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Okorocha: To probe or to smear? (2)


We must all remember that a judicial panel of enquiry’s job as the title says is to inquire into allegations, and conduct investigation into the allegations, then submit a report. When the two sitting state judges and the retired judge were named to chairman these three panels, they actually believed that they will be allowed to avail the state their investigatory talents and skills horned over the years on the bench.

That in my opinion may have been the reason why they accepted the appointment. But less than 24 hours to their appointments, they were bushwhacked by the governor with his Live TV drama on AIT Television. I would not be surprised if these jurists request to opt out of the panel now that they have been made to understand that they are only required to rubberstamp the so-called report by the Executive Council Committee set by its Chairman, Governor Okorocha.

But even if they are being dragged, while shouting and screaming to be let out of these panels because their purpose became tainted by Okorocha’s TV drama, nobody will hear of it and the governor will not even hearken to their request. Could anyone imagine the faith of the members of these panels, if they were to exercise their independent objective conclusions in light of the tongue lashing today directed at EFCC by the governor at any chance he gets, and EFCC is a Federal graft agency, not appointed by governor.

This entirely puts Ikedi Ohakim and members of his administration in a quagmire. If they avail themselves of the constitutional judicial remedy of fair hearing under section 36 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, they would have played into Okorocha’s hand by giving him meat for another round of political propaganda rabble rousing on a network media of his choice. Okorocha has so staged the entire scenario in such a way that Ohakim will have no choice but seek judicial injunctive restraint on the panel based on section 36 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is this choice or allows himself to be embarrassed and humiliated by the panel.

Either way, Okorocha would have gotten everything he wanted from his propaganda machinery, in these rounds of bash Ohakim. However, the mistake made by Governor Okorocha in this his elaborate booby-trap was not counting on the fact that Ohakim, members of his administration, and the reputable private businesses or companies that did businesses with Imo State during the stewardship of Governor Ikedi Ohakim, will this time respond the way they did.

It is important here to recall that Cypress Konsults a very reputable indigenous consulting firm’s reputation was intentionally soiled by Okorocha and his Executive Council Committee headed by the Deputy Governor Sir Jude Agbaso in the said report. The report insinuated that jobs performed by Cypress Konsults were deliberately inflated by the governor thereby using Cypress Konsults as a conduit to siphon Imo treasury.

The same report insinuated that Brick Red, a firm whose business is debt buy back, was also used by the Ohakim’s administration as a conduit to transfer money away from Imo treasury. Neither the Governor, nor his Executive Council correctly predicted the reaction of these companies before the trumped up report was written. Both companies immediately booked appearance at the Saturday Sunrise Programme on Channels Television.

It was during the course of this programme that Engr. Victor Konyeha, the CEO of Cypress Konsults revealed to the world that Governor Okorocha retained his services and gave him jobs in excess of one hundred (N100 Billion) Naira which included the design of a nineteen story hotel. Engr. Victor Konyeha further revealed that the design was one of a kind and he had completed all the design work but Okorocha was yet to pay him a penny. After the TV programme, I spoke to Engr. Victor Konyeha and he told me that the two members of Okorocha’s cabinet that appeared on the program told him that he should not take the matters too personally.

That he should call the governor so that the governor can make arrangements to pay him some part of his money. With regards to Brick-Red, Dan Okehi the CEO, was present at the channels television Saturday Sunrise program. Mr. Okehi told the Nigerian public how he got involved with the debt buyback program with Imo State. He informed the viewers that he was in the state when the former Councillors and Chairman were demonstrating against the government for non payment of their allowances and severance. You may recall that by 2007/2008 over 3,000 persons that had served as elected Chairmen and councillors stating from 1998 took to demonstration for the non-payment, by government, of their severance allowances.

The state government simply did not have about six billion naira to settle these bills. Brick-Red entered into personal contracts with all the councilors and their chairmen to pay them a reduced Lump sum as full and complete payment of all their allowance while she (Brick Red) is paid back by the Government in about 24 monthly installments. Once the agreement was reached. Brick Red borrowed or obtained a facility from the then Intercontinental Bank from which she paid each and every former councilor and chairman directly into the accounts of each.

The twenty four monthly installments were yet to be completely paid, when Okorocha’s administration came in and stopped the remaining payment prompting Brick Red to default on the Intercontinental Bank loan facility. The Okorocha’s government then felt that by blackmailing Brick Red through this trumped-up report, she will cow brick Red and never pay the remaining indebtedness to the company. This matter is in court currently. After the presentation by Dan Okehi on the Sunrise TV program the only question from the Imo Commissioner for Economic planning was that he could not understand the logic of obtaining a loan facility by Brick Red and keeping it in the bank.

The question had absolutely nothing to do with the Kangaroo indictment in the Executive Council Committee report against Brick Red that was at issue. With regards to the Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Barrister Soronadi, he was totally lost in the entire TV programm on this report. He kept stating that the report was an accusatory document until one of the presenters of Sunrise Saturday pointed out to him that an accusatory document does not conclude by using the language embezzled. After this exchange with one of the presenters, the Imo State Attorney-General kept quiet throughout the remaining minutes of the programme.

The show completely made a joke of the earlier drama of Imo State Governor on his live AIT Television broadcast, Monday January 14th 2013. When Governor Ikedi responded through his media aide, Dr. Ethelbert Okere, he challenged Okorocha and his cohorts to name the Five Star Hotel in South Africa that he is claimed to own and all the properties locally and internationally that Imo people are daily inundated with, that he owns.? For the first time since Governor Okorocha and his cohorts started saying that Ikedi has hotels and properties all over the world, Governor Ikedi Ohakim came out and challenged them to substantiate any of these claims with empirical evidence especially now that Okorocha’s son in-law is the Commissioner for Lands.

Governor Ohakim stated that he owns only two houses in the entire Imo State. A three bedroom bungalow in Pre-Fab built way back in 1992, and his Okohia country home built in 1986. Governor Ohakim went further and detailed all the projects completed during his four year administration of Imo State, too numerous to list here. He ended by revealing to the public that he left over N22billion naira to Governor Okorocha. This revelation that Governor Ohakim actually left N22 billion to Okorocha has become another source of worry to the Okorocha’s administration.

Okorocha’s perfectly planned propaganda attack on Ohakim systematically crumbled like a deck of cards. Imo people now know that apart from the 13.3 billion of the bond proceeds, Governor Ohakim also left N3 billion in Imo SUBEB account, N5 billion in JAAC account, N500 million in Agric Loan account, N500 million in MDG account, and NIB in ETF account. When these various accounts are totaled, it exceed N22 billion.

The governors primary goal was to use these orchestrated and convoluted means to smear Ohakim so much so that Ohakim becomes a total parried. Now that he has failed woefully in his goal, he would try anything and everything including using the judicial panels to achieve this failed goal. This is the more reason why Governor Ikedi Ohakim must avail himself the constitutional right protection of fair hearing by applying for remedy of injunctive relief, which will restrain the sitting of these panels.

This is the only way out, because the recent revelations as a result of this trumped up report have shown the public the machinations of Governor Okorocha. This being the case, the propaganda booby-traps set for Ohakim if he should avail himself of the judicial remedy of injunction under section 36; fair hearing provision of the constitution has been destroyed. Concluded Okpalaeke writes from Owerri

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  1. George Kalu February 7, 2013 at 6:19 am

    Who is this Okpaleke man? This story is like market women gossip. Konyeha said this, Okehi said that and it is embarrasing that Sun Newspaper will accommodate this trash. I will encourage the entire staff and management of Sun and indeed other newpaper houses to set up their own good governance tour and verify performance of governments at all levels and by so doing reduce this frequent gossips and rumour mongering in the newspapers.

  2. RICHARDSON February 7, 2013 at 9:54 am

    @George Kalu, I am very surprised that your contribution went the way it did.
    Why did you refuse to acknowledge the salient facts presented in this write-up?
    The writer may have indulged himself somewhat with a slight antagonistic veil against Governor Okorocha but the facts he gave are overwhelming evidence that all might not be well with this judicial investigation panel. Besides, by initiating this going to the media, His Excellency Governor Okorocha has unleashed the can of worms that will surely not leave quickly.
    I have always questioned the intentions, style and mode of approach to governance.
    If he sets up a panel to investigate the performance of his predecessor in office he should allow them to do their work without such undue interference!!!
    Finally, fet me remind him that he will not be the governor for more than two terms (maximum) and that there will be other governors of Imo state after him.

  3. Rogers February 7, 2013 at 11:26 am made a clear points,don’t mind fools that cannot read through the bottom line,

  4. okeke February 7, 2013 at 11:45 am

    He that must come to equity,must come with clean hands.If actually he,Ohakim left such amount of money in the government treasury,and an inquiry was set up for him to account for his stewardship all the years he was a governor,why will he go to court to stop such action. if he knew his hands are very clean? He is only trying to weep up sentiments through his paid trumpeters which this writer is one of them.

  5. Ebuka Amaechi February 7, 2013 at 11:54 am

    The problem with this Country,that many people have refused to call space a space, due to perversive hunger in land.This politically induced hunger on Nigerians, has enabled the Bojua s/disgraced-Corrupt Politicians in Niga to hire the services of some Writers to dish out concorted trashes, in defence of the attrocities committed against the States,by the ex-thieves who wantonly looted the treasuries of the State s they were imposed to Lord over by the enemies of Nigerian People.If not for this hunger and quest to accquire easy dirty wealth,what is the morality in one writin g to question the authority of the Gover nor of Imo States,to constitute panel or probe to investigate ex-Governor,Ikedi Ohakims Governments alleged sleaze,and massive Corruption that took place in the State,during his rule as the Govano of the State.I advise that what this later day defenders of Mr Ikedi Ohakim,should have done,was to advise him to appear b4 the panel set up by the State Government of State to investigate him with all the facts to buttress his defenc e against whatever allegations he felt dat were made against him by the State Government. Therefore to those who infere all sorts alterior moves for the invitation to Mr Ohaki m to come and give account of his Roles or stewardship to the good of Imo State,is to collect their ten(IO %) and ask the ex-Govano to honour the invitation from the Govt.of Imo state.To this latter day defence advocates of Ikedi Ohakim and his Aids and partners in crime, I say please,Let Owelle Rochas Okorocha be,and stop distractin g him from his good works and provision of dividends of good Governance and Demo -cratic dividends which the people of the State were denied during Mr Ikedi Ohaki ms despotic rule in the Imo State.

    • Chairman February 7, 2013 at 10:29 pm

      Can some ppl please read to understand and comment on the facts? it’s unfortunate that most ppl will only see a caption and without reading, draw conclusions, if you ppl who claim to love rochas realy love him, you will tell that he is full of shit if actuaaly he is full of shit and equaly praise him when he does the right thing, rushing every time to label any one who said anything negetive about him a paid writer or a pdp member is just proving how stupid and little minded you are and rochas himself will have more respect for this your so called paid writers because he is not fooling them but you, but of cause he will not tell you this. As far as I am concerned there are not much difference between rochas and ohakim

  6. Eze February 7, 2013 at 12:21 pm

    You’ve really spoken well @RICHARDSON,but I still consider Mr George’s contribution, considering the fact that the writter was paid handsomely to write this piece, let me reassure the writter that this writeup will never hold water, because our people says seeing is believing, You can only castigate non performing governor not somebody like governor Owele Rochas Okorocha, what he’s doing in Imo is quite evident.
    Even if Ohakin left some money, believe me it wasn’t deliberate because he was strongly hoping to return as
    Imo state governor, losing the Imo governorship seat was a big shocker which he’s yet to fully recover from.
    Ohakin has no such capacity to leave such huge money behind being whom he is, may I advice the writter to channel his gods giving gift of writing to other useful areas,
    Ohakin may not have houses all over but he misused and wasted lots of resources also abused office. After Okorocha’s tennor, he should likewise render account to the next administration if requested. This is a very simple thing, please let’s stop this senseless propaganda against Rochas administration………

    • mikapower February 8, 2013 at 10:54 am

      Shut up,where are your from and what is he doing in Imo state?Do you work on pages of newspaper?Do you match your achievement with the state monthly allocation or you short changed the state and inflate contracts?W e live in Imo state and we can tell you better.The man called Rochas is a noise maker and knows nothing about governance.When the public is singing a song of this nature to a sitting Governor then his own is finished.(ikiri ka onye oshi nma) i hope you know the meaning.The man is a rogue.Simple.

  7. Nnaemeka February 7, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    @Sgt Rogers when will you stop insulting people. If Ohakim did all these wonderful things as enumerated by this writer, let him go to the commission of inquiry and shame the governor and his people with facts. As for me, Imo has never had it so good.

  8. Jonathan February 7, 2013 at 3:34 pm

    From all indication, Governor Okorocha hate ohakim with passion and want by all means his total downfall. Remember, ur not God, and some people inherited empty treasury , still become one of the best GOVERNORS, do not blame Ohakim if u failed the expectations of Imolites. Stop complaining Rochas

  9. Bart February 7, 2013 at 3:46 pm

    Political Jobbers, una too like money. Thank you very much George Kalu, Okeke, Ebuka Amaechi, Eze and Nnaemeka. You see what money can do. Okpalaeke has been paid handsomely to do a job and he has delivered and collected his pay. What a shame in this country to try every means possible to cover the truth. I wonder where he stays in Owerri that he cannot see the difference between the administration of Ohakim and that of Owelle Rochas Okorocha. I am not from Imo State but the good work of Okorocha has spread around the country that I have decided to visit Owerri in my next vacation. A woman that I know in Port Harcourt has relocated all her children back home (Imo state) to state schools. If the administration of Okorocha is bad, I dont think any sane person would venture into doing that. For this reason alone and other information gathered from that State, please Mr Okpalaeke, stop the propaganda and do something useful with your talent.
    According to George Kalu, please stop this market women gossip of yours.
    Thank you.

  10. Seriously February 7, 2013 at 4:31 pm

    Most of you do not know the writter but I can authoritatively tell you his name to be Kelechi Okpaleke, the erstwhile “commissioner of information” or should I say MISINFORMATION during Ikedi Ohakim’s administration. He was the architect of the internet and media propaganda of that administration. It seems, he is still trying to mis-inform the good people of Imo State.
    My advice to Rochas is he should beam his searchlight on Ohakim’s commissioners because from this write up, I believe people like Okpaleke has something to hide. The kind of fear he has been exhibiting since the coming into office of the present dispensation shows he has a skeleton in his cupboard.
    A clear conscience fears no accusation. If Okpaleke’s and his boss Ohakim’s hands are clean, why fear a probe? Even if it is a kangaroo court? But with the kind of reaction coming from them, it shows that Ohakim, his executive team and their co-travellers were nothing but “common thieves” as the English court termed Ibori. That is what we see when 419-ers are in government house.

  11. Seriously February 7, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    People shouldn’t blame Rochas for anything he is doing to Ohakim. Payback, as the Americans say, is a bitch. Ohakim did same to Udenwa after Udenwa imposed him on Imolites through the back door. Biting the finger that fed him.
    I thank God that the evil governance of Ohakim was removed by Imolites themselves not by our corrupt politicians. Our corrupt politicians should learn from Ohakim’s downfall and cries now. He who has ear let him hear.

  12. Rogers February 7, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    @ nnaemeka,what is ohakim going to commission to do,the commission that has already been biased,what ohakim did WAs right to be on the safer side,I don’t insult pple for ur information,by 2015 he will definitely get out of that Douglas house,and. Another person will come and probe him…with. All this his borrowing…

  13. Bart February 7, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    Rogers please grow up. Thats all.

  14. Rogers February 7, 2013 at 9:11 pm

    Thank u @ BArt,I will grow up as u advised me..God bless u,for knowning the truth and refusing to say it…..

  15. Ben igwe February 7, 2013 at 11:21 pm

    D writer is a charlatan because the ” taste of the pudding is in the eating” imolites are not cut out for academic write ups any more because they ve been starved of any thing close to good governance after Dee Sam Mbakwe. It amazes me that some shameless theifing politicians like IKIRI will still walk the streets of Imo n Nigeria freely. It will be appreciated if indeed IKIRI left 22b naira in Imo treasury because he wouldn’t have spent that kind of amount just for green and white paint on idle fences and medians on the streets of Owerri. A vision less dick head governor he was.

  16. i k a February 8, 2013 at 6:14 am

    well for all this ridiculouse move against a performing govn like rochas instead of a man that takes imo state back to the17 century, l only have bad governance and it brainchild hunger to blame. because here people have learn to support at all cost whomsoever they receive a stippend from even though it is 100,100 naira shaing during political campaigne period too bad. don’t be suprise that some of this acclaimed supporters of ohakim are those whom he uplifted with things as little as polo and facecap.may god deliever niger.

  17. collins iroham February 8, 2013 at 8:04 am

    mr.kelechi okpalaeke should fold his hand on his face in he think that he can deceive the imolite with his cheap write is only fools and enemy of progress like okpalaeke,the 10,thousand jobs and the sacked P.D.P local govt council chairmen and thier councellors will not see any good that comes from gov.Okorocha.we all know that Ohakim wasted a lot of imo state resources and he did nothing for that 4 yrs he ruled imo state.the bible said when the righteous is on the throne the people rejoice the people of imo state is happy with Okorocha.if Ohakim is a saint as Okpalaeke is trying to force us to beleive in his paid write up let his master go and face the panal, whether kangaroo or lion panal let him face it jariii!

  18. Biafra February 9, 2013 at 8:33 am

    Come to my place at naze in owerri north LGA and said that trash, that owelle will be out by 2015, u will be stone to death infact owelle dnt need campaign to win massively in 2015,owelle will rule til 2019, rochas good works and achievements are there on the good,there are roads revolution,free education, pdp thought he can’t achieve it,i believe they are hiding their face in shame of rochas achievements,am in owerri so i can tell u that owelle is the best after mbakwe

  19. mike February 9, 2013 at 10:20 am

    This paid writer I dont know if you have sense at all, if Ohakim kept all these money before leaving office, why did he do that? are those money meant to be kept in the governments account or be used for what they were meant for, if so then why didnt he use the money for what they were meant for a decided to keep such huge amount of money in the governments account. The truth is that if Ohakim had seen even N500,000 in the governments account before leaving office he will take because he and his PDP are al,l criminals, let them keep paying writers to keep writing we are not fools we know who is who,

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