Northern governors condole with Buhari



The Northern States Governors Forum (NSGF) has joined millions of Nigerians to condole former Head of State and presidential candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), General Muhammadu Buhari over the death of his daughter, Zulaihat.

Chairman of the forum and Governor of Niger State, Dr Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu in a statement signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Danladi Ndayebo, urged General Buhari to be consoled by the fact that it is only God that gives and takes life whenever He pleases.

The forum enjoined the former military leader and members of his family to be encouraged by the fact that although his late daughter died at a relatively young age, she lived an inspiring and a fulfilled life. The statement said life was not about how long people lived, but how people impact positively on the environment around them. “Though Zulaihat lived a short life, she brought change to her immediate family, her community, and all those she met, especially women and children,” the statement said.

The forum urged Buhari to take solace in the fact that no living soul shall escape death, describing it as a necessary end that would come when it would. It said the best tribute that the CPC leader can pay to his late daughter is to sustain her good deed of touching lives of the weak and the poor. The forum prayed God to grant the deceased eternal rest and the family, especially her husband and her children the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

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    • Sir okoye, u d most foolish sir av eva seing so far. All ur comment on buhari shall send back to u,ur mum,ur dad,ur kids and ur entire family. Anybody can lose his or lov ones just sa I happened to buhari,jonathan,elrufai,obasanjo.

  1. Sir Nwabufor Okoye,with due respect sir,u are a very stupid man,unrepentant idiot to address the most sincere & honest person like Gen. Buhari in this way at this painful period of lost of his daughter all because of politice, useless man & evil.Calamity shall befall u & ur family.

    • Anthony I Efobi on

      Frances Ekene, I’ve every reason to believe that u are in sane and as such not normal. Only one of his daughter died, u are here to tell u lies on how righteous Buhari is. All the NYSC members killed by his political supporters, burn and stabbed to death by his party agents when he lost election. Are they not from a family having father/dad like him. Power monger Buhari. He killed as a military dictator that over-throw his Northern brothers govt. and is still killing today through Boko Haram. Hear and listen down deep to Buhari’s silence threatening voilence b4 presidential election and see why we are on the security mess. Hear his CPC stakeholders and see the evolution of weak and quiet Boko Haram being ready to be sponsored into political warriors, religious fighters, tribal killers. Is Buhari, few northern top PDP members, 90 percent of CPC party members are boko haram sympatisers, while top 10 sponsors are from CPC and PDP and Buhari is the most known person in those peoples contributions in BH a voilence activities.
      Now, hear Gov Mu’azu Babangida Alihu of Niger state, ‘that ONLY God gives life and ONLY God know when to take life’. Ok. Do u see a normal and common hypocratical deceptive statement of an average muslim killing or supporting killing, or failing to prevent excalation or continuation of killing, or sponsoring killing? This the Gov. Of Niger state dormaining Suleja where terrorist was initially groomed and if not for GEJ security intervention that despartch them, they would have being all over Abuja by now. Remember Madala Suleja Chrismas day killings.
      Buhari, bury ur daughter who die almost peacefulling and not ur cultured shooting, bombing nor she as a woman being raped by Almajiris that u and ur Northern Coupist that forced ur empty brain on Nigeria failed to cared for.

    • Mr. Okoye, I wonder why u should use the word respect and u have no respect for yourself. You cannot use the word dicipline when u are not diciplined yourself.

      Buhari may be the best person for you. But that is nonsense. There is no peace in Buhari, and he will so no peace now and latter. He is the most wicked politician in history.. A man that has no forgiven spirit. A man with a dark heart who believes he has monopoly of wisdom. A man who does not take advise and only believes on himself.

      If u believe that Buhari is the best man in nigeria, u got it but u cooked it. Buhari is a proud missing man who have lost his sense of judgement. Most the problems we are having in this country today is as a result of his failure to become the President after ruling the country as a Military leader.

      He said, he will make this country ungovernable. Nigerian have seen the hand writing on the wall. Whether he is apart of waht is happening today or not, the fact remains that he has spoken. There is power in the tongue.

      Go to Hell with Buhari. He will see no peace. Many people have lost their lives due to the Boko Haram. Buhari never condemned it. He never send message of condolence to anybody. He was against Federal government compensation to those who lost their lives in Bauchi.

      Please if u are writing with your right sense, stop defending Buhari.


  3. Nwabufor Okoye, you are very stupid and useless person. Go and read Prof. David marks remarks on General Buhari. However, if you witnessed Buhari’s regime consciously u will admit that his regime was better compared to others except General Muritala Muhammed. On the other hand, u don’t accused anybody unless u have credible evidence, so, in the absence of enough and strong evidence, ur accusation would be considered as baseless and hearsay. Finally, General does not deserve stupid comments like urs if you a rational person. The most respectable state man at present is General Buhari even compared with Obasanjo. I am yoruba man but the truth must be said even if its against u.

  4. SIR NWABFO OKOYE, am suprised that a KNIGHT of the CATHOLIC church will make this kind of statement in the public. pls. don’t disclose your identity as a knight anymore in the public. I don’t know what you teach to other people about love. You should not george, that you will not be georged.

    • Sir Nwabufor what are those stupid rats talking against your good comment, those that Gen. Buhary had destroyed how did they condole them? Buhary must surely reap what he has sowed. May his daughter rest in peace.

  5. Yusuff and Onochie, you are nonentities. Shame on u two becuase you have eyes but cannot see and you have ears but you cannnot hear. Don`t you know that there is nothing positive that is associated with Buhari – tribalism,Boko Haram etc

  6. R.I.P to Buhari’s for bokoharam issue,only God knows d sponsors.but 9ja is not supposed 2 be one country.

  7. We seem to politicize all issues and events in Nigeria, the bereaved General rtd did not deserve such derogatory comments during this trying period of loss of his daughter. General Buhari remains the most credible and honest ex Head of State who did not see material wealth acquisition as a way of life as some of his Colleagues past and present remain entrenched into high level corruption that has crippled our economy to a final stand still. Buhari alone should not be held responsible for Boko Haram activities, those other Nigerian Leaders from the North like Ibrahim Babangida, Abdulsalam Abubakar, Atiku Abubakar, Adamu Ciroma, Balarabe Musa, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Bamnga Tukur, Useni Jeremiah, TY Danjuma, David Mar, Waziri Tambuwal, Yakubu Gowon, Sultan of Sokoto, Emir of Kano, Emir of Zaria, Etsu Nupe of Bida, Emir of Bornu, Emir of Gombe, Emir of Katsina, all the past and serving Governors of Northern States and all other top Islamic Leaders from the Northern region of Nigeria should be condemned for not rising up to bring peace to the Country. Buhari frustration during the last presidential election was not responsible for Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria, Boko haram insurgency is as a result of accumulated injustices and poverty caused by corruption of those leaders mentioned above. I condole with General Buhari and family on the death of his daughter, may her gentle soul rest in peace.

    • Dele u are not been sincere. How do we rate the credibility of a former leader. To be buhari is a trabalist, a murderer and a coupist. Nothing good comes from buhari. U have forgotten his inflammatory statement that made the corpers to be killed by his almajiris. You people dont like to accept the truth. Buhari has blood in his hands and he will pay one way or the other. do u know know how many people his boko haram has killed? I am sorry for the dead daughter but can never feel sorry for buhari. The judgement day is not far from here.

  8. I am not here to antagonize anybody but rather the truth must be told no matter who is involved.

    Gen. Buhari made a statement that he will make Jonathan’s Government ungovernable so when the issue of Boko Haram came up who do we accuse as the master minder ?…… I am not happy over the death of his daughter because the young girl might not know about the sins of his father but have we forgotten what the bible says that sins of our fore fathers shall be visited upon his third generations.

    All i am saying in essence is that if Gen. Buhari is the one sponsoring Boko Haram, this is the beginning of his sorrows.

    May the daughter’s soul rest in peace.

  9. It is a pity 4 d poor girl. But as 4 Buhari, this is to show him how it pains to loose some one u luv in dead. He should from now start thinking about the families of the slain ten copers. The families of those killed in various churches? The death of his daughter is a sign of the worst things to befall him. Wicked Boko-Haram.

  10. What a pity, the fabric one humanity is torn, simply because it is Buhari every dog, pig and beast could open their diarrhea infected mouths. We all know the truth but the tribalism and religion sentiment has turned us to bigots. If a “Sir Okeye” is really a Sir, then you have become an insult to all well-meaning Sir out there. With all overwhelming evidence linking PDP stalwarts to Boko Haram, you turn blind eyes and castigate wrong man. Go and read interviews with eminents Igbo leaders and learn some lessons. Let wake up

  11. sometimes i laugh each time i come in this page , with this there is no peace in Nigeria , just in ordinary page new papers , we are fighting war , WHICH WAY NIGERIA ??????

  12. @OGB, I agree wit u; (Buhari) is 1of d troublers of dis country &evil must befall him &I don’t care how it may com upon him 4surely he must face pains just as he has cuased pains 2odas! Since nigerian gov’ment is too weak 2arrest (Buhari &co) may d wrath of God com upon Boko haram,its leaders &spornsors. Amen!

  13. Nwabufo okoye,u’re a disgrace to de institution that made de like of urs “SIR”. Ur bitterness will soon kill u. Oyen ara..

  14. Rue ole mgbe ka Ndigbo anyi g’amata ihe? Ndi ajuru aju na Naijiria, ha wee jukwa onwe ha. Naijiria juru na ha na Ndigbo abughi otu site na otu ha si agbagbu Ndigbo kwa ubochi. A n’akpagbu anyi na-ebenile na naijiria, ndi ofenmanu nwere afa ha bara anyi (obere ihe gi-anu ‘Omo Igbo ni), ndi Ugwu si n’anyi bu ‘Inyamiri’. I noro na moto, ihe I ga n’anu bu ‘Igbo people na war’ Ibo! Ibo! ibo! Ajuju nwere ebe a bu; gini ka Ndigbo a mere ndi a ji aba anyi afa a? Ejim uche m garue na otu anyi bu Ndigbo ji were onwe anyi nye ndi a bu ndi Naijiria (ndi juru anyi aju), o dizi k’anyi agaghi eri nri ma obu noro ndu ma ewezuga naijiria. Ezi okwu, onwere ihe Ndigbo mere, Ndigbo juru onwe ha nke ukwuu. Ndigbo were onwe ha nile dabere ma tukwasikwa obi ha nile na Naijiria (ebe ana akpagbu ha). Ndigbo kporo onwe ha asi, ihunanya adighi na-etiti anyi bu Ndigbo, anyi ejighi ofu obi, anyi ekweghi ijikota onwe anyi onu, anyi ejighi uche anyi. Otutu ndi bu isi ‘A’ ha asi ‘Gb’, Ka Chukwu mere anyi ebere. Ndi ochichi anyi bu ndi ochichi nchigbu, onweghi ihe gbasara Ndigbo ndi a na-eneba anya, o so ndi ha n’achi nwuo, ha achoghi ima. Ndigbo nwere anya ukwu karisie, ya mere onye nke banyere ochichi ya achiwazie akpa ya chefue nwanne ya. Oge mu onwe m biri n’Ugwu Awusa, achoputaram na onye obuna nke ji akwukwo nke Sekondiri n’anara ugwo onwa na Govamenti ha. Oge ogu bidoro na Ugwu Awusa, ndi n’achi Steti nile na obodo ndi Ofenmanu zipuchara moto k’ebute ndi nile bu ndi nke ha, ma nke Ndigbo adighi out ahu. Ndi ochichi anyi bu nsogbu kachasi ibe ya. Ka Chukwu mere ha ebere nihi na ha amaghi na obu onwe ha, umu aka ha na ugwu ha ka ha na-erefu ndi Naijiria.

    E jim ohere a na-eme ka ndi nile bu ndi Ikorobia n’ala Igbo mara na oge erugo mgbe anyi g’ebilite n’ura. Ihe obuna ndi ochichi anyi ma obu ndi Naijiria choro Ugbu a k’ha ga-enweta, ha choo mma ha enweta mma, ha choo njo ha enweta njo.
    Ndigbo abughi ndi Naijiria, anyi bu ndi Biafra. Naijiria choo k’anyi buru ofu, ha nye anyi Ochichi na 2015, ha ga-emezukwara anyi Steti anyi ka ozue ezu di ka nke ndi ozo.

    I g’enweta m na: zero asato zero ato itolu ano zero asato otu itolu abuo

  15. this is A big d begining of calamity in d buhari’s family more death, confusions will befall them Insha Allah!!!!Amen God is not sleeping, his Anger is Ragging now. let nobody condole them; is wat they import that is coming for them….

  16. Dele odugbemi & kenny may almighty God bless u ppl 4 those of u sending accusative word 2 innocent Buhari linking him BH bcos u are a blind rebels supporting evil u fail 2 accept de truth & issue of he buhari said he will make dis govt ungovernable i am yet 2 see de evidence when &were he make such statement on tv or np just somebody go form lie on him i hear say go & ask any honest person elders or youths why de socalled nig leaders are afraid of buhari bcos de are not honest & 2 his late daughter i pray may gentle soul rest i peace ameen.

  17. I do not rejoice over the death of buhari’s daughter,however there is strong correlation between the post election violence that led to the death of corpers and the making Nigeria ungovernable threat of buhari and associates.Opinion molders should watch their utterances .Take or leave it those inciting statements by buhari,fueled the crises that still persist till date ,note as reported the hoodlums that kill and maim shout sei buhari or so.

  18. buhari will continue to be in pains for causing millions of people great pain in April 2012. i dont care wot any body says or thinks becos all is entitled to his or her opinion. for wot a man sow he shall rip. for u buhari this is just the beginning.

  19. Ferguson Mkpoikana on

    May her soul rest in peace Amen. His Excellency Gen. Buhuri pls take heart. Don’t allow this to deterred u from the struggle u started, I’m a Niger Deltan we are supporting u. As for Nwabufor Okoye, I wonder ur sence of reasoning. People like u who don’t have respect and don’t want to learn should keep quite in the public. Buhuri is the only straight forward politican in Nigeria. Even in my party PDP I’ve not seen one. I want to commend Dele Odugbem for giving a run down of those leaders in the North nobody say thing about them but only Buhuri.

    • @ferguson, slave mentally, continue been a slave, What have u gained from been a Niger delta? The only presidency u got, the buharis of this world are fighting tooth and nail to distablise and u are here opening ur maggot infested mouth to support the chairman of boko haram.

  20. In terms of the leaders that have ruled this country and there styles,buhari is it.The death and the berieved should be respected.However,the day buhari became a RELIGION EXTREMIST,like his brothers,sanusi and el rufai,feneral followership began to elude him.Now he is the cause of his political tumult.he will only come back to reckon politically if he throws religious fundamentalism over board.


  22. I’ve said it time without number that the Igbos are not well cultured.If not how can majority of them come out and rejoice over the death of a fellow human being?Anyway, what does one expect from the Igbos who can even sacrifice their children, parents,wives and other loved ones for money? May God save this nation from the monster called Igbo race.

    • Cant u see ur name, Ode, stupidity , embecile, block head, i think these are the full meaning of Ode in your language. If u know where to sacrifice your mother pls do, bc ur condition is not good. People like u always have an excuse for ur laziness and docility. When a Jewish Igbo man succeeds, they lazy ones like u attributes it to sacrifice. Lazy bones, get a life and work hard, that is only panacea to success and leave this ur lazy mans excuses.

  23. Is it painful to loss a loved one? If yes is the answer. Buhari stop killing innocent Nigerians, through ur machinery called boko haram

  24. Boko haram has been there during Obj. Infact it was Obj and SAS that created boko haram. Buhari’s crime is that he detest corruption and accumulation of unhealthy wealth.
    All those castigating Buhari are wrapped up in sentiment and ignorance. May God deliver them.
    With these kind of comments coming from people who are suppose to be bridge builders we are yet no ready for peace. Insulting innocent souls will only make us suffer the more in the hands of the corrupt leaders.
    May the soul of Buhari’s daugter rest in the bossom of the lord.

  25. Anthony I Efobi,madness upon madness shall befall u,ur generations upon ur generations.The truth is always bittered.whether u take it or not.Nobody to compare with Gen.Buhari: He is pure,totally against corruption & discipline.

  26. may her soul rest in peace,and Jannatul firdaus b her final abode,n for d idiots insulting Buhari n ors may Allah guide them,they should rmember death awaits evry one turn by turn .

  27. Buhari loosing her daughter to death, Is he not a human being??? what about those innocent souls that Boko Haram killed,plane crashes etc ???

  28. Kola Amodu stop been stupid the young man has just expressed his feelings and i think that if your brother sister mum or dad or any of your love ones has been a of victim of BK mass killing you could have understood it better

  29. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him from them all”.
    It is well with you General Buhari. As a Christian and a child of God I pray that the Almighty God will see you through this turbulent ocean of false accusers, selfish, demonic, lovers of themslves and lind people. At the expiration of time the truth shall be revealed and the enemy of Nigeria shall be put to shame and utterly disgraced in Jesus name.

  30. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him from them all”.
    It is well with you General Buhari. As a Christian and a child of God I pray that the Almighty God will see you through this turbulent ocean of false accusers, selfish, demonic, lovers of themslves and blind people. At the expiration of time the truth shall be revealed and the enemy of Nigeria shall be put to shame and utterly disgraced in Jesus name.
    They have eyes but cannot see. This is the strategy of the devil to blind fold the people so that they will be chasing the shadow and leaving the real object while the looters are having field day. And because they have refused to accept the truth, he has given them up to a reprobate mind to do those things that are not even convenient.

    A proverb says if a home is peaceful, then the bastard in the home has not grown. The bastards of Nigeria have grown to adults now. Excepts they are expurnged, there is no peace. The fools are ruling idiots.

  31. Francis ekene; u r an egyptian so am not suprised dat u r supporting buhari. U r a wolf in sheep clothing. @ Ferguson, u will remain a slave 4ever. Its very unfortunate dat u r a fake niger deltan, daz if u said d truth. Am baffled dat people can give such testimonies of buhari as if he’s an angel. @ Kunle u r a hypocrite; wat do u kn about righteousness? U r obviously mocking christaindom but remember dat 4 every word u said u wil be judged 4. Buhari; except u make peace with God, u shall pay 4 every blood u shed just cos of power quest! Tears drop my eyes, restless souls are demanding 4 revenge. Buhari ask ur bh group to give u details of how many parents de killed their children b4 their presence & u can now feel d pain more 4 loosing a lovd ones. Pls all am saying is; Buhari stop dis bh killings so u can grow older & enjoy d yrs u ve laboured. God is watching u!

  32. Wit al dis so cald COMMENTS, i bliv dat dia wil neva b pis in Nigeria. Can 1 tel me wat wil hapn 2 d grass wen 2 elephants are fytn? Ar u proud 2 b 9ja? Wooh! unto dis nasty ignoramus entity cald society. I cry wen eva i come 2 read newz & its coments. Wen ar we goin 2 say no! Dat Dis stupendious ignoramus wil neva use us again? Am ashamed 2 identify ma sef as a 9ja. I hate nigeria wit passion. Both D rulers & illiterate rules. ( I rest ma case. ) STIL TOJAANI 4 RARE PIPL.

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