Okorocha receiving treatment in UK –Imo Government



Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, was discharged from UK Hospital yesterday evening. Commissioner for Information, Mr.Chinedu Offor, who announced his discharge, said Governor Okorocha is now an out-patient. A medical examination carried out on the governor at the hospital revealed that Okorocha did not suffer any fracture or internal bleeding after his convoy was involved in an accident  on Friday.

It was gathered that the governor, who underwent scanning to determine the extent of damage by the accident, did not suffer any fracture or internal bleeding. Confirming the governor’s state of health to Sunday Sun yesterday, the commissioner said he had undergone scanning without any fracture detected and that he was said to be in a stable condition. “The governor has done scanning and no fracture was seen.

Also, no internal bleeding was detected, but he has been experiencing minor headaches,” he said. Okorocha, who was on a road project inspection tour when his vehicle had a head-on collision with an oncoming car at Orlu-Owerri road about 3 p.m. on Friday, was first rushed to a nearby hospital before being flown abroad for further medical examination.

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  1. Fools in govt! Why won’t he seek medical attention in UK when d staff of the state owned teaching hospitals are being owed for months? We can make our hospitals compete with d ones abroad if our leaders are committed and sincere

  2. collins iroham on

    I wish you speedy recovery my admireable Governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha and also the entire Las palmas wing of Ndi Igbo medical Doctors Ass.also wishes you speedy recovery we love your good works and what you,re doing in our home land Imo state,keep it up!! You are in the majority,onye ruaa..ya erie..(if you work you eat) The spirit and prayers of the orphans,and more than one million imo students you gave free education will not allow you to be wasted by the public enemy of Imo state.Ndoo! Owelle.

    • are u sure u hv been to imo state b4 and now?are u sure u knw politics at all?are u those that belive anything u read even to brain wash u?grow low brain…medical staff my ass

  3. A governor of Imo state in the year 2013 doesnot believe in the government he is supposed to be running,He can not build a modern hospital,equip it for himself , his saff and the people so as not to waste time and money flying abroad to get a scan and/or treatment.It should be leadsership by example,not corruption/misleadership by example .Shame on you.
    He does not deserve to be governor of Imo state,nor does Imo state deserve him.Shame on him.

  4. Quickest recovery ever experienced in this life Mr Governor,we need people like you Owelle,may Allah guide and protect you your whole life,long live Anayo,get well real snappy.

  5. Rubbish, so you rushed to London for an ordinary scan? The first doctor here that referred you to London should be sacked. Rochas, when your time to die comes no hospital inthe earth will save you. Maybe you will be rochetted to planet Jupiter for treatment. Animal in human skin!

  6. Foolish Nigerian governors. Always getting themselves into these accidents. They think road, aviation and whatever safety rules apply only to other mortals.

  7. peter omelazu on

    shame on all of you in position of authority to provide these services for which you quickly run abroad to enjoy the same services which was built by men like you who at one time realised the need and used their citizens tax payers money for useful purposes.Shame on you who molest women and play politics with everything.But evil.THE COST OF THE CHARTERED FLIGHT WITH WHICH He was flown abroad was more than enough to provide that same scanner for Government hospital in Imo state . Shame on you white sepulchre who wash the cup outside but the inside cup filled with ,worms and poison.

  8. Odinakachukwu on

    It is really a shame that our so-called leaders never learn anything. Because of a minor accident Rochas rushed abroad to carry out a scan. Look at the example of the Kogi governor who was involved in a serious accident that got him heavily injured, he still treated himself at a hospital in Abuja. But Rochas eager to squander public money, which has become his favourite pastime, did not waste time in flying to London for such minor treatment. It is really a shame.

  9. Gentlemen there is no need for all these harsh words. We all know what is wrong and what is not in Nigeria. However, our leaders should take the lead, shikenan

  10. I tink Okorocha shuld watch it as regards to the frequency of road cum convoy mishap he encounters. First was wit the senator C. Anyanwu, this time is with an ananymous road user. He shuld be wary of these presage as they may represent a call to retrace his steps and improve the lives of his subject in the state.

  11. The common man is in serious problem in this country,for any slightest excuse our so called representatives will fly out for medical treatment,very shameful indeed.

  12. How can Ikiri turn his name to Okpetu, we know ur words when it come out, u want him to do magic by doing all whitin 2 years in office, when u people are they what can u boast of, thank God for that accident, there are two lessons in the accident one less ur speed when driving, two equip our hospitals, I know Rochas must do something about this two when he come back, federal road safety corps is our governors above the law, arrest them when they overspeed it will make history, if u fail to as I advice, u must join those foolish criminals called police soon.

  13. a big shame on my governor,dat means a knife cut in the kitchen the wife wil travel to u.k for stichn.wat happened to imo teaching huspital?wat happened to imo f.m.c? People think he is the best while he is just fraud.THE MORE U LOOK THE LESS U SEE format governor.God must surely deal wit u

  14. Am highly disappointed in my d̶̲̥̅̊€ã® Governor Owele Rochas Okorocha,tot he meant well for our hospitals but am not convince with his going abroad for Ω̴ minor head injury that all of them Α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ †ђξ same. Federal Medical Center Owerri revived my Daddy W̶̲̥̅̊Н̲̣̣̣̥​ε̲̣̣̣₪ he came back from USA after wasting millions th. †ђξ Governor travelled t̲̣̣̥O̶̲̥̅̊ London for common scanning which Ω̴ year 2 student of Medicine & surgey can handle. May †ђξ G̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅ God save us from all these fake leaders we have in this country

  15. may you recover quickly my dear Owelle Rochas Anayo Sanusi Bello Okorocha. As a leader, whatever you do, whether for good or bad, people mus talk.

    • peter omelazu on

      “ociagha,so his name is also sanusi below.No wonder his involvement in apc the boko haram political wing.

  16. Emeka Emefesi on

    Rochas, I wish u a quick recovery, n after recovery pls kindly emulate Gov Peter Obi of Anambra, so dat u shall avoid pride, I mean talking n behaving as if tomorrow no dey also when u return pls kindly go n reconcile with ur ex deputy. Finally, seek Igbo pardon as u are betray us by joining Aboki’s party a p c to fight us. Gov. Peter Obi, remains one of these so called polititians, if not d only one dat never runs to abroad while having a slighted fever.

  17. May God grant him speedy recovery the people’s Gov. He will live to bring the good work he has started in IMO state to conclusion.
    But must he travel abroad? Cant he fix the Hospitals in IMO state to do the scanning?

  18. Why all dis insults on our able governor, so he dnt hv right of pravcy anymore, is it blcos he is a governor nw? Haven’t him be going abroad 4 treatment b4 he became a governor? Let put sentiment aside nd b realistic, Gov Rochas is trying in IMO STATE lets support him 4 more development to come .is step by step he can nt do magic , in less dan 2 yrs in office, he has done wht sm PDP governors cn nt do in dia 8 yrs in power. Pls lets support him once again. Long live OWELLE long live IMO STATE

    • Weda u call urself isaac ama or wot mind u dat Owelle Rochas Okorocha has bn doing great things 4 indigent people of nigeria wit his private resources as a wealthy man but u & ur pay master ohakriminal wot can u people be remembered of in ur state imo let alone nigeria.pls look 4 more lucrative trade if u hav non & stop distracting urself. idiot.

    • Weda u call urself isaac ama or wot mind u dat Owelle Rochas Okorocha has bn doing great things 4 indigent people of nigeria wit his private resources as a wealthy man but u & ur pay master ohakriminal wot can u people be remembered of in ur state imo let alone nigeria.pls look 4 more lucrative trade if u hav non & stop distracting urself.

  19. @ Collins Iroham , shut up your useless mouth! Methinks , your organisation in Spain is pure native doctors oriented. How there you referred your group in Spain as Nigeria medical doctors association ? Which physician as claimed by you composed essays in a smattering English that misses up syntax and lexicons to such unfashionable manner?
    That your Rastafarian Governor , Alhaji Okorocha Rochas , has bagged himself a single tenureship Governor in the state with act. This final onslaught he gave out to Imo state treasury is second to known in the corridor of power in Nigeria.
    The eight wonders of the world has been created by the sultan of Imo , Alhaji Okorocha Rochas .
    2 minutes , 40 seconds treatment is all what Alhaji needed to jet back to Nigeria from London on a head injury he sustained in a ghastly motor accident , what a way of squandering tax payers money?

  20. owele rochas; god is behind u. we know those criticising u for nothing. in termes of hospitals that hv bn neglected many yrs ago, withine your two yrs in office u hv put them under construction. so for this I will not join in asking why u travel outside for medicare, I know that ur two yrs effort are not enoughe to accommodate all so ur movement to abroad to give room to those who cannot afford overseas treatment is a wise descition as of now to avoid rush to an uncompleted facility.rochas u stand for change and the masses are seeing it so no amount of criticism can make us to forget ur good works to imo and the entire igbo land. remain foccuse, evil men abound this days but do not give room to any. owele rochas I thank god for your suvival, ride on

  21. The man is an empty fool. Scan is available everywhere in Nigeria, even in private health facilities. Neurosurgeons also abound, even in private facilities, but he chose to fly out for treatment of minor bruise. I pity Imo state with the calamitous characters that have been inflicted on the Government house.

  22. u called urself owerre or what I know since two yrs now u hv nothing doing becouse ur team is permenently pushed out of power, though u hv not joined kidnappers as of now because that might be the reason why u hv all the time on this mother earth to answer every comment made in favour of okorocha. still I advise that u try to look for something doing. no matter how small atleast that will keep u busy atimes.

  23. @Son of Igbo, we all wish him full & quick recovery so he can back & do the work ndi Imo sent/voted him to do. Don’t bring PDP, ACN, APC in this matter. He was in APP, ANPP, PDP, AA, PDP, APGA & now moving to APC. Make sure you put some hospitals in order before 4yrs is up. You have done so much within a short time. We ask for more & its our right to. My brother, by His stripes you are healed. IJN. Amen. Owelle, I wish you the best.

  24. Chukwudi victor Chinedum on

    It’s so sad & baffling hearing abusive words been poured on Gov R.Okorocha.Envy doesn’t anything at all.Before he became a Governor,he had been doing good humanitarian services.Why all these invalid&negative criticisms?Go to Abia State and sèe what has happened there since 6yrs.Gov Okorocha remains THE BEST GOVERNOR in the S/E Nigeria.

  25. english man owerre without mistakes, note i am not educatad like u. no matter how far u go in condemming ur gorv with sofisticated education u still mispelt bloody as boody mind u no one is above mistakes. pls don’t be offended with my statement it is just for u to see reason for redress and allow ur gorv. to be. see how offended ur, do to I one man statement and compare yourself with owelle whom u hv bn attacking for more than a year without him replying. I will not call u a bloody illiterate for any reason. i will rather wish u quick recovery from ur ways thanks.

  26. When will all this so coll pdp wil stop chalengin there GOD???? They give bribe to impech GOD sent man OWELLE, becuse they want to tak pawer by all means. Ikiri and his so colled grup has gone forever pdp are evil indeed they have fail bot state and naigerias. My able GOV OKOROCHA i WISH YOU QUICK RECOVRY. ONE WITH GOD IS MAJORITY evil pdp wit there wicked work must perish, ndewo ezigbo nwafor IDEATO ji emeonu………..

    • Please don’t use God’s name in vain. Remember Abacha was “God sent”! You can ask Daniel Kalu of YEAA.
      It is a shame for any Gov in any country to seek medical help outside their country. If he can’t get the health institution to such a state that accident and emergency can be handled in country, then he or she has no business leading a state.
      The Senate should promulgate a law banning all members of state and federal executives from seeking medical help abroad, sending their children abroad or going on state paid vacation abroad.

  27. Idiot , it was immediately put into correction just to let you know it was occasioned to be typographical error, did anyone asked me to do that? You can see the difference is clear (mumu).

  28. Coco- Bassey,Esu on

    i read those trying to pull down Rochas in their comments are ibos,they have pull down syndrome in their blood.is Rochas d first to visit outside for medical treatment,even president kids visit for ordinary malaria that can b treat here,Rochas decided to visit to rule out any ailment in him not to affect him in due course,wat u shld advise him is to improve on health facility in d state and not pull down syndrome of ibos

  29. When will all this so coll pdp wil stop challengin there GOD???? They give bribe to impech GOD sent man OWELLE, becuse they want to tak pawer by all means. Ikiri and his so colled grup has gone forever pdp are evil indeed they have fail bot state and naigerias. My able GOV OKOROCHA i WISH YOU QUICK RECOVRY. ONE WITH GOD IS MAJORITY evil pdp wit there wicked work must perish, ndewo ezigbo nwafor IDEATO ji emeonu………..

  30. All the enemy of OWELLE must die becuse no peace for the wicked, all the evill pdp otimkpus whot is rong with ROCHAS traveling to abroad????? Is he the ist GOV to travel abroad??? You evill pdp otimkpus how many times did ikiri travel wit imo state money? Shame to you pipl enemy of progress, OWELLE gaba ni eru. Chukwu nonyere gi, nwafor IDEATO and IMO ji emeonu, we IDEATO YUOTH WISH YOU QUICK RECOVRY SIR.

  31. Ebuka Amaechi on

    As Ive already advisd that proper investigat ion should be carried on the Driver of the Car that rammed into the Governor Owelle Rochas Convoy, to assertain the State of his mind,the motive and his political leaning in view of the recent ugly/distablizn developments in the APGA,where the Governor ve exhibited his political fore sight & sagacity to allign the party with the Progressives in Naiga to shawn politics of exclussion & Regionali sm.However it as a National shame that The Governor has to be flown to London where Scan was conducted on him to determine the extent of his injury,if any,he sustained.Thanks to he did not sustain any injuries,except minor head ache.Whither Nigerian States and its corrupt and self centred leaderships at all levels?The late President Nkurumah of Ghana once discribed Nigeria as a toothless bull Dog.I dont know if the likes of late Dr Nkurumah were to be alive today ,how he would have described this self aclaimed Gaint of Africa.To Owelle Okorocha,I decree that he shall not be afraid for the Terror by night,nor for the arrow that flieth by day.A thousand shall fall at thy side,and ten thousand at thy right hand,but it shall not come nigh thee.While only thine eyes shalt behold and see the reward of the wicked. Peoples Governor,NNO FROM OBODO BEKEE!!!

  32. benson tamino on

    Why are you complaining that igbo’s are exposing okorocha? So we should not say the truth because we are igbo’s, here comes centiments that is witholding nigeria from improving. I taught he said he said he built one million hospitals everywhere in imo state ? So how come he left the hospitals and decide to go Uk for ordinary scanning? Make we no dey play ourselves wayo.

  33. Rochas proclaimed that he built state-of-the-art hospitals in the state. Why didn’t he use them?
    Rochas is what Fela calls ITT -International thief theif!

  34. Mr. English, Owerri, before you come out to correct someone make sure it must be on something you know very well. How can you claim to be a master of English to the extent you want to correct another person when you can not spell ‘HERCULEAN’ correctly? May i quickly bring to your knowledge that there is no English word known as ‘HARCULLIAN’. So my dear enemy of progress, it is ‘HERCULEAN’ and not ‘HARCULLIAN’. Consult your dictionary please. Even your entire write-ups is packed with many grammatical, mechanical, and constructive errors that you ought to have noticed if at all you know English language as you claim.

  35. Isaac Ama, Rochas has never told us he has built state of the art hospital, don’t lie against him. Before you say anything about the government you should know there are people who follow the governance closely even more than you do. Rochas only said he will build and equip 27 new General Hospitals for the 27 LGA of the state, which are under construction as we speak right now. Anyone that says he has not seen any in his local govt. is nothing but a crunic liar. Let us wait for the governor to complete the hospitals before we score him on health sector. Remember he is just less than two years in office. If there is anyone we should heap blame on for the poor state of State hospitals, i believe it should be heaped on the corridor of past governors who did virtually nothing to give standard hospitals rather than condemn Rochas who only sort for his life.

  36. why won’t rochas go to UK for scanning in fact, i would advice he should go from there to US for a physioterapy to India for rescanning and finally to dubai for shopping before returning to continue with his ‘good’ work in imo state. l wish you quick recovery. please don’t mind your detractors, they are just busybodies seeking cheap attention.

  37. collins iroham on

    Owerri! Do you think that you can make a living by insulting Owelle Rochas Okorocha and those that praised him for his good works? Owerri why can’t you pick a job since you can write old English which is no longer accepted today.Owerri if you are genuine,why can,t you disclose your real identity so we can help you out from your poverty.you are painting real Owerri man black.you are a common Douglas Rd criminal who hide under Owerri as a name to cause mischief to this forum.because if your a busy man you may not have all the time to reply every comment, because you have no job that’s why all you attentions is centred in internet.pls.be usefull to your self before you die.

  38. The problem with our Leaders is nothing but misplacement of priorities.Most times I wonder what the so called advisers are doing.Is it that our Leaders do not take the advice of their advisers or the advisers do not advise them well?
    I heard Rochas is constructing new general Hospitals in all the Local Governments in the State.This I call misplacement of priority.What happened to the old General Hospitals? What he would have done is to upgrade the existing ones and build new ones in the Local Governments that had none before now.This will save a lot of money which should have been used to equip the hospitals with state of the art equipment.I have been to at least two (2) General Hospitals in Imo State in the past: General Hospital Arondizuogu in Ideato North LGA and the one at Ihitte-Uboma LGA.The structures I saw there was magnificent especially that of Arondizuogu,what it needs is just renovation and buying and installing the necessary medical equipment.

    Coming to the accident involving the Governor of Imo State.Most of our Leaders behave as if life has duplicate on our roads.They do not obey traffic rules.They drive against traffic and nothing happens to them.They do not watch their speed having in mind that vehicles can suddenly develop mechanical fault on the way.Hitting his head on the windscreen from the back seat means he is not using his seat belt.
    A friend of mine in Austria told me that their President most time drives himself without convoy or sirens but in Nigeria,a ward Councillor moves with convoy and sirens.If after investigation and the investigators confirmed he drove against the traffic,FRSC should take him to Court for proper sanctions.I wish him speedy recovery but heading to London makes caricature of his health reforms in Imo state.

  39. Boney London on

    Was the Governor on his seat belt? Why didn’t the airbag deplore in a head on collision? Was this accident staged to distract from the EFCC involvement in the nonsense going on in Imo State? And to add salt to injury the Governor was flown abroad for a minor fender bender. Why not, since they fly their girl friends in first class to go to Heathrow airport to buy ordinary cognac for them. It is good that Nigerians are reacting to this medical madness abroad. One of thee days they will say enough is enough.

  40. Collins iroham , you have bought over the press war by aligning yourself with evil. It should now be centered between me and you including your fake Drugs union association in that impoverished country that hung themselves in Spain.
    Your under cover up there will never escape you from being taken to law court on illicit drug peddling .
    @ Smart Ugo , you will come out from your shelf to defend between New English and Old English Language . Maybe , you have assisted Nigeria to mould one. That will graciously help us to forge ahead to erect good/decent hospitals , speed limit regulation , pomposity , recklessness and cowardice before Imolites could march down to London for minor cut from our key boards.
    You people should decide ahead of time before I continue my attack on your berand governor , Alhaji Sanusi Bellow Owelle Anayo Rochas Okorocha .
    The man with longest name , just ask yourself a question if this alone are not good enough to adjudged him to be another Idi Amin of Uganda in the making.
    Better recall your brother , native doctor Collins iroham from Spain before he loose his focuss at home , then two of you could proceed to my office without delay for immediate employment that attracts good remuneration , okay!
    Name that poor man/woman in Nigeria that has all it takes to challenge his perceived foes on social media uninterrupted ?
    You still believe , we are of same cadre?
    You can cry to heaven sky , my position on your reckless or berand governor are irrevocable . I have sincerely put this to you animals.

  41. Lazy people , are you not snoring as at now? This is the right time men goes for war, I’m not right?
    This is the most appropriate time to onleash vituperation , pls come out . I’m hungry for war now than ever before. Lazy people , where are you? Smart Ugo and Native Doctor Collins iroham where are you?
    These sycophants of our modern day Nigeria , where are you now? Let us devour ourselves now!

  42. Ochinanwata Don on

    i can see dat most of the commentators here are sufering frm ignoramus, object poverty and insensitive. Y all dis sentimental n useless coments frm bunch of illiterates who are using dis platform 2 learn hw 2 speak english. If i may ask, WAS OWELLE ROCHAS A POOR MAN WHO CANNOT AFFORD TREATMENT ABROAD B4 HE BECAME GOVERNOR? WAS HE AMONG THOSE WHO CAME INTO GOVT HOUSE WIT A FLAT BOOT MECEDINCE BENZ N NW RIDING A CONVOY? D answer is NO. Y not pray 2 ur God 2 make u a great persn in life dan dis wicked thoughts n wishes. Bcos dis kind of wicked mindset can make somone remain in poverty 4eva. ”ONYE BURU EBU EBUGO KWANU”

  43. Native Dr Collins iroham , more herbal leaves are here , incase you need any to assist other looters in the state that are inflicted with mental problems.

  44. I think the Governor should change the team of his convoy, something is fishing, they maybe Judas to him. PDP is out for him anything goes Oga. Nigerians are goally for money., they do not care.

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