No going back on Ojukwu’s Will – Lawyer


•Says document is genuine


The controversial Will of the late Ikemba Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu which was read last Friday at the Probate Registry of the Enugu State High Court has been described as sacrosanct by Chief Emeka Onyemelukwe, the family lawyer. Chief Onyemelukwe disclosed this yesterday in Enugu when he told reporters that he was the personal lawyer, close associate and confidant of the late leader of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Ezeigbo gburu gburu who died in a London hospital on November 26, 2011. He said the clarification became necessary in view of what he described as some uncomplimentary reports attributed to some members of the Ojukwu dynasty including one of the sons, Emeka Jnr.

He said the Will was registered in the Enugu High Court on July 9, 2005, while the codicil which was to give details and correct any mistakes in the Will, was dated December 16, 2009. Tendering various documents, most of them legal papers and court briefs and motions where he was copiously authorized and mandated to draft, sign and or represent the late sage in courts and at other such important occasions, Onyemelukwe said that he had been close to the Ikemba since his return from exile in Cote d’ Ivoire many years ago.

He said virtually all Ojukwu’s legal papers remained in his custody till date, including those properties and chattels willed to Emeka Jnr, who he said now claimed he never knew him as his father’s lawyer. He described Ojukwu Jnr’s assertion that he did not know him as unfortunate, “even when I was the Master of Ceremony at his wedding to the daughter of Chief Cyprian Ekwensi, the late literary giant, in the early 90s”.

The lawyer also debunked Emeka’s claim that Bianca, Ojukwu’s widow, apparently had a fore knowledge of the contents of the Will “when she sent some aides to remove her personal belongings from the Nnewi house that was eventually Willed to him ahead of the disclosure last Friday, November 30, 2012.”

He alleged that ahead of the November 25, 2012 family thanksgiving at Nnewi, Bianca sent some of her aides to clean the house but were seized and beaten up mercilessly and detained, further alleging that it took the intervention of the extended Ojukwu family and other illustrious sons of Anambra who sued for peace.

“So, immediately after the event, she decided to move her belongings to another of the many other buildings within the premises, to avert further crisis and show of shame,” he said. He said that Mark Ezemba, one of the witnesses to the Will, was Ojukwu’s Bestman during his wedding with Bianca, while Justice Iguh was chairman at the wedding reception of Ojukwu Jnr. Onyemelukwe insisted that no other person knew or saw any of the contents of the Will before it was read last week, adding that in the course of drawing up the Will he reminded Ikemba on about two occasions to remember his son, Emeka.

That Ikemba said he had already handed over to him a money spinning multi-storey building with shops and offices known as 26, Sokoto Rd, adjacent to Onitsha Main Market to him, just as he had bequeathed 7 Forrest Crescent, Ekulu GRA, Enugu and the other property at Jabi, Abuja as gifts to Bianca.

That the late Ikemba said since he gave all his older children the best of foreign education possible, he made it possible to give the younger ones from Bianca similar opportunity. Counterring the claim that Emeka was not informed about the date for the reading of the Will, Onyemelukwe tendered three text messages hesent to Emeka’s three active telephone lines which read: “The Will is to be read at the High Court, Enugu, at 8.30am, note the change of time, which was due to other engagements of the Chief Registrar…”, “Please, remember the reading of your late father’s Will on Friday, Nov 30, 2012 at 10am, at the Probate Registry, High Court, Enugu. Kindly inform your brother Okigbo and Mimi”, “Emeka, please, be informed that your father’s Will will be read on Nov 30, 2012.” Again he explained that because he (Ojukwu) did not allegedly know about the existence of Debe until one day on his return from exile, one man came to his house to tell him he is his son.

Shocked as he would have been, he inquired of his mother, by the man Chukwudebe (aka) Debe, said she was dead. That she hailed from Udi, but married and died in Ezeagu, Enugu state. He therefore asked him to go and bring his alleged mother’s family members or relations.

He left and never came back till date. That was why Ojukwu listed his children without his mention Onyemelukwe said Tenni Hamman who studied abroad and is still there, was born of a mother “from North-Eastern Nigeria”, while Njideka gave him Emeka, Okigbo and Mimi. Angela Onyeador gave him Ebele, another daughter. Bianca gave him Chineme, Afam and Nwachukwu.

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  2. I expected all these to happen with the demise of Ikemba, but the family can still call themselves to Order & settle all these. Afterall, Ikemba left without any of his Estates/properties accompanied him. So, even if one person inherits all he had, that person will one day leave without any accompanying him or her.

  3. they should take it as ikemba said in the other way round thank God that ikemba left some to share what of those whom there father did not have house

  4. I think the above account is credible there’s no need for altercation in this great family,I am not surprised that ambassador Bianca got a lion share in the will.It is an open secret that ikemba did not hide his affection for her,in fact Bianca was more of a god in ikembas eye,his views must be respected.In any case virtually all these siblings are sufficiently equipped to .stand on their own,without inheriting wealth.How about those born to poor homes do they not make it In life.enough of this paper quarrel .

  5. They shld thanks God that they hv sth to inherith. there are some family where u only inherith old fashioned cloths, old shoes, and maybe snuff box etc. that can be use in this modern time.

  6. Badoo you said it all, Everyone knows how Ikemba always professes his love for Bianca and Bianca also has never hidden her love affection, respect and adoration she has for Ikemba, they were loved Birds, I remember Ikemba once said that his marriage to Bianca was made in heaven and that Bianca is a Honey he has taken out of the Bees. These shows how the two loved them salves. Ojukwu did well for all his children given them the best legacy any one could beaquete to his children,EDUCATION. Let the family come together for the sake of the name and lagacy of the Ikemba .

  7. Oh late sage Ojukwu eve handed Emek jnr multi storey building at Sokoto road with shops and offices and he pretends nothing has giving to him,oh he still want more,is he an Oliver Twist.We all knows how mush a shop wat in Main market Onitsha talkless of that kind building in main market Onitsha.Late Ojukwu gave them best education a money can buy more than Bianca children so wat are we talking about here.Mr man Emeka jnr go and seat down and be usefull to yourself afterall did i inherited any Kobo from my late Dad except our father land me and my five brothers shares among ourselves one one each and nothing more

  8. Lady Bianca, may you live long. Where will you take all your earthly possessions to. Anyway, Dim Ojukwu tried so much on laying foundations for his children. Oh men, him try o, how many children wey him born self….mtcheww. You guys should here from your father’s lawyer Mr. Onyemelukwe, i think what that man has read from the will is true and they should just take it or leave it. May God help them immensely.

  9. Lady Bianca, may you live long. Where will you take all your earthly possessions to you fighters of Dim Ojukwu’s properties? Anyway, Dim Ojukwu tried so much on laying foundations for his children. Oh men, him try o, how many children wey him born self….mtcheww. You guys should hear from your father’s lawyer Mr. Onyemelukwe, i think what that man has read from the will is true and they should just take it or leave it. May God help them immensely.

  10. Can’t a man make a will and expect his decisions to be upheld? What is all this noise about Ojukwu’s will? Was it not his right to make a will about his own possessions?

    As far as I’m concerned, his will should be upheld because it was his prerogative. His family have no say in his will, period.

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  12. Emeka should step into the shoes of his father and allow peace to reign. The late ikemba tried for them. His share is fair enough and no amount of money or property can equal the goodwill of late ikembas name.

  13. E woo! Chei!! O gini? Ndigbo ndi oma, ndi nwe m na ndi nwe, unu o n’ahukwa ihe m n’ahu ugbu a? Ihe na-esi m o na-esikwa unu? Ndigbo biko mepe anya unu k’unu hu na ike (anya nsi) unu dizi na-ezi. Ndi ndi-ozo juru aju, ha o g’ajuzi onwe ha? Ndigbo, anyi o g’ajuzi onwe anyi? Ike (anya nsi) Ndigbo na-esizi ndi agbata obi anyi, o joro njo! Ihe di njo di njo, ihe di asi di asi. Bikozienu, Ndi Chukwu tere mmanu, Ndigbo oma, ndi nke Chukwu, k’anyi hapu ite onwe anyi unyi n’iru. Ndi ozo jizi anyi mere ihe ochi. Ndi ozo a bu ndi achoghi oganiru anyi, ndi ekpere ha bu otu ha ga-esi hu Ndigbonile na-ime onunu. Eji m anya mmiri ebe a n’asi bikozienu k’anyi hapu igba onwe anyi n’anwu.

    Biko umu nne m (OUK na T.Orji), biko obi adighi m mma (o dighi kwa Chukwu) maka otu unu si agba Ndigbo n’anwu, nke kachasi ibe ya njo bu nsogbu ahu ekwesiri idozi na Abia, e wee buru ya ga na nke ndi iro anyi. Ihere o n’emekwa unu? Orji na Orji, kedu ka-unu ji eme onwe unu otu a. Unu gbahara onwe unu maka ndi pdp abughi ndi kwesiri idoziri unu okwu. Ka Chukwu gozie unu nke ukwuu dika unu na-eme otu a.

    A choro m iji ohere a (maka anya mmiri m ekweghizi ka m mara ihe m n’eme ugbu a) gwa ndi nile n’asi na OUK mere nke a mee nke a. Kedu ka-onye bu onye igbo g’abia n’ebe a na-ekwu ma obu na-ede ihe enweghi isi (n’asu ya na bekee) ekwugide onyi Igbo ibe ya. Gini ka nwanne gi nke n’agba nbo otu aga-esi chikota Ndigbo onu mere gi. Nkpagbu a nile ndi Naijiria n’akpagbu anyi bu Ndigbo o di unu mma? Anyi hapuru ngba anyi kwesiri igbawa wee gbawazie ozo. Onye obuna bu onye Igbo (ma ndi ochichi) nke amaghi na ndi iro anyi bu ndi Naijiria, onye ahu bu Ewu. Ndi ochichi anyi, unu bilie na-ura, unu dozie ala Igbo ka-odi ka-ebe obibi. Maka oburu na-unu ekweghi ekwe, Anyi bu ndi Ikorobia g’enyere unu aka ma-oge rue.

    Ndigbo, oburu na-unu achoghi OUK, biko k’anyi biakota onu jiri otu obi, mezie nghoro nime onweghi, ya buru na ndi Naijiria achoghi k’anyi chia n’afor Puku iri abuo na iri na ise, anyi azowazie Biafra. Ha nile di nfe ma oburu n’anyi abiakota onu ma hukwa onwe anyi n’anya. Onweghi ihe gbara Chineke ghari. Ka Chukwu gozie Ndigbo nile n’aha Jisos, amin.

    I g’enweta m na: zero asato zero ato itolu ano zero asato otu itolu abuo

  14. This account of the lawyer is very credible and can not be faulted.Emeka junior you are the son of the great lion of Africa and shall remain so.We the disciple of your father love you and would support you to rally round the entire family he left behind.Your Dad achieved great name which is better than silver and gold,Therefore,strive to maintain that good name and you will continue to gain our respect.

  15. To stine u’re full of crap. What is really wrong withu. U think u have answer to all questions. Am afraid u know less to nothing. Do u really think any of us care about u n ur dead old man. We all know ur father left u n ur brother nothing, cos he had nothing by de time he died. U really want us to believe that ur father was an average man before he died but u see i know ur old man he never had nothing. We are no longer intrested in Ojukwu’s will. Ojukwu made his will de way he wanted n as far as am concern that’s de end of it. Allow de poor man to rest. It’s people like this fool who call himself stine that will cause problem among de Ojukwus.

  16. Emeka Jr is a greedy guy..Debe was wickedly treated By Odumegwu,even Bianca couldnt plead for Debe to be given,even a crumb from Ojukwus table..Emeka Jr,wat do you really want? sleeping with bianca or waat? were you not given a commisioner post once in anambra bcos of you Father? AS far as we Igbo youths are concern,your mohter and debes mother are thesame,Bianca is the legally married wife of the war lord…so go to sleep or never wake up again

  17. And to you OGA lawyer,the Emeka Jr you fought for,is he not the person against your effortS for him to be remembered?I BET YOU,DEBE is a cool guy that would have sang your praises and worthiness but you never thought of pleading HIS course…WHATEVER EMEKA JR tells the world,you deserve it only when your efforts fail to speak…DEBE,Biko welu nchekube na Jehovah,he will never forget you..even you papas brothers were over ridden by your papa and he claimed the riches of west african richest man to himself alone forgetting his siblings children..Mr warlord,you really shine your eyes even on our fathers who fought alongside you,their belongings were siezed in PH AS ABANDONED PROPERTIES,DID YOU SAY ANYTHING REGARDING THOSE WEALTHS? mr IKEMBA.Rainbow housing estate and bori camp millitary cantonment were they not yours?…someday,we will ask questions you will wakeup to answer as awolowo is answering through his stooges

  18. I hav said it b4,wats all these about?
    Pls lets leave d ojukwus alone.
    Wat concerns u in anoda man’s famly or will?
    Sun stop making dis ‘will issue’ headlines, dont u hav ears?
    Hw dos dis help naija or ndigbo?
    D ojukwus,pls handle dis maturedly.

  19. I pity Debe because of the way he was treated in this Will. Any layman can swear that Debe is the son of Ikemba even more Ikemba than Emeka. I remember Debe said sometime that he wants to achieve greatness just like his father but on his own but that is not the reason why he should be deprived of his right in the family.
    Emeka Jr should please accept the Will the way it is because Ikemba jr as his title worth billion if only he can handle and maintain it

  20. If what u the presumed family lawyer to the late Ikemba was the right, why did members of the late Ikemba not present at the reading of the Will. If u the lawyer and Amb Bianca did not have any hidden agenda, all members of the late Ikemba must be well represented in the reading of the Will. Mr Lawyer think well o. The men and women of the white Wig and Black Gown to me, they are Real evil in the nigerian society as they are too mis-leading. They are the direct representative of the dare devil here on nigerian part of the earth.

  21. my people,we must standup for Debe,emeka Jr hs completed his devilish project..Debe looks more of ojukwu than any of the children..Debe our igbo big bros,have faith in God,He wil blessd..and knw tht ill gotn wealth wil grow wings and fly away someday…

  22. Well all of this is advice to many of us that are still living. but your penis in in your pants if too sturbon, tie it on one of your laps and not on womans ass.

  23. Now dat Ojukwu has died,who is going to be fucking Bianca toto,is Gov.Peter Obi, Ralp Uwazuluike or Onyemelukwe d lawyer or Stine Chykee dat always adress her iyom because i heard dat Bianca toto still remain fresh & honey?

  24. OnyiaUke Na Umuoji on

    I am apealing to the ikemba’s family that they should take it easy, because the whole world is watching you, i respect ojukwu family, i don’t expect such thing from ezeigbo family, because of the common property that biafran warlord left behind, the entire family is burning, why? It means that, the family dosn’t have respect for the late ezeigbo gburu gburu. You are fighting for the property the late ikemba left behind, you, what are you preparing for your own children so that when you left this world they will share it, PLEASE> PLEASE>> PLEASE>>> STOP THIS NONSENSE DON’T LET THE IGBOS DOWN.

  25. Why calling him a sage when he is none? Someone who led his people to an ill-prepared war claiming 2millions of their souls! Mtttsshheewww…..

    • Francis ekene, u will encounter miserable death,u & ur family will perish in Jesus name Amen.Goto hell u bastard,homosexualist.

      Truth is bitter, you can cast stones on others but when it comes to your own you spit larva. The measure you measure to others shall be measured back to you in seven fold in Jesus name Amen.

  26. I will kill again. on

    My friend Wahab was Bianca’s lover until last month when she decided to rewrite general run away general’s will against Wahab’s sound advice.Quote me anytime.Am ready to testify under oath.

  27. I will kill again. on

    ikemba was busy fucking when his people were being slaughtered like rams by mallams.what a pussy warrior he was.

  28. hahahaha igbos when comes to cristianity you people said you are cristians and you dont follow the rules of your bilble, or the bibble doesnt have or teach the cristians how to share such property, only for you to turns to unblievers blieve, go and meet imam to share your property since your socalled did nt teach you on how to do it, islam teach everything in life so you people you are unblievers you dont even blieve on your riligion this can never happen in islam,

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