Ojukwu’s Will: It’s a fake document –Emeka (Jnr)



The controversy trailing the Will of late Biafran leader, Odumegwu Ojukwu continued yesterday with Emeka Jnr who was read as the first son describing the document as fake. He dismissed the Will presented by Barr Emeka Onyemelukwe, contesting that he is a private counsel to Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu and not that of late Emeka Ojukwu.

Speaking at his country home in Nnewi, Anambra State, Ojukwu jnr argued that he has a copy of the original Will written by his father and not what he called the fraud presented as a Will. His words: “There have been rumours up to yesterday that there is an attempt to read the will and that they intend to make changes in the original will. Well, I have not seen the will that they read.

“Now, there are issues that come to mind, why were they no members of Ojukwu family when the Will was read? They were not invited and they were not told. “She was here last Sunday when we removed the mourning cloth and since she knows that the Will would be read, she would have invited us or even put us on notice. “

Now, the lawyer that is supposedly doing all this things is not our father’s lawyer, Mr Onyemelukwe is not a lawyer that is known to the family as Ezeigbo’s lawyer. Remember when Ezeigbo was sick, the same Lawyer went to the press to claim that Ezeigbo is getting better and that he is now on exercise and would soon come home while he was lying.

It is still the same lawyer that claimed to have custody of the will. And I told everybody that it was not true and that since my father was flown to England, he never lifted an arm or spoke a word until his death finally”.

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    • when i hear the word of of Ojukwu son i really know that he is the really son of his father, bianca, lawyer and peter obi know what happend to Ojukwu

      • Elijah; iam worried that the same Emeka Jr is silent on the non inclusion of his elder brother DEBE from the will, he insists he is the first son of Gen. Emeka Ojukwu, in which case the family house willed to Emeka jr should have been willed to DEBE, is it now possible to say that both Emeka jr and Bianca manipulated the will against Debe? If it was possible for the late Gen to disown his first son and displace him with Emeka jr, why would he also not will his choice properties to the children he spent his last days with? My brother Elijah, he who seek equity does equity, he who goes to equity goes with clean hands. Emeka is happy that he is now called the first son but he is not happy that a will was read at Enugu. whoes fooling who?

        • Nkechinyere,read it up;according to the purpoted Will,Ikemba was quoted as saying that his main building in Nnewi is a binding legacy that will unite the entire family.It implies that the house belongs to no one person.

    • after all Ojukwu did for all indigbo what this lawyer have to pay him back is to change his will to couse trubl in his family, but i tell you today you this lawyer you must pay for this, that is all i can say for now, love of money and how much can biacan pay you to put this kind of course on you


  2. Bona Orakwe from Uk on

    Many dirty linen are going to be washed in the public soonest. No respect for the dead. What is life if after all struggles for prominence our legacies become a mirage and vessels of commotion.

  3. You father lived and left a will, forget about inheritance and pursue you destiny. If you father’s will fall short of your expectation, then go and work hard and make up for the shortfall and make a better will for your children. I wish the man leave everything for charity the way most western will do. It is so shameful to see people scrambling for inheritance when they where not born crippled

  4. Emeka you are lieing and I now see why you were not given your due. It looks like you were disrespectful to EZEIGBO GBURUGBURU.

  5. hahahahahahaha Bianca should be careful if at all she did such thing with the lawyer and you that make this statement should be sure of what you are saying because this matter is sensitive and is not something some will just put a false statement to defend his/her or collaborate with any lawyer both real and fake one in concern….. this is a family issue and you people should settle it with peace and truthfulness and as well accept whatever that is rightfully belong to anyone as the original will of the ezeigbo stated…. we don’t want all this issue to continue in press and court because it will bring shame and disgrace to ezeigbo and entire igbo community

  6. How convenient that the hotel in Zaria was already sold, and the proceeds deposited in ojukwu’s bank account. Then out of nowhere someone named Teni Hamman was named as a secret love child of Ojukwu who is to inherit the “already sold” hotel with money deposited in ojukwu’s bank account. To put it all together, Bianca who knew nothing about the supposed will by magic inherits the bulk of the property and all monies left in Ojukwu’s bank account. Now watch this, where is the so called Teni Hamman? If she does not show up, then Bianca owns the money from the hotel that was miraculously sold even after Ojukwu supposedly willed it to the so called love child. If he was of sound mind then he could not have sold the hotel and also will it to Teni Hamman since he no longer owned said hotel. This tells you that whoever manipulated the writing of this will was not as smart as they thought. To many errors in this comedy of greed, and only a competent court can decipher how such a horrible will was purportedly written. When was this will written, and which lawyer was handling Ojukwu’s affairs when he was alive before he had a stroke? Only time will tell, and where is this Teni Hamman?

  7. But how can a will be red in the absence of the family members? don’t you think there’s a foul play there?emeka fight for ur rites.

  8. Oh Emeka jnr you claimed that you have the original copy of the Will then my question to you is how did you come about the so called original copy of the Will you claimed you have becouse i was made to understand that its only the lawyer who have access to Will of a deceased and so Emeka jnr i think your beginning to expose your questionable character in the public and that was why the main Will didnt favour you and Sylvester.Emeka jnr you claimed that Ojukwu families were not present in the court wen the Will was read and that Iyom Bianca was was present sunday wen mourning cloth was removed and since she knows that the Will would be read,she would have invited you people or eve put you people on notice,now i ask you Emeka jnr are you not ashamed of yourself for making such a comments on air by expecting Iyom Bianca to notify you and your co that the Will will be read yesterday becouse if I myself who is not the memeber of late Ojukwu family can remember the day the Will be read and look forward for the D-day then you who is the regitimet and bonefide son of late Ojukwu could not and your expecting Bianca to give you special invitation and invite you to be present wen your own father’s Will will be read.This has confermed how prodigal son you are to your father and our great leader late Odumegwu Ojukwu and if you and cohort could stay back and wait for Bianca to give you special invitation to be present in your late father’s Will that means you never a serious and humble son to your late father Ojukwu wen he was alive,so mr Emeka jnr better not watch your dirty linen more in the public and stop disgracing yourself in the public

    • Mr Stine, your write up shows you as more of an illiterate than a misinformed villager. To the rest of you out there let us just await the Nollywood release of this epic production which might turn out better or worse than the one about the Abiola’s. Food for thought; most great polygamists end up being rubbished at death by the products of that act of greed.

    • stein, i think you are loosing it. your english and grammer are like a public school stuff because i think you want to know what ‘WILLS and WILLINGS’ are all about.

      i will advise you not to comment any more on this issue.i do not know where you come from and where you are going.

    • Mr chykee or whatever you call yourself,can you shut your mouth for ounce since its becoming so obvious that you are such a stack illiterate and a misinformed village boy,your comments here is becoming an embarrassment to Igbo Elites,and am becoming convinced you have personal ties with this lady Bianca who is now sharing Ojukwu”s property herself,enfranchising his legitimate sons and wiling properties which she and her criminal lawyer has sold to a faceless Teni hamman,go on Bianca,God will judge all of us.

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    • Steve, it has become worrisome how deceitful fraudsters like you always attack intelligent discussions with your stupid traps. Your gains lie only in your ability to deceive others while good or bad someone sits back and reaps from both parties. Try your hands on something meaningful. Give your life to Jesus:-):-):)

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    • Chukwudi, it has become worrisome how deceitful fraudsters like you always ambush intelligent discussions with your stupid traps. Your gains lie only in your ability to deceive others while good or bad someone sits back and reaps from both parties. Try your hands on something meaningful. Give your life to Jesus:-):-):)

  11. Now i knw the reason why POLYGAMOUS FAMILY is a CURSE and a torn to the flesh..thats the problem ISREAL is suffering in GAZA with PALESTENIANS..this is the greatest mistake of ABRAHAM..and many re still making the mistake today..polygamy is evil..too many children but few assets to inherit even non.

  12. I love the ways this things are going, so that more facts will be revealed. I think there are things we suppose to hear which they are nt telling us. Emeka u are a disgrace to firstsonhood. And to all Emeka’s!





  14. All these Ojukwu children or rather ADULT MALES should go find themselves meaningful employments instead of wasting their time, waiting for their dead father’s largesse. Shamelessly this one is declaring a VALID WILL as fake simply because his father did not leave everything to him. Icheoku calls this guy as well as the other one Debe, to leave the nest and truly become real men who with their own hands can pursue their own destiny. How about the millions of other succcessful Nigerians whose fathers never had anything talkless of living something for them in his Will? Who left President Jonathan anything? Ditto Obasanjo, Pete Obi, Okorocha, Oshmihole as well as so many successful Nigerian men and women. The problem with some of these spoilt silver-spooners is that they do not know how to hussle and believes in undue entitlement; otherwise why would a big ass grown men like this duo, who could have even used their last name to open so many doors, sit down and like vultures, awaiting goldmine following their father’s demise. Some men Icheoku knows will even voluntarily taken over the full responsibility of their late father’s widow and her kids and provide them with addtitional support instead of this pitiful descent they are now in shamelessly asking for some more from their father’s Will. To this two guys, Icheoku says to you, “Your father does not owe you any bequeath as a matter of fact and any recieved should be thankfully acknowledged” Legally, you are no longer a minor and your dad had a surviving widow upon death to whom he could have left everything intestate but being the caring and loving father he was, decided to make a Will to accomodate your old dumb asses. Go get a life, you both.

    • Meniru shame on you for being to biased in your judgement,so it has become a crime for one to fight for his legitimate right when they are being trampled upon,why not say things the way they are and stop rigmaroling,who told you that Dede and Emeka jnr. are lazy? some people are trying to alienate them from their family and all you can say is that they are lazy,this is how we we bring curse upon our heads,i suggest you shut up since you dont know what to say and allow those legitimate sons of ikemba to fight for their rights

  15. Most of these writers are fools. Bianca is a thief. Emeka no matter how wealthy you are don’t let that woman victimise you as a complete igbo man it is your right to save yourself that insult and humuliation. U must claim your right.

  16. The bearded one lacked the moral fibre to lead purposefully. He took advantage of the Wawa (sub igbo) Bianca who barely knew her left from right when he married her with C.C. Onoh her father screaming blue murder! The bearded one betrayed C.C. Onoh and broke his heart into pieces! He was thoroughly conscienceless! How he slept with Bianca beats me! Am sure he couldn’t care less!! His extended family had better look for something better to do. They did nothing when the old fox ‘stole’ his friend’s daughter and defiled her. NCWS should be up in arms against him and obasanjo- they have scant if any regard for the womanfolk. In death the bearded one still broke hearts and this time Bianca’s with the revelation of the Haman Northern child! Bianca couldn’t care less- the wawa woman had her loot in place anyhow! Wawa bride price is cheap relative to other igbos but you get to pay somewhere down the road!

  17. Bianca na original Wawa woman! Den think say she stupid wen she go marry the bearded one who was her papa’s close friend! She wanted to have something of her own she laboured for. Indeed she laboured and sweated regularly under the massive frame of the bearded one! Now she don use Wawa funny sense collect majority of the bearded one’s worldly goods and is now ambassador on his bill! She can have a man of her age now!!Abominable and shameless duo!?

    • What a crap r u talking about dud, do you think that Bianca is a gold digger? , No. The casabianca they are talking about, does it belong to Ojukwu from the beginning? I was born and brought up in Enugu; the Casabianca that situates adjacent to state CID, opposite Opkara Avenue and behind the state secretariat is Bianca’s fashion outfit, a property given to her by her father even before she got married to Ojukwu. In addition, mind you that Bianca is not beggers neither her family, but you know the tradition, when a woman is married all her belongings goes to his husband. What he would have got from his fathers property is even more than what the media are referring to as ‘’lion shear’’. Bianca must have her original properties back before Ojukwu shear his wealth and that is what he did.

      • Hey dude, that’s not all The Bearded One gave Bianca. She sits in his place as Director in Ojukwu Transport Limited and that’s a chunk

  18. i blv its real fake coss we all knew how igbo people cherish there first son apart from that its only this first guy have longer head with bianca and why is it same bianca have all good things in the will i cant blv it the lady as used abuja connection for them haaaaaaa human being

    • Everybody is talking but nobody is thinking. Who really is the first son? Bianca is not poor. She is neither from a poor home! so Wawa or no wawa, Ojukwu or no Ojukwu, she would have made it more on her own. She was too humble and probably too crazy to fall for an old man. But she is a rare woman. What Ojukwu left for her shows that she remained committed to her love, whether imposed or desired until Ojukwu gave up the ghost. Ojukwu was a very intelligent and wise man, he knew Bianca was faithful and she deserve everything he gave her. The rest children are well off without the will. They are all adult and well raised, so why fight for what you could get and bequeaths to your own sons and daughters!

  19. This a real same, this family should drag themselves so low to de point of sending bulets to one another just cos of will. Am sure we’ve not heard de last of this. Maybe igbo elders should wade inn help resolve de matter before it get out of hand. De things stand now, each party will be ready to do almost anything just to get de upper hand.

  20. @ode u’re very stupid,senseless and a big fool.ur comment is thaughtless,baseless and really condescending.i’m sure u’re a one stupid villager from one valueless,wild and hapless tribal extracts using this media to garner some cheap attention.let me tell u,Ojukwu’s children do not need anything again from their father.Their father knew what’s best for them and have given them what they need in their life.He armed them with the best family,colledge and university educations and as well as given them best connections,what can they ever want from their father again.instead they need to help in raising their step brothers and sister under bianca’s charge.thats why ikemba gave most things to bianca so she can raise her children with equally good education.

    • My friend you didn’t have to descend so low to express your disagreement with my point of view! You missed my point which is the unconscionable act in marrying Bianca (his friend’s daughter!) which broke onoh’s. Since you didn’t mind that may you pass through what onoh went through at the lusty hands of The Bearded One who must have ogled Bianca to know end each time he visited his friend before finally moving in for the kill. It would appear The Bearded One consulted with you in making his will cause you exhibited so much knowledge of the inner working of his mind
      I will be disappointed if you do not apply to be joined in the coming law suit so you can defend the will. So long amigo!

  21. In real sense if u recall n reason wat Emeka jnr said,u find out dat there is an element of truth there,d WILL shld b read in d families present,i prayed d truth prevail

  22. This is a serious issue! but hw i wish i red de will of Ojukwu,that i may draw my conclusion on this matter logically ie.the major premises, the minor premises and conclusion. But y all dis struggle between this pple? does it min that Emeka jr does nt hav any tin doing as a man? does he nt hav a plann for him self b4 his father died? does his lif hang on his father will? y should this kind of thing bring problem to their family. it is high tim we igbos bigins to over look some of this things and face our future.how do they think Ojukwu will feel abt these things.after all his suffering on earth to make igbos an his family a better place all they hav to pay him bak for all these things he did is just the issue of his will.Oh! wht a shame is this?

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  24. Y all these?!
    Pls lets leav ojukwu’s famly alone.
    U agree,u disagree,wat 4?
    D man @ d centa is no more,so keep quiet n mind ur own biznez.
    Sun stop publishing n making dis ‘will issue’ headlines.

  25. Bianca is so desperate in life with her lawyer boy friend.Ojukwu married two wives and the head of the family after his death is Emeka Ojukwu Jnr not Bianca.Bianca should be careful in all that shes doing otherwise if Emeka Ojukwu Jnr decide to pour hot drink on the floor for her,she will be story.She cant collude with her boy friend to read the will of her late husband when the Ojukwus are still alive,this is barbaric and not Ibo culture.

  26. @uchebest,your comment show’s that,u are a product of ignorant mind ,what is Abraham’s r/ship with God?what is d definition of d holy bible concerning “WILL”.Finally,what was d advice of Jesus christ to a richman who want to accept xtainity?

  27. Where was emeka and all contesting this will and what was the relationship like when ezeigbo was alive. bianca was the closest person to ezeigbo while emeka and co kept aloof abandoning the old man when it matered most in his life, ezeigbo has favoured the one that cared for him. others should be leaking there wounds period.

  28. I think Emeka jr shot himself on the leg. How come he is in possession of his father’s will? A will should not be seen by anyone except the drafting lawyer. if indeed he has a copy, he should tell the world the name of the lawyer who drafted it.

  29. Goodwill Oleka on

    Normally, this will issue should not have been for public comments but since they brought it to the public domain, I wish to make a statement, The will which Bianca and her lawyer presented if studied well, you should discover that, there are a lot of discrepancies, Fine and good Ikemba disinherited Sylvester but recognized Emeka Jr, as his first son while willing only a property in Nnewi to him- Emeka and majority of his properties and physical cash to Bianca and her children, Fine and good the doctorate of the documents fumbled by making us to know that, a hotel in zaria which has been sold for long and money paid into late Ikemba’s account was willed by one, Teni Hamman, meaning that in the absent of the said Teni Hamman, Bianca will take all the proceed of the hotel as deposited into Ikemba’s account. If all this people who are siding Bianca can be honest to themselves they will agree with me that the name, Teni Hamman was fraudulently imprinted in the will to distract people from the truth. When that name Teni Hamman was mentioned in the court room according to report, Bianca pretended to be surprised all these are calculated ploy to cheat his late fathers real children. If we should go biblical, Bianca is a thief because she married another person’s husband but let us keep that aside for the end will bring her into judgement. All I can add here is that both Bianca and the lawyer was half intelligent in descending so low over this matter. Days ahead will unfold the mystery behind this obnoxious attitude.

  30. @ibrahim..maybe you re a product of polygamous family but i will advice you that you shld not go the way of yur fathers…could it been that OJUKWU married one wife,we will not be delibrating on this..could it been that Abraham become obstinate on the advice of her wife SARAH to sleep with their EGYPTIAN maid,peace could ve been in abundance in middle east..the fear of polygamy is the begning of wisdom..igbos re not gud in polygamous life cos it destroys generations and brings an unwaranted rascal competition to the children after their father must ve left the world.

  31. northerners are the product of polyamy polyandry and polylocothucos *greek word* so dont blame ibrahim his as u see married 32 that was why he spoke like that and he may progress than his father by marrying 42

  32. I am not an Igbo man but I share in their interests and aspirations, hence my comments.

    Emeka Jr.? Where were you when your father was sick? How come it was that lawyer that was telling everyone (including you) that Ikemba was getting better, and was doing exercise? Were you denied a visa? Did Bianca prevent people (including you) from knowing Ikemba’s whereabout?

    Your late father was not only a national figure but also a world figure. We need answers to these questions.

  33. I support those who commented that Ohaneze should intervene as matter of urgency, The catholic Bishops, pls try as much you could to save the situation by the grace of God. Sun newspaper limit your publication on that aspect.

  34. How come a wawa woman outsmarted the family of sir louis odumegwu ojukwu of NNEWI ANEDO. emeka jnr should burry his head in shame. he should have known were the rain started to beat him if trully he deserve whatever he is claiming now.


  36. BRO. CHRIS NKEM on

    To be honest, i am not happy with what is happening in house of Dim Odimegwu Chukwuemeka Ojukwu. That was a man i cherished so much in his life’s time, trusted and never supported (CHEATING) that believed in equity and justice which he fought for till death can recklessly put his house insuch mess in the name of WILL. I don’t belief it. That is why i alwats advice that people should live up right, do the right thing and condemn evil things because you never can say. I am not in the camp of any of them, but who among them that tend to go contray to the law of the land or tried to deny Sylvester Debechukwu Ojukwu

  37. BRO. CHRIS NKEM on

    his legitimate right as the first son of chukwemeka O. Ojukwu will never live to enjoy the wealth. If you see Barr. Sylvester Debechukwu Ojukwu, one need not to tell you that he is the true son of the late Ikemba of Nnewi by all standard. I am now taking stand to defend him (SYLVESTER) against the family crospiracy him is just mere jelousy/envy as a lawyer. My advice to Emeka jr. and the rest of the family is to invite the elders of the land, their fathers political associates and well meaning southeast leaders to reconcile with their most elder brother and give him his rightful place in the family. Let us assumed that he had a personal qurrel with Ikemba and he refused to forgive him uptill the time of his death,that should not lead to disowned him and that of the entire family. Do people think at all when issues of this nature arises?. If i am to be in Emeka jr’s shoes and anybody supported me to assume the position of the first son, i wiil look at that person twice, even my father, knowing the implication of such delicate issue in Igboland and else way in Nigeria. Both Bianca,her lawyer should tell others the teuth, it is all about earthly wealth and nothing more. This matter if not properly handled can wipe out the entire family, God forbid, but God can only forbid when the right thing is put in place not bad in a right place.

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