Okorocha’s curious holiday


In his characteristic bizarre manner of administration, Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State, last week, declared a two-week Christmas holiday for civil servants in the State. The governor also doled out N500 million Christmas bonanza to officers and men of all security agencies in the State in appreciation of their crime fighting effort. This holiday has caused some ripples among stakeholders in the State with some of them questioning the rationale for such whimsical action.

Already, the Imo State chapter of the Progressive People’s Alliance (PPA) has called on President Goodluck Jonathan to call the governor to order. We are amazed by this rascality and brazen show of power. What the governor has done is not good for governance in the State. Shutting down the already fragile Imo economy for two weeks will cause more harm than good to the people. It does not make sense at all. This is not how governance is conducted. Okorocha should understand that governance is a serious business that should not in any way be trivialized. There are laid down rules and conventions of governing a State.

Whimsical actions as the governor has exhibited are outside the official norms of governance. It is high time he learnt the ropes of governance and stop embarrassing himself and the good people of the State with his frequent, immature and irrational actions. This is not the first time Okorocha is acting in this manner. Some time ago, he authorized all the Directors of Administration and General Services (DAGS) in the 27 local governments in the state to proceed on compulsory leave to thwart attempts by elected council officials from taking control of the councils as ruled by the court. His fourth tier government and the grandiose plan to build three universities at the same time are some of the ill-digested policies.

Doling out N500 million to all security agencies in the State where crimes such as armed robbery and kidnapping have consistently been on the rise is the height of Okorocha’s utter confusion and misplacement of priority. It is absurd that the governor did this in a period the State witnessed, as government admitted, 57 cases of kidnapping and unstated number of robbery incidents. We believe that the crime situation in Imo is more than what the government has admitted in view of our poor statistical culture. Therefore, Okorocha’s largesse on security agencies is not the best way to spend the tax payers’ money.

This huge amount of money should have been deployed in assisting the security agencies with equipment and other logistics that would increase their capacity to ameliorate the deplorable criminality in the State. That is exactly how other state governors assist the police and other security agencies in their domain and not the splashing of mouth-watering cash gifts. The Imo State legislature should wake up from its deep slumber and check some of Okorocha’s excesses.

It has, since the inception of this administration, acted as a rubber stamp. The beauty of democratic governance, especially the presidential system the country is practising, is that it allows room for checks and balances among the three arms of government—the executive, judiciary and the legislature. The expected checks from the legislative arm in this political dispensation are virtually absent. It is not good for democracy in the State.

The governor should not be allowed to get away with his anti-people policies. Okorocha should sit up and deliver to Imo citizens the expected democracy dividends, especially those he promised during electioneering campaigns. He should desist forthwith from all manner of laughable policies that add no value to governance in the State.

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  1. There is a bit of sense in this sponsored write up. Yes, the governor is trying his best for the state but he is careless in many of his policy actions. For example, how can he declare two weeks public holidays for civil servants when they do have their annual leave (holiday). This means inaction for governance in the state for two weeks. Again, how can he give N500 million to the security agencies to share among themselves when that amount of money could be used to provide Ideato, his LG and Orlu LG adequate drinking water. This money is tax payers money and should not be doled out any how. If he is so pleased with the police in the state he should have used his salary and security vote to bribe the police to its work period.

  2. Chijioke Ajaero on

    Sponsored editorial indeed! Steve Nwosu, I’m sure you’re the editor that wrote the above editorial. How much were you paid to publish this? I do know you’ve always had something against the person of Okorocha and his administration. What could that be, please? I think it’s high time you told us.

  3. Those of you that commented on the above editorial are ignorant of what it takes to decide on the topic to write on editorial, most especially the despicable Chijioke. Once something is Editorial, only one person does’nt decide on topic to write on. That is why editorial write -up is usually writen in plural, the word ‘we’ is always constant in every editorial. The charcter in writing it is quite different from other news stories. Editorial members are not limited to in-house editors alone, it includes professionals from outside journalism such as: Legal practitioners, Medical Doctors, Politicians, Engineers e.t.c. After which the topic to write on have been decided, the professional in that field would be assigned to do a thorough research and come up with a draft which will be jointly edited before it is published. So have you seen why Chijioke is called a daft. Because there is no way Nwosu would have written the Editorial all alone without the consent of other members. And for the other greenhorns, you guys are probating and reprobating at the same time, how would you say the editorial is paid write – up and still concure with the point raised therein. It is a pity that this forum is open to half baked educated fellow who cant read meaning in between lines.

  4. Nkiru was kidnap in Imo.

    The security agencies do not deserve the 500m.

    The implications of the two weeks holiday are many many.
    Those who has plans to sort issues in Imo State civil service office during this period cannot do so.

    Take the issue of getting letter of local government of origin and many others services that those holidaying in Imo could had use the opportunity to access are gone now

    The performing Governor should think properly next time before taken some decision.

  5. Onyekwelle mike on

    Okorocha is performing well.The two weeks is part of welfare package.Our gov,do not forget the indigenes of Onu imo and Ideator south in scheme of things.We desire to have one of the campuses of Imo state university built in our soil.

  6. I have seen only one reasonable comment here, my question goes thus what is wrong in morale boosting of the security forces how many Federal work free days including sat $ Sundays do we have in the so called Two weeks Holidays. OR would it have been better if he had looted the funds to London and come back dressed like a woman just like other Governors do?

  7. I think okorocHa is doing well, I only have problem with the two weeks holidays because like somebody have commented In this forum the returnees who would want to cease the opportunity to get some papers from the state and or local gov. Will no longer have access to them due to the holiday, he really need to think again. I commend okorocha for his giant development strides in imo state, keep it up the able governor

  8. Chief Rochas, you have performed excellently well going by the period you have served Imo people as their governor. Declaring two weeks public holidays is like calling the devil to just come and invade the whole of Imo state because an iddle man they say is the devil’s workshop. Keeping Imo state dormant economically for two weeks to me is a very senseless decision to make, three days public holidays for no genuine reason is even senseless as well. No type jubilation warrant wreckless declaration of this manner. Owelle Rochas please be wiser!

  9. The only problem in Imo State is some tauts who has got job through the emergence of Rochas as a governor never see any decision he took wrong. Every constructive advice is termed as an enemy to Chief Okorocha.
    Yes I am from Orlu the zone Rochas came from but we should not fail to call him to order whenever he is taking a wrong step. We all want him to succeed because if he does then we will have a bargaining chip for his second term.
    However, the idea of this of two weeks holiday was ill conceived and also the idea of giving out 500 million just like that to the security operatives in Imo state is also nonsense.
    There are many ways to boast security in the state and got the desired result not by influencing them with tax payers money.
    Also the idea of special assistant on Lagos affair or Abuja affair by employing young girls leaves a lot of question mark on his integrity. My close encounter with Owella portrays him as an upright religious man and it will be a great joy if shows those attributes in him public life.

  10. What’s ur point mr writer?the point is, there is no point in ur write up.i watched the state thanks giving/carol service live on sunday,indid owele once in ma life time did something that moved my heart,something that i ve never heard or seen or read in the history of Nigerian government.chai my heart realy moved as a lady who came to sale her cd decieded to give them away for free in teers!OKOROCHA even heavens will bear u withness.

  11. What’s ur point mr writer?the point is, there is no point in ur write up.i watched the state thanks giving/carol service live on sunday,indid owele once in ma life time did something that moved my heart,something that i ve never heard or seen or read in the history of Nigerian government.chai my heart realy moved as a lady who came to sale her cd decieded to give them away for free in teers!OKOROCHA even heavens will bear u withness..


  13. Mekowulu Izuchukwu on

    Go to Imo state and see the truth. For those that r calling Mr Steve and tagging d Editorial paid:go to Imo and see the truth. I guess most of u who r supporting Okorocha r just been unrepentant.2weeks holidays? The man doesn’t knw anything about governance: a price Imo must pay for electing him. Imo pls pay up.

  14. brendan chigbu on

    its difficult to please everybody, mr governor just be focused , what we need is a better Imo state than you met it and posterity will always remember you.

  15. This kind of reports is the stock in trade of south easterners. You can hardly read any such trash about governors in the West not to talk of the north. Any true imolite who is following Okorocha’s vision for the state will know that he is first among equals. And per adventure he does not realise all of them, Imo state will still not remain the same whenever he leaves office.

  16. At least l watched the Imo thanksgiving/carol service on sunday, Gov Okorocha said, he gave #10,000 each to all the civil servants in Imo state for a bag of rice not only security personnels.Is 1 bag of rice too much for 12 months of service? Crucifiers of Rochas, Ohakim who used the same tax money to build 4 himself the best Hotel in South Africa what did you say 2 him? Achike Udenwa who neither delivered nor helped the poor, did you talk about him. Talking about 2 weeks holidays, nobody is perfect in wisdom but we can pray 4 him. Somebody said the money in question is enough 2 give Orlu and Ideato clean drinking water and l ask, how many water schemes did Achike Udenwa build in those LGs? How many did Ohakim build in both Isiala and Ehime Mbano where he came from?

  17. Onye Imo state on

    Nawao bad belle people PDP agents you people have lost imo forever , we imolites will vote him again, if u dnt like rochas go and hug the nearest transformer,imo must be better

  18. It amazes me to read on comments posted- how idiotic some people can be- this Governor has only been a mistake making Governor at all times, this can only make us to believe that he doesn’t listen to his advisers or he has surrendered himself with a bunch of nonsense as advisers. My adviser if he would listen is to consult and research on ideas before it goes live. Please save us some of this embarrassing situations from Imo State- I personally feel uncomfortable when silly decisions are put forward.

  19. I think Orji Kalu is trying to use his mouthpiece, this newspaper to stop the advancement of His Excellency, Rochas as the new face of Ndigbo. Try hard as he may, nobody can stop the man Okorocha on his tracks. The compulsory leave might be as part of their annual leave. I am sure he had done it since the same workers who claim to be at work are all in their villages collecting chieftaincy titles or fundraising. So let them use their own time to do that.

  20. Chijioke Ajero or what do u cal urself, u must be a lunatic. Its a pity ur either not a real Nigerian or ur jst dumb & doesnt pay tax that’s why u commentd like a mad man. Wake up & face reality bcos Gov. Okorocha & his cohorts are milking Imo state dry while using cheap policies of deceit cover their heinious crimes in Imo state. Only God’ll deliver Imo state from this broad day light armed robber calld Okorocha.

  21. Muazu H. Wali, on

    .Let us always keep in mind that there is very little money or no taxpayers contribution to state governments, may be except Lagos State. What the States have is their statutory allocation from the Federation Account. State Governors can therefore use this money as they deem fit, and not even the Federal Government can interfere in the way and manner funds are deployed.

    The only option for the electerate is not to for the Governor next time.

    Muazu H. Wali

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