Protest in Onitsha, Nnewi as policeman kills bus driver



A 35-year-old commercial bus driver in Nnewi, Anambra State was yesterday shot dead by a trigger-happy mobile policeman attached to one of the new generation banks in the industrial city for allegedly picking a passenger in front of the bank.

The victim, Mr Nnamdi Anigbogu from Imezi Owa, Ezagu, Enugu State, who plied Nnewi-Onitsha route, according to eyewitnesses, was said to have stopped in front of the bank to pick a passenger, an action that angered the policemen guarding the bank.  Saturday Sun was told that the anger soon led to a chase of the driver by two of the police guards with a motorcycle until he (the driver) was double – crossed near St Mary’s Anglican Church Junction, Uruagu.

It was gathered that three tyres of the driver’s vehicle were allegedly deflated with bullets before he was shot at the forehead at a close range. The incident, which happened around 1.00pm caused traffic bottleneck leading to a protest by members of Onitsha/Nnewi Brothers Union (drivers’ union) who made bun fires along Ezemewi Road up to Nwanyi Imo Bus stop before they were dispersed by the police who later arrested the suspect and took him to the state police command headquarters, Awka.

The mobile policeman, who fired the lethal shot, it was learnt, only escaped mob action with the intervention of the police from the Area Command, Nnewi Central Police Station and Central Vigilance group in the town. Speaking on the incident, the chairman of Onitsha/Nnewi Brothers Union, Mr Aloysius Onu said all the union demanded was justice.

“The suspect must be charged for murder and the family of the deceased must be compensated,” Mr Onu said. We just want to halt our protest until we see the way the case is going to be handled.  If we are not satisfied with the way it is handled, we will not agree.

The Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Awka, Mr Ralph Uzoigwe, who spoke with Saturday Sun on phone, confirmed the incident but said he was yet to get full details.

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  1. Why do dis driver neva caution their members? The police mAn went too far but did dis driver provoke him by stopping to pick a passenger there?


    • IT IS SADDENING TO SEE A BUSH MAN LIKE YOU ANSWERING LONDON BOY. If I may ask, must you open your ignorant mouth in the public. I just pray that, you won’t be the next victim of these, illiterate, medieval, badly trainned, trigger-happy,Nigerian police men. They are zombies.

    • Really London boy? Each morning i always thank God that he is not a man if not, i wonder……… What a statement! Is that enough reason for the policeman to have shot him? What you are saying in essence is the same situation, you will kill.Wake from slumber.

    • London Boy, may death visit you the way he visited the poor innocent driver.

      May thunder fire you and your generation who thinks in this direction! Idiot

  3. London boy I am very sure is not your name. Under no circumstance should the killing of an innocent civilian by an armed policeman be justified just because he stopped in front of the bank to pick a passenger. Why the chase in the first place? It is not mandatory to leave a comment on an issue if you do not have anything reasonable to contribute better dont there is no penalty for that. Even your grammar is horrible. Justice must prevail and may his soul rest in peace. May God save our people from the hands of the angry policemen who are suppose to protect us but fire bullet all the time.


  5. @ London Boy.
    Even if he is an armed robber,must an armed robber die that way? Can’t him (an armed robber) be interrogated to get information from him before he dies?
    The Nigerian Police has started again,they put us (Nigerians) into the Security challenges of Boko Haram we are having today.Do you still remember Mohammed Yusuf? The Nigerian Police were paid to protect lives and property and not to destroy them.It’s high time the government did something about extra-judicial killings going on in this Country before these Blood-Thirsty and Trigger-Happy Police Officers finish us (Nigerians) one day.
    If the young man was to be an armed robber,the Police would not be there to give him a hot chase.They (the Police) would have disappeared into the thin air until the robbery is over.
    I suggest that any Police that kills any Innocent Nigerian should be examined by a team of Medical experts to ascertain his state of mind and to determine if he is under the influence of alcohol.If he is in a good state of mind and not under the influence of alcohol should be dismissed and put behind bars or killed and his salary be redirected to the family of those he killed.This will deter Police from extra-judicial killings.
    I can still remember Apo 6 !!

  6. C London boy or what did u call ur self if u don’t no what 2 say i think it is better u keep quiet instead of saying rubbish, after deflating the Tyre of the driver and catching up with him what stop him from at least arresting and handling the driver 2 the necessary authorities, i wonder the kind of orientation and training given to the police of now a days, let justice prevail on this matter so that others can learn from this.

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  8. London body your stupid by asking this type of question. Is it because he stop in front of bank and pick passenger will make police man to kill him.why not arest him and take him to station .

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  10. The person who called him self london boy should be bared 4rm comenting on dis page bcs he is nt mature 2 do so. The statement said dat “3” of the tires were deflected. He was double crosd showing dat he was over powered by de police. He was shot at a close range . The question 2 london boy and de police man is : is there attack both 4rm de passanger and de driver, Did he resist arrest dat lead 2 shooting? Did he arrest de passenger 4 evidence? what if eventualy de driver didnt stop in front of de bank as claimd? Wy nt shoot de driver @ de leg ? He is lucky he escaped been mob.

  11. London man, dat  am disappointed in u both in terms of ur reasoning nd ur grammer is to say d least. Every trained policeman knows dat before u pull ur trigger, u must abide by d RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. Again, when double crossed, y did d police not take tym to search d driver to find out if he has anytin incriminating on him which may go to prove dat d drivers intent for stopin in front of d bank was criminal. For all  know, der is no such tin lik accidental discharge cos der’s no magic dat wil make a bullet leave d chamber if d trigger is not pulled. D policeman acted in a manner unbecoming of a police officer nd should purnished accordingly. As for london man, because of ur grammer  ve decided to buy u a dictionary. Hapi weekend pals.

  12. I guess d police man is newly recruited. If he enjoys pulling d trigger transferring him 2 MAIDUGURI will do him good.

  13. I have never liked Nigerian Police and i will never liked them. the are the most inefficient organization i have ever seen in my life.

    When you chase a driver that picked a passenger in front the Bank and caught him, the best thing to do is to arrest him and prosecute him if you feel that he has committed an offense.

    Today thousands of Nigerians have died in the hands of Boko Haram; you will realize that Boko haram went wild when their leader who was in police custody was killed.

    Police is the major security challenge which we have in Nigerian today.

    Police has killed thousands of innocent Nigerians. Police has been involved in so many armed robbery attack, Assassinations and Kidnapping.

    The police man involved in the killing of this young man should be charged with murder case

  14. Thank God he identified de man as a passenger and nt an armed robber. When de man was standing did he ask him 2 leave de scene. U used de passenger as a trap 2 kill de driver?


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  16. When a man opens his mouth we all know his wisdom and sense of reasoning which london boy has made as he call himsef but den matter of dis nature is quiet alarming how people who are paid to protect citizen and property go about killing who they are made to protect. As a full citizen of Nnewi I pray and appeal to Our Igwe Ogidi,His royal highness Igwe kenneth Orizi,the LC chairman and the people of Nnewi within to see to the end of this that JUSTICE is done and full compensation to the family and this kind of wicked ACT must be resist by the GREAT NNEWI NORTH citizen which I am proud of them in making sure justice is done.

  17. Anthony I Efobi on

    It did not started yesterday, neither shall the killing end yesterday/today. A fight is given to road blocking police criminals, now is for the criminals stationed to maintain law and order in the bank to commit the highest and worst criminal activity one can think of.
    This is one of the reason why we Great Igbos are sick and tired of Nigerian factor and her entity. Where shall human creatures run to in this failed forced unity? People entrusted with lives are stealing and taking away lives.
    Here in UK, in front, opposite and beside every banks are just the same and as well regarded like ordinary Afro local food stuff shops. America and even India, Ghana, Togo are different.
    Is clear to everyone that London Boy is insane and as such lack common sense of right comment and judgement, just as failed Nigeria. This local illitrate that called himself the name of a civilised capital, yet he is so uncivilised. He first rushed the Sun web to demostrate his emptiness. The foolish London Boy just want to be known as an Area Boy ( Alahie) now chose London additionary. He might have joined his lazy tribal brothers roaming around Woolich Arsenal area or Thamesmead/Abbey Wood in South East London making noise thinking that he is in Lagos. He is here fight to glorify murder and cause pain and annoyance to us.
    We shall slip off from ur 1914 amalgamation bcos we hav not gotten any meaningful thing for nearly 100 yrs and wqorst has lasted for over 52 yrs since independent.
    We Igbo must and must brake and divide this Nigeria, just bcos we really want to grow. We know that Yorubas want as well, but are not brave and proud to take a decision of their heart.
    An entity that failed for 40 yrs and fooled herself for 40 yrs cannot progress, develop, nor stand again on earth.
    Anthony I Efobi – United Kingdom.

  18. BARRY…Pls pple should think & re- think b4 posting boy,if dt man are killed is ur elder broda are u going to respond d way u did.all dis extra judicially killing is becoming 2 much.dt police man must be an Hausa man ok.we ar waiting to ascertain d judgement ok.


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  20. Most of these evil men residing under NPF to cause pains in the lives of Nigerian must be totally eradicated before Nigerian people will come to trust policemen in nija again.
    Most of our Nigerian policemen are uncivilized, illiterate, wicked and should hv been discouraged to join the force in the first place via thorough interview…!
    R.I.P Mr Nnamdi Anigbogu.

  21. Nigerian police should be disarmed because they are not well trained to handle gun, taken someone to the field telling him to shoot at a target by pulling the trigger is not enough training ooo i don de talk am in the western world even in the midst of revolution you can’t see police with gun.

  22. Drivers pls dont pick persanger in 4rnt of bank and police dont shoot any hw this is my own advice, thanks my fellow Nigerins

  23. What a nonsense Policeman is that fool, hence the Driver have left the bank arena, he have no right whatsoever to pursue the bus, who was at his duty post while he was chasing the bus? 20 naira Plolice, No amount of compensation to the family of the deceased will solve their problems as if he is there for them, who ever kills must be killed according to Adams the Edo State Gov. I suggest both the DPO and his Policemen in that Station be posted to Borno, or Yobe state with immediate effect hence their are fast shooters. why should a policeman take laws into his hand, must you kill while there is court of justice for offenders. barbaric indeed. Nigerians must take issues to World court to right the wrongs. I know he is a Boko Haram in the East. Kennedy USA.

  24. Prophet.Amaechi on

    Spiritual rule the physical.Before the shouting the guy has already gone.Let the physical judgement be done well accordingly.Nigeria Police.Image how some of their children be because the curse of their fathers

  25. When you stop policemen from collecting 20/50 naira on the road, you should expect these kind of murderious intent from them especially in the south east where life is expendable for people in uniform. Policemen are angry you can see it on their face anytime you encounter them.

  26. This is insanity by the police.They are really provoking the people and when the chain reaction starts they will not be able to face it.

  27. By the time the Police man was chasing after the driver who allegedly picked a passenger in front of a bank, who was guarding the Bank? Let reasoning speak. let wisdom judge and let understanding hear.

  28. London boy, u shuld come back and apologise2 us and d spirit of d deceased. He may’ve faulted by nt obeying d ‘don’t stop order’ in frnt of banks but dt wz nt enof 2take his prizeless lyf.

  29. London boy u reason as if u breath through ur anus! How on earth would u justify d killing of dat poor commercial bus driver by one useless,senseless trigger-happy policeman. Or is it bcos it’s not one of ur relatives dat was killed in dat gruesome manner dat u tend to sound inhumane? U should’ve understand dat dat stupid policeman does not have any right to give that poor driver a chase and killing him in d process after knowing he wasn’t an armed robber! If it was an armed robber,he wouldn’t even give d yeye cop a chance to tell him to move away from d front of d bank,but would’ve terminated his life right there and then. So think,b4 u start making some useless comments here.

  30. Nigeria policemen are evil, you can see the way they carries firearms at public places pointing menancingly at people direction.No adequet training You see a lot of them with gun at beer palours drinking, carrying fire arms to joints smoking indian hemp. Imagine arresting pple of bags of cannabis only to corner it to their barracks divide it smoke some and sell it off. Law breakers themselves I want the IGP to invite psychiatrists to diagnose all of them and to undergo training. So inorder to be useful to the society. That idiot must be judge no mercy He that killed by the sword shall die by the sword. I rest my case

  31. D problm nigerian police has z ignorance and 2much quest 4money. Ignorance cos they’re nt wel traind n educatd. A mere first leavn cert.holder handling gun or anyother arm z disasterous jst lyk BH. So they shuld make it dt b4 u qualify2 be a police u mst hold at least OND wt dt they’ll civilizd in mind n atitude. Then govt shuld train n pay them wel 2mak it more attraktiv.

  32. Oftent time this happened, especialy in anambra stste. I think the pollice do not know their job and if they do ” of cause they don’t do it well” lets stop them, once having them cause us more pain, I can’t remember hearing the police apprehend bank robbers, that this murderer claimed the apparently innocent driver was. As for london boy, only fools that speek like you. MAY BE YOU ARE ONE.

  33. D policeman shld b tried and b sentenced according 2 d law. D so called london idiot is d biggest animal i have seen on earth he shld b send 2 d zoo that is where he belong.

  34. Igbos don suffer! Over there in d north,boko haram is mercilessly dealing wt us. Here in d east,flood is wiping away lives and properties. Now,policemen are trying 2 finish up d remaining people…what did we do 2 deserve this? God pls come 2 d aid of my people(ndi igbo) cos this whole thing is becoming unbearable!

    if that is the case , so the problems is police . they should allow any passengers or any body 2 stay there. if passenger are allow 2 stay FRONT OF THEY BANK, then WHAT IF BUS DRIVERS STOPPING IN THE FRONT OF THEY BANK,

  36. That is why we need state police, becz bok ham did not see ibos in the north to kill then they send their brother in the police to help them the east

  37. Nigerian police men are ignorance set of beings without knowledge, without understanding …. can they do it to bobbers? Shame to this lawless country.

  38. The killing of a bus driver by a police man is on fair cus i didnt see the reason y he must do that….The police man need to get dead too…. What u use to measure 4person so shal it b measure 2u. R.I.P bus driver…

  39. why chasing the wind? london boy only said his opinion. he has not delivered the judgement…
    lets blame the intervention of the police from the Area Command for saving the killers from mob action.

  40. Shemira moth. Chikwelu on

    This fool called LONDON BOY, who asked why the driver stopped stopped in front of the bank , must be an idiot, if I may ask , are the banks in Nigeria owners of the road, and which constitution. Granted banks right to say one wouldn’t stop in front of the bank.

    What is really happening in this bloody country , if this country is too big. For this politicians to govern why can’t each section go on their own way . At least to pave way for true re organization of things , the police . Judiciary infrastructure etc, every week here police brutality are reported , is it not high time Nigerians start to buy or own guns in such situation such policemen should have been gunned down too instantly, and that ll settle the case, this land is dead already , just that it has not been buried. GIANT OF AFRICA INDEED,

  41. u just killed a tax payer whose hard earned money is what have kept ur salary running. Nigeria Police when will u learn? woo to the police force, but more woo to he by whose hands innocent Nigerians are felled. u av sparked a circle of violence in ur own life as the cry of the fatherless children and d blood of the one u killed will continuously demand God’s judgement on u

  42. but lets be sincere for once. if you have found yourself outside nigeria, you will realise that some nigerians are rude in nature. people ignore traffic rules that often result to police missbehaviors. am sure if the driver did not engage the policemen in motor race, the incident could have been averted.

  43. These remind me the day i was carrying a television on a bike in a quite street, all of a sudden police with their van stop in front of me, a young man and a lady comes out, they ask me qestions and i satisfy them on that,they said thank u to me and ask me to go, to me, i was just saying to myself imagine how oyibo work and how clean and friendly they are, if is in nigeria that would have been a different story, either i got kill or taking to police station or my tv taking from me with an allegation as far as nobody can be a witness.A black nigeria man in europe , a nigerian man in his own country got killed by a nigerian police, my brother, rest in peace

  44. Nigeria police everytime, are they the only police in the world? somebody stoped at the front of bank to pick passenger does it warrant chassing him to a point where u have gotten him and the next action was to kill him instantly, was that what the law said? if you suspected him ur duty is to get him and take him to court, let the court do the judging. The world today is too exposed that we should be doing something with what the law says. Is a pity to the young man, I sympathize with his family.

  45. THE POLICE DID JUST THE SAME THING TO A BUS DRIVER AT ONITISHA FEW MONTHS AGO. In that instance, the mobile police man boarded an “okada” and chased the bus driver, whose only crime was that he failed to give the develish police man the mandatory bribe of #20, from Unizik junction at Awka down to DMGS Onitisha. The driver was caught in a traffick hold-up where the cannibalistic, police man pumped some bullets into the driver’s chest at a very close range and the driver died on the spot. My heartache is that, other Igbos swarming around the round about took to their heels, leaving this mad murderer to secape. Let me use this opportunity to warn our people never to allow themselves to be intimidated by the police. The police is our servant and not our boss. We simply cannot allow the senseless, badly, trainned, Nigeria police to continue murdering our people like this.

  46. What is happening in this country. Why the Police man killing those he suppose to protect…Alu4 Police men where there supporting the burning of those youth. Why are our Police killing us, small provocation he will use his arm on unarmed civilian. Are all these because of frustration in the country. Why are they protecting the police he should have wait and killed all they people protecting…Boko Haram in Police Uniform.

  47. Dia is a rizon 4 evri tin dne, we may nt knw d hidden agenda of dis case, so we beta kip our ears dwn first b4 we pas judgment on any being, d driva may b rite, d police may b rite, so lets pray dat justice shuld prevail. MHSRIP.

  48. I wonder why the police officers do resort to killing innocent citizens. It is appalling that police men fire where they are not suppose to fire, imagine police station being overpowered by boko haram today at yobe state and even leaving three dead, yet no police man could stand in defence. they are only good in molesting good nigerians. Bros rest in peace.

  49. Time has come when the Igwes and Leaders in Igboland should wake up and stop this nonsense, why should we allow this country (Nigeria) to keep using our people for sacrifice. That useless and blood-sucking agent called police-man must die and all his gratuity be given to the family as lesson. Our Governors should learn to condemn this act in Igboland, and to you GoodLuck, what is your stand? Igbos who voted you to power are dying on daily basis. To Nigerian criminals called Police, do not think that we don’t know how to carry arms like Boko Harams. I bet you, if you continue pushing us to the war, ours will be worst than BH. Be warned ! ! ! !!

  50. The Driver is at fault but that is not enough reason to kill him. This man has a family for crying out loud intact JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL!

  51. Dat guy must have joined de NPF do to lack of job. His intention wasnt to protect life and property. Either Fraustration pushd him 2 join police or he is a retired criminal. Trace his record u wl see.

  52. Let me start by condemning the action of that police man in totally,they should knw how to handle situation before them,killing of unarmed innocent man on issue that just required arrest is very shameful to Nigeria Police.(Nigeria Police need urgent reform to wipe out too much bad eggs among them. on London boy issue,I think the guy need to go back to school and also needed home training as well as Chioma said. Tanks

  53. The entire circumstances of this incident may not be available yet but I think that having apprehended the driver, there was no justifiable reason to have shot him. Despite the hardship of the times, drivers should resist the tempatation to break the law or rules. They should not take any lwas for granted. By doing so, they complicate the hard situation. For example, the wife and children may undergo greater hardship and fellow colleague drivers may face danger in the process of demonstrating in solidarity or protest over his death. If we could avoid these troubles, why don’t we, We lose nothing operating within the rules. The leadership of the drivers’ union should be concerned about proactive measures to protect their members. Training and educating their drivers and passengers could help. To do so is far wiser and more profiting than solidarity demonstrattion and paying for compensation. If the story account is true, the police man who killed the driver should be made to face the full weight of the law.!

  54. I hate this so called policeman that killed innocent soul, i plead all policemen to stop killing an innocent souls rather let them go and kill all this BOKO HARAM that disturbing us.

    LODON BOY, wow to u because if is ur farther that this policeman killed u ll not have month to talk this rubbish.

    May Almighty God have mercy on us and may the souls of innocent PEOPLE that policemen and Boko Hara
    m killed rest in peace Amen.

  55. D police man shld av caution d driva n leta take him to station 4 further xplanation 4 pickin pasenga in front of bank.nigeria police r fun of killing b/cos of #20 naira,n comiting odas driver RIP

  56. Banks know the type of police men you take to guard your premises, see the policeman, instead of guarding the bank, he is hunting for money and human being kilometeres away fom his uty post.Almost 90% of police in Nigeria, have armed robber attitudes, so nobody is safe in Nigeria in terms of police. Police are just using Police uniform and gun to make easy money from citizens. Government take note

  57. We should have a law to stop the police or army firing their guns without clear motive as when their life/s is in danger

    I admire the courage of the Union to hold on peace pending the outcome of the justice department
    My heart goes to the family of the deceased & all families that have lost their loved one through the negligence of uncivilized/wicked police officers

  58. now i can see how stupid our peopel nigerian are,just look at how you stupid peopel are commenting about a brother and a father of a family cos he stop to pick passenger,anyway injustise will never stop in nigeria there now cos over here thye so call police dont even have thye right to slap anybody try it and end up in prison ,but there is another thing all together life have no meaning to you guys that is why stupid peopel

  59. please am sorry for some words that i use ,that animal called london boy that dont even no the road to the airport bfefore answering londoboy should be sent out of the site pls he is just a full

  60. what an end Mr Nnamdi R.I.P as for the police man let the law have its cause,the immidiate family should take heart it has happened it has happened,MAY UR SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE AMEN.

  61. Tony I. Efobi left the subject matter and went into the vexed queston of dividing the country. I am glad to know you are in London. If you are brave enough, you should not be speaking via this medium. Go to Enugu or any Ibo State and join the Zionist as they call themselves and do a proclamation to that effect. Now know ye that a UNITED Nigeria is better than a sub divided one. However, just return home from UK first where you are taking all they have prepared. Come and prepare yours. Have you seen our very respected Chinua Achebe’s Book?

    Now to the real issue here i must say this: “The problem with the Nigerian police is that they admit only the dregs of the society” This apart, I have NEVER seen a force that lacks any training program for its men. It’s appalling that this struggling Nigerian was gunned down by a tax payer’s gun in the hands of an untrained Olokpa.

    Now, the Onitsha/Nnewi Union should not take it quietly. I already know they are very litigious people. So help the family or his wife and Chidren to sue the Federal Government, State Government, Inspector General of Police, the Commissioner of Police for that state, the Attorney General of the Federation and also join the Bank.

    That Nigerian Blood must be paid for expensively. Also, follow up immediately with Petitions to Mr President, The Governor and The Inspector General of police and to world bodies. Call for press conferences in fact shout it loud and clear at every opportunity. I can assure you the government will not like it so continued.

    Make your demands clear but when pepper comes in, do not divide anything there. Give it all to his wife and children.

    I commiserate with the family of the deceased. Border not your self as the Police MUST be tried but wheher he would be convicted and sentenced to death depends on the available evidence. The Courts do not have the spirit of clairvoyance!

    I salute you all.

  62. GOD i&my family are i ur hands ooo!hw come d tides are fast turning against some trigger happy policemen and dey cant still learn any lessons.dis is bad for our polity.reorientation will do dis over zealous officers a whole lot of good.

  63. If policemen are mad people,they should not be provoked at no time to avoid such incidents. Drivers of commercial vehicles and cyclists are also mad set of people. I believe others should learn their lessons from this.We should all be law abiding citizens and always conscious of our actions at every point to avoid ugly incidents.

  64. London boy! Just listen to yourself. Yours is a case of “Profound Ignorance”. To you picking a passenger in a banks frontage is enough for the police to shoot an unarmed bus driver; the overzealous policemen who must be feeling like 007, had to even abandon their duty post chasing the bus. The policeman(suspect) deserves to face the wrath of the law.

  65. it is obvious that police dont hv right to kill. The court only have the reserved legal right impose death sentence and not all these trigger happy police men.what murder case, all those involved should ensure the culprint face full weight of the law for justice to prevail. IS NOT A JUDICIAL KILLING.

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