Peoples’ lack of access to adequate health care service is my driving force- Dr Anyanrouh, US-based medical doctor



Creativity, they say is the mother of invention. But for Dr Steve Ayanruoh, a United States-based Nigerian doctor, lack of adequate health care facility in Nigeria has motivated him into a new invention, in the medical field.

Having practiced medicine for decades and seeing the daily struggle and suffering of the Nigerian people to access proper medical service, Dr Anyanruah has single-handedly invented an equipment, aptly known as “Hospital in a box”.

Speaking at a public presentation of his new innovation in Lagos recently, Dr Ayanruoh who lamented the dearth of adequate health care delivery in the country described the health sector in Nigeria as increasingly in need of revamping and restructuring noting that the ratio of doctor and patients in Nigeria is about 3,000 patients to one doctor.

With his wealth of experience in medical practice and research, he decided to put together the idea of a Hospital in a box. This medical breakthrough, he said is the first of its kind

This device “hospital in a box”, according to the inventor, aims at enhancing the productivity of our doctors. The different components in this device are meant to do many things.

It has a blood pressure apparatus, for checking of blood pressure. It has an inbuilt thermometer to check a patient’s temperature and measuring oxygen level in the blood simply called the pulse Oxymetry.

Another great component is the Nebulizer which the creator describes as a life-saver. Dr. Anyanruoah, who is the Medical Director, Ruskat Medical  Equipment Corp based in the US reiterated that , aside from the aforementioned , the medical equipment can equally be used to examine any part of the body like  the heart, ears, eyes, nose etc by using a specially made hand -held device

Dr Ayanruoh regretted that very often in Nigeria, people travel abroad simply because the equipment needed for some tests are not available. All these, he assured will be taken care of because ’Hospital in a box” offers such medical tests.

Again, what distinguishes this medical equipment is the uniqueness of the approach in usage. Buttressing this point, the initiator stated that the beauty of the Hospital in a box is that after all the tests are done, it automatically collects all the results to the doctor assigned to you wherever he is stationed. In which case, the physician does not need to see a patient physically before carrying out a full body examination on him. There have been stories of people dying in remote clinics, villages and some hospitals because they lack health care delivery but with this device, where the person is, as long as the data and result are collated by this device, all it needs do is to send the data electronically to the doctor

Ten years ago, when the US based Nigerian based doctor invented the “hospital in a box” he had Nigeria in mind believing that to a large extent, it will help to cater for the basic needs of the medical industry . “It’s always a great idea to bridge the gap between medicine, humanity and innovation” says Ayanruoh.

Having used this equipment for years in America for his patients, Dr Anyanruoh stated that another unique quality of this equipment is that it does not require a person to be a medical practitioner in other to use it. It is about just training the personnel on how to operate the device. One doesn’t need to be a medical doctor

With this medical breakthrough, Dr Anyanrouah’s dream for this device is that, one day it will be found in every local government area in Nigeria, where trained individuals from different backgrounds can use it for the benefit of the masses. Talking about assembling the medical gadget, he recalls that three engineers were brought together to work intensively for this project to come through which finally saw his long term dream coming to reality

He hopes government at all levels will be interested in this innovation and hence boost the medical and healthcare sector in the country.

” Our objectives are to train people in the process of using this innovation, focusing on inventing more beneficial components to the medical device that will meet more clinical needs and in the nearest future open training and maintenance facilities in Nigeria.” Interest and enthusiasm for the equipment has been showed but we are still waiting for full implementation of them.”
With over 25 years experience in the medical industry, 20 of which were spent in the US, I had a good idea about successful medical devices,” he says.

Talking about the usage by prospective trainees, Dr Anyanruoh maintained that “it is not a complicated process at all. He believes that it is the right of every citizen of the world to have comprehensive healthcare.

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  1. Be a patroit§ target Nigerian hospitals and ensure that this equipment is found almost in all nooks and crannies of not only Nigeria but indeed the third world countries .In the U.S and other developed economies of the world it may not have the relative appeal and demand.When you have done this you have impacted positivly in the lives of your people and we shall not fail to recommend your for a national merit award .Why not even CFR

  2. Thank God for Dr.Anyanruoh.I hope our politicians and community leaders are paying attention. I will like to see this equipment in every village in Nigeria. The needless loss of lives in Nigeria is alarming.This device could have saved my son who passed away 24 hours after having a fever last year.

  3. Yes, We have people in Nigeria, but our bad government and evil politician has blinded we Nigerians that why we are not focusing into mean sector; meanwhile thank God for having some body like Dr.Anyanruoh and i believe that many other professionals from deference profession will soon creates other equipments that will help Nigerian in differences field; but my question is; can Federal Government support this medical equipment Box so that it’s can reach down to Rural Areas in Nigeria?

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