Provide information on killer jilted lover, Nigerians tell police


• Describe him as wicked, coward


Many Nigerians have been pouring out heart-rending emotions following last Saturday’s killing of seven people by Johnson (not his real name) in Igando, a suburb of Lagos. They have been describing the development as “sad,” “insanity,” “animalistic,” “callous,” “devilish,” “barbaric,” “madness,” sign of the last days and more while they prayed for the comfort of the living and the repose of the souls of the victims.

The Primate of the African Church, The Most Rev. Emmanuel Josiah Udofia and many readers of Daily Sun News portal have been speaking on the dastardly near-wiping out of the Ozors and Odias by the jilted lover, who came to Lagos all the way from Warri to commit the mayhem.

Johnson the jilted lover boy allegedly had his request to marry Sandra Ijedinma, turned down when it became known to the girl’s family that he was an armed robber.

But in a brazen show of anger, Johnson, last Saturday, stormed the home of the Ozors in a commando style and massacred almost the entire household before fleeing. He scaled the wall before landing in Ozors home in the Igando area of Lagos, shot his girlfriend, Sandra and her twin, Katherine, Mrs Ozor, their elder sister, who the twins lived with, Mrs. Ozor’s first daughter, Happiness and second daughter, Bethel.

While others died on the spot, Katherine and Bethel survived and are recuperating in a hospital. The assailant then stormed the home of the Odias and killed Mrs Ngozi Odia, eldest sister to the twins and Mrs Ozor and her three children including Angela, 12; Chidinma, 10 and Chinenye, eight years old.

Reacting to the ugly incident, The Most Rev. Udofia, described it all as “barbaric,” insisting that Johnson who is still out there belching more threats to wipe out the whole of the Ozors, as “possessed.” Speaking during the General Meeting of the African Church Cathedral Salem, Ebute-Metta, Lagos, Reverend Udofia, said the action of Johnson “wasn’t a normal one.”

According to him, “that man must have been possessed by one kind of demon or the other because a normal person can never behave like that. He was not himself. Maybe something came upon him.”

Akinsuper, a reader of on his visit said: “The criminal is insane and his insanity was ignited when he was jilted.” Writing in like manner, Nonso noted that, “that’s madness,” with Christopher Iyirhiaro maintaining that the incident “is sad. ‘It is terrible and outrageous, animalistic and barbaric. Mr. Ozor can never be the same again.” He prayed the “Lord to comfort him.”

Another visitor Robinson wondering why Johnson would commit such atrocity said: “This is devilish and barbaric. Friendship is never by force but by choice and why killing the entire family?” His counterpart Edu Agube who could not come to terms with the reason behind the massacre wrote: “Just imagine, a whole family gunned down. Jehovah may your kingdom come. Help human folks.” On his part, Efficacy who wondered at the manner of man Johnson is queried: “Who is that guy? He is so wicked, so evil,” while a certain Iyke stated: “What a heartless person!” For Julius Johnson’s action was nothing short of “madness!”

He said: “Imagine the idiot attacking a whole family because of a woman, he must be a coward.” While describing the unfolding drama as “unfortunate,” Emma I.C. Mbah prayed: “May their souls rest in peace.

The stupid guy went wild; may he never find peace,” since according to Hero Johnson’s action “is callous, inhuman and beastly,” wondering “what does a girl of 10 know about an immoral love affair between two adults?” He maintained that “integrity has been sacrificed on the altar of materialism, hence, the breeding of many Johnsons in our society.”

Reacting to the incident, Raymond regretted that “the killer is still on the prowl and threatening someone. With all these killings what is the police doing? The focus should be on getting this guy.”

Following in his footsteps, Ferdyokwu tasked the Police “to do the nation some good first by providing the killer’s photos – ask the victims’ family; the murdered girlfriend ought to have taken some pictures with the beast of a human.

The police please provide details of the killer to facilitate offer of information for his arrest.” Describing the debacle as a “clear sign of the last days,” Obidi said: “I feel for the family of the victims and pray that God shall give them the strength to bear the painful loss. I pray that the coward be caught, tried and executed.” because beasts like him.”

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  1. ukoro (rector) on

    What a beast human being! Is there no police station in d area that the perpetrator went away freely? Security agents b more alert!

  2. Onye igbo from Qatar on

    Heeeeey niger ooooooo, tel me reason why God will not one suspend nigeria of been a nation, nd delete them b4 the face of the earth nawa ooooooo. God does not make a mistake for creating hell fire, because God nose the end from bigging. All the killers in nigeria be it known to you dat no murderers has inheritance in the kingdom of God. Remember’ hell fire is a place not desire, may God protect his children from all evil Amen.

  3. I want to challange Nigeria police to take over this matter and fish out this killer, I believe they can catch him through his telephone device, let them work together with telecommunication companies to get hold of the hoodlum, this is absolutely madness. Please i want to apeal with the commissioner of police lagos state to prove that his men are well trained and they can do their job well. i write with tears.

  4. Nigeria Press is damned useless. Upon the crime committed by that man, The Sun is still calling him ””Johnson” (not real name)”. What a shame! The guy can actually be identified and fetched out by his name. This reporter (THERESA ONWUGHALU) is brainless. Or she didn’t even go to the location. This will help the police as well if everybody is involved in the search and capture.

  5. If this murderer’s picture and or information on the car he is travelling on is not already in posters all over and in alert bill boards….it spells doom for all of us, and shows that this police force has not change or improved since the British left. Police all over the people, including the ones in our backyard there in Africa will quickly sent out a BOLO-be on the look-out alert with details or known descriptions at least couple hrs after the police had made contact with the victims family. Even if there is no photo, police sketch artist will interview remaining family member(s) for the description of this perpetrator. This is the result of “oyibo carry go, we can rule ourselves now’ mentality. Sorry nigeria.

  6. To The Nigerian police its a big shame that some one will leave warri (under d jurisdition npf) come to lagos (same jurisdition) carry ak47 not a barreta pistol jump a fence committe such i crime still is threaten tru a phone dt we all were force to register(sim card registration) and npf has not done any thing i wonder how d commisioner aig incharge of lag and environs ig still ve a sound sleep may God for give d police for sleeeping on duty if i am given d investigation i will get ds guy in less dan 3 day npf wake and may God ve messy on ur soul

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