PDP crisis: Why we struck –Kwankwaso


From Desmond MGBOH, Kano

Kano State Governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso threw more light into why they set up the new Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) last Saturday in Abuja.

He spoke yesterday at a stakeholders’ forum which took place at Kano Government House.

In attendance at the Forum were the Deputy Governor, Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje, Speaker of the House of Assembly, Gambo Sallau, Secretary to the State Government, Dr. Rabiu Bichi, state party Chairman, Alhaji Adamu Sumaila , Commissioners, IMOs and some elders of Kwankwassiya extraction of the party.

The governor told the party members that the seven governors took the decision to set up the new PDP following gross disrespect of the constitution and manifestoes of the party, adding that they decided to rescue the party having realized that the party was drifting.

He also listed the raging PDP crisis in Rivers and Adamawa states as some of the reasons for their action, in addition to the crisis of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum in which they disregarded the votes of 19 governors for that of 16 governors.

Governor Kwankwaso regretted that they made all efforts to draw the attention of the leadership of the party to the drift in the party but realized that their efforts was not getting the desired response from the affected quarters.

He also alleged that the party in the state  had been marginalized in the area of appointments by the Federal Government, saying their complaints in this regard had remained unaddressed.

He reminded the stakeholders that party politics was about interests while insisting on their stand that the PDP must do the right things.

He thanked members of the National Assembly, who identified with the new leadership of the PDP and with their struggle while appealing to more governors of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to support their move, saying their aim was to ensure justice and fairness in the party. He insisted that the present struggle would bring about the necessary changes and reforms.


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  1. No one can succeed with the agenda of islamising Nigeria, whether through Yusuffiyya, Boko Haram or Kwakwanssiyya. Nigerians know the meaning of politics of deceit by Kwakwanso ,Babangida Aliyu, Lamido and nyako. No one will want Kwakwanso to teach him the type of lesson he (kwakwanso) told us he taught Jang. The Northern govnors agreed to vote Jang as chair of NGF, but behind the scene, the same govnors had also agreed to vote Amechi and they did. Now Yuguda, Shema, Jang,etc were, and still are flabbergasted at this brazen insincerity , by the so called leaders. Kwakwanso is even flaunting the deceit as bravery and achievement : How far can this go ? Ejike aturu awusa tell Nigeria why GEJ will not do his 2nd term ?

    • Ejike, New York. on

      okon dog the rapist, these governors and kwakwanso are the brightest of the Nigerian governors in this dispensation. cant you see that your governor akpabio is a fool like all calabar people ? GOD BLESS AMERICA.

      • @Ejike, while i love your reply to Okon, i do not support the abusive words. Please educate him well. His pointing accusing fingers whereas his Gov Akpabio fools them all around in Akwa Ibom. I am laughing continuously heheheheheheheh

  2. Tell them the truth kwankwaso so that they will know that jona can no do without other section of the country as some ignorant among you are made to believe the that jona can stil make it with the only support of south south and some aimless igbo,as it clear that for u to win presidential pole u need to 2/3 of the states that is 24 states now 7 staets is alredy gone with more to go in the days to come, idey laugh

  3. I weep for Nigeria.what kind of a leader is this man called Kwankwaso?,instead of settling down to administering to the needs of his state,to give them dividend of democracy,Rabiu Kwankaso prefers to go here and there causing trouble.If he is not accusing the minister of aviation for low patronage at Aminu Kano Intl Airport,he is attacing Odimegwu of Nation Census Commission or the federal law makers for trying to give southeast additional state(s).This man is hiding the true motive behind the so-called new P.D.P,so called because the whole thing looks so childish, becase Nigerians know and recognizes only one P.D.P,which president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is their leader with Alhaji Bamanga Tukur C.O.N, as their chairman.Nigerians know that P.D.P has not elected a new national chairman or INEC registering a new P.D.P.In a civilized society like U.K, you could be sent to jail for mis-informing or making the public believe that what doesn’t exist exists.

  4. Jonathan and Bamanga were give a long time to reason and come to terms with these progressive Governors but he Jonathan failed to listen. His greatest undoing was his support for Jang Faction of the NGF even when it was glaring that he Governor Jang was defeated 19-16 Votes. The whole World waw waiting for our President to align with the Truth but he chosed to play along with False Hood and today the result is what is happening to PDP , him and Turku. This is just the begening of the Oblivon of PDP. More cracks are expected in days ahead because the only thing as at today that still shows that PDP exist is that the President is from PDP if not, it would have EXTINGUISHED LAST SATURDAY ..

  5. @Kabir, i join u in the laugh. I dey laugh well well. I am yet to be convinced not confused, if Jona will ever make it this time. The SW that helped him and he turned his back to have not come out of the regret and am sure will never give it to Jona.

    Jona should just make peace with his bro in Rivers State for him to even have the whole of SS. And by the grace of Almighty God or Allah, the SE is not complete for him, forget all the hue and cry about a southerner to be there. By the time APC throw in their “joker” from SE, Jona will be gone.

  6. The whole world is seeing the hidden talents in Northen Gorvernors who went all out to ‘salvage’ ordinary political party (PDP)from drifting,but refuses,incapacitated,unable,or run -out- of ideas on how to go out to stop boko haram from killing and destroying lives in their respective states,folding arms and waiting for JONA to ‘help’ them.

    There is no foolish set of dark souls as these bunch of deceivers,wanting power at the expense of human life;now it appears they have exhaust all tactics,New PDP can help them actualise their presidential dream where boko haram amaechi will be the vice to boko haram sule lamido;am seeing their closeness to actualising their ambition.

    So,next step,go to INEC to register your new born baby party, and wait till election time for the reality,you may win/losose,if you win’V.P.,I HAIL YOU;but if you loose,’RUN OUT OF THIS COUNTRY,COS SHAME SHALL BE YOUR EVERYDAY VISITORS,in that after all this clueless effort,yet you will loose everything including political relevance even in your ward.

    Take care,fools.

  7. Why can’t Nigerians call a ‘spade a spade’? GEJ is the bigest failure Nigeria ever got, even a sick Yar’adua performed better. GEJ supports bad things a lot and tells so much lies too. How can GEJ ever support 16 governors against 19 ? He caused the crises in PDP, what a DUMBO!

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