Oil revenue probe: Ribadu messed up – FG


Report not conclusive, says Okupe


The Federal Government yesterday dismissed the report of the Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force submitted last Friday, saying it is very untidy. Former Chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and who was also Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) presidential candidate, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, chaired the committee, while Olasupo Shasore (SAN), was Secretary. Addressing newsmen yesterday in Abuja, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Dr Doyin Okupe, told newsmen that the Ribadu committee did not meet up on the terms of reference of its assignment.

Displaying a copy of the letter dated November 1, 2012 and addressed to the office of the Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke, titled: “Submission of final report of the petroleum revenue special task force’’ and signed by Mallam Nuhu Ribadu and Olasupo Shasore, Chairman and Secretary respectively, Okupe noted that Ribadu’s claim in the letter that it concluded its assignment in accordance with the terms of reference given to it, was unfounded. “It was a job handled badly and only political and personal interests were bandied. It is most unfortunate. A cursory look at the report mischievously leaked to Reuters and other international media and the one submitted on November 2, 2012 to President Goodluck Jonathan shows some discrepancies.

In the covering letter submitted by President Jonathan and signed by Mallam Ribadu and Shasore, the first paragraph reads: ‘We have the pleasure of reporting the conclusion of the assignment given to the Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force (PRSTF) in accordance with its terms of reference as laid out at the inauguration of the task force. We enclose our final report of work done together with our key findings and recommendations.

This statement is untrue as paragraph one of the terms of reference of the committee mandated it: To work with consultants and experts to determine and verify all petroleum upstream and downstream revenues (tax royalties, etc) due and payable to Federal Government of Nigeria. Unfortunately and most regrettably, this paramount duty of the PRSTF committee could not be accomplished,’’ he said. Dr Okupe revealed that Ribadu admitted in the covering letter to his committee report that the data used in arriving at its report could not be independently verified and advised that the Federal Government should on its own conduct such necessary verifications and reconciliations. “From the above, therefore, the committee failed to carry out a very critical part of its assignment and instead passed on the duty of reconciliation and verification of data to the government.

The further implication of this, which is an obvious disclaimer issued by the committee on the report, makes it impossible under our laws to indict or punish anybody except, and until, the Federal Government fully verifies and reconciles the facts as recommended by the committee in its submission to the government’’, Okupe said. While he insisted that Ribadu committee’s job was not thorough, Okupe assured Nigerians that it would issue a white paper on its report. “The commitment of President Jonathan in ordering a thorough investigation of the petroleum sector is genuine and cannot be faulted.

Unfortunately, the entire report is being overtly politicized and there is an obvious attempt in certain quarters to disparage the genuine effort of Mr. President to bring sanity and cleanse the Nigerian oil sector once and for all. “All the work that needed to be done to ensure the completeness of the report would be done by government. Government is looking at the report, there will be a white paper on it and it will be implemented,’’ he said.

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  2. IT IS THE FG THAT HAS POLITICISED THE PROBE REPORT. did govt not set up a commitee to verify the Aig-Imoukuede comitee report? why should this one be different. now the clowns are dancing naked in the square

    • You did not read the term of reference which mandated the Ribadu committee to verify. The Ribadu committee terms of reference is not the same as others and Ribadu is being clever so that the powerful oil marketers will not blame him but another person.

    • Mr Doyin Okupe is like an eclipse on Jonathan’s government. We should not accept statements from a man that has refused to clear himself over abandoned road contracts in Benue, as government position. Okupe has been feeding the nation with bunches of Malarkey for a long time now. It is unfair to refer to 3 months investigative job on years of NNPC rotten books as messed up. I am even surprised they had not burnt all the documents. It is Okupe that has been messing up big time.

  3. I dnt believe with fg dat ribadu report is untidy becos there is sm fault done by the federal govt in d oil field dis is blasphamy in d name of a reputable man ribadu 4 job well done

    • But if Ribadu has good intention how did his report got leaked to foreign press.? Why do we in Nigeria dishonour ourselves?

  4. Prince ojokolobo on

    Fula you are right. After any report there is usually a technical group to fine tune not to deviate from the report just like the AIG Imokede. Anyway who is Okupe a political jobber to question tested personalities like Nuhu etc

  5. I blame Ribadu 4 even accepting 2 work with d PDP government in d first place, knowing who they are. He should hv known dat he has a reputation 2 protect & avoid these ppl, I pray they don’t damage him beyond repair.

  6. i know it will happens because PDP govt has use the medium to rubbish ACN squad. Nuhu Ribadu please kindly dis~associate ur self with PDP govt. TINUBU,NGIGE,FASHOLA, OCHOBABA Take note!

    • We have noted that ACN is not also clean. It is the case of a pot calling the kettle black. How has ACN members of Senate or House of Representatives stopped the looting in those two houses? Instead they have contributed more to it. You heard how Tinubu foolishly was making noise about money paid to Mimiko to get him changed to ACN and what about the election fraud in Lagos?

  7. @Julius: I don’t see anything wrong in Nuhu Ribadu taking up that job from the federal govt considering his antecedent in this nation. Only one problem we ‘ve in this country is our low mentality on tackling our national issues. Nigerians, lets be more civil like other developed nations and build our homes for God sake.

  8. What is the pedigree of GEJ or okukpe? a case of flat thinkers calling a credible report untidy.they call it untidy bc it’s not in their favour. Ribadu hit the thieves below the belt.Think about this;why did they give two committee members appointment in NNPC? why didn’t they resign their membership of the committee b4 taking the NNPC offer? I hv said it before, I will say it again. Jonathan is very corrupt and therefore can never fight corruption.

    • Have you read the report? Have you compared the report leaked to foreign media to the one submitted to Mr President? Because Mr Ribadu did well in the past does not mean he would continue to do well everytime. Moreover the same you people who accused Mr Obasanjo of using Ribadu to fight his enemy have turned around and claim he is an honest person. See what is happening to Mr Lawan the so-called Mr Integrity?

  9. omotayo oyeyipo on

    Politics apart, when a committee is given a specific assignment, it is immoral to leave the substance and begin to look for scapegoats in the name of wanting to be seen as anti-corruption crusader. I personally believe there is no sincerity of purpose in both GEJ and the PDP in view of shameful outcome of ALL probes they had ordered except just talking, talking, and talking, always playing to the gallery but the committee”s terms of reference shows clearly the major problem the government wanted tackled which was thrown back to the government, “as paragraph one of the terms of reference of the committee mandated it: To work with consultants and experts to determine and verify all petroleum upstream and downstream revenues (tax royalties, etc) due and payable to Federal Government of Nigeria”. so why set up the committee if this that the govt considers its major headache is left out? You will be mistaking if you think GEJ and the PDP will ever sincerely set up any committee to catch corrupt officials. Sentiments apart, the committee cannot claim it finished its job as it has done and unfortunately this government is right this time.

  10. Gudluk must be very stupid 4 puttin up a committe, knowin fully well dat he wil not take them serious. Who forced him in d 1st place put up d committee? I wonder how many more time he will continue 2 shame himself. All of them are so corrupt dat dey dnt wnt their names dragged in mud. God Help Nigeria!

  11. I can’t believe any of the politician for we all know politics is a game of mind. PDP or ACN is not the problem, the problem is that the youths are always the sufferers of this game. I just wish a blood revolution for this country; the system is corrupt in itself.

  12. Giving such highly technical job to Ribadu, a well known rabble rouser is a great error of judgement on part of FG. Which case did Ribadu successfully prosecuted as efcc chirman. Ribadu is just a showman.

  13. Somebody must do the work whether Ribadu or another Nigerian. All we are saying is that the job should done well. And if the Federal Government is crying out we better watch it something may be wrong somewhere. Therefore, Ribadu should take a second look at what he has done. It pays to honourably and sincerely serve our fatherland inspite of the political party that is in power.

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  15. I ve never seen nuhu as unqualified icon nt even in dis issue.d truth is there is unbenefited action he must ve revearsed against d so called pple dat gave him d charge 2 carryout.

  16. Ibronana pls apologise 2 nigrns 4 calling our presidnt that. tnx omotayo 4 bn very objective we ve praised ribadu 2much nd dat may ve swolen his ego, now he has fallen into a very very visible trap, RIBADU! u shld ve seen it. our leaders/elders are crooked.

  17. Why ‘d the honest findings of d comittee b upheld when GEJ set up d comittee without consultin those dat matters. . . D true rulers hav refusd d move of their puppet.

  18. Ribadu’s report is untidy,lets agree on that what happen then with farouk? You are just bunch of liars your time is ticking

  19. Nigeria is a dirty country full of dirty politicians.president goodluck a very corrupt & he think Nigerians are mugu like him.DIRTY POLITICIANS

  20. Those that are raising their voice against our president should watch it. GEJ is a God sent. We(followers) are the problem of this country. The northerners and the ACN too blind to see the genuine intention of our president. If you push him to the wall he will definitely do the unthinkable. May God save us

  21. This is an insult to Ribadu. For all his efforts and that of other committee members to be publicly rubbished by FG is a bitter pill to swallow. I believe Ribadu is regretting to have accepted the offer and will soon bare his fangs.

    • Ribadu was paid for all his efforts. He is not being short changed. Ribadu is just a typical Nigerian like Lawan who took money from oil marketeres and refused to name names but leave it to another persons so that he can turn around and say “you see I did not name you”

  22. Well, am not suprice becouse Mr President chose to have oti-mkpu Okupe like Oga OBJ had FFK femi fani kayode
    in His time what Do you espect from our elders/Leaders
    who never want this our Country to move to next Level
    Bros RIBADU dont lose HOPE and FAITH in our LAND
    it is Well

  23. Right from the beginning , Government was never sincere with the excercise. The commitee was merely constituted to divert people’s attention from the revelations by Faruk Lawan’s commitee.
    How comes Orosanya the deputy Chairman of the commitee never showed up at any of their meeting until at the point of concluding the report only for him to persuade the Presidency to rubbish the report. I CAN SMELL RAT in the whole episode.

  24. This is just a tip of the ice bag. Only a different Goverment by another Party can probe the goverment businesses since 1999 till date, Can a house fight againts itself? wether OBj, GEJ etc, they are the same .Imagine Doyin Okupe speaking, wonders shall never cease to happening. If Jonathan meant well and knows what he is doing, can individuals like Doyin Okupe be speaking for the goverment or be part of it ? But because even himself has become more corrupt than his predecessors, that is why all these thieves are still triving in Nigeria.

  25. Our Government have a very big Problem.You send someone to carry out investigation and at the same time on the verge of killing the investigation.When shall we take correction and plan on how to develop our Country Nigeria like UK or even Ghana.

  26. He,that lives in a glass house does not throw stone.Ribadu ought to have invisaged this,thus he could not had given any room to criticism or further stress to federal government.No matter who are indicted in that report or how marvelous the assignment might have been,the rules is supposed to be obeyed.Lets be objective here and eschew sentiment.I believe that federal government overt position can be questionable and every probe goes under the carpet after initial garagara in this country,most especially if the probe content involves the top present and past govt. Persons..Anyone who cant play according to rules of the game,should not dare it.

  27. Pls you people should stop deceiving ur self, this is nigeria not USA.God na de some people.pls mr president and copoliticans stop wasting ur money use it and buy more land,house ,put in overseas account,contest next election.Hahahahahahah stop fooling ur selfs african politicans

  28. After my physibility study i realize that NIGERIA has been PRIVATIZE with top political big wigs as major shareholders..what happened in former SOVIET UNION is taken place in Nigeria..1percent controling the wealth of 99percent of pple..GEJ are you sure that you wants to rid this country of corruption?prove it and history will never forget you.

  29. What do one expect after the show of shame organized by GEJ and his woman friend Diezani Madueke and carried out by Mr Steve, else how can someone discrete the office of the FGN in the presence of the president and no one said pim from the government.
    It is a clear organized show by them and now they wanted to use Ribadu to shine. Lie lie , it will never happen because Naija knows who be who. Na all of us live here we no come from mars.
    Can you imagine fatty Okukpe , a well know rogue telling us that the report was politicized.
    We dey laugh oooooo But from what we are seeing in this government OBJ is like a saint ooooo We for give third and fourth time to rule.
    Jonna do not know what he is doing ooooooo. Woman toto dey control am ooooooo/ Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  30. To Dr Doyin Okupe , yes you are a loyallist to your boss and well of course you want to keep your office till his tenour but you have to think and rethink again that there is life after office, in this said report is there no truth in it that involves certain person close to the president ? Dr Doyin Okupe eyes are on you ears are listening , your reputation also. please be of good example to our future nigerians , its not easy but be the first to .


  32. It is most unfortunate that Nigeria is pouplated with people like Okupe, someone thrown out by OBJ for unwholseme practices. How on earth should we expect a tidy job from an administration that has failed to tidy up reports of comitteess it had instituted, not to talk of implemeting anything. Only a fool will expect the Ribadu report to amount to anything in an an administration run by GEJ. Show us an example, just one, where this administration acted promptly in targetting corrupt officials. NONE! so it shall be till the end of time.

  33. First, they send for him; because they needed his integrity to calm the nerves of Nigerians, then they planted a mole in the committee, then the mole started to disrupt the process during the exercise, then, the report was leaked, then a very unusual thing happened during the delivery of the report, we witnessed Fela’s Lyrics( YOU BE THIEF, I NO BE THIEF).
    Our President was reported to be embarrassed.
    Our President thanked Ribadu(and that is on record)
    Three days after, Our Presidency concluded and told us that the Report was RUBBISH.
    HAIL NIGERIA. Nuhu, carry on serving your country in whatever capacity comes your way. These experiences are your learning curve. One day, you will become the President of this country. Woe betide these morons.


  35. Mathias Hassan on

    Omotayo, I agree with u completely. The mentality of an average Nigerian is so battered that we find it so difficult to reason straight even in the face of simple and clear evidence. Should the Govt make the mistake of sueing anybody on the strength of this report as presented by Ribadu u can be sure that the same flaw in the report that has been pointed out by Dr Okupe will be d reason any lawyer or judge will cite to throw out the case in court. At that time u that is now abusing govt and accusing d president of being insincere will manucfature other reasons to still blame the govt bcos it is in our blood to always to do that. It is ok to blame govt if it is doing a wrong thing, but in this particular case and especially with the facts before us I can’t see any reason any sane person should do that. The screaming newspaper headlines that I have read clearly show that this matter has indeed been politicised. We cannot progress as a nation with this behaviour. Pls let us learn to look at issues objectively.


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  37. With time we will know the true worth of our politicians and pretenders in and out of government posts and positions. God bless and save Nija

  38. BRO. CHRIS NKEM on

    I am not suprise that PDP govt heaeded by GEJ will reject the good work of these honourable tested gentlemen chaired by Huhu Ribadu, simply because it wasn’t in their favour. It is all about given a dog bad name in order to kill it.They will always know how to go about it to discredit any honest committee job that implicated them in one way or the other. Nigerians should not border much because the final whilstle is about to blow soonest all their cover up games will come to open, God is now interested in Nigeria matters since he can’t find one honest person among the leaders of this Nation that can put wrong to right all these years. So,Tinubu and his so called ACN members in the upper and lower chambers of hse of Assemblies should equally keep queite because they are the same one and ten pence. We are watching and the youths are watching, soon some of these thieves in Government will fly to exile with their families when the youths of this country will ries against them all over the federation. Look at what happened in south africa with the blacks and white, today, Mandela is a world hero respected all over because of his intergrity, who among our leaders both past and serving leaders can earn one tenth respect of Mandela all over the world? shameless people.Repent and amend your evil ways.


  40. Aburi we STAND on

    Whether they did the job well or not, let us see the report then we will either believe the FG or Ribadu, afterall it is for general consumption not only for the FG or are they trying to tell us that they made mistake by selecting Ribadu.

  41. What do you expect from the People’s Dishonournest Party, if not discrepancies and divergence of truth to cover up their maneuvering and bilks? Good and indictive reports cannot see the light of day in our country, Nigeria.

  42. People are so ignorant, and that’s our main problem!
    Ribadu was given a job to do, and he obviously read the terms of reference, and accepted to carry on, and now he is being accused, right in his face that he didn’t work on the main thing that he accepted to do. He deviated instead! So why are our people fighting for Ribadu?

  43. who says goodluck is ready to fight corruption???? giv him hundred yrs in office he cnt do anything…but i want gej and okupe to know that nothin stays d same u cnt decieve nigerians with emotional speeches and empty promises forever…d alknowing god is surely watching u…nemesis must surely catch up with as many as those who through corruption hav contributed to suffering of innocent nigerians…

  44. I will blame Nuhu Ribadu becos he accepted the appoitment,but as a stateman i will not blame him much, pdp govt that do not want nija to survive,will like to tarnish his hard cost image.

  45. I am sure that many of you who are commenting has not read the two reports, the one that linked out and another one submitted by Ribadu, honestly i am disappointed in we nigerians, the way we make comments. Why the blame on Jonathan, as a man who want to do something, he brought in Ribadu at least to get to the root, if you read that report, you should know that the report is just a rubbish even from the covering letter signed by Ribadu, let us stop being political in everything. ACN is a fraud party, look at the so called Tinubu behaving like a real tout which he is indeed, look what he did at Ondo with the money, if it is PDP people will talk a lot of rubbish, for me a i am a politician and will not be one, so let us contribute straight comments that will move our country forward, this President is truthful here, the questions is why did Ribadu not ask for more time to verify all the reports, even among them is disagreement, remember that we have SAN about three in that committee, infact i am so tired with this country, no truth in all areas, let us sometime leave politics along and face reality. God bless nigeria

  46. A snake son is always tall. I agree with iyke, Jonathan is very corrupt like his master OBJ. It is not in their favour. I blame Ribadu for accepting the offer. Okupe is a corrupt politician. Corrupt people fly together.

    Ribadu, sorry.

  47. Prince ojokolobo on

    Rejecting jobs from PDP GEJ is not the issue, RIBADU did well for accepting the job and doing itwell on the side of the people. The country is for all of us and we should not allow PDP to over run and squander our common wealth. RIBADU will forever be thorn in their flesh . Ride on Malam.

  48. woe unto the demagogues who think they are decieving nigerians imagine okupe who is loaded heavily with corruption speaking of untidy report…if dis man has an iota of shame he wuld hav not being opening his mouth in public…go and continue eating ur fraudlent contract money and leave nigerians alone…shameless ma.

  49. Hmmm!! Drama in the theatre hall. Staring, GEJ, Allison Dezeani, Ribadu, Orosanye,Okukpe, co-producer FGN, Executive producer PDP. It’s very pathetic and shameful for the type of leaders we have this day, the clean job done by Ribadu were rubbished by they so called bunch of cabals in the system, using Orosanye to achieve their aims. Well, we are waiting for another committee to be set up soon, arriving at the same recommendation. NIGERIA NA ANIMAL FARM!!!


    Corruption ! Corruption ! ! Corruption ! ! ! Gallore, Birds of d same feathers flew tghter, I knew tht is wht will happen, i even blame Ribadu of ACN to accept such position knowing too well tht he is 4rm the opposition,bcos of one thing or d other he will gain 4rm it, thts y we will never get a strong opposition in this country tht can be able to checkmate the activities of these PAPA DESCIEVE PAPA abi SON, hw can an opposition member accept such position 4rm the rival party, we can never be serious in this country and that is y i used to say that we are in a terible WAHALA as corruption has eaten deep the bone marrows of this enity called 9ija. Can u imagine kettle calling pot BLACK, Okupe whom has been corrupt is saying such, in d evening, i greet them ,GOODMORNING 9IJA and in the morning i greet them GOOD EVENING. 9IJA !!

  51. they said whenever FG wants to do dirty job, they use OKUPE de corrupt fool . But if its making an honest statement, the other spokesman comes in. we all know, GEJ, we are not fools to be decieved. I am not a fan of Ribadu but I know he must have touched things that might have implicated your govt. Please let the oil minister go so that you avoid the judgement that will befall you in future. A STITHC IN TIME SAVES NINE

  52. Fellow Nigerians a lot have been said about this whole thing the good and the bad? The power is in our hand come 2015 let us change dancing drum, God is with us.


  53. Mr. Ribadu, don’t worry, please take a look at the report you have submitted, if actually you have done something wrong there, try and put it in order..
    Let them call it rubbish, i know you said the truth. Many out of your committee are not in your support, God is in your support GO ahead

  54. I’m waiting 4 days our youth we stand-up to all these decisive story our leader use to take our attention to all there luting (BLOOD REVOLUTION ONE DAY, ONE DAY) I just wish a blood revolution for this country; GO & CHUCK HISTORY, nothing wll change in dis country if u think by writing to ALL these NEWS wll make our leader change there mind (JUST BLOOD REVOLUTION ALL DIS WLL AUTOMATICALLY STOP) God bless Nigerian……………..

  55. Dats serve Ribadu’s right she bi him be presidential aspirant to ACN but he do longer trot to PDP appointment and now dey have started showing him what d PDP is up to since he has forgo-ting from d election.

  56. Mr Ribadu u ve try atleast u gave dem d result, if left to me just put down ur resignation letter before dey will look for a way of sacking u, we are all Nigerians we no wat will happen next ok. tanks

  57. Mmmmmmm Nuhu and Shasore (SAN) don fail for once and Olupe na him score dem. But Olupe is not even an average student yet he scored his master. PPPPPPPPPPPDDDDDDDDDDDDPPPPPPPPPPP……. power. Power to d people…….PDP. Yoruba man say oleee………… Thief thief

  58. I am sick and tired of all these people in government acting as if they own Nigeria and making Nigerians look like fools. God please remove all this people from Government and put the right people that will take Nigeria forward. You have all the power father please act. Enough is Enough.

  59. It is a culture in Nigeria to rubbish any report where government officials are indicted and Ribadu’s report cannot be an exception.A country where con men and thieves are at the helms of affairs cannot expect to do better.Ribadu abeg forget them.

  60. Ribadu should just go and sit down, he always see any chance giving to him as an opportunity to play cheap politics at the detriment of the entire nation, is this how he will lead nigeria if he becomes president, he should just look for another platform to entertain his supporters, may be when Obasanjo becomes president in hell, he will use him again to hunt his political foes.

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