Police rescue pastor kidnapped in Aba



Police from the Aba Area Command in Abia State have rescued a pastor of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) kidnapped in the commercial city.

The pastor was rescued in Owerri, the Imo State capital. Daily Sun gathered that Emmanuel Agbesi, assembly pastor of the MFM, South East Province 2 Headquarters, Aba, was on Monday abducted by a three-man gang.

Agbesi was reported to be going to his church at the east end of Clifford Road from his house, No. 11, Ndusoro Street, Off Ngwa Road, in his Golf car when the hoodlums stopped him at gunpoint.

As he stopped, the kidnappers jumped into his car and ordered him to drive towards the Umungasi axis of the city.

Having been warned he (pastor) should not do anything funny or his life would be wasted, he obeyed them. On getting to Umungasi, one of the kidnappers was said to have taken over the steering and sped off towards Owerri. But on reaching Umuikaa Junction, they encountered some soldiers at a checkpoint but the soldiers were unable to detect the hoodlums and their victim who also sat with them in the back seat.

After beating the security check, the kidnappers drove towards Owerri and after passing the city, they took Agbesi inside a bush on the Owerri/Onitsha Road. Immediately the incident happened, police in Aba were alerted and the Area Commander, Rabiu Dayi (ACP), mobilised his men led by Anari N. Anari into action.

The police immediately arrested two brothers, Kelechi Kingsley Orji Ugwumba and Ogbonnaya Orji Ugwumba who it was alleged had previously threatened to kidnap the pastor over a piece of land said to have been sold to the Church by the arrested suspects’ late father.

Moments after the two men were arrested, Daily Sun gathered that police received information that the kidnappers had abandoned their victim inside the bush. That on hearing the sound of an oncoming vehicle, the hoodlums thought it was that of the police and they abandoned their victim and fled.

Anari and his team, based on the information, moved down to Owerri where the pastor was rescued and brought to Aba together with his recovered car.

Speaking with Daily Sun in his office, the rescued pastor said he could not shout to draw the attention of the soldiers at the checkpoint at Umuikaa Junction because the hoodlums had threatened to kill him even before the soldiers if he raised any alarm and then face the consequences.

He said as the three kidnapping were fleeing, they were contemplating among themselves whether to take him along but one of them said they should leave me behind.

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    • chibykes mahatma on

      hw did d police rescue d man nw? Dint u read d story? D kidnappers presumptious fleed long bfor d police even did anytin. D police only went to give d man a ride home. And b sure d man will pay for dia fuel if u no wat i mean

  1. Na wa for this naija jews o, they don’t even respect man of God any more. What kind of money are u jews looking for. Kai, naija jews na bansa.

    • islamic terrorist ! police will waste your life very soon.
      banza kowei moslem. be wise and dont be mad like your idiot prophet muha mad.

  2. Odogwu_Aganaga on

    na lie sef!! no be police rescue the man. the man no be man of God sef. abi him fit swear say him sabi God? All this na police mago mago. dem dey get returns for all the ransom. yes na, man must wack. shame to nigeria, shame on nigeria, shame to the shameless.

  3. Thanks be to God. I believe that it is the work of God and not the police.
    But why did the pastor decide not to raise alarm at the checkpoint?
    If he did, perhaps the society would have gotten rid of two devilish kidnappers by now.

  4. Thank God for rescuing him. God caused them to hear what was not real which made them take to their heels leaving his son behind unhurt. What a mighty God we serve.

  5. I thank the almighty God 4 his wondrous work to his servant.
    the God of Elijah is the only real God that never fail his people.the God of Dr.D K Olukoya is alive and is always with
    MFM.Glory be to the almighty God 4 his mighty deliverance.
    to the Kidnapper you better repent and ask God for forgiveness and ask the pastor to forgive you and preach to other kidnappers to repent otherwise U all will perish.

  6. chibykes mahatma on

    kai. 9ja police said dy rescued the pastor. B4 i read d story i was xpectin to hear that d police raided d hide out of d kidnappers nd rescued d pastor. Plz 9ja police, stop takin unmerited praises nd do ur job. As far as d story goes, d police only went to give the already rescued pastor a ride home. Nd b rest assured d pastor will pay for dia fuel. U no wat i mean.

  7. kidnappers drove past military chickpoint? police men should learn how to live with thier salaries.no smoke without fire.

  8. One thing is certain “he who runs into the secret place of the most high God shall abide under the shadow of the almighty”. Thank God the pastor is alive and unhurt. The police will neither save nor protect you.

  9. See the kind of country we found ourselves in? imagine, gun men beating the military checkpoint, what are they doing there? shame to the Nigerian uniform men…maybe, they were only concentrating on their 50 naira toll collection from motorist and eventually got distracted, while the hoodlums moved on…. i peaty nija!

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