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Osun guber: No Vacancy in Abere – Ojora


Prince Buraimoh Mustafa Ojora has said all those aspiring to contest in the 2014, Osun State governorship election are wasting their time as there is no vacancy in the Government House, Abere, Osogbo.

He told Daily Sun that Governor Rauf Aregbesola had done more than enough to merit another term in office.


Osun 2014 governorship election

If there is a way INEC could say Ogbeni Aregbesola should continue in office till 2018, it would have done that because the electoral body knows that coming to conduct the election will be a waste of resources.

INEC knows that any governorship election in Osun State in 2014 will be a walkover because nobody can scratch the incumbent governor.

Even the blind in Osun State could testify that the state has had a quantum leap from when it was in the hand of the PDP. An adage has it that when a woman marries two husbands, she would know the better one.

So the people have seen governance under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and governance under the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), and they have known the one that is favourable to them.You can only deceive the blind by telling him that there is oil in the soup while there is none.

But you cannot deceive him that there is salt when there is none. Osun people cannot be deceived by any form of negative propaganda against the government. What the PDP  government could not do in all the years that they were in power, Aregbesola administration did them in two years.

Today, Osun has the least unemployment rate in the country this has translated to peace and tranquility which is the forerunner of development because development cannot thrive in the absence of peace.

When you talk about infrastructure, you would realize the new Lagos Master plan was the brainchild of Aregbesola when he was the Commissioner for Works in Lagos State. He is silently implementing the same in Osun State, that even his biggest critics are giving him kudos for the way he is transforming the state.

The Osun people that I know too well cannot after seeing the light, go back to embrace darkness. Religious issues An English adage says, “give a dog a bad name and hang it.” But the critics of Aregbesola are too impatient even to give the dog a bad name. In their desperation, they are hanging the dog.

Whoever says Aregbesola is a religious bigot or a fundamentalist does not know him. After looking for what to pin him and finding none, they picked up that one hoping to pitch him against the Christian community in the state.

Whenever you talk about free mindedness with regard to religion, Aregbesola comes tops.

The reason is because in his own family, there are very strong Christians. How many of those criticizing him would be happy with their relations if they are practicing different religions from them? But as far as Aregbesola is concerned, all religions are one.

Again, I want you to know that most of the critics of the governor are not based in Osun. They are either in Lagos or Abuja and most of the time criticise based on hearsays. If you want to have a real taste of the actions or inactions of Aregbesola, you have to go to Osun and see things for yourself instead of doing long distance criticism.

Aregbesola’s numerous controversies

That is one of the characteristics of reformers or transformers. All those that brought uncommon changes in the world have been tagged controversial. Even Jesus Christ and Muhammed were tagged controversial because they did not like the way things were being done and decided to change it. Saying that Aregbesola is controversial is a plus and never a minus.

For instance the issue of Osun State anthem. We are practicing federal system of government so what is wrong if one of the federating states decides to have its own anthem? When Aregbesola introduced it, many people cried blue murder and called for his head.

Some said that he wanted to secede but today many other states in the federation have got their own state anthems. That is one of the reasons they said that he is controversial.

When you assert your right under the law or do things that your colleagues are not courageous enough to do, they would say that you are controversial. I would accept the fact that he is controversial but for the right reasons.

Every common man with uncommon knowledge, wit or sight would always be dubbed controversial.

Resurrection of UPN

Whoever tells you that he is resurrecting the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN), is only being mischievous because the four cardinal points for which the party was known are is what the ACN is practicing. When you go to Osun State you would see them in action.

The ACN states have free education, free health care, social housing and many other welfare programmes so what again is the UPN. Nigeria is a very funny country. People would always look for something to either make money or to become relevant and this idea of resurrecting UPN  is one of them.

How can you resurrect something that is alive and flourshing? The idea of resurrecting UPN is just another way of being smart and getting your own share of the national cake.

Whoever thinks that the crooked idea could be used to whittle the influence of ACN in the South-West ,should better get busy elsewhere because it is an exercise in futility.

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  1. Owerri July 26, 2013 at 11:44 am

    Ojora , same verdict on Aso rock comes 2015.

  2. kola amodu July 26, 2013 at 1:06 pm

    Owerri bastard u’re always predictable. Apc will surely win in IMO state come 2015 cos Imo citizens wants de best .

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