Personally, P-Square hits another home run


Everybody jacks Michael Jackson. It is not for nothing that he is referred to as the king of pop. It is hard to imagine pop music without him and his influence looms large and domineering – uninterrupted by his tragic death in 2009 – in the works of dozens of performers that have come after him.

How do you do MJ all over again when you are monumental superstars who have already built a phenomenal career initially apeing the man’s dance steps? A tribute video is what you do.

And you wait four years after his unfortunate passage. Long enough to avoid the glut of tributes that follow the death of such a legend but not so long for audiences to have forgotten what made the artiste so special.

Although in this case, forgetting is quite impossible. P-Square’s Personally isn’t a very good song, but the duo have not become megastars by constantly churning out Grammy-winning material. They have a solemn pact with their audience; put out the biggest and the best of dance-worthy, ear-pleasing fluff and be rewarded with all the love and devotion possible in these climes. It continues in the long tradition of disposable pop tunes favoured by the duo. But the video, now that is something else.

Bright, crisp and brimming with confidence, Personally is a worthy follow up to the grime and soot genius of Alingo. Directed by Jude ‘Engees’ Okoye and Clarence Peters, the brothers trade contemporary new dance steps for classic MJ material.

The king’s repertoire is ably represented from Thriller to Smooth Criminal. Like in Alingo, Peter does most of the dancing while Paul contends himself with the vocal bits. But unlike Alingo, Peter gets some help from dancehall queen and conqueror of the record for longest dance ever, Kaffy. She shows up with her girls, clad in a garter strip and not much else, and is pretty much outclassed by the guys.

But if Kaffy uncharacteristically underwhelms, the video is much too busy to pause on her account. The lighting is top notch and the scenes are tightly edited. In an awww-inducing twist, Peter’s son, Cameron puts comic actor, Osita Iheme to shame and proves he’s got moves like daddy.

There isn’t much not to like here. For years now the power brothers have been making the best music videos in the business. With Personally, they have just schooled everyone else again.

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