Obi berates Ngige over performance rating


From DOM EKPUNOBI, Onitsha

Anambra State Governor, Mr. Peter Obi has berated the former governor of the state Senator Chris Ngige over Ngige’s poor rating of Obi’s performance.

The governor was reacting to the recent statement by Senator Ngige that Obi’s administration scored seven percent of the expected Anambra State development in his seven years administration in the state.

Senator Ngige representing Anambra Central Senatorial Zone, in an apparent attempt to justify his ambition to return to Anambra State Government House, said that he recorded 20 percent achievement in his three years as governor, while Governor Peter Obi recorded seven percent in his seven years of leadership of the state, leaving 70 percent of expected development of the state.

He said, “Circumstances are compelling me to run for Anambra governorship election because I came to Government House with a blueprint and I was able to do 20 percent. Another Governor came in and did just seven percent in seven years and I want to ask who is going to do the remaining 70 per cent.” Dr. Ngige released the scorecard during a media briefing and distribution of gifts to his constituents.

Replying to Ngige’s performance rating through his Commissioner for Information and Culture, Chief Joemartins Uzodike, Governor Obi said Ngige’s statement was laughable.

According to the statement signed by the Information Commissioner, “What Ngige’s score card revealed, is a total lack of national thinking and deepened sense of appreciation of magnitude and quantum of monuments, which is staring everybody in the face, including the blind in all parts of the state.

“For three years Ngige administration scored zero in education, zero in health, zero in water supply and all other fundamental indices of development.”

“For such a person to stand up and claim to have scored 20 percent simply because one or two roads were hurriedly put in place around his community apparently due to pressure of removal and fear of further abduction all predicated on unfulfilled promises and illegal pre-election deals and agreement is to say the least, most unpatriotic and quite instructive of the type of leadership some desperados offer and still want to offer Anambra people.”

Governor Obi advised Senator Ngige to focus on his primary duty of attracting Federal Government attention rather than concentrating on fault finding with a performing and successful Governor.

“Ngige should be further told that the Government House, Awka, has been ransacked and that no forgotten property of his was found anywhere around there, hence the advice for him to concentrate on attaining quality representation and the state of the National Assembly” the statement declared.

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  1. @DOM EKPUNOBI, you are a dumb writer/journalist. Ngige has never been a governor. So why refer to him as a former governor? People should stop referring to the likes of Ngige, Ubah, Osunbor, Omehia, Oni as former governors. The law is clear on the matter. I hate to read or hear ignorant fools call or refer to them as former governors. This maybe too much for some people to understand. So if in doubt, please make a deep research. The INEC officials & these men ought to be in jail for fraudulently giving & receiving electoral mandates. Some past & present (s)elected officials won same way but we have no proof to that effect, hence nothing can be done. Only those caught stealing or with stolen items face the law.

  2. Bidi u must be a fool if u can open that stupid mouth of ur n said Ngige was never a Governor of Anambra state. In fact he was de best governor u jews ever produced in jews’ land. Despite de fact that when he was de governor of Anambra he was not in good term with de central govt of OBJ n for him to achieved all he did within 3years n with hawkish central govt at his back all de time, i think this guy NGIGE deserve our respect n he did lots of things in 3years that Obi will take 100 years to do. What has Peter Obi achieved?

    • Who is this ofe mmanu guy telling us who was who and who did wat in anambra state? Where do you know in anambra state or u are working for ur Asiwaju company or Nigeria here in sun to promote ur protege??

    • Anthony I Efobi on

      Kola Amodu must be an attention seeker. Let’s see how u will come and vote criminal like Ngige in Anambra state from ur ACN/APC Ijebu Yoruba.
      All u greedy Ofemmanu na-acho bu ka ana akpa ka aga esi nodu na Lagos with ako na uche tinyere atumatu ndi ofemmanu wereya n’achi Ndi Anambra na Ndigbo.
      I do know that he (Ngige) will use his deception, lies and crook way to decieve some illiterates and traders, yet he heads to failure.
      Dreamer like Ngige is joking.


  3. we should watch dis Ngige very well before we made de kind of mistake imo people made in voting Rochas in because so many of them are now regretting, dis is de same Ngige dat told people few days ago dat peter obi ‘s achievements is worthy of commendation is now telling us dat obi performance is 7% well we will cee how it will work come 2014 but as for Ngige u hve to tell us what u do for a living before I vote for u because even if obi didn’t do anything I knw dat Anambra state is not owing any kobo to any body

  4. @ Kola ,you are not from Anambra and has nothing to contribute on this matter. Your comments are from what you read from ACN papers. Obi still remain the best thing to have happened to Anambra State. That Ngige did one or two roads in his locality does not make him the best governor.

  5. @odidi u must be a fool for that ure comment what did Ngige did? My friend the peace we enjoy in our state now is better than Ngige’s sectional developments and it will be stupid of u to compare Ngige and 0bi for 0bi is far more ahead of Ngige

  6. @obidi pls I was refaring to dis ofenmanu guy (Kola) not u, because every yoruba man must eat what ever ACN cook for them whether sweet or bitter

  7. Obidi is quite right. Ngige by law was never a governor. When the courts of the land says so for reason we all know, then your governorship is null and void and of no consequence. If you obtain your governorship thru fraud and rigging and got caught, prosecuted and and removed, you have therefore lost all entittlement associated with it.
    Afterall, you were not surposed to be the governor in the first place and therefore do not and connot exist as having been one.
    But we live in an ignorant society that barely understand the laws or even aware of the law and have little or no knowledge of their right.
    In developed socieites poeple go to jail for minor frauds let alone brazen election rigging and missreprentation of facts and swearing under oath to that effect.

  8. Building of roads is good, which Ngige did few of them, but my most concern is “enhancing human potential” which I think on this, Mr Obi has done well.

    A potentially prepared individual is far more better than building of good roads.

  9. Chief David Obi on

    You people are talking rubbish,NGIGE performed far better than Obi given the circumstances ,let’s the truth be told

    • Hon. Chibuzo on

      Chief David Obi, i think you are not from Anambra to have mustered the courage to make that kind of statement because a true Anambrarian wont make such a comment.

  10. Anybody who says any negative thing about Ngige or Rochas must be a paid mouthpiece of Peter Obi. What is happening to our memories for heaven’s sakes? The worst is nobody makes any concrete contribution on here anymore without abusing the first contributor.
    What has happened constructive criticism, if all of say yes to a governor whoever is in power what kind of Govt will he turn to. Enough of these name calling, egbon mi, umunne m

  11. Emeka Emefesi on

    Obidi, U ‘ve said it all, imagine dis Ngigi comparing himself with our workable Gov in all sectors Mr Peter Obi d best Gov. We he is now blaming himself for non performances.Thank God dat d good people of Anambra ‘ve realise dat dis man call is a real crook. Now let him come n rule us again with dat his Aboki n Yoruba party, dat was den let him comes again. Pls, our workable Gov Obi, keep on with ur wonderful works u still remain our best Gov as far as southeast states are concern.

  12. It’s not sufficient to just state that one Governor is better or worse than the other; it’s necessary that you present a synoptic comparison of the Governors. Also, such comparisons should be based on verifiable information not hear say.

  13. Why do we forget so soon d state of Anambre when Dr ngigi was elected as a governor .Anambra is no peace state.civil servant ar not paid for one or two yrs as d case may be.people of Anambra,if we can remember Governer mbadinauju’s prayer dat it shajl b well wit Anambra state.when Dr ngige became our God sent Governor thing started being better and best till 2day.pls if don’t know what say keep Quiet b/cos Ngige fort a war obi cannot start.Ngige pls come as our Governor again it b a happiest moment 4us longlife.

    • Anthony I Efobi on

      K Onyedikachukwu, the war u talked about was the war Ngige criminally attracted to himself by reaching illegal agreement with Ubas family. This man rigged himself in under false pretence that he will respect illegal agreement through gun and acid might. This Ngige supposed to be in prison for violent and electoral offence. It makes no single sense to us. We cannot vote Ngige in again in any elected office. Lost son of Yoruba ACN.

  14. What has Sen.Ngige done in Anambra apart from few roads been built by him? It is a question dat demands an answer.Gov.Obi is a man of all sectors.How can Nigeria b beta wen some of us stl hail and suport people who steal their way 2 political offices? Illitracy,bribery and coruptions seems 2 b d worst disease in nigeria.NIGERIANS!! WAKE UP FROM UR LONG SLUMBER.Say NO! to bribery and coruptions.

  15. Those whose memories are short can contunue to praise Peter Obi as far as he remains in office when he goes you start to criticize him.

  16. peter obi to is in no where to be compared with nwabueze ngige. if u doubt it show me any town in anambra state that have not atleast receive one two developmental project from obi, or any area of the state obi hv not torched. though he ngige fix some road after his abduction but let not forget so soon that it was after things hv turned bad against him. when aso rock moved against him, his god father, his party, anambra women protesting for his removal and to crown it all a song that was made against him then which is (ebere emerelamu ndi mmadu kwa ngige nachi) or I pity for people because ngige is in power fellow people all this and more happen before he award the very first road contract. when he award the few road the sung disappear women protest stops, and a new sung came in it stead which is (onwa!onwa! onwa ka anyi ga eso moneje monala) meaning we will follow the moon which is ngige weather hi is going or returning. weras for obi no body want to kill him. in 2003 the masses masively voted for him the cherished him yet he did not dissapoint them. I give obi 80% performance period. that ngige fix some road in anambra state when nobody hv ever doese any dosn’t mean that it will stop us from seeing this massive transformation obi is giving the state I rest my case

  17. Wonders shall never end, when did uncircumcised kola Amodu became a political analyst in Nigeria? Someone that stole another persons mandate and out of fear of retribution he managed to fixed few roads in his native community that is of little standard can be heralded by some dissidents on this parliament, to worsen the whole jamboree another element smuggled in one dangerous name that needs not to be advocated in this modern day Nigeria in the person of OKOROCHA ROCHAS. This one, OKOROCHA has introduced anarchy with some group of unidentified Arabs in the state of Imo, is that what one can be reffered as governance or credible leadership? It,s only in Nigeria that someone that stole another persons mandate can be seen as a leader instead of seeing such ignorable human as ex-convicts. That reminds my person again to ask, does it then mean that IBB that stole MKO ABIOLA’S mandate equally stands to be corrected as courageous , energetic and a performed leader of our time?
    Gov PETER OBI and GOV CHIME remains undisputed good and performed administrators in Igbo land, others are mere container merchants and emergency politicians like Okorocha Rochas , dump heads like Elechi Martins and Theo Orji. This matter has conclusively been put to rest as regards administrators cum governors that performed creditably or not in the S.E , the record charts or analogy has been systematically and judiciously been dropped therein.

  18. fi le fun,leave am for ngige abeg he is incomparable..hw come u guyz forgot so soon hw anambra was wen dis gentleman came to rescue us?if dat waz a mistake allowing ngige to rule us,abeg i want those mistakes repeated pls…….ngige all d way,dere is no stopping him,he is a moving train..moreover kola has d wright to comment afterall its a nigeria matter,let nobody tell him never to coz he has d wright…

  19. U plp,apart from a few keep on jamparking grammer without any comprehension. What are the criteria 4 comparism? Where are the statistical data? Is the law not the law again?

  20. Ngige should shut his can he compare himself with okwute.okwute has built many bridges while ngige built none.the whole town in the states has modern 5classroom block by obi.all secondary schools equiped with computers and lab equipment.schools rehabilitated and also hospitals.all towns connected with good roads.rehbilitation of abandoned water schemes.above all changing the way of thinking of many people and restoring peace to the state.okwute you are too much.may GOD continue to bless you

  21. Ngige will be compared with T A ORJI of abia state and not with the peoples gov okwute.there is no comparison between light and darkness.continue to fly high our gov okwute.all your achievements are speaking for you.

  22. I know about two reason why some people will never talk good of obi, (1) before obi’s administration there were so much crime in the state, especially motor park of that time were made up of hardened criminal. it get to level were people were advised to stope travelling arround the state early mornings, as market women were regularly being molested and some even being nacked by this hudlums turned robbers who took over the state. u can remember if ur in the state that when the federal govt denied ngige his security protocol that he imediatly replace them with people that were then refered as agberos or tout. before u know it they hv immersed a lot of power so to speak. and obi through the help obasanjo former presdo invited the military into the state who flushed out both motor park tout and criminals this is the begining of the peace anambrarians enjoy today. (2) obi also stops anambra god fathers and all their croonies from further sharring of the state fund to me this two set of people are the greatest hatters of obi. so mind u some of this people that sees no reason to praise obi’s developmental stride belong to this two classes. this is the time to drop greed and selfishness and support the state developmen for the overall good obi is working.

  23. Stine Chykee on

    Kolanut amodu you again.I thought by now you have died and ever since you stop commenting unconstructively in this forum there was total peace but now you have come back again with you cow brain.I wonder why some of you that are are not an Igbo not to talk of yorubas fool could open that wide stinking dirty mouth to rate Ngige against Peter Obi in the development of Anambra State wen they havent even move out of their various State talkless of traveling to the Anambra State and now they want to tell we Anambriarians between Peter Obi and Chris Ngige who performed the best.Gvnr Peter Obi ride on because we that come from Anambra State sees,smell,touch,feel,breath your performance in Anambra State.We the Anambriarians love you Gvnr Peter Obi

    • Oga stine or what do u call urself,U shouldnt interfere in matters u do not know anytin about.I may rather say that u Igbos ar fools by underrating Sen. CNN. or even comparing him with ur so clld Obi of Anambra.It is even so painful that someboby from anther tribe is tellig u ppl wht’s on d ground in ur fathers’ Land, It’s a pity. I dont knw if u ve been opportuned 2 meet d two in any occasion nd be there 2 bear urself witness. Y is it that u ppls comments ar full of bitterness nd disgust. Do u know what it takes/it is to liberate a state even @ d expence of donating ones last drop of blood.I even feel contempt of u all. Fellow Anambrarians, what wz there to share d resources of d state in accord masculine.Yet d man disagreed with them, stil u ppl ar singing crucify him crucify him,It is highly unfair. Now I can see that it wz d likes of u that succeeded in crucifying Jesus. Thank God 4 ur godfather Obi, besides u havnt asked urself for ones’on whose mandate is this man sitting on, Y did he succeeded in seizing numerous of voting materials meant for different polling stations durin d recent past Governorship election. Luk @ d face of Anambra state, is d state not in shambles? Just visit Enugu 2day nd testify urself.Am not a politician nd will never be,but through d activities of life, I know that what is gud is gud. Believe it also or u leave it Ngige is a Hero,Man of d masses,Man of d moment, A facilitator,Tested nd trusted indeed. luk @ d face of ur educational sectors in d state nd y d sharp increase in school fee leaving many in a crossed road. U stil want mi 2 comment on d masses of ur road, so flimsy. Compare them with d ones d man of d masses did nd give d result.Some roads in a very sorry state claiming many lives yet shifting them to d federal 2 reconstruct, but Ngige started it from Bridge head. Mr man if u dont know d activities/affairs of this state u stop talking trash.Instead of dz commotion y cant pray 4 genuine servant Leader.

  24. I dnt know why people compare that criminal called ngige with Peter Obi. Ngige stole from the treasury of Anambra State to build old english hotels at Awka, he also stole from the state’s treasury to buy a mansion at maryland USA while peter obi is busy developing the state through ANIDS. Chris Ngige please respect urself by shuting ur stinking mouth or do u think we dnt know you. Peter obi abeg carry go

  25. francis ezeogu on

    Ngige is a haden criminal what did he have b4 he steal obi mandet he supose to be in jail, were did he build de road only in his comunity and his local govment,anamberian becareful on tis comon criminal cald ngige.

  26. Sen.Ngige and d body of INEC dat declared him winner of 2003 gubernatorial election in Anambra state ought to have been sentenced to prison.Many a times i wondered,d kind of govt practisd in Nigeria.Is d rule of law actualy workin in Nigeria?Which way Nigerians?When shall we stand 2 say NO! 2 d wrong things and YES! 2 d right things? For how long shall we continue 2 live in ignorance?how long will it take us 2 c things from d right persepective? We,Nigerians are d architect of our own undoing!!!

  27. I think Ngige has gone behonld his boundry, though l respected him for the fight he fought for anambra people but he shouldn‘t have compare his performance to what Obi is doing in anambra state. Obi has performed creditably above expectation. I live here in anambra but l wish what l am seeing in anambra can happen in my state Abia. I salute governor OBI!

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