Nigeria needs cleansing–Bakare



Latter Rain Assembly Pastor, Tunde Bakare, has said that Nigeria needs total cleansing to grow and progress, predicting that “those who put the country in its present mess will not escape when God arrives to do the cleansing.” Addressing a press conference yesterday in Lagos at the Church auditorium, the preacher insisted that “we need the Ghana treatment to send shock wave down the spines of everybody so that people would tip-toe when going into public office,” enthusing that it remained “how God will do it.”

The maverick cleric, whose address’s theme was, “The Head that Refuses a Life-giving Rebuke Will be Thrown Down the Cliff of Perdition,” regretted that “this government has lost it long before now,” insisting that “until good governance is in place and credible people are not discouraged from playing clean politics, things would not change.”

Speaking on the recent allegation of squandering of foreign reserves running into several billions of dollars levelled against the Federal Government by the former minister of education, Dr. Oby Ezekwesili at a lecture, Bakare berated the government’s spokesmen and the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), for “chasing the shadow and leaving the substance.”

He pointed out that rather than addressing the grievous corrupt act, the CAN leadership, which Bakare said was expected to serve as the voice for the voiceless started to act as government appendage, regretting further that “it was the re-tweeting of figurative expression of Mallam Nasir el-Rufai that the agents of diversion have latched onto to take our focus from the fundamental issues Oby raised and to which they have no answer.”

His words: “But rather than giving a lucid, reasoned and mature response to Mrs. Ezekwesili, the Federal Government, through its spokespersons, went into all manner of tirades against her person, virulently attacking the messenger while ignoring the message. “This puerile approach must have incensed many Nigerians with sense of decency and propriety in public affairs.”

“One young Nigerian with such righteous indignation went on tweeter to comment, among other things, that if Christ in all his holiness were to criticise the present administration, it would, out of its intolerance, accuse the messiah of having slept with Mary Magdalene. “It was the re-tweeting of this figurative expression by Mallam Nasir el-Rufai that the agents latched onto in order to take our focus from the fundamental isuues Oby raised and to which they have no answer.”

Bakare lamented further that, “it is rather unfortunate that the CAN that should bring understanding to simple matters like these has confirmed the description by the Catholic Church as an arm of the government in power by fanning the propaganda of agents of the administration that el-Rufai is a bigot for a statement that did not originate from him and whose meaning should be clear to a non-mischievous person.” He, therefore, described el-Rufai as “a detribalised and religiously neutral person,” insisting that “he is not a religious bigot.”

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  1. Let the cleansing start from you as I am getting confused where you belong when it comes to christainity. Why use your church for political matters. CAN has not said anything out of the ordinary. Why did he not use Mahammed in his example instead of Christ. You a so call man of God see nothing wrong in reference to Christ. God help you.

    • henry, dont decide to be mischieviously deaf. el rufai only re-tweeted someone else’s tweet. secondly christ himself was an activist against the evils of those days. he did not come to establish a stupid, rigid ‘christianity’. christ rose against the corrupt jewish religo-political establishment headed by caiaphas. of course you are aware of the diatribes and false accusations against the saviour. is it any different today, oh ye of little, blind, monkey faith?

      • Carefully read your bible with the leading of the Holy Spirit then you will know that all these modern day preachers only preach for their stomach. I am leaving you to your opinion, since people like you will always argue from one side of the bible and not the whole truth. I am not ready for that.

    • Pastor bakare is not sincere his hatred of GEJ is beclouding his senses of reasoning and as a crafty yoruba man who the hausas call berebe /chamelion he will not mind denying christ with whose name he has become stinkinly rich bcs he want to be vice president to buharri.if bakare is sincere why has he not spoken against d attrocities of d bokko boys who had been sucking d blood of christians in d north .bakare can not dare speak against dem for fear of being dumped by d bokko master general in stead this political pastor is blackmailing jonathan bcs of tribal bakare Elrufy who is making caricature of that highly exalted name of Jesus is a saint while Jona who is trying to rescue nigeria from d pit of abyss where bakares race threw nigeria in their 50yrs of looting and raping of a nation is an enemy to be cleansed .what a pity that bakare has lost his faith and bcom more treachrous and sadistic than d hidden and unbelivers

    • How about using Mohammed and a woman to make such an example? We can even start that here to know who will be first to get upset.


      Nigeria did not need cleansing when Obasanjo was in power and oil was selling at 150 dollars per barrel-until the owner of the oil wells had one of their sons become–president

      • just check out d names of d commentators on this blog who didnt see anything wrong in Elrufy re tweeting a blasphemous tweet to the highly exalted name of our lord and savior whom to his eternal glory all religion including that of elrufy had testified that he is sinless ,holy,righteous,and no corruption or guile was traced to him.To bakare and his race whose brand of hate politics and treachery is d very reason why this nation is a calamity today creeping on its belly and in every dept comatose any genuine attempt to put nigeria on d part of revival has been supplanted by dis people using their gift of sophistication to unleash on every sector of nigeria a terrible canker worm of corruption ,tribalism,inefficiency and incurable laziness and lameness of mind,soul and body that had confounded every people watching d slow motion life of agony of from all fronts this people had employed every weapon to undo jonathans govt whose offense to this race up till tomorrow has contnd to be a mystery to every sane mind.bakare in his quest to undo jona and bring his govt down has lost his faith calling even for a regime change last yr jan and has manifested un holy anger,hatred,bitterness and some times bare faced lies and now adding approval of blasphemy from an infidel and a sadist like elrufy against d Lord.what a pity. dis is what inordinate political ambition can do to a once child of God and a believer .but i counsel bakare to go back to d lord now that there is still time and repent and confess all his wickedness and equal yokes together with d infidels to make nigeria un governable to d one whom God has given power to govern therby opposing God.whom he claim to be working for .instead of praying for d salvation of d sinners in nigeria as enjoined by Gods word bakare claims to preach,he is calling for d spilling of their blood what a backsliding state .

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    • Every body has learnt their lessons.

      The Igbo’s tried to solve the problem in 1966, maybe another tribe should try, and if things go wrong, that tribe should be ready to lose 2 million of it’s citizens.

      Meanwhile let’s continue running away from the truth.

  5. Yoroba talk – Not one letter in it is sincere or true. Only always talking to incite confusion or conflict while seeking to take advantage of others. Yoruba culture is bedeviled.

  6. sabotour dats wat u are.d cleansing has to start with u coz u ra a politician nt a pastor,moreover i do nt believe dat u are fully converted yet frm islam to christianity cos u are still nt clear wen it comes to whom u are wit…….enough of ur rantings my friend,dont take a man’s benevolence nature as a weakness otherwise u wuld ve been locked away long ago…did ur bible nt say dat u shuld respect those in power cos life&death is in their hands…

  7. After Rawlings did all that cleansing what did he do with power?

    In the end we need to concentrate on policy and proper imple mentation, demcracy takes time but everytime a new set of leaders come they are not given time to learn from their mistakes, people like Bakare who could not get enough votes in his area call for drastic intetventions, then some military people show up and do worse things

    The funds Oby Ezekwsilli is talking about was often shared by all levels of goverment, what did states and LGAs do with their share? When you take those who steal part of such funds to court judges give them a golden handshake….civil servant sign off big false payments to people in the name of fuel imports

    The govt is corrupt, many in govt still believe in the traditional approach of ‘come and chop’ but the solution requires all of soceity to change its expectations and vision, not another spanish inquisition or French revolution by religiously bigotted antidemocrats

    • isaac Nakpodia on

      While l agree with some of ur claims, d question remains: when ar those in govt n those b4 dem eva going 2 learn 4rm their mistakes? Don’t u think dis length of study is getting 2 long? Such dullards! But so quick @ learning d art of looting d treasury wheneva dey get into govt. We’ve pampered our so called leaders 2 much n 4 too long dat think d time has come 4 us 2 begin 2 think of stiffer alternatves.

      • Without a truly independent Judiciary which asserts itself fully, we cant have very credible institutions, the executive and Legislature are supposed to do their bit, but let us use the Lawal and Subsidy fraud cases to see if the Judiciary is serious about sustaining this democracy

        • isaac Nakpodia on

          DrP2 my friend, honestly, l’ll
          Very much would like 2 share
          In dis ur faith n optimism of d
          Future of our great country but
          My broda, all 3 arms of govt ar
          1 n d samething. Rememba d
          Ibori case n d recent Yusuf case
          On Police Pension Fund? We’ll
          Continue 2 pray sha.

  8. Cleansing indeed,Hahaaa it shld start in d church first bcos d bible says God’s judgemnt wil start in d church imagine a pastor intruding into political affairs,he may b paid 2 do dis, may God 4giv us Amen.

  9. I am beginning to suspect this man. Can’t he just keep quiet for just one day? Any time a microphone is put close to his mouth he starts talking and doesn’t stop. Maybe thats why his church has never spread beyond a parish. He cannot build bridges but relishes on self-righteousness. Am tire of listening to him.

    • christ rose against the corrupt jewish religo-political establishment headed by caiaphas. of course you are aware of the diatribes and false accusations against the saviour. is it any different today, oh ye of little, blind, monkey faith?

  10. tunde u said nigeria need wht? when u actually contributed and support ur Muslim brother buhari to make Nigeria on governable. the issue is that u are hidden under Christianity i doubt if u are a christian not to talk of been a pastor


  12. Prince ojokolobo on

    Pastor Bakare is 100% correct and I agree with him this time. El-Rufia did not say anything wrong about our Lord Jesus Christ. The literal meaning is of high regard to our Lord and savior .

    • prince, thanks bro. GOD bless u. i strongly believe that the main problem is not even the leaders but these crowing descendants of caiaphas having his curse “let his blood be upon us and our children’s children’ it will be difficult for decent humanity to achieve clarity, understanding and recognition in the miserable midst of such accursed, possessed half-humans. they lack understanding of simple literal meaning but prefer deliberately, in hate-blinded mischief, to misunderstand bakare and el rufai. ‘when the son of man comes, shall he find faith among men’ with such limited human comprehension especially in nigeria

  13. remember what they said in the time of christ “is this not the son of joseph”. christ said to buhari “he who do the will of the FATHER that sent me, is my brother, my sister, my mother” and buhari has endeavoured to follow this righteous advice. at least, if the judgement of sodom and gomorha comes, we have one man we can present to beg for the mercies of forgiveness and salvation. its a pity he is not to be found among ur fraternity of wolves in sheep’s skin.

  14. If there is one person that has to solution to Nigeria problem that person is certainly not Bakare, he is only trying to catch in on issues, sometimes I see him as an extension of Boko Haram in the house of God.

  15. I honestly surport the Later day Assy Church, Pastor Bakares,the former Vice President ial Candidates of the CPCs’call for total Cleansing of Nigeria, the Jerry Rawlings of Ghana type,which has brought the practise of true Democray for the Ghanaian,who when they were under Despotic rule, fled into Nigeria and all sorts of menial Job s,until the Ghana must – go symdrome when they left Nigeria to Gh ana in doves.Presently because of good Governance in Ghana, Presently Nigerians in Ghana are doing the odd jobs,the Ghanaian s left in Nigeria.So I earnestly surport any cleansing of Nigerian Nation to sanitize the polity that shall be massive,be it Spiritual ly,by round table Confrence,Revolution or by Millitary as done by Jerry Rawlings and his Compatriots in Ghana.Though I am very much in doubt of the Spirituality aspect as most Nigerians who wear the toga of Men/Women of God, Alfas or Sheiks have all, due their selfishne s for Mondane glories have overtly betrayed the Confidence of most of Nigerians in their ablity to profer any Solutions to solve our emdemic National malady,as some of D Clerics in the Country are to be blamed for some the problems. .So my advice is for Niga people to open and shine their eyes to Vote out bad Corrupt Leaders from Governments at all level,come 2OI5 General Elections.The level of endemic Corru ption and injustice to me,has gone beyound the Nigerian Men/Wo men Pastors, the Sheiks or the Alfas who most of them, due canal desires and Corruption contribute d to the present probl ems confronting the Country as most of the Populer ones made the Governments exte nsion of their Churche s in search of Govern ment patronages at the Nigeria masses they claim to pastor.I have absolute faith in Gods power to Judge every mortal accormi ng to his/her actions here on earth,because yon can fool man, but the Omini potent and Presence Almighty Father in heaven,who createy every living thing here on earth, you cant,be you,Pope, Bishop,Pastor,General Overseer,Sheik,Mullam ,Alfa,witch craft,Wizar d.Seer,and others.We must all give account of our Stewardship to God Almighty when ever he summons any one to his mighty throne,So the Choice is ours.what you sow, you reap.PERIOD OOOO

  16. When Bakare and his people elected to join evil to suppress and fight the truth (1967) little did they know that they were edifying evil in the society. Unfortunately, your sermon has become the Biblical seed planted in a stoney soil. It can only survive the very day you said it. Nigeria could have been different today if you guys have joined the call to fight mediocrity.

  17. Someone called Ogbotobo is out of his mind.What do you know a gentile without God and hope about a corrupt Jewish faith?It is a pity that God’s divine work has turned out to be mocked by uncircumcised Ogbotobo whose spiritual balance can be likened to Nebuchadnezar with no knowledge of God of Israel.Your anti-semiticsm will definitely consume you unless you change ok.
    To Bakare the politician,you are the most stupid nigerian on the pulpit.Your position and Buhari is noted and you should be ready in 2015.I laugh at you and Buhari for inviting military in 2015 and the cleansing shall start from your house.It is idiotic for Bakare and co to think that same honorable work done before which his people code named’ IBO coup’and all evils visited on Ndigbo civilians to happen.Sorry Nigerian state, the time to redeem you is over and Nigeria MUST remain like this and woo to Bakare/Buhari and co for nobody can tolerate any Ghana or whoever kind here again.Let Bakare be first cleaned out in Nigeria if we can really move on.Onye iberibe and anu ohia.

    • children of caiaphas, your time is up. more than 2 thousand years ago you crucified the saviour in your hatred of the truth which he brought for our salvation. today you are still in your character. haters of truth.wolves in ship’s skin. whether you like it or not nigerians must be facililated on the path of illumination to receive the truth and live decently. no amount of hate induced campaign will darken the apostle buhari

  18. Bakare is an evil man, when Obasanjo was the president for 8 years he didn’t criticise Obasanjo for one day. If Obasanjo’s govt was good to Bakare, he must accept Jonathan’s govt too. Bakare can say whatever he likes but Jonathan must complete his 8 years of two tenure. That means Jonathan will hand over in 2019.

  19. Godfrey Izah Ukpor on

    The Cleansing should start with U first bcos U re a Pastor of DOOM & an Oil Bunkerer/Subsidy Thief. God will soon disarm u.

  20. I think we the youth should mobilise and chase this leaders out of the country.I am sick and tired of the cleansing issue.The cleansing is our own hands because,a handfull of politicians are looting our treasury dry so for that reason,we all are suffering.Let us take the bull by the horn now.

  21. Every body has learnt their lessons.
    The Igbo’s tried to solve the problem in 1966, maybe another tribe should try, and if things go wrong, that tribe should be ready to lose 2 million of it’s citizens.
    Meanwhile let’s continue running away from the truth.

  22. A times when i see some comments here i get extremely disturb. A man stole 23 billion naira of POLICE pension fund and was freed paying N750,000. Another man in Abeokuta was jailed 2yrs for stealing vegetable worth N5,000 in the same week a 23 billion naira thieve was freed. Several trillion naira was stolen in the name of fuel subsidy. Oby accused FGN of wasting 68 billion dollars. If we all imagine the tallest building in the world built in Dubai cost 1 billion dollars then we will appreciate the level of insanity in our society…and if u are unshaken with issues like this then u are not fit to live…..

  23. Believe it or not but i tell you Bakara is the only man of God in Nigeria. Pls go back and read the acts of Christ and paul. Not until Christ died people did not know who He was and what he was doing. Martin luther king jnr, had a dream. Think of his works. America then and today. For CAN, na the same people. Fela was doing a good work to this country till his demise. Bakara today is the voice in the desert not afraid calling leaders to Repentance. We are all afraid to died.

  24. Pastor Bakare should go to the hospital have his brain checked. This will help him to know the Nigerian problems. Today he pretends to be a christian, tomorrow he would be a Muslim. Why fooling your self.He should go to a recognize Theological seminary and leanr more about God, man and salvation.

  25. We should know that 99 percent of politicians in Nigeria are there for what they can loot and the few honest ones are never allowed to show what they can do e.g Ribadu for fear of exposure.

  26. @insider, were you in Nigeria during Obasanjo two terms tenure? The greatest critic of Obasanjo regime and up till now remains Pastor Tunde Bakare, and same person was instrumental to ascension to the presidency by Jonathan when the cabal wanted to sideline him during the crisis that engulfed the country after the demise of Yar’adua, so we should be mindful of what we write whenever we are commenting on any issue.
    Some IGBO folks have written so many stupid things against Yoruba in their usual characters but the fact remains that we are the only group that usually champions the course of justice in Nigeria.

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