Okorocha’s diversionary probe



Every citizen of Imo State is now familiar with Governor Rochas Okorocha’s governance by distraction. Every time his intrigues catch up with him, he reaches into his pocket and fishes out ex-Governor Ikedi Ohakim’s name! It is clear to all that Okorocha has run out of fanciful ideas. He now makes outlandish promises. The chickens have come home to roost for him.

Those who were misled in the past to demonise Ohakim, first started expressing their regrets in murmurs, for they were too embarrassed to admit their mistakes, but now loudly proclaim that Okorocha was a disastrous choice. What triggered the recent antics to probe Ohakim are the many problems the governor is having in Imo State.

This probe comes after Okorocha had told Nigerians several times that he would neither probe nor witch-hunt Ohakim. The probe is meant to serve two major purposes. One is to divert the attention of Imo citizens and Nigerians from the rot in Imo State. The second is to continue the smearing of Ohakim’s name, which has been an obsession for him.

Not long ago, he sponsored a movie to demonise Ohakim and the entire Imo political leadership! Nobody is against any probe. Imo citizens deserve to know how they were governed, and even more so how Okorocha is governing them. But the truth is that since he assumed office, Okorocha has done nothing else but to dig for evidence to nail Ohakim, but he has found none.

He has written volumes of petitions against Ohakim and his wife to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences (ICPC), but these have turned out to be the same old fiction. What the kangaroo probe is expected to achieve is to smear Ohakim because Okorocha is banking on the fact that in Nigeria of today, once an allegation has been made against a public officer, he is assumed guilty, even without conviction. People don’t usually wait to get the truth.

The wonder about Okorocha’s probe is that the report is already written and some newspapers have been put on notice to expect an earth-shaking document that would finally rubbish Ohakim. He is now shopping for a panel of people to give their imprimatur to the sensational fiction. Otherwise, how can he promise to release the report to the public in two weeks, when he is yet to compose the panel, the panel is yet to sit and no evidence has been taken? Why is he already implying Ohakim’s guilt even before he is invited to appear before any probe panel?

The question is whether any respectable Imo person will lend his name and dignity to this kangaroo probe as a member of the panel! The questions Imo citizens want answers from Okorocha is why his free education programme has run into a hitch, while, unfortunately, gullible Nigerians continue to clap for him? The Nation newspaper of Tuesday, November 27 reported that Imo indigenes in tertiary institutions besieged the palaces of traditional rulers for the free education cheques Okorocha promised them! Many monarchs in Imo State have now abandoned their palaces for fear of being lynched by angry students.

The National Association of Imo State Students (NAISS) has described the free education as “fraudulent and ambiguous” and has threatened to go to court over the scam! Today, nobody knows whether what Okorocha is offering is bursary, scholarship or free education! It is all confusion. It is on record that throughout his tenure, Ohakim enhanced the welfare of the physically challenged in Imo State and paid their allowances every month.

He even appointed one of them as his Senior Special Assistant! But Okorocha has stopped paying them. On Thursday, November 22, 2012, over 5, 000 of them took to the streets and grounded Owerri (Daily Sun of Friday, 23 November 2012). When the disabled protesters got to Government House, they were dispersed with tear gas! How insensitive! The day Okorocha was inaugurating his private terror squad called Imo Security Network with which his government terrorises the opposition and contractors he owed demonstrated to the Ahiajoku Convention Centre to disrupt the event.

These are contractors who mobilised to sites without contract documents and have now been disowned. Some of these contractors took loans from banks, which have now foreclosed their property. According to their spokesman, Chief Zack Awaraka, Okorocha simply used them to “claim undue glory” as a performing governor (Newspoint December 3-4, 2012). Okorocha claims to have paid them N13.9 billion, but Chief Awaraka has challenged him to publish the names.

The sanitary condition of Owerri has deteriorated to pre-2007 condition. Insecurity has forced many citizens to relocate, further worsening the economic condition of the state. Okorocha himself reportedly does not sleep in Owerri! Once it is six o’clock he jumps into his private jet and flies to Abuja from where he jets into Owerri the next morning. Instead of hounding Ohakim, he should be explaining to Imo people where he got the money to buy the jet. If it is on lease, who is paying for it? Is it necessary to spend Imo lean resources on such luxury? If he wants to probe Ohakim, let him go ahead.

The verdict of the probe must be based on valid documentary evidence of his malfeasance and not on mischief intended to smear an opponent. Almost two years in office, Okorocha has had enough time to prove himself to Imo people. He has used Ohakim’s name enough as a prop. Imo citizens are no longer amused or impressed. If Okorocha cannot meaningfully improve their lives, he should at least not make it worse.

Probing Ohakim cannot explain or excuse the chicanery going on in Owerri. • Emenike is an Owerri-based businessman and politician

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  1. I Think this writer or the speaker is in Ohikim party or among those that shared imo state money during ohakim term….. Be informed that Imo people would have not rejected Ohakim after 4 years if Ohakim was a good governor in the state and we are the rightful people in position to vote Okorocha out after 4 years if his officer did not go well with us………… Okorach has the right to prop ohakim and he need evidence to do that no matter how long it takes him to do that………… please we the imo people are wise now and we have the right to vote any governor out off power is the governor is not doing well and we are watching Okorocha and also waiting for the next election because am sure that he will join Ohakim if he’s not doing well in Imo State as a Governor..

  2. You political opponents or thugs, should leave the gentleman alone. He is doing gud for nw in Imo state. Is one blind who wil nt smile what the Gov is doing. Imo Must better simply.

  3. Bia Mr Emenike abi na wetin dem call ur useless name! We Imonites know u all! Ohakim is a big time criminal and I strongly believe ur his partner in crime. I came to Orlu yesterday and nearly got lost in my home town due to massive development that Okorocha brought in there! Let me tell u simple truth, imo are not foolish! So keep ur pen and hide ur shameless face in a deep shit cos 1 year of Okorocha in office is far better than 12yrs of both Thief Udewa and High Thief Ohakim AKA Ikiri the stupid animal! GBAM!


  4. this writer is a real devil because if at all he can travel to abia state and come back then i think he will just close his dirty mouth …how on earth can someone in his rightful sense compare okorocha with ohakim on governance?


  6. this emenike of a thing must be a complete mad man and a foolish businessman who has nothing to offer to his community even to his own family. Do u think u can deceive imonites as u are deceiving ur own family, fool. Carry on owele rochas, you are a good philantropist. God will ae with u.

  7. Okorocha may not be a saint but Ohakim’s era was a tragedy!please Emenike stop playing pranks with the psyche and brain of Imolites.any man trying to glamorize Ohakim is a beast because he has lost his conscience.Imolites want to know how there treasury was managed.Is accountability a crime?go to Oguta lake and see how N4.5b was spent on cutting grasses!Imolites will judge Okorocha 2015,ok?

  8. Dear Emenike if u ar not blind u wuld av seen d massive road construction going on, if u ar not deaf u wuld av heard d free education which two or more of ur ward ar benefitting. What shall it profit u to be enemy of light?

  9. Godfrey Izah Ukpor on

    Enemy of progress. Rochas govt ve refused looting & corrupt system hence dis political oppositions sponsored LAMPOON. Whoever u re pls bear in mind dat Gov Rochas Okorocha is d best & one of d performing govs in President Jonathan’s Govt. I doubt if d writer is a true son from EAST. So u TRAITOR, & AGENT OF SATAN go back to ur HELL.

  10. Mr politrician , Ohakim has no name to protect. Secondly Ohakim is the one who introduced insecurity in Imo by kidnapping those who did not agree with him even his party members. We are tired of all these deceptive write ups though you are only making a fool of yourself. Unless you are talking to blind people even blind peole can feel the good in this govt. One and half yrs of Okorocha is better than 12yrs of
    udenwa and Ohakin, these men are supposed to be removed from the history of Imo.

  11. This writer is an idiot and he don’t know anything about Rochars, rochars has own a private jet even before becoming governor, did u aked who bought the preidential jet Obasanjo sold durig his time? Try to investigate before u write something here don’t mislead Nigerians pls…

  12. How much did Ohakim pay u to write dat trash Mr Emenike? Leave Owelle Rochas alone to avoid God’s wrath on u. We Imolites love hs developmental projects so much. We ar not complaining. U & ur band of cynics will continue to fail in ur desperate bid to taint our God-sent govnor. Shame to u!!

  13. Emeka why are you hiding your identity,why cant you write your other names to differenciate yourself from many other Emekas?.
    Anyway,if you really base in Owerri as you claimed,why didn’t you state the good,access and alternative roads you are enjoying today in Owerri with an environment friendly which Okorocha’s administration has provided for you.I think is better we wait for Okorocha to complete his tenur before we make a comparism of Ohakim and Okorocha’s achievements and service to good people of Imo state.
    I believe that will be an issue instead of this distraction we are facing today.

  14. If this writer ever get a chance to read this comments from the Imolites, he should be ashamed of himself because, no single parson in here is in line with your brohagaga!!!!!. Anyway, If Assad a murderer of his own people has people supporting him, I expect someone to be a brother of a looser like Ohakim.


  16. what an interesting time we living today.every concerned person can respond directly to nice or trashy commentary.well i’m sure mr.emenike is following the postes here cos he’ll want to kno weather ppl but to his criticism of rochas.
    Well,well,well…mr emenike,u and ur political mentor ohakim are now proven losers by 99%,got it?

  17. Mr emenike or what!!!! U are a very big fool… Do u even have a home? I don’t tink u do. U beta go back 2 ur devil fadar

  18. Isn’t pure insanity and a celebration of depravity to attempt to compare Ohakim’s and Owelle’s administrations? Ohakim’s administration of Imo state can only be summarised in one word: disaster. His administration was noted for one thing – empty propaganda. It does not take the wisdom of king Solomon to know who’s going well in govenment. So Emenike, leave the assessment of the performance of Rochas to Imo people.

  19. The truth of the matter is that okorocha is not paying the contractors as he promised, but that should not stop him from probing past administration for corrupt practices.

  20. imo pp shud count their teeth with their tongue and wether wat the writer is talking abt is true or not otherwise i never see any incubent governor dat probe or talking to probe the former governor nomatter the case forinstance chime did not probe chimaroke,peter obi did not pribe ngige,t.o orji did not probe kalu.rochase shud face his govt and do something for d betterment of his pp not ohakin.

  21. probing ohakin wud not bring any development in imo state.one of d equity maxim says who goes to equity will come with clean hands.rochase travelling to abuja everyday evening shows dat he is not d chief security officer of d state,imo has no security.am from anambra state.

    • @ Francis,,the nutty guy called Eminike lied,, all what he said about rochas are pure lies. even if Rochas is flying and sleeping in Abuja everyday and all our smart pressmen at the airport did not notice dat, and common bussiness man called Eminike always see him. am not from Imo state but i appreciate the present look of imo state,compare during the days of Ohakim.

  22. Emenike for you to come out and compare our peoples’ Governor with the man who called himself Akiri (Animal) before Imolites is thought provoking. Godson Ohakim has proved hmself to be a bushbaby he publically called himself through his administration of Imo State that was a fraudulent in its all ramifications. Emenike your writeup shows that you belong to the same animal kingdom like Ohakim. Come out of the bush and live with happy Imolite.

  23. The writter is a fool and will not see better in his life both his or her generation.Any one who is siding the evil ohakim will not see better in his or her life in JESUS NAME…..AMEN

  24. rochase is not d only governor in nigeria therefore imo pp shud keep quite.rochase is just using dat as a medium to shine by not performing his duty as a governor due to his incompetency in issue of administration.he cannot do anything to ohakin.ohakin is far better than him and we are watching him with his administration full of confusions.

  25. Emenike nsu is a liar. I am a witness at one of the traditional rulers palace just on Wednesday/Thursday where virtually lists of all IMO indegenes from a particular senatorial zone in tertiary institutions were being compiled/counted for delivery to the authority. Every traditional ruler delivered lists of his eligible subjects for this bursary before my very eyes….therefore, emenike should update himself with facts…..let him probe ohakim and another after him will probe….he is set a precedent in imo

  26. For God’s sake my fellow Imolites , who is this dog called Emenike or what is his name? Is really unfortunate that the saying which goes that a hungry man is an angry man has found its hooks and grabs on this guy. Yes can you see what he called himself , an owerri based businessman, no wonder business is no-longer as usual since their gang leader was swept away from the government house by God. He can go on and on to voice out rubbish against the incumbent Okorocha.who knows he is not among the people that will be implicated in the probe watch it.

  27. Emma Okechukwu on

    I know that man of Emenike I wonder how much he could paypay who helped him construct the write-up because am fully aware that he could not spell his full names in his school time. I wonder what he is doing in media I think he is trying to market himself but I advise you fellow imolites to sheath your sword against half-educated Emenike. In fact if you see him one in one you won’t even give him audience because Igbo proverb says:’onye yi nkirika ogodo/akwa na ekwu nkirika okwu’ ie one who wears rough clothes speaks rotten things

  28. If this caption is correct, it does appear that even with all the grammar, Mr Emenike do not know anything about political science. For non starters like Emenike, Imo governor is a chief executive, liken it to a corporation. Imo citizens are the share holders, the real owners of the company who elected Mr. Okorocha, he is accountable to the people. His election is a mandate from the people, not from Joanthan. Even in a country as nigeria this notion still holds true. He is elected the same way Jonathan was. Calling Jonathan to caution an Executive governor of a state is at best a lack of knowledge and of structure between independent states in a federating democracy as ours. Both the federal, states, and LGA shares power. Even though, in terms of conflict in laws and ordinances, the federal trumps both the state and local. Likewise, the state laws trumps that of local ordinances. It is lack of knowledge of these principles that makes politicians in this country behave the way they do, but when someone suspected of being educated make the same mistake and assumption, it becomes imperable to point out the obvious, otherwise people see the ignorance as a fact. Please take note Mr. Emenike, its still not too late to retake political sceience 101, hopefully this time, digest it properly.

  29. My dear Emenike , thank you for the piece. Don’t mind the comments from touts who did not even understand your English. They are the tugs used by Rochas.Rochas as the Governor of Imo state was a costly gamble which is proving to be a disaster.

  30. Rochas is a criminal, looter and an opportunist governor. Where is the roads he constructed u fools, and what has Roahas done to Imo State entirely for a year and u guys. Ohakim is better than Rochas. How many years left for the criminal to finish his tenure. Empty promises he made, confused governor.

  31. The pro-rochas group are challenging emenike to read through the comments. Good. During the hay days of ohakim we saw torrents of such comments whenever the man on the saddle was criticized by supposed paid agents nay touts which most u guys commenting now are not different from. Did I hear someone mention massive road construction in IMO state? My questions are: 1. What’s the durability or average life span of these road? 2. How many of these contractors have been paid? Mind u some of these projects have no documentation but executed on trust to the effect that govt of today has leveraged on it so as to evade payment. How morally upright is the all knowing rochas in this regard? Its quite a tragedy that having ousted ohakim and his rascality, IMO today is not better with the choice of rochas. Finally, my advice to pundits of pro rochas group is to look at the issues raised by the writer and respond to them point by point intellectually rather than mere name calling and villification. Else, I would believe critics who maintain that the present day govt is more of an intellectual liability to the state.

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