Ojukwu: Onyemelukwe didn’t write my father’s Will –Emeka Jr


•Says lawyer, Bianca playing games


The heir of the late Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, Emeka Jr., yesterday debunked the defence put up by Mr. Emeka Onyemelukwe that all family members were invited before the late Ikemba Nnewi’s Will was read. Emeka Jr said both Onyemelukwe and Ambassodor Bianca Ojukwu were playing games with the wishes of his father.

Recall that Onyemelukwe had claimed that he sent text messages to the members of the Ojukwu family and made repeated phone calls to inform them of their father’s Will to be read on that date. However, addressing newsmen in Nnewi yesterday, Emeka Jr said: “The issue is not about struggling for property. We, his (late Ikemba’s) children are all doing well. It is about a blatant attempt to subvert the wishes of my father. It’s a matter of principle.

I will not join issues with Onyemelukwe again in the media. If it becomes necessary to issue statements they will be issued as appropriate. I did not say that I don’t know him (Onyemelukwe) as a human being. I said he is not the lawyer that wrote Ezeigbo’s Will, I know many people and all of them are not lawyers. I know many lawyers all of them are not Ezeigbo’s lawyers. I know several of Ezeigbo’s lawyers. All of them did not write Ezeigbo’s Will.

The lawyer that wrote Ezeigbo’s Will is not Onyemelukwe. Emeka also explained that whatever changes Onyemelukwe had allegedly introduced in the original Will was what they were questioning. “He claims to be the family lawyer, yet, it is on record that he is attacking a member of that family in the press. When he claimed that I was lying about Ezeigbo’s condition, the events of last year proved that I was right and that indeed Ezeigbo was not armed up and exercising and did not return in March as Onyemelukwe promised.

“Furthermore, he claims to be the family lawyer, yet, apparently he does not have our phone numbers based on his own statements. It seems that the only number he didn’t have is Bianca’s number. Is it normal to invite people to the reading of a Will by a text message? “If I did not receive the so called text message, what of the other family members? Did they also not receive their text messages or are they lying also?

When he sent the text message did he receive any acknowledgment that they were received by anybody? If he did not receive acknowledgment what efforts did he make as the so- called family lawyer to reach out to the family members? Were they invited to make sure they attended? Did he send them registered letters? Did he visit them? “When in court that morning, he did not see any of Ezeigbo’s children or any of his direct family members, did he not have the option of adjourning and set another date to make all who needed to be there to have the opportunity to be there.

They are obviously playing games,” Emeka Jr concluded.

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    • Bianca is too greedy why should she said she has lion share for the will upon all the money she has and she still want to loot Ezeigbo all property all the money belong to her phhh she is greedy

  1. Obviously it is a badly planed game. How can someone who said he is a family lawyer not have the phone number of the first some of the family he is representing, he said he sent a text message and did not care whether they received it or not. On that day the will was read, when he did not see the children of the man he is representing the normal thing for him to have done is to call them to find out if they received the text. Secondly The issue of will is a serious matter that I believe the lawyer and the first son of the family should seat down to discuss about reading of the will, not by text messages.

    • You are right Zoba…at least the lawyer should contact the family member in appropriate way . more over he should have good relationship with the families first son..if he claims to be their family lawyer


  3. I’m tired of this news. Why can’t someone stand up to this family and tell them the truth, and end this media-war? Ikemba is definitely restless over there because of this unrest in his family.

  4. Emeka junior, if all the children of Ikemba are not fighting over his properties, then why are you in the news about Ikemba’s will every day. You should allow the matter to die and face your own wealth no matter how little or large it is. Emeka, your daddy may have,
    your mama may have,
    but God bless the child, who has his own!
    Hello, God bless that child who’s got his own!
    His own! His own!Emeka, his own!

    • The Law Society should question his sincerity. Again the Igbos have got a tradition! Automatically Her Excellency Bianca Ojukwu should be part of his inheritance as the first son Ojukwu.
      Barrister Onyemelukwe owe the family an apology, as I think text message is not well enough for Ojukwu’s will. Do you summon people to court with a text message?

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  6. Why didn’t Ikemba will Bianca for Emeka Jr,and if truly the will is manipulated by the lawyer it means something intimacy is going on between him and Bianca even when Ikemba was alive.

  7. There are gud reasons on Emekas Jr.Ojukwu side.The lawyer didnt do well.A gud reasonable man shud place himself in Emekas & family shoes.Pls lets call a spade a spade.The lawyer acted so fast shows it as a game plan.Vanity upon vanity.

  8. @ London boy, i said this before that bianca, peter obi, this fake lawyer and uwazurik knows what call EZE IGBO, what uwazurika is thalikg now is the promise that jonathan mad to Igbos and he is not even talking about how to get biafra any more,,, last week palestinan nation is now recognized in united nation, and he is busy sale igbos to nigeria govt, becz Ojukwu did not alow any pas governor and presnt governor to dig oil in anambra then for the love of money that is why peter obi and co plan and kill Ojukwu, then for this man call him self a lawyer for all Ojukwu did for all igbo rac what he have to pay him back is to change His will with a woman becz of what is under the pants…… let watch and see, it can not covered for ever God is alive

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  10. Ojukwu wherever you are, I am sure you are not happy with what is happening in your family. You should have foreseen this and used your God given intelligence to avert this. All you polygamists over there take note. One man one wife is the best. Men stop creating problems! Izu ka mma na nneji!

  11. Goodwill Oleka on

    Lets us be sincere here, Emeka Ojukwu Jr. is exercising his right not that he cannot do without his fathers property as he said that he is comfortable but what need to be done should be done rightly. Bianca is a very greedy person that was why she doctored the will with the said lawyer, tell me how can a family lawyer inform those he claims to be representing of the reading of the will only by text message in Nigeria where you can send several text messages which the network will charge you without delivery the message. Again, the chosen date when he did not see all the Ikemba’s family in the court, why didn’t he adjourn the date at lest to reach the family members again? This is enough to sense that Bianca and the lawyer doctored the will, May God forgive them for choosing the way to destruction.

  12. @Ayaka: you are illiterate. don’t be forced to say what you don’t know, further more i advise you to go back to school. Anu-ofia

    • Correction, it’s little punks like you that sit on their hands waiting for another man to die so that they can fight over his property. Look, if you weren’t so stupid, you would have realized that a situation where more than six children are fighting over the properties that one man left does not look good. Here is one man(Emeka snr) who worked hard, earned money and built about four houses. Compare that to eight children who could have built houses of their own but instead chose to fighting over the effort of one man. It’s shameful! There are some first born sons who are unproductive. We have examples in the bible.Who would give responsibility to an incapable or unbalanced first son. In Ojukwu’s case, don’t forget Sylvester. As for you Nora Saro, “you can get the finger, the middle one.”

  13. Emeka jnr is on point..his statement is very clear..he is as peaceful as his father but Emmy if you can leave d WILL of a thing,i will advice you to do that cos IGBOS respect that name IKEMBA..do that for yur DAD ok..leave d woman and wish her well..cos i knw that you ve yur personal fortune..handle it well ok..i want peace to flow in the home of the MOST RESPECTED IGBO FAMILIES’ HOUSE..the world will hear of it and it will add more respect and another gudwill even wealth for you..leave that lawyer..if he falsified the WILL nature will handle everything in its’ own time.God bless OJUKWU family..The man that use the hard earn wealth of his father to fight for the dignity and respect of the IGBO NATION.

  14. This is just de begining, we’ve not seen de end yet. I expect de bulets to start flying from direction cos of de will. When loius ojukwu senior died ikemba never fought for his father will how come they are fighting now?.

  15. Sun I dnt kno weda u dnt hav ears,I told u 2 stop dis mekin dis ojukwu’s will stuff headlines.
    Lets leav d ojukwus alone,pls n mind our biynez.
    Ojukwus sort out ur diferenziz alone in d best interest of all famly membaz.pls

  16. Emeka junior YOU said that he issue is not about struggling for property, then take the share U reviced and forget this matter aswell plan for your children future, and u said Onyemelukwe is not the lawyer, then my question is who is the key lawyer, can you provide him/her to the public, I said once again stop disturbing people about this issue you know the family you came from, pls don’t turn this royal family to another thing because of property’s.

  17. He who fight ad run away wil alway cum bck 2 fight anoda day 1st ad furmost d so call WILL isnt our tradition or custom bt borrow or 4reigh culture dat is why d wil be problems. D reason why any LAND disput b/w family ad family can’t be decided in high court,appeal court or supreme but customary court. Is bcos any family or land has history ad I think d best place 2go bck now is custom or tradition period. eg l hav seen a man who own a property ad he decided 2 sell his property, l mean his property d buyer came but d 1st son ad d whole family said NO u can’t sell it ad d man in qustion couldnt sell his property.rember dis isnt politics or women Benjin were women ask 4 50%,60% or 80% as case maybe THIS FAMILY ISSUE

  18. Here we ar nt talkin of Ezeigbo or emaka jr but postarity u mean bcos he’s a son of arespectable man sumone shld seat on his right dont let it happen 2 u bcos if it does u wil speak more than what emaka jr is speakin 2day if i may ask where is d position of d orders wives of Ezeigbo?

  19. Ndubuisi amakeze on

    Polygamy is evil,let those who hv not made such mistake take heed…sun newspaper giv us more topical news,ojukwu,s will shld not b on ur head line hence 4t


  21. @ London boy, must you post comment on every issue. Your comments lack intelligence. You are either insulting someone or talking trash! Comment na by force?

  22. @ evans if your father will is to be read and man believe to be a family lawyer is telling you by sms , is that crazy or mardiness stupid?

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