No going back on reforms –Jonathan


Free us from Boko Haram in 2013 –Anglican Primate


President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday assured that with the solid foundation laid in critical sectors like agriculture, power, transportation and roads, the country’s infrastructure will never go down again. Jonathan, who alongside his family members, ministers and  personal aides were at the Diocese of Abuja Anglican Communion, the Cathedral Church of the Advent Life Camp, Gwarinpa, Abuja, for the Christmas Day service, said the church has a critical role to play if democracy must be sustained.

He noted that the church is vital to the success of his transformation agenda. The President said a situation where some criminal individuals vandalise government properties to sabotage government’s effort to provide stable power supply and other critical infrastructure, must be condemned, noting that no transformation can succeed without reformation.

The President who expressed happiness that the reforms in the agriculture, power and transportation sectors have been noticed by the Anglican Communion Primate, Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh, assured that his administration will fulfil its promises to the people. According to him, “the sermon today brought a number of things to the limelight, our transformation in agriculture and others. When we were planning for our campaign, we spent a whole day debating on what should be our theme and we settled for transformation. At the time it sounded strange and many people even asked what are we transforming, but I’m glad that today, people are beginning to see the transformation.

The church has a great role to play if the transformation must succeed because you can’t transform without reformation and it is the role of the church to do so. “I urge the church to come up with various programmes to talk about how we Nigerians can be reformed. “People play politics with things that affect even their own lives. You wonder why a person that carries a saw to cut down a conductor carrying cables that produce electricity, because you want the government to fail. This happened somewhere in Enugu. You begin to wonder if they are humans. That is why we need to reform if we must transform. I want to reassure Nigerians that we are committed and will keep faith with our promises.

At least, what we are doing in agriculture, transportation and power has been noted by the Primate. “We have laid solid foundation for power, agriculture and transport sectors and I can assure you, we will not go back again. “By human thinking, our administration is slow, I won’t say we are slow but we need to think through things properly if we are to make lasting impact. If we rush, we will make mistakes and sometimes it is more difficult to correct those mistakes. I want to assure Nigerians that any step we take whether little or giant, we won’t go back. And where we need to act fast we will do so, that we demonstrated with the flood because it required immediate response.

“Democracy must be dictated by ballot papers and I think we have achieved that with electoral reform. We will not go back but will continue to improve. “For our transformation to be sustained, we Nigerians must be reformed. We must not see our country as where we make money only and build walls and live as prisoners because of the criminal activities of few”, he said. Meanwhile, the Primate of all Nigeria/Bishop of Abuja Diocese, Rev. Okoh, has challenged the Federal Government to ensure in the New Years, that Nigerians are free from Boko Haram harassment, armed robbery, kidnapping, and those who practise political wickedness and the likes that have kept them in constant fear.

In his sermon, titled: “The message of the messiah presence in our midst”, he said those involved in armed robbery and kidnapping cannot blame unemployment for their crime, but greed, as no employment can pay them N50 million or more per job done as they constantly make. Preaching from Isaiah 9: 1-6, and John1:14, the Most Rev. Okoh decried that kidnappers were holding Nigerians to ransom and have heightened tension in the land to the extent that people are afraid to travel home to spend time with family and friends. “We cannot justify them (kidnappers) by looking at the issue of unemployment. A kidnapper is looking for big money and not a job.

There is no place of employment that can pay you N50 million or more for one job done. There is something wrong with our psyche if kidnappers have settled for that as a source of livelihood”. He said there is the need to end Boko Haram, adding that since the incidence of the Islamist sect many have stopped going to church. Okoh prayed that in the coming years, Nigeria will have perfect security, people will no longer have fear for personal security. Okoh said: “Jesus Christ has come to give us eternal salvation, shine his light in the darkness of the world. He has come as the Prince of Peace.

He came down to lift up the poor.  The Lord came with the gospel of transformation and power that has transformed us from darkness to light. If you want to know God and his workings, then look at Jesus. He has given us moral light to shun what is wrong and do the right thing. We need to embrace peace in this country. We have of late been praying to have peace between man and man in our country. The Christian faith does not encourage tit for tat for the frequent killings because Christians are peace-bearers. Irrespective of provocations, we must promote peace.

“It also has the solution to the frequent tribalism that has affected us and cause chaos. For all in leadership traditional, religious, political, the emphasis of leadership is the poor, the downtrodden. At all times, their welfare and relief must occupy the priority of the leaders. “We need to thank God for what the government is trying to do that we will no longer be slave to massive rice producers like Thailand. It’s difficult to understand why it took us so long to realise that if we produce our rice that we can eat and generate jobs for our people. Also, we have started producing bread with local content and is good news to the poor.

It will be political miracles if we have constant power supply and it will be good news to the poor. The development of the railway system and the construction of road also will be good news to the poor. “Following the story of incarnation, the government can continue to come down to the poor because God is interested in the affairs of the poor”. The First Lady, Mrs. Patience Jonathan, read a lesson from Isaiah 9:2, 6&7. President Jonathan also read from Hebrew 1:1-12. Prayers were said for the first family, government and the entire country.

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    • Ndigbo Tobenu Chineke! Chineke anyi di otito. Onye oru ebube a batala na etiti anyi. O biala i nye anyi udo, i gbaputa anyi n’aka ndi ojoo nke na akpagbu anyi. Ndigbo ndi oma, ndi Chineke mere mma, Ndi nke Jisos, unu ona enwekwa anwuri na emume ekelesimesi a? Biko ka anyi rie ma nwukwaa, kama ka anyi cheta na oge a bu oge nso wee doo ya nso hapu ikpasu Chineke iwe. Onye o buna aka ya di na ihe ojoo, biko ya chegaria ma nabata Jisos taa. Ndi ochichi, ndi oru bekee, ndi na-azu ahia, umu akwukwo, umu nwoke na umu nwanyi nile bu ndigbo, biko, ka anyi jiri ohere a jikota onwe anyi onu nwee ihunanya na etiti anyi ma dabekwara na Jisos a. Onweghi ihe gbara ya yarii ma oli. Oge a bu oge anyi kwesiri iji gbahara onye obula nke mejoro anyi. Biko ka anyi yoo Chukwu ka okpuyere anyi otu anyi ga-esi gba ngba nke anyi choro igba maka afo puku abuo na iri na ise nke n’abia wee nwee mmeri.
      Chukwu (Nna nke Jisos a amuru anyi) nonyere ma gozikwaa Ndigbo nile n’aha jisos, Amin.

      I g’enweta m na: nkiti asato nkiti ato itolu ano nkiti asato otu itolu abuo

  1. I had to stop reading this crap. It’s clear to me that Jonathan is just as crooked as he is mentally retarded.The man is a dimwit. He is so dense in the head that he shouldn’t have been entrusted with any responsible position. He has no understanding of the basic concepts of leadership.Jona please hush up! You have no idea about what you are talking about. I have this little thing to say to you. Jona there is nothing like a perfect decision or perfect time, all decisions like time are relative. You make decisions based on available set of facts, hierarchy of competing needs and wants, emergency and unusual circumstances, self interest and public good. All your decisions have been based on your selfish interests(how you can stay the president, misspend our money no matter what). Note that every policy decision should be re-evaluated from time to time to ensure that such a decision is meeting the intended objective. You make decisions swiftly after reviewing the facts and reverse yourself slowly. Do you know that you need to make swift decisions about security, corruption, unemployment, electricity, roads,fuel, education, roads, healthcare, public debt,food and hunger, infrastructures such as bridges and housing,pollution, standard of living, quality of life in Nigeria etc. You have a full plate as of now, you are yet to publicly declare your assets. When do you plan to get started. You acted as the president for a year, you are almost at the end of your second year as the president. When will you see an important thing that will warrant you to make a decision. When half of the country are dead because you couldn’t make a single decision on anything, Your friends are still steal everything that is not nailed down in the country. I bet you don’t think that its your call to stop them. I don’t mind your ignorance, but I resent your wickedness and crookedness.

  2. Ayaka, you are too harsh on President Jonathan. It appears you have never occupied a position of leadership of any group of people and not to talk of a Nation like Nigeria. A leader may be visionary but if he is unfortunate to be encircled by some powerful godfathers and crooks, all his efforts may come to NIL. Unfortunately for Jonah, 90% of the membership of PDP are rogues and therefore advice that he must work hand in hand with Banmagar Tukur to transform his party first because charity begins from home. Recently, at a retreat of the PDP for party officials, Babatope was advocating contracts patronages for party supporters. That is the field for corruption, nepotism, tribalism, fraud, inefficiency, victimasation, marginalisation etc. Also, consider the on going case of Babalakin. The decay of all our infrastructure in the past has been due largely to patronage of fraudulent PDP contractors. Jonathan must open up business of government with all Nigerians capable of delivering good services and developmental projects. Chikena !!

  3. The President could not perform any miracle in the midst of all old recycled criminals in PDP.
    Their Children have taken over corruption from their shameless fathers and Jonathan pretends as if he did not know what was going on until the sons of former and current PDP chairmen were nabbed for subsidy scam in billions of naira but were given bails which would be denied of a young 419 boy who obtained $2000 under false pretenses from gullible foreigner.
    Jonathan has messed up as a President and Nigerian masses should vote him and PDP out of power in 2015 general elections, otherwise, Nigeria will become Somalia.

  4. wheather you forgive Bako haram or not, they can never ever stop te.heir killing ways. Better you your common sence. The muslims dont want any churches around them. They want you people to change to muslims. Tell me how many churches have C of O in the north?please you pastors better stop to deceive your followers. You people havent tell them truth and the real pictures of things. Thou shall not lie, but some of you people are proffetional and big time liers.

  5. Prince Adu/Tokyo on

    Its a Pity that President Johnathan (a.k.a) Imbecile Ebele Reformations in Agriculture – Power- Infrastructure is been seen by only one Political Man Of God. Diocese Of Abuja Catholic Church…….I believe his lobbying for his Own Private JET……… Clergy Politicians………. Babylonians.

  6. Ayaka i strongly bliv u can make useful coments without insulting ur leaders. These ar people ordained by God to lead us, al they need is ur prayers and constructive criticisms to move ahead. It may b ur turn somday. Nigeria is not a smal nation to lead, be wise.

  7. This happened somwhere in Enugu.. Mr Jona be conscious of what you frame up against Ndigbo cause the major problem of the country is in the North and you cannot say it, mind you Ndigbo are not weak

  8. Leave the President alone. He has no direction because he has surroundd himself with “old wood”. What is the justification to appoint Anenih the Chairman of the NPA board? He has sent him there to cripple the remains ou tof what Bode George did to the Authority.

    He started well, but he is currently the worst leader we ever heard. Corruption is the order of the day. Risign, my president.

  9. Jona Enugu is more peaceful and better of dan ur Bayelsa in politics nd conduct… So al d evil dat is been penetrates 2 bring down ur government non of them is good enough 2 be sighted as an eg bt “a man wt saw… Dis happened some where in Enugu” thank God d man wz wt saw nt BOMB… Jona u got 2 speak lik a leader… Ok.

  10. Talking about insecurity,Rev. Okoh,in his sermon titled “the msg of d massiah presence in our midst”,he said those involved in armed robbery & kidnapping cannot blame unemployment 4 their crime,but greed,as no employment can pay them #50m or more per job done as they constantly make.” Using d above statement as a case study,is there any morallity in d present house of God? Rev. OKOH did not see anything wrong with milions,billions & trillions been looted by our past & present leaders simply b/c he has been settle to propagate d msg of falsehood,instead he blame d armed robber & kidnappers which is an off-shoot of corruption. Tomorrow,he will buy private jet among his poor followers which he has milked them dry under d guise of tithes & offering. Rev.okoh,if truth must be told,as d say goes,one thing leads to another. In other words,corruption among govt official is d causes of insecurity. well,u are doing ur job which u ‘ve been paid for. Remember,every deed,either covert or overt,d almighty God is aware. Sooner or later d result will be out,ur deed determine ur grade. period!!!

  11. @ibn. I hv alwayz known The Most Rev Okoh as a fearless man. He wz only trying 2 pass d message dt these hoodlums shouldn’t be justified on d ground of unemployment. Maybe u r angry he didn’t touch corruption, bt a message of hw many minutes cannot be so exhaustive or maybe it didn’t cross his mind at-all. Bt rmb, it was an xmas message n not a political forum (he only needed 2 cite few egs alongside his message) so please, dnt b aggrieved with d man of God.

  12. Why shld d man of God pretend as if nothing is going wrong in d govt,he supposed 2 hv preached d word without fear; even if GEJ is there.

  13. @lifeline &daniel,i did not miss d msg,my arguement is that,what informed poverty,inequality,unemployment,insecurity,ingnorance and underdevelopment in nig. From any angle u look at d aforemention problems,corruption is d causes. This can be found among untouchable govt officials. Why Tony Anineh who cannot give account on how he spend #360 bilions naira when he was a ministers of works gets appointment?. What is d pol.morality behind his recent appointment in NpA? Why did d FG wanted to borrow money 4rm outside despite d recent return of Abacha’s loot 4rm swizerland which amount to $700m us dolars,d on going rot in nig pension(#3.3 trillion) uncover by maina led taskforce clearly testify how nig govt officials has made corruption as a way of life. GEj may not be a saint,but what serious step is he taking to address d problem.It begin with him.

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