Plot to kill IBB, Dasuki foiled…As SSS busts Iranian-backed terror group



The State Security Service (SSS) yesterday paraded a suspected terror kingpin and two of his lieutenants. The security agency said that the suspects were backed by Iranian terrorist group. They had planned to site a cell in Lagos State.Their target is the South-West where they will launch attacks and cause unrest in the region.. SSS Deputy Director, Press, Marilyn Ogar, gave names of the suspect as Abdulahi Mustapha Berende and his two lieutenants as Sulaiman Olayinka Saka and Saheed Aderemi at a press conference in Abuja.

She said that the suspected terrorists leader had confessed that he was asked to as a matter of urgency, provide names of prominent Nigerians who if attacked, could unsettle the South-West. The SSS said that in his bid to satisfy his mentors, he was said to have confessed to listing former military President, General Ibrahim Babangida, former Sultan of Sokoto, Ibrahim Dasuki, Israeli and American interests, as top on their list for first attack, before they were arrested.

According to Ogar, Berende confessed that the South-West, particularly Lagos State, was targeted for attacks because his Iranian handlers believed that the Israelis had an intelligence facility there that was used in spying on Iran. Berende was also said to have confessed that, “his Iranian sponsors requested that he identifies and gathers intelligence on public places and prominent hotels frequented by Americans and Israelis to facilitate attacks.

He was also to provide specific details on the following organizations, USAID, Max, Zim International Shipping Company, A A Consulting, Peace Corps and the Jewish Cultural Centre (Chabad) in Lagos.” Ogar said while Berende initially confessed to personally taking photographs of the Israeli Cultural Centre in Ikoyi, Lagos, which he sent to his promoters in Iran, “his lieutenants succesfully conducted surveillance and gathered relevant data on the listed targets preparatory to possible attacks.” Based on their confession, Berende and his Iranian sponsors were said to have agreed on communication codes to represent their targets, with “Uncle”, for Israeli and “Aunt” for America.

Ogar said that from intelligence, 50-year-old Berende, who hails from Ilorin, Kwara State, was the Shiite leader in Ilorin and has made several suspicious trips to and from Iran where he interracted with some Iranian elements known to operate a high profile international terrorist network. In the course of his travels, he was said to have attended a six-month course in modern Shi’a Islamic teaching (Da’awa) at Imam Khomeni University, Iran, trained on the use of AK 47, assault rifle, pistols, production and detonation of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). However, Berende initially denied his involvement. He told reporters “I am not a terrorist, I don’t operate with any terrorist group in the world.

” But unable to sustain his argument, he became very emotional, confirming the positions of the SSS from his said confessions, saying, “I never meant to betray my country, I was planning to do genuine business with these people, I realize that they were playing me games”, as he apologised, asking Nigerians, government and his family to forgive him for causing them such embarrassment.

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  2. Udam Ochiaghandigbo on

    Why would any sane person or agency block the elimination of the so called evil genious, IBB who introduced car/letter bomb in Nigeria? Was’t he the fool that killed Mamman Vasta, the poetic General? Wasn’t he also the devil that killed several army officer’s in a staged plane crash? IBB a la Obasanjo should be excorted to his depature lounge! Please add to the list of IBB’s atrocities here.

    • Say you, Say me on

      @Udam, how very callous of you, and how dare you call IBB a fool. Vasta was involved in a coup plot, and deserved what he got, that is the army for you. Secondly, IBB never staged any plane crash, enough of the rumour already. Sounds like someone stole your brains.

    • Peace Benson Nwaoruruaku on

      Udam, if you don’t have anything to say, just keep quiet. Mamman Vatsa was tried under military law and got what he deserved. Again, if you know how the plane crashes were organised, be bold enough to come up with the details, since you seem to be an accomplice. IBB is one of the best things that have happened to this country, it doesn’t matter that everybody doesn’t see him that way, but remember Jesus was crucified by the very people he came to save.

    • Mind you tongue Mecca is not part of places where terrorism is being practice. Mecca is a holy land where nothing is practice but spiritual upliftment. Don’t compare Mecca with city in this world.

  3. Good, the Iran brought in 13 cotainer load of arms and ammunitions, explosives into this country last 3 or 4 yrs to sponsor Boko Haram. Now u have another evidence proving them as hostile friends. What are the govt, labour union and students union. Are we so cowards that we cannot close all Iranian embasies and interests in this countries. Let’s do the courageous thing. This also applies to other Arab states in this country, they are all evil

    • Nigeria looks like a “free” country where citizens of other countries can operate UNHINDERED and Iranians (and others) are not unaware of this!

    • Martins,u re very sensible,all those points are relevant.what do all these devilish arab countries produce?terror is d only thing they know.all these arabic schools scattered all over south west are terror trainings schools feeding their young vulnerable,primitive student how to attack,kill & destroy to please”allah”muslimism is evil,mohammed only thought his followers to kill,terrorize,destroy then later pray to him,”COMPLETE MADNESS”

    • his friend in gun and weapon running business is cooling his feet in South-African prison, the fact that the plan was initiated in a particular country doesn’t mean that the country knows about it. You need to dot your research on spy operations to know how to placate and implicate others. As for Berende, this bunch of nuisance should not allow further to mingle with us. As old as he is, he didn’t know the simple concept of “used and dumped”. This could be another stage-managed operation like Mutalab…

  4. A disgrace. But SSS should learn more on security intelligence, You don’t need to air such information to the public. Doing so will only end up by seizing other opportunity to get hold of other individuals in this group. Or do you think is only this man is doing so? NO. For instance, If i am a member, after reading this, I will just fly back to Iran to inform my sponsors what had happened and strategise. SSS will end up in covering the area mention by this man while they have taken other ways to even do it better than planned.

    So, whats the need of telling us all these? Just to pose themselves as being great in their job for political attraction and promotion whereby endangering the lives of NIGERIANS. This is the reason while they find it difficult to get rid of BOKO HARAM., Start political campaign of 2015 election in the name good work done. Nonsense.

    • My friend your view is not right though it sounds good.What you should know is that,some operations are not covert.When you catch a criminal in some cases parading them,sends strong deterrence message,that though you want to do crime,you can be caught,after all some of them are not as tough as people think,they crack like wall in the face of interrogation,so vicariously some would be criminals may change their mind.CIA,KGB,do publicize when they make major arrest.when bin laden was killed it was celeberated and press conference held by America.The ony thing is you do not reveal your operational strategy,which is not the case here.

  5. Nigeria: home for all scorpions and cobra. FG pls, close and dismantle all terrorist boarders in this country and sack their ambassadors, this is to avoid the release of Atomic energy in the shortest possible time “a stitch in time saves nine”

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  7. Andreas wubal, Jos on

    If they are truely here to kill IBB, why not allow them? He is the biggest devil That Nigeria have and would ever have.

  8. Just wondering how members of the sect he is leading are reacting to this event. No wonder IEDs is blowing up here and there in Lagos. OPC where una dey? When Nejad visited Kaduna years back with pomp and pegeantry FG saw no evil then but now Iranian interest is clearer. Any link btw this guys n Russians caught wt arms in Lagos. You knw Russia n Iran are two sides of the same coin.

  9. To the best of my knowledge, the man call Abdulahi Mustapha Berende’s mission is to spy and gather information meaning they have been fully prepear to attack and all the instrument of attack are on ground, people of Nigeria and security services must not sleep with two eyes. They will still use another system.

  10. GOD has destined U.S & ISREAL to destroy d diabolical persian called “IRAN” am yet to know wat nigeria muslims benefit from all dis cruel & violent Arabs,despite their hostility towards isreal, i learnt some isrealis practise islam, i must tell every body here dat 80 % muslims in nigeria are boko haram,not only in d north, in d south-west as well. lets be prayerful & vigilant.

  11. Oh, oh , oh, hhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh, eeeeeeeeh, chhhhhhhhh, SSS why? Those that killed by letter bombs, shall fell by same arsenal, don,t you know? Iranians should complete their unholy mission. Those that vowed to make the nation ungovernable should also fell by their brothers sword, what a hell. The hand of prophet Mohammed Wasalem is at work.

  12. Oh, oh , oh, hhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh, eeeeeeeeh, chhhhhhhhh, SSS why? Those that killed by letter bombs, shall fell by same arsenal, don,t you know? Iranians should complete their unholy mission. Those that vowed to make the nation ungovernable should also fell by their brothers sword, what a hell. The hand of prophet Mohammed Wasalem is at work. Those imported arsenals from Teran, Iranian capital must be test-run and they should kick start it by launching heavy attacks on their elite class and families of their sponsorers that to me seemed justifiable a bit.

  13. Goodluck is it when a nuclear bomb will be detonated in Nigeria that you will wake up?is there any day that people are not being killed in Nigeria?i need answers here!!1

  14. Some ignorant people come in here to support the attempted assassination of a Nigerian by a terrorist group sponsored by a terrorist nation like Iran. Really ? Any act of terror no matter by whom and on whom is bad and such be condemned. Any Nigerian that supports such is himself a terrorist because boko haram’s latest modus operandi is to eliminate people from the north who are opposed to their terrorist plans.
    Now it is clear that Iran is sponsoring and financing acts of terror in Nigeria so the SSS and other security bodies should now vigorously check Nigerians travelling to and fro Iran to make sure these people do not have terrorism plans against Nigeria.

  15. These people could be recruits of the Zionists to burst the robust relationship between Nigeria and Iran. Nigerians should remember that Iran brought down America’s drone for spying on its country, and they are yet to forgive that. As for Israel and Iran, their enemity has always been ferocious. All I know is that Zion train is coming our way.

  16. Iran in Nigeria!! I cannot understand it…oh well…just as the Jews are supporting Biafra.Saudi Arabi and Boko haram Same same.
    Now, it’s the muslims in the south west. I go die o. :)

  17. All of u are missing the real point here,let me redirect u. 1)Boko haram is about to strick in southwest and is using their boys of lost yoruba origin and state kwara.kwara state as u know is a yoruba territory lost to parasites from north and control by northern fulanis au vu et au su des yorubas.2)Northern cabals are all aware of this plan just like all others that produced the spate of bombing in nigeria but doesn’t support this particular one cos they know what will be the outcome of it.3)It’s now proven that not international terrorist is our problem but a foreign state sponsored terrorism.Can everybody get it?

  18. The truth is that from what i heared from some islamic clerics,Islamic militant cells are already planted in all the south west,and the bomb of few days back with the sand dredgers was a rehersal to see how things will work out.It has nothing with those police are parading now.I advice all in Lagos to be vigilant bcs its just unfolding and all this has Iran connections to reduce sunni islam influence of Saudi,practiced in Nigeria as well as other sundry targets of interest.

  19. SSS, u tried but it shouldn’t have been for IBB. many terrorist are now in the Nigeria especially South, East and West. Stop giving land for Islamic teachers. Stop employing Fulanis and Hausa as you mail Guard. Stop Islamic Schools in your states or localities.

  20. The FG should trade with caution with the Arab countries. If need be they should start revoking their contracts in Nigeria now. People should watch very well now, that soonest Youroba from Ilorin region to Lagos will witness the biggest blast from BOKO HARAM. It is not a prayer / curse but my view on the Nigerian nation today, becos I believe in One Nigeria

    Merry Chukwu – Lagos

  21. @Dr Jack Daniel thank u for ur nice countributions. Nigerians shine ur eyes ,Iran wants to distabilize this country by all means with some of our devilish moslem brothers.Sometime ago some containers of arms were intercepted at lagos seaport,iran is an access to evil like Bush jnr said.Govt should have closed their embassy long ago& recall our ambassador,nothing good will ever come from these middle east arab countries if not terror.They cannot fight isreal frontally that is why they go about looking for isreali interests in other countries while living next door to isreal.

  22. I am surprised at some comments here, have you all forgotten abdumutalab? We have been penetrated a long time just like Massob, the Jews of Biafra. The first Church to be burnt in Nigeria was Under Buhari/Idiagbon in Ilorin.
    Shame Ben Onwuko was only coughing and could not setup his Republic of Biafra. Now, all those Guns and bullets are to be used for armed robbery and terrorism.
    His defence minister must be very disappointed.

    • Are you trying to divert our attention about your western region taken by the Fulanis. I also suspect that these Y set of Yoruba terrorist chose IBB first because of what he did to Abiola (unrepentant).

      I also observed that they are always lily livered and and can easily start shedding crocodile tears as well as confessing easily.

      The Abacha/Diya tape is still circulating on Youtube.

  23. Iran is doing everything possible to replace pakistan as the terror capital of the world, recently israel intercepted a large shippment of weapons to Hezhbolla a terror group based in lebanon, iran was fingered in the crisis going on in iraq, afghanistan and syria.
    Most of the hard drugs (coke) now comes through tehran to dubai, dubai to lagos, lagos to europe.
    The international community, especially israel and nigeria should do something about this evil country before they test their nucler bomb on us.

    • @Chidiebere, in yorubaland your name translate as ‘open you yansh and bend down’. You guys are full of shenanigan. BIAFRA my backsides.

  24. Owerri bastard, i never thought u will ever say those who plan to make this nation ungovernable, are u telling me now that Nigeria is now ur country. What happen to ur 20_2-2013 declaration of biafra. All naija jews are hypo.

    • Kola amadu, Is better I use small letters for your name because you and your hatred against the igbos is very insignificance and inconsequential! Whether you likes it or not. Igboland is gonna be the safest place to hide when this war brewing starts. You and your terrorists brothers x one million and 1 trillion of your Mohammeds will never Islamise Igboland . I think history is there to teach you more. We ‘re fenced off naturally from intruders and terrorists like you and your BK and Muslim brothers from Mideast. You can Afghanistanize the north and sharialise the whole west but I bet you, your Danfodio and his early terrorists tried it and failed. We are to Nigeria and Africa what the Israelis are to the Mideast and the world. We ‘re protected by God and not man.

  25. Ethelbert Opara on

    Good job SSS! People like Kachi are difficult to please. It is his type who would accuse the SSS of non performance. The publication is for people like him to appreciate the SSS.

  26. @Akins

    Are you trying to divert our attention about your western region taken by the Fulanis. I also suspect that these Y set of Yoruba terrorist chose IBB first because of what he did to Abiola (unrepentant).

    I also observed that they are always lily livered and and can easily start shedding crocodile tears as well as confessing easily.

    The Abacha/Diya tape is still circulating on Youtube.

    • We Yoruba’s are very welcoming and the backbone of the nation called Nigeria. We are also the most developed, that is, more intelligent.
      Do not forget, Abeokuta was the first to be granted Independence and withdrawn and amalgamated when Nigeria was to be formed. Check it out.
      We welcome Igbo’s, Hausa’s Fulani’s and all tribes.
      Lagos is everybody outside Yorubaland’s London.

  27. Babangida’s death or life is immaterial to me but by God that Ben did not shed blood today either of himself or other makes me happy to see him as a coward, a publicity seeker and a cheapskate.
    A silly ass called Eze above has already told me to shut up but will I? Nyet, as they say in Russia.
    Ben should go back to his can I help you job.

  28. What will decent ppl who are here think of ppl who cannot make a statement without insulting others and their tribe? Who will turn every topic to tribal issue, what you end up displaying is your infiriority complex, I know you will not know this but that is what you are doing at least subconsciously

    • Address the issue to the Igbo’s in the forum, it seems the only language they understand is the street level language. Action and reaction are diretly eaqual and opposite. Only reaction can be devastating.

  29. Iranian embassy have denied knowledge of the three men arrested, the question to asked SSS spokeswoman is who are the Iranian elements,what is their purpose of killing IbIb and Dasuki and destroy south western Nigeria. Please Nigerians let us be objective and analytical in whatever that is posited for us. Let SSS conclude their investigation and let us know the Iranian elements who want to destroy Nigeria. The spokeswoman must also investigate the arrested guys and check their brains. All these questions are for us to realy grabs the allegations. Don’t misquote me iam not speaking for Iran or Iranians but we must be careful if this has not political under tone.


  31. @ akin and kolanut, your write up is quite obvious 24/7. You are showing a lot of inferiority complex when it comes to the igbos. You are afraid of them-igbophobia anti semitism. The write up here is about your brothers that are terrorist and all you can drag into your comment is to mention biafra. I know your anger against the igbos. Blame it on God who made the igbos the greatest black race in the world. I am ashame to see most yorubas here in the west that cannot speak a common English and you are blaming nwa igbo for writing in igbo. Terrorism in SW should be curbed by people like you but you are becoming a great suspect. If you hate the igbos you are a terrorist. Thesame applied to people that hate our isrealis bros in middle east. You know what, the more you hate the igbos the more they dominate you even in your fathers village. Do not hang yourself until you pay for that land you bought from that igboman living in your village in ogun.

    • Pls d Israelis r not brothers to the ibos. I am an igbo man and in no way has d ibos any link with d evil Jews dat killed Jesus xt and never believed in him. If u all r Jews i am not. Period

  32. A confirmed illiterate Igbo man is more wiser than two or three professors in Yoruba land put together. Let them challenge the assertion, it is a proven fact, QED.

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