One year after husband’s killing, woman shot dead


…18-month-old son injured

From ROSE EJEMBI, Makurdi.

One year after her husband was murdered in mysterious circumstances, a 26-year-old mother of one, Sewuse Tyoor, has been allegedly murdered in her house at Taraku, Gwer Local Government Area of Benue State by unidentified gunmen, who also inflicted injury on her 18-month-old baby, Goodluck Tyoor.

One of her neighbours, Mr. John Tor, said that the deceased had before her untimely death identified some members of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency as the alleged suspects in the murder of her husband, Chia Tyoor, who also suffered the same fate at the same residence in 2012.

Mr. Tor said that they woke up to discover that the woman was killed while her only son, Goodluck, was badly injured.

Tor said: “We woke up to discover that Madam Sewe (Sewuse) was slaughtered with her son.”

He said a top local government official came with the police and took the two bodies after which the neighbours were informed that her son was still alive.

He added: “We have never seen such wickedness in this town.

“The woman’s husband was killed last year and today it is his wife.

“What on earth has he done that can’t be forgiven?”

Dr. Daivd Maor, Chairman, Gwer Local Government Area, told newsmen in a telephone interview that Sewuse’s remains have been deposited at the Local Government General Hospital while the boy was receiving treatment at the intensive care of a hospital.

Maor assured the people of their safety, urging them to go about their normal businesses.

He promised that the suspects would be brought to book.

He also said that the police were still investigating, but no arrest had be made so far.

This was just as the people of Taraku insisted that the deceased was the only eyewitness to the crime.

Meanwhile, the trial of the suspected four NDLEA staff has been slated to begin on January 15, 2013.

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  3. Andreas wubal, Jos on

    What’s all these? Can’t we read dailies without stories of one killing or another? What type of country is this?

  4. Since the woman’s husband died has there bn any meaningful investigation conducted by the Nigeria Police to bring the culprits thatn killed him to book? I still believe is the same people that killed the husband that also killed the wife as well as injured the child. Many criminals and murderers are walking freely in our streets, boasting themselves of their evil deeds. Our security in Nigeria is totally in the hands of the Almighty God, as for Nigeria Police and other security personnel in Nigeria they are absolutely helpless. They don’t hv what it takes to fight crime. They are toothless bull dogs that cannot bit. They keep on investigating without any meaningful results. And eventually if they come-up with any positive result and the case is taking to court, the court will frustrate the case. What we are operating in Nigeria is jungle justice and survival of the fitest. Oh God we only depend on you for protection and guidance. Deliver us from all evils, even from those who call themselves friends but secretly seeking our destruction. What a world of wickedness! God only is my strength and solution. My protection is in God.

  5. These drug law people are dangerous oo. Police pls, do somthing may be they’re trying to stop her from giving evidence.

  6. What has happened is still part of the lethargy and unprofessionalism of our police. Such an important prosecution witness to be used in such a sensitive case this month ought ti have been taken into protective custody long before now, moreso that the husband had been killed earlier in connection with this same case.

    • Protective custody ‘k’ in Nigeria where many police men has no acomodation you cannot give what you don’t have, Nigeria na wao.


  8. The title reads that the woman was SHOT and the story tells that she was SLAUGHTERED.
    Ms. Rose Ejembi, never forget to re-read your news before posting. I´m confused!!

  9. Which Way Nigeria on

    The Holy Bible says Thou shall not kill. Killing is the worst sin and crime on earth. GOD will never forgive whosoever kill intentionally. Just remember the judgement day is awaiting we all.

  10. police did not investigate anything since the husband was killed…now the wife has been killed also ,is it now that they will do the investigations?shame on you nigeria police

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