federalism in the country. Every part of the country has one profitable resource or the other. The country will be richer and better for it if we would go back to proper derivation principles and the states are allowed to control the resources with

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  1. RichardAA April 1, 2013 at 8:01 pm

    What else can we say again, this is actual position of the so called Northern leaders, anytime i travel to the northern part of the country, i kept wondering is it not the same place that virtualy produced eighty per cent of past president, could you imagine our formal minister of transport during Sheu shagari regime, Dr Umoru Diko that was saying western Education should not be allow in the north simply because he does not want his people to be enlighten so that he can continue to fool them, well the time has come and the time is now, either they like it or not revolution is now or never, PDP must go with GEJ come 2015.

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