Enebeli Elebuwa dies in India


•Uduaghan, others pay tributes


Veteran Nollywood actor, Enebeli Elebuwa is dead. He passed on Tuesday night at an Indian hospital in New Delhi . He was 66. According to an online site, Nigeriafilms.com which gave the name of the hospital as Asian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS), New Delhi , Elebuwa was admitted in a Lagos hospital in 2001 when he was reported to have had partial stroke but was unable to get adequate treatment there.

Early this year, he attended a miracle service at Dr. Sigh Fireman’s church in Surulere and was reported to have walked only to claim weeks after that his healing was fake. This raised a lot of controversy about the state of his health which the pastor, however, defended. The Delta State government relocated him to an Indian medical facility in Abuja when his condition was deteriorating in Lagos before the same government flew him to India where he finally “checked out” Tuesday night. In between, Nollywood Diva, Stella Damasus, was reported to have moved him to a private hospital in Abuja as well as paid the bill.

Elebuwa, who hailed from Utagba Uno, Delta State, passed on shortly after the death of another veteran actor, Pete Eneh, who was amputated few weeks ago in connection with diabetes. Elebuwa featured in over 125 movies. He would be remembered mostly by a popular advert in the mid 80s discouraging young Nigerians not to travel out of the country in search of greener pastures but to stay and salvage the situation. And that earned him the sobriquet, ‘Andrew.’ Commenting on the tragedy, prolific actor and director, Charles Inojie who confirmed the death of Elebuwa on his Black Berry broadcast said: “ It is sad that Nollywood left some of our colleagues to die the death that are avoidable. If he had got the right medical attention, the ailment wouldn’t have deteriorated.

He was down financially and that incapacitated his receiving medical attention when needed. We, however, thank the Delta State government for flying him to India, but he did not become a citizen of Delta State on a sick bed. Government did not have to wait till situation gets out of hand before acting. This is a man that served his state and country selflessly. It is just unfortunate. The saddest thing about the demise of the award-winning actor is the fact that he probably originated from the wrong country. A country where individuals who through their personal endeavours earn respect for their nation are seldom recognized.

As a young man, Elebuwa had the option of taking his talents elsewhere but he chose to stay back and develop his country. How much has his country given him in return is one question we must continue to ask our leaders on a daily basis. May his soul rest in peace.” Cerebral actor, Emeka Enyiocha also, said: “Well, there is nothing much to say about it. Infact, I don’t have anything to say dead men, because when they were alive, they needed our help but we all turned our backs on them including me. So, what am I commenting? It is no longer necessary.” Meanwhile, Delta State Governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan has commiserated with the Elebuwa family and the entertainment industry over the tragedy, saying that his death was “painful and saddening”.

In a statement issued by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Sunny Ogefere, the governor said that he was shocked that the concerted efforts made by well- meaning Nigerians to save his life did not yield the desired result. “I am particularly touched because as a renowned Deltan and talented Nollywood actor, Elebuwa still had a lot to offer to Delta, to Nigeria and the entertainment world”. “I recall that the thespian came to limelight in the 80s when he played the character, Andrew in the Federal Government campaign to get Nigerians to believe in Nigeria.

And since then, he remained dominant in the entertainment industry”, he added. Uduaghan said that Elebuwa was full of life until he had to battle with some illness unsuccessfully. He prayed God Almighty to grant the family, Nigerians and the colleagues in the entertainment industry, the fortitude to bear the loss.

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  3. A veteran actor indeed, oh death why? Well, even if u re no more ur thout still linga in d memory of wellmini nigerian. R. I. P. Man.

  4. May his gentle soul rest in peace, Dis is de same Man they force to cme and testify in church dat his sickness is gone, Just Beware Of Imitation Prophet”

  5. If Nigerians are not informed, certainly they will continued to be dis-formed See how my people perish for lack of knowledge!!! All that glitters in the name of Hospitals and with well packages and offers are ways Indian fake doctors defraud their victims mostly Africans. Before, it used to be how westerns under developed Africa but now it is how Asia (India & China) extra humiliate Africa. Super Multy- specialty(Jack of all trades).

  6. RIP, I loved your movies.
    The real question is why people who can afford good health die at such an age?
    To be slim in Nigeria is synonymous with poverty but then obesity is the source of many ills.
    Hit the gymn folks and eat less meat. Give the meat to the hungry orphans on our streets. How many ‘rich’ Nigerians know their cholesterol and glucose level?

  7. Rest In Peace our Beloved “Andrew” checking out onto the Lord, mat the Good Lord please accept His Gentle Soul. Good bye Enebeli Elebuwa…… and thanks for your contributions in Nollywood developments.

  8. Akinola Kayode on

    He lived his best in entertainment. He is a role model to upcoming actors and actresses. May his gentle soul rest in peace, Amen.

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  10. pastor stephen.a.atikongu on

    May the blessed soul of elebuwa rest in bossom of abraham, May God give his family, friends, and well wishers the fortitude to bear the iireparable loss, untill we meet on the last day rest in perfect peace amen.

  11. Goodwill Oleka on

    May his soul rest in the bosom of the Almighty God and may God give his family the fortitude to bear the irreparable lost. RIP

  12. RIP. We love u but God loves u most!
    Big lesson to our political bigots. sacrifice 4 ur brother when he was alive not when he was dead. his family will be recognized now than when he was alive.
    May God continue to inspire and educate us with this kind of lesson.

  13. It is fortuitous that this patriotic young man of the 80s who conquered the temptation to “check out” was ultimately forced to check out to India in the 3rd Millennium due to the stagnation that Nigeria has fallen into.

    Adieu and May his Soul rest in Peace. Aluta Continua for all Nigerian patriots.

  14. MaryJane Samuel on

    Pa Enebuwa your contributions to the entertainment industry remain indelibly phenomenal.You fought gallantly, but this is the way all mortals must pass through. You were in deed a cerebral thespian. Rest in peace!

  15. We can’t ask God why? God knows why he take him. Let d living learn 4rm d death were ar we going if we die? That is d qstion we hv 2 ask our self. We just pray 2 God 2 grant his soul in bosstom of the lord. May his soul rest in perfect peace Amen. Elebuwa go in peace

  16. His death like many others is the prize we are paying for our age-long bad governance. Mr. Elebuwa, tell our ancestors that Nigeria is still unable to properly care for the children born to her.

    Checking out of this life is a common destiny that awaits all mortals, all men both rich and poor should bear this in mind. FAREWELL!

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