Ndume call logs with Boko Haram admitted in court


From GODWIN TSA, Abuja

A Federal High Court sitting in Abuja yesterday admitted into evidence, telephone conversations and text messages call logs allegedly exchanged by Senator Ali Ndume and the Chief Spokesman of the Boko Haram , Ali Konduga. The call logs and SMS messages were marked as ‘primary evidence’ in the trial of Ndume by Justice Gabriel Kolawole.

The call logs and text messages obtained from two telephones belonging to Senator Ndume and Konduga were processed by a forensic examiner from the department of the State Security Service (SSS), Mr. Aliu Usman. Counsel to Senator Ndume, Chief Rickey Tarfa, (SAN), failed in his bid to stop the admission of the documents.

His ground of objection was that the SSS operative, who prepared the evidence as a forensic examiner from SSS did not disclose his qualification to court, to determine his status. He said the failure of the expert to back up his claim with requisite qualification as demanded by law was important to admissibility of the documentary evidence.

Beside, the counsel argued that the telephone conversations and the SMS messages documented in a bounded report was not certified as required by section 102 of the Evidence Act.

The SAN argued that before such a document from a public officer could be admitted in evidence by a law court, it must be certified by the appropriate authority. The counsel also objected to admission of the document on the ground that it was a computer-generated document that was not backed up with a certificate as required by section 84 of the Evidence Act. He therefore asked Justice Kolawole to throw out the document for not being admissible in law.

Prosecuting counsel, Mr. Thompson Olatigbe, however, asked the judge to discountenance the objection on the ground that it was prepared by the witness and signed as his own report of the forensic examination carried out on the telephones of Senator Ndume and Konduga.

He told the court that the SSS operative had earlier introduced himself as a forensic examiner and would not have been employed by SSS if he was not qualified. Ruling on the matter, Justice Kolawole agreed that the failure of the SSS operative to establish his qualification was important to the case. The judge in the ruling, however, agreed that the document did not fall among the public documents that must be certified before it could be admitted in law.

The judge also held that the witness never claimed that he generated the contents of the report from computer as claimed by the defence lawyer. The court said that probate value to be attached to the report would be determined in the course of trial. since the witness did not disclose his qualification.

Earlier, the witness had told the court, how he was mandated by a probe panel to examine the conversations and text messages exchanged by Senator Ndume and Boko Haram spokesman to ascertain the allegation of the Boko Haram sect that the Senator was their financier Further hearing continues today.

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  1. Ndume is one of BH backers, no doubt about that, but we will allow de court of law to do it’s job. Eventually u will be sent to prison on along term if found guilty of de offence charged with. Useless murderer.

  2. matthew tompolo on

    Ndume has murdered sleep and deserves to sleep no more. He should be tied to a staked and burnt alive for sending innocent Nigerians to their early grave.foolish man

  3. if Ndume is found guilt let him face firing squad.the Bk issues is more serious than that of bin laden.let more examine by giving him for some of his friends might be found.

  4. Lawyers are one of the majoy problems we are having in nigeria, why is it that they will not do like other lawyer ‘s abroad? Somebody commited crime very serious one and instead of bringing the crime to shame. Lawyers will fight with their last blood to set the crimer free why so? lets show example of good leaders sometimes. Pls u people should convit those bad eggs and send them to prision, we want to hear that Nigeria Government now are serious. send people to jail lets hear it.

  5. Am not saying ndume is innocent or guilty, until the court declare him otherwise, but he should be suspended from the senate for now. pending court judgement. And if all stand on the site of truth, then Nigeria will be a better place in future.

  6. It is simply clear and correct to think that the administration of GEJ is doing nothing to fight corruption,BH activities, religious intolerance, etc. I feel strongly that OBJ made an impact to fight corruption at least by sending to prison the crusader of “operation fire for fire” and a few others like Bode George who happen to be his tribal people.How many of the well known promoters of evil in this country have been jailed in the administration of either Yar’adua or GEJ himself? We wait to see.

  7. Gankpang worom on

    The way this guy use to talk in the National Assembly, I suspected he must be hiding something. God continue to expose them.

  8. Hons Ndume and Kodugha’s trials Shall prove to us if the govt is really fighting terrorism or making a fool out of the Nigerian people. They are assumed innocent until proved otherwise by a compentent court of justice. The world is watching Nigeria on the outcome of these trials and investigations. Meanwhile they should be suspended from plenary untill proved innocent for that is what obytains in advanced democracy.

  9. D problem will not be condeming Ndume but d sentence; will he be sent to prison to spend some years which most of dem spend in a good hospital or would he b sentenced to death by hanging bc of ova 3000 deaths dt BH has caused

  10. No Body can hide pregnant, with evidenced of the Telephone conversation and Text message between senator Ndume and Boko Haram spokes man any how some how they are working together as a terrorist groups. Please I have some questions on ground; why SSS did not report mine own mobile number or another person mobile number? Let us say the truth and the truth will set us free than working Gizzards foolish Law to protects the Senator. Action speaks louder than voice, go heaven and come back senator Ndume is one of the Boko Haram members as far as his Mobile has any evidenced of conversations with Boko Haram links.

  11. it is safe to say that almost every known name in Nigeria ranging from clergies,lawyers,public and civil servant is a criminal.But Rev kukah.Rtd Rev Gbonigi,Buhari,kumuyi,Ribadu, Falana may be execptions.all SANS are big thieves

    • I agree with you Kukunmba they are not afraid to prove to us that they are criminals because their is nothing we can do they believe and it is true we can do nothing. And people like Buhari who has promised to deal with them, they use foolish majority to quench the man’s light. God has done his part the remaining is in our hands. That’s all I can say!

  12. NIGERIAN LAWYERS ARE THE PROBLEMS OF NIGERIA. Senator Udume will be set free by judgement. Quote me and quote today’s date. May God help Nigeria.

  13. Nija! y is it dt our judicial system gives room for justice rape. y nt throw open d content of d sms & d conversation if d forensic examiner is sure of his findings. y r d public always kept in d dark & yt they r @ d receicving end of all ds crimes. b4 anyone knws it, d so called forensic examiner will publish one none sense writeup as his finding after receiving a fat envelope frm d pro ndumes. Nija is making a jest of themselves.

  14. I honestly think we should do morE praying,so that there won’t be Any misscarriage of justice,if true will deter many from further attacks by financal participators, since there game is up…

  15. Ndume is a JUDA ISCARIOT in de senat, he has been betraying nigeria and will keep on doing even worser, who knows the content of their communication? Maybe to bomb down the national assembly. But anyway, thank God because God does not reside beneat the eath but lives above the eath and reighns in the affairs of men, judgment must run it’s full cours, Ndume.

  16. Just bcoz he hav contact to corlprite he b com of their sponso? Hm wat about dos guilty for holocoust in southern Kad. Shagamu,Ijoora,Alaban Rago, Tafawa balewa,Jos and some part of south-south, east. Ah justice should be reign and truth must expoz. God bless Nig.

  17. Emmanuel Chinonye on

    If they don’t believe these evidences which one will they believe. Many others sponsors ar watching what will happen this is why they should use this so called senator as an example. Nigeria can only be good when we start doing the right thing.

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