Obasanjo, Okorocha trade words


By Moshood Adebayo, Abeokuta

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo yesterday criticised the Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha for daring to contest the 2003 presidential election. It will be recalled that Okorocha defected from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) under which he emerged as presidential aspirant on the party’s platform in 2003. But Obasanjo during the grand finale of a civic reception organized in his honour by the PDP in the South West in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital humorously berated Okorocha who was at the event for joining the race with him.

“Rochas, I met him not long ago by virtue of the fact that he was brought up in Jos. One of the few cities that I found in the ‘50s and ‘70 as genuine melting pot in Nigeria; he probably would not have been able to achieve what he has achieved.’’. “He is a true Nigerian. And when he wants to pull me down, he will say we are colleagues. How can I be a colleague of a failure? You are a failure in contesting for the presidency of Nigeria”, he said. In his goodwill message, Vice President Namadi Sambo described Obasanjo as a leader that the country can always trust. He used the occasion to highlight the achievements of President Goodluck Jonathan assuring Nigerians that the present administration would do more to better their lot particularly in the areas of electricity-generation, good roads and infrastructural developments. Responding to Obasanjo, the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) governor incurred the wrath of the former president and erstwhile Board of Trustees (BOT)Chairman of the PDP when he jokingly described Obasanjo as his colleague.

Recalling his days as Special Adviser on Inter-Party Affairs to Obasanjo, Okorocha on a lighter mood said he gave advice that led to the good things done by the former president. Okorocha apparently absolved himself from what he described as ‘bad things’ allegedly done by Obasanjo while in office adding that he was always out of the country whenever his former boss erred. “We are here to give honour to whom is due. Obasanjo will remain immovable and unshakable. He is a man very difficult to describe.

He represents different things to different people. He is not afraid of fighting any battle. But for me, he represents a former colleague, because we both once ran for the office of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. When he appointed me as his adviser, I gave him good advice. He is not afraid fighting any battle. “All the good things he did for those eight years, I advised him but all the bad ones he did, I traveled out of the country”. The APGA governor described Obasanjo as a true nationalist who transcended all political parties and should always think of taking up the national leadership of the country rather than any of a particular party.

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  1. OBJ will realise that he is an old man highly respected all over the world as a father of a nation should know things not to say , have a little class and a little diplomacy for his age also he must be be forgiven .
    He should not be talking b4 thinking . This is a man whom Nigerians were praying for his safe release by Abacha who will be thanking God for being alive today may be he has forgotten but he knows that if one of this former Generals happen to win or become the president that he is going back to jail he better be careful . Nigerians are watching him.

  2. OBJ, so because the young man ran same presidential tickets with u at 2003 that was the offence he committed against you. You are not a pure born democrat thank God i did not voted for you in all the two terms mandate. Old age have definitely retarding your sensibility,departure lunge is knocking heavily on your door step. A rapist, raped our democracy, raped Ndi Igbo,s resources, raped Odi and Zakin Biam, raped your wife till death, raped your daughter inlaw Kemi, raped your son,s marriage Gbenga, u cann,t associate with a failure but u failed several times at your ward at thehands of AD, AC,and ACN respectively,shameless Old man. You think only you owed monopoly to cast others in the world, chimpanzee like you, stupid rapist, you must be cajoled till you pass to great beyond, the journey has started.

  3. What took Okorocha to Ota in the first place? Doesn’t he have more important things to do as a governor in his home state? He deserve whatever insults he is getting from OBJ

  4. Obasanjo is becoming another thing, he is trying to cause confusion every where, Nigerian must be careful about him. He is not happy that Rochase called him a collegue. Should he always puff up himself?

  5. If truth must be said, it is overstatement or arrogance for Okorocha to describe OBJ as a colleague. There is no basis at all for such description. OBJ’s repy to him was to remind him ( Okorocha) that he is just ‘boy’ b4 him.

    • Anthony I Efobi on

      Zor, u are nothing but what u sounded like. Pls clear from this forum, acquire good judgement and come back. Boy for age or boy for running the country down down?


  6. obj is a stupid and greedy leader. Why bringing past now. Does he want himself alone to be runing the ofice of d president ? Or is it a sin or taboo dat Rochas ran for d ofice of d president in 2003 ? Obj shuld go and die let d young men correct wat obj couldnt do. @ his age,he shuld @ farm taking care of his sheep and cattles dan tinking 9ja belongs to him.unforgiven animal.

  7. Anthony I Efobi on

    I blamed Okorocha for the insult he got from this known devilish man called, ‘Obasanjo’. He forgot to know that he was dealing with devil. Obasanjo as a DEMON never change. I respect Rochas so much, but have to call him a foolish man for praising a devil. Okorocha lied about who this devilish OBJ is and got the punishment and humiliation instantly. He forgot his worth as performing and reliable Governor and go to praise Yoruba Ugly Satan and civilian dictatator, killer, murderer, rapist, power monger, most corrupt dictator, worst than Abacha, greedy Yoruba incarnate who was the Minister of Petroluem, oil and gas as well as the President of his corrupt backward Nigeria. Politician thought that they are doing themselves favour by trying to identify with this empty brain criminal demonic dictator called, ‘Olusegun Matthew Okikiola Obasanjo’. OBJ, a trickish christian and also a muslem, just for Nigerian type of political relevancy. A man with bad heart, bitter soul, criminal minded and unforgiven evil bestowed spirit.
    A foolish Nigerian dictator with thousands of subjects bloods on his fore head and hands. An empty vessel whom his illiteracy, ideocyncrasy and negative aura blinded and defeated his sense of judgement and quality leadership. Obj is a man who cannot remember anything that happened 5 seconds ago or call your name right on seeing u the second or 100 times, but cannot forget 1 millions of each and everyone’s offences (which is in real sense not an offence) against normal right headed person. A demon who thought he is up and doing, brave and security wise by using soldier to erase a whole community, rig election in 1999 and 2003. This is zoo animal like dictator who want power more than his normal allowed 2 term and when he lost, he physically fought himself in as PDP BoT Chairman in unlike past president like manner, but like a devilish dictator he is. We all remember Obasanjo and his pocket EFCC witch-hunting.
    Tell me what good about this devilish dictator that bully leaders and younger politicians are going to get or tap from, if not evil, sinful and corruption? Political Liers, ambitionners and sychophans are trying to source dirty power and identification with such an empty and irrelevant demonic dictator called OBJ. This evil man closed down his political opponents businesses, banks, with-held local ans State Govt. allocations (including his peoples allocation), fought his VP and Governors etc etc all for power.
    I wish Hon. Rochas Okorocha and others had learnt their lessions from this very unique life lecture and episode. False praises, dishonesty, sourcing power and eating with devil in human look.
    Be wise for tomorrow.

    • Anthony,U should have concentrated on OBJ than bringing Yoruba race in to this.OBJ hate Yoruba race the same way he hate Igbos with little difference.Yorubas never supported OBJ neither made him President ,rather it is some Igbos who brought OBJ to power.OBJ is no one’s favorite even his
      family members.ask his 1st wife,his 1st son,his pdp west.
      Yoruba race 4give Anthony 4 bringing yr race in to this.

  8. Emma Okechukwu on

    OBJ’s talks hold no water whether humorously or serously addressed Okorocha in that berated manner it reduces nothing from the image of the young man( Okorocha)for the fact that he contested against OBJ is not enough to bring such insult

  9. There is nothing wrong with Rochas Okorocha addressing Obasanjo as his colleague. we Africans Nigerians in particular attache importance to meaningful things. In the Western world, they believe there is dignity and respect for everybody and that is why you see their prime ministers, presidents appear very simple and everybody can address them by their first name it is up to you if you want to add Mr or not it is not a crime. A cleaner will address his managing director by his first name and life goes on. They really understand life the way it should be. Obasanjo you do not expect everybody to prostrate for you because it is part of your culture, you should expect that bit from the people you share the same culture with.

  10. The problem that the Ibos have today in nigeria is the yorubas, thank God we have found out who aur enermies are. we have no problem with the hausas.i am telling Biafrians every time to stop investing in Lagos.

    • You are too wrong to make this comment against the Yoruba, just because you don’t like former president Obasanjo. Let me challenge you: Question 1. What is the highest problem on earth? Answer = death. Question 2. How many Yorubas have massacred your people in Yoruba cities? Answer = None. Watch your word, else the people you “love” will soon hit at you.

  11. Okorocha should respect himself and mind how he talks in public. Okorocha can talk anyhow in imo state but remember you cant talk anyhow when it comes to issues outside the state because there are lots of tigers waiting to devour you. My little advise to you is to work for the imolites and step down in 2015 as you promised because we are sick and tired of lawless imo state. People do things in the state with impunity, motor parks and touts are all over the place, people erecting shops along the streets, keke mechanics all over the places, we are sick and tired of okorochas administration. Imo state is more like a mad man’s apartment/territory. okorocha PLEASE START WORK.

  12. All these politicians are in one cult, party affiliations notwtithstanding. It is the more you look the less you see.

  13. If presidents are called by their first names in America, no one has ever called Rochas ‘Anayo’. This is Nigeria in Africa and we have our tradition. Working with your father in the same farm does not warrant calling him your colleague to his face. Obasanjo is too tall to be dwarfed into Rochas’s status in terms of military millstones and civilian achievements. When IBB left Aso-Rock, Rochas was there as SA, why didnt he refer to IBB as his colleague for haven been in Aso-Rock during his 50th birthday. Life is governed by reciprocal action. We wont be suprised should Nkiru Sylvanus for instance wake up tomorrow to address Rochas publicly as her colleague. Obasanjo is a boss to some ex presidents (tenure-wise,etc). Who was Gov. Rochas boss when he was SA, Inter Party Affairs? Can you imagine all past presidential contestants refering to Obasajo as their colleagues. Lol!

    • Anthony I Efobi on

      U have clearly shown how timid, myopic, naïve, premature ur thinking faculty is? This is ur poor exposure in public display. Only foolish men do regard OBJ as little god. Here in UK, 95 percent of residents called their present Prime Minister only David Cameron and their Ex, ‘Gordon Blown. In USA, they called him Obama. In Nigeria, they attached all sort of undeserved and undesirable elements of fore titles without according the actual respect.
      My head Teacher where I worked is my colleague and my family and I address her as such irrespective of the fact that I was only 4 months as a permanent employee when she came for our wedding. All my Chocolate coloured skin Igbo friends address my head, deputy head as colleagues. They are civilised. During introduction, the head in private request that she should be called mere colleague or by her name.
      When I was in UNN (Enugu Campus), about 80 students from my school attended my grand fathers funeral and burial arrangement and 90 percen of those my school mates who had school posts, hall post, faculty and Dept. post requested that they should be called with their posts, titles, eurogies that follows.
      U see Nigerian problem. Pribe for nothing.

    • Snow, if eventually at anytime Nkiru Sylvanus decided to address Rochas Okorocha as her colleague I believe Rochas will not pick offence he will joyfully answer and life goes on. Why because he knows that is a widely accepted practice to address somebody you work with or have worked with. The earlier we start imitating good things that will help us from the Western world the better. All over the streets of UK people address prime minister as David Cameron, I even witnessed somebody offering Tony Blair a hand shake when he was a prime minister and said hi Tony and he happily stretched his hand and shake the guy despite his position and charisma. I was so surprised that very day and if not that you recognized him as the person you always see on the TV or magazine as the then prime minister, you can never believe his simplicity. So in Nigeria, empty vessels make a lot of noise.

  14. Obasanjo is a god, without equal, without a colleague, without roots. OBJ is not human, not mortal, without date of birth. Okorocha “messed” by thinking he was once a “colleague” of a colossus. Don’t you see how they praise him, how they make him “I cannot do without him”? Will PDP ever do without him, will Nigeria survive without OBJ? He is Nigeria and Nigeria is him, but those with hindsight will not walk by the rays that emanate from him. Ask Atiku Abubakar.

  15. I am beginning to reconsider my initial respects for OKOROCHA. A sane Igbo man would not attend any occasion that has the chipmunk(0BJ) as a celebrant, but out of greediness and cheap quest for political relevance, ROCHAS has thrown decency to wind by dining with a man an idiot who was subjected to pelting in IGBOLAND on three occasions. He got what he wanted

  16. Of a truth, Rochas misfired. Can a child call his father’s mate a colleague? In every circle, class, or society, we do ve a senior or junior colleague. Wouldn’t it ve bn better if Owelle had called him a snr colleague to give him the respect he deserves moreso as he was once an adviser to OBJ?

    Also, yorubas give so much respect to age, and this shld ve bn well thought out by Rochas, owing to the fact that he wants to become the president of this grt nation one day. Hence knowing, appreciating and giving respect to other pples’ cultures shld be paramount in his agenda. Yorubas attach so much importance to respect no matter what.

    So our amiable Gov, as u are fondly called, learn to give respect to others and their cultures.

    Be that as it may, are u truly always with good advice as u claimed? Bc I stil wonder why u were so keen abt 4th-tier govt and sending ur state civil servants to communities to do agriculture and all wat not? Why commercialization of ministries wen some cant even generate 1/10 of their salaries, bc they are purely selfless service oriented.

    I rest my case for now, and like someone use to say on this platform, GBAM!

    • Anthony I Efobi on

      Prince Jimmy u must be an idiot. Which respect did that ur Yoruba fellow deserved? His behaviour and attitude is not different from a toddler of 5 year old. Consider how he take decision, approach matters and jump into conclusion. This ur so called Yoruba respected elders cannot even rule their families let alone Owo kingdom. All the so called traditional rulers in Yoruba land had at lest 10 different court cases in theeir local customary court. Is it the respect existing in Yoruba land? What respect existed when OBJ stopped allowing Lagos State allocation in?
      Can Yorubas spare us that their lip service respect that always lead to their back bitting/stabbing syndrome and culture. Let them open dictionary in search of respect.

      • @Anthony, i still rest my case. But wen a child is cutting tree in the bush, it is the elder that will know where it would fall.

        The whites that u so compare us wit lack every iota of respect, and that is why a child can put at his parents. So pls stop comparing our culture wit that of the Oyinbos for ur information.

        May be ur wife could where bra and pant at public places since u re now comparing us wit the whites. Tnx

  17. What did Obj did to ordinary Nigerians compare to what Rochas has done for Nigerians children before he contested for the much talked about Presidency in 2003? , How many Children who are not OBJ`S biological children call and refer to him as their Father as compare to Millions of Children who know no father of theirs own except Rochas? How much of his own (OBJ ) money that was invested in his presidential project? atleast Orji Uzor Kalu invested his personal 1Million Niara for his project, hosted him many times at his private Residentce in V.i for most of the meetings to make him the presidential candidate of PDP. At last what did he pay back with? Evil, . He had the opportunity to put Nigeria as a world first class Economic nation but he wasted it and yet he can not for one munite show remorse, He called Rochas a failure and he forgot that he has never won any form of election in his Owo Ward. Nigerian voted for PDP in 1999 and not Obassanjo and after his first tenure, he has never won any presidential election till his Third Term project, HE SHOULD NOT BE SPEAKING IN PUBLIC AFTER HIS FAILED EVIL PROJECT OF THIRD TERM. He heated up the Polity, many lives were lost even more than the Military era. what are we talking about here, He is a MONUMENTAL FAILURE as far as i and many Niegrians are concern and i am not sure he is even a christain not to say BORN AGAIN CHRISTAIN .I only respect OBJ as an elderly person but not as any other thing, He does not command any of my respect except for his Age .

  18. @ martins,snow,prince Jimmy,u have said it all,god will keep protecting people like u that analysed issues before the comment,.show man show of rochas is becoming something else both here and abroad…I have never seen a shameless fellow of that kind.how can serving as political appiontee makes u a colleague to ur boss….his paid praise singers will keep saying owellle carry go,go.nonsense,

  19. @ Mr Green, you’re rather sounding Red. The value of a shepherd is accounted for by the sheep. The children you mentioned have really accounted for who Rochas is; politically, economicall, socially and in religious terms. The needy kids have even yielded more to his advantage! No one is truely selfless except God. Charitable organisations are businesses on their own. From the donor agencies to those that extend the donations to the needy, the piper most mop his nose(ogbu opi na eficha imi). The gardener waters his vegetables not all for the betterment of the crop but more in answer to his own welfare.Thank God you underlined the clause of age. Rochas should have shown humility before OBJ atleast for the sake of age and our tradition as people of black Africa.

  20. Nigerian politicians with lots of ego and rantings.But dignity consists not in possesing honours,but in the consciousness that one deserves them. Nigeria is a country that under all normal circumstances should be on its FEET,but with all these greed, lack of foresight ,unpatrotism hyper-corruption and ignorance of these same politicians, a supposed great nation is continued to be kept on its NEELS ..

  21. I agree with those who are asking Okorocha what took him to the evil man’s land in the first place while abandoning his duties for the good people of Imo State. Thief obasanjo is always the old fool i have always known.

  22. A strategic and uncalculated mistake from Okorocha.
    You see, OBJ could not wait to pack him into the shelf he belongs. Self-inflicted abuse.
    Please, don´t play into their hands.

  23. My heart always bleed whenever I hear people calling Obasanjo many good names like great man, brave man, respected man and so on.Why do we honor evil men in this part of the world who have succeeded in subjecting the Nigerian masses to abject poverty?.
    If Obasanjo deserves all these fair treatments in some quaters,why did he receive a devastating blow from Gbenga Daniel in the 2011 general election in his home state of Ogun?, and he claims Okorocha is not his match.
    He Obasanjo always find it difficult to hide his hatred against the Igbos. I want to repeat what the late Ojukwu said, -that the beginning of wisdom is the understanding between the east and the west since they are confronted by the block called the North. Otherwise, Nigeria will remain in political wilderness.

  24. If I were one of OBJ’s children I would b ashamed of my father. I would find a tight clip and clip his mouth. Must he b involved in every thing. What a shameless and arogant old man. OBJ go and learn 4rom Salami, Gowon, Babangida…..etc they don’t talk like a mentally derailed person. 2fiakwa, I NEVER SEE….!!!!! This is really lugubrious!!!!

  25. Here’s how I see Obj: He enjoys the limelight to the point of self delusion, likes being “worshipped”, splashed all over the media to the extent of diminishing the other past leaders of Nigeria, likes the role of a godfather who should be widely reverred in political and social circles. He wants to be paid homage wherever he goes, being consulted for his special advice and guidance and acclaimed as the greatest of all Nigerian past leaders. He is ruthless and intollerant of competition; nearly always talks before thinking only to run into problems over his statements in public. He likes to criticise those in office after him justaposing himself as the reference for perfection. He is sly, cunning and untrustworthy, has a lot of hidden attributes – a suspicious personality probably into serious cult affiliations / associations. He carries a holier than thou mien – a posture lacking in anything but perfection. What I’d say to him: “be yourself, no pretences!”

  26. kelechi clement on

    Write about the negative history of Nigeria and refuse to put OBJ’s name, he will tell you to go back and do better research. There was nothing good in Obasanjo.

  27. Obviously, this old occultic chimp still thinks that, he is the God of Nigeria, to whom every other citizen should give worship. But sooner than later, he will realize that, there is actually a real God whose name is Jehovah Nissi, that ruleth the affairs of men and giveth power to whom ever he will. Talking about the past, this hypocrite is still fighting the civil war in his little vindictive mind. which explains his agitated attitude any time he come across upwardly mobile Ibo young men. he stops at nothing to intimidate, rubbish and pull such down. If Obasanjo wants to talk about achievements, he should look at Nigeria that, he ruled on two God given occasions and tell us his achievements, if not to institutionalize corruption, poverty and misery in an otherwise abundantly blessed country. It is high time this shameless old man stop adding salt to injury and go hide his ritualistic ugly head in shame, instead of gloating about town like an over fed he goat. let no man play God, for man must be man and, to god alone must be glory, period.

  28. ….He is a very difficult man indeed!. Well said my dear governor and that is all that is needed to be said. Obasanjo an opportunist who did more harm to this country than anyone else. His era is marked by bold face corruption, and the era of selling off common wealth properties and estates to himself and his cronies. This man belongs in the jail. For those calling him “father of the nation”, I say he is the father of his son’s children, and a shameless he goat at that. On the day Buhari enters office, he will be account to give account of those eight yrs. It is not over yet.!

  29. Honestly speaking, when these politicians read the opinions of several of us they only grin their teeth with satisfaction. Reading this article again and again, you wonder why people are quarelling on this forum. I do not see any trade of words as this reporter captioned it, rather THE GATHERING OF COMEDIANS. That is what I should have titled it had I been this journalist. it is just we write and title things according to our prejudices.

    This was civic reception in honour of OBJ. He (or the organizers) invited Rochas (his former colleague in political crime). Rochas ran against OBJ for the presidential ticket of PDP in 2003. OBJ won and compensated Rochas with the office of SA to be a part of the sharing of the national cake. Rochas comically agreed he was part of OBJ successes not failures. Rochas left PDP after being denied opportunities by PDP because there were more powerful kingmakers who call the shots in the PDP than he is. He went bought his way through to APGA with lesser power brokers to become governor under APGA. Men, can’t you guys see!

    So, the issue is not region or party, but persons involved and their wits. OBJ outsmarted Rochas at the Federal level. Rochas returned to the local level and bulldozed Ohakim of PDP out of office and became god of Imo, who does what seems right to him. You see then that all about politics in Nigeria is be god where you are most powerful, a status, OBJ wants to carry to grave whether incumbent or ex.. OBJ in his xteristic manner brazenly threw the first joke. Rochas responded. They were speaking the language they understood. Later, they would go into private setting to wine and dine while we waste our energies arguing against nothing rather demanding that these cabals should rise up to their responsibiliies.

    Should such gathering be for jokes? Should it not be a time they should address issues affecting Nigerians, since it was across-the-board gathering. Insecurity everywhere, home and abroad. Nigerian soldiers are in Mali to fight another continental terrorists that are trying to take over West Africa. Some of them may not come back alive. JTF have not found solution to Bokos. UK wants to recolonize Nigeria with offer to help tackle Boko Haram. France has effectively taken root in Mali. You think they would go out again? Pentagon has strategized to establish military presence in whooping 35 African nations with support of Drone backups. Is that not another balkanization of Africa going on? Yet these evil politcians are here making caricatures of themselves.

    We should rise up and challenge our leaders, whether incumebent or ex this or that to stop messing up with Nigerians. These politicians stink – OBJ, Rochas, GEJ put together. For them, they belong to one class while the rest of us belonged to the other class. If it is in more civilzed world, both OBJ and Rochas would have lost credibility. They are all colleagues in squandermania.

    • The more trouble Nigeria the land of Egypt the earlier its solution comes which is to yr tent Oh Israel.or at least Biafara should go.that is my concern.the south south together with their oil can remain in Nigeria if they don’t
      want to join Biafara.

  30. Anthony.I.Efobi thank you so much for tell that stupid Prince Jimmy and eye service tribe Yoruba tribe.Prince Jimmy wat respect do Yorubas accord to their elders anyway?we all knows that Yorubas are the worst tribe in Nigeria that pays lip service and calls it respect my foot,they will lie flat on the ground wen greeting as if thats how their heart is but at the same time stab you at your back.I will rather prefer the Igbo way of respect that is common in the Western World than that of Yorubas way of respect in which by the time they backed you they will stab you at your back and sabotage you.Yorubas we Igbos knows you people so well and we the new generation Igbos will never fall for your lip service

  31. these people are only teasing themselves with some jokes and most of you here are killing yourself of things that doesn’t concern you. most of you here are nothing but ethnic bigot.

  32. This man Rochas speak English,.In every setting of life you must belong to a group, This people are Politician and they are colleague…..He cant say he is a colleague to a TEACHER or BRICKLAYER, but a politician will always remain a colleague to politician,, as in the court of law. every lawyer is called learned colleagued…OBASANJO should behave like an elder stateman like GOWON to always keep quiet.

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