Nigerians spent N223bn talking on telephone in 2012 – NCC



Nigerians spent N223 billion or about N22.3 billion minutes talking on telephone in 2012, according to information provided by a global consulting firm, Price- WaterHouseCooper (PwC). This figure was attributed to the over 110 million active telecoms subscribers both on GSM and CDMA networks in the country.

According to the PwC, Nigeria’s outgoing and incoming on-net and off net calls totaled 22.3 billion minutes in 2012, while 1.8 billion text, SMS, messages were recorded within the same period.

In the same vein, the report shows that while the total call times recorded in Nigeria increased by over five billion minutes from 17 billion in 2011 to 22.3 billion at the end of 2012, SMS volumes also increased by three billion, mounting from 1.5 to 1.8 billion during the same period. However, with telecoms operators operating different disparate tariffs for on-net calls, ranging from N9 to N12, industry analysts hinted that average tariff charge per minute of call could be conservatively pegged at N15.

In other words, by multiplying 22.3 billion minutes of calls made in 2012 by N10, the calls volume is conservatively valued at N223 billion.

According to the breakdown of the data from PwC, in 2011, minutes of calls for outgoing on-net; outgoing off-net to mobile; outgoing off-net to fixed networks; outgoing off-net to international networks; outgoing calls to voicemail; outgoing inbound roaming calls stood at 7.3 billion; four billion; 288 million; 315 million; 29 million and three million respectively. Apparently, these figures, in 2012, increased to 10.2 billion; 4.7 billion; 352 million; 403 million; 10 million and three million. On the incoming calls during the period, minutes of incoming calls from other mobile operators increased from 3.9 billion to 4.6 billion; calls from fixed operators increased from 472 million to 537 million; calls from International operators into the country moved up from 745 million to 877 million; while inbound roaming increased slightly from two million to three million.

Speaking on the SMS volume, Quality Assurance Partner at PriceWater- HouseCooper, Mr. Alastair Macpherson, hinted that while outgoing SMS on-net increased from 911 million from 2011 to 958 million in 2012; outgoing SMS to other mobile operators moved from 316 million to 449 million, while SMS from other mobile operators also increased from 327 million to 421 million during the same period.

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  2. This information is useless. Are you returning part of the amount spent on air times to subscribers? Why adding salt to injury?

  3. Let them load 10,000 naira air time to every subscriber as a matter of urgency else you better roll back your analysis, who cares on the amount so far siphoned by telecom co,s or make provision to allow free calls on every weekends in Nigeria, our people has sacrificed a lot towards your financial standing. That,s how it is been done from your,s countries of origin at every weekends.

  4. To our law makers this is an eye opener, enact a law that will empower all these telecom providers to institute one day free calls on every weekend in Nigeria not just packing kick back $ usd on a native caps alone. Do something now that can effect the lives of our citizenry, you are not even asking too much because that was the same systems from their countries of origin or they do they believe Nigerians don,t know what is good for them as a nation? Committee chairmen on both the upper and lower legislative houses should pls move fast on this issue now, nonsense.

  5. @ Owerri, there’s nothing wrong with the analysis, It’s the the same analysis that made you to draw a conclusion that Nigerians should be given one day free call. i would have rather you suggested that the tariff be reviewed downward. Nigerians are over exploited by the Telecom operators and the overly corrupt NCC has become a dog that has lost its bite. The more we make calls the more we enrich MTN, GLO and the rest. It is a food for thought. May be we should protest no-call day every week until the tariff is reviewed downward.

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