NASS leadership and opposition to Jonathan (2)


By Adekunle Kingsley Obolo

Nigerians are not averse or repulsive to criticism, but they obviously deplore aspersions based on censorious falsehood intended to denigrate and portray the President as lacking the essential qualifications and competence necessary for the exalted office. Any act of filibustering by the House of Representatives dominated by members of the President’s party is an unconventional democratic practice.

This belligerent behaviour can be described as anti-party activity. Therefore, under the Presidential system of government, party supremacy ought to take its course and those found culpable should be eased out of the party to look for another platform to actualize their ambition.

This is a parliament made up of close to 2/3 majority in both houses, yet they have turned it to a bureau of opposition, where brickbats, tantrums and contrived manipulation of their assigned constitutional role are so manifestly apparent as to classify them as the most hostile opposition in the world, but why? Because they have seen a most refined, cultured, scholastic, dedicated, well-groomed and hardworking President, who believes in the uniqueness of humanity, and never reacts on impulse, but is meticulous in action and deeds.

This man has not deliberately invoked the instrumentality of his office (power-wise) to suppress, intimidate, or coarse the citizens into following his line of action. Here we are in an unusual political situation, where the ruling party has become the whipping boy in the hands of the opposition, while the opposition is given pre-eminence and prominence in media coverage that is so subjective and biased that veracity and objectivity are noted for their absence.

By our own standard performance rating of this government, the governor of Akwa-Ibom State appears the best performing governor in terms of provision of basic infrastructures, scholarship awards, extending civilization to the less fortunate, construction, maintenance and opening up of new roads that links the rural communities, building of new estates and sale of these buildings at affordable rates, providing transportation for easy movement, buying several cars, buses and allocating just 16% of what is accruable to the state in the budget on recurrent expenditure, where capital expenditure remains the highest in the country, free education, and free medical care for his people.

Yet, the opposition party championed by the current House of Representatives leadership demonized his party, the PDP, as one of the never-do-well parties in Nigeria in collusion with the inveterate enemies of peace and progress within the polity. Why is it difficult for the House of Representatives to confine itself within its limits of 1999 Constitution? Why do they want to perform the role of the Executive, Legislature and even the Judiciary in the discharge of their functions, which is not in total agreement with what is enshrined in the constitution?

What is the hidden agenda? Is it to prepare grounds for the impeachment of President Jonathan before the 2015 general elections, on a spurious allegation that cannot stand the test of Law and reason? How can the National Assembly subject the President to continued witch-hunting by questioning the impropriety inherent in the conduct of government business? Granted that the constitution vested them with oversight duties, does it also ascribe to them the function of the Executive? Or, are they expected to interpret the laws?

The Boko Haram insurgency is threatening the corporate existence of Nigeria by the wanton destruction of lives and property, yet these barbaric acts have not touched the leadership of the House. What Nigerians expect of the lawmakers is to relocate to their various constituencies where the sect is wreaking havoc on the populace and advise to sheathe their swords. In states like Borno, Yobe, Kano, Bauchi, Plateau, Adamawa, Sokoto, Zamfara, Gombe, etc. the lawmakers from these states are enjoying the votes that granted them legitimacy to represent the people of their constituencies, or are they claiming ignorance that some members of the Boko Haram did not vote for them?

Our understanding of the constitution shows that they have overstepped their bounds and because they have seen a promising possibility of equating Jonathan’s simplicity with stupidity, it is pivotally essential for them to rubbish him so that his electoral values would diminish. But let it be clear to all and sundry that those who want to succeed Jonathan would not come from the environment where the Boko Haram are wreaking havoc, because they placed absolutely no premium on human lives and values, and they would not expect states that have been upholding the true ethics of democratic norms to make themselves available for exploitation by those who ascribe to themselves the monopoly of power to rule Nigeria forever.

For the records, there are many brilliant and credible leaders from the North who can rule with the fear of God and malice towards none, but they should rededicate their struggles by stemming the tide of this contrived violence unleashed on innocent Nigerians. If they are not in a position to contain the embarrassment of these barbaric killers, they probably would find it difficult, if not impossible to secure the votes of Nigerians outside the North-West and the North-East regions.

Therefore, any pretension to the contrary would be a costly political mistake. The Jonathan administration has set machinery in motion t redress the imbalance in the system and is trying to revitalize the society on the path of what is good and right, but if the current belligerency and combativeness of political jobbers continues, I am afraid the current nuisances we have in the system would lose out.

If Jonathan can complete all the projects he has set for himself, Nigerians would decide whether to endorse him for 2015. But, until then Nigerians are watching. •Ambassador Dr. Adekunle Kingsley Obolo is President-General, National Support for Jonathan/Sambo Presidency. 08033490401 sms only.

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  1. The former president chief ObasanjO said that the national assembly were arm-robbers i.e democratic arm-robber, now the truth is manifesting itself. The failure of the legislature to play its constitutional resposilities faithfully makes it democratic arm-robber. Instead of the legilature to learn patriotism from the lifestyle of President Jonathan childhood, he has no shoes and today he is shoe-maker of transformation Agenda, will criticism, mocking or abuse turned a shoes maker, has no shoes again? This is a spiritual lessons for the legislatures that the shoes maker was the Messiah and democratic Haile selasi of Africa.

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  3. those bunch of crimonals are representing themselves, its funny that aparty that has a majority in parliament, is almost always at loggerhead with a president from amongst them, with time we shall know who is on the side of progress and who is on the side of the status Quo.

  4. Why is it dat instead of de legislators discussing issues they bother themselves on personality condemnation? When will Nigerian legislators learn to differentiate between the two? We’ve become so sentimental, bias, divided on religious grounds & tribal inclinations. Today our legislators are pursueing shadows and leaving out the main substance. Instead of joining force to purge out our common enemies namely terrorrism and corruption from de land they are busy pummeling de air. We should hold on to an indivisible state, for Nigeria is far bigger than any group whatsoever, or tribe.

  5. I totally agree with Adekunle Kingsley Obolo. The national assembly especially the house of rep is populated by bunch of rascals who want to do the job of the separate arms of government. Today they want this person sacked, tomorrow another person yet they have not been able to purge themselves even of the known thieves amongst them.
    They are angry with the president simply because he is not giving them money to share as usual and for OBJ its because of the dirty hands he has concerning the bibery the US is insisting Nigeria has to get those involved punished just as they have punished theirs.
    They want the president to go to them to brief them about security whereas the whole thing is happening in the backyard of the their own spokesman who should have since relocated to his constituency to sort it out. Instead he remains in Abuja talking to the air.
    Anyone who does not agree with them has to be sacked. The CBN governor should be sacked, this and that should be sacked as if they are the ones who appointed them.
    Let them go on and I am sure most of them will be eased out the Dino way and we shall see how they will be absolved to ACN or CPC and get re-elected. Indeed many of them have their days numbered starting from the speaker.


  6. PDP is a party composed of old cargos and criminals. They have nothing to offer this country than loot for their selfish interest.

    Jonathan is good but slow in action. But one should not blame him because he is working in lions den. He is working with criminals and unless he turned to be criminals with them, they wil not be convient working with him.

    During Obasanjo and Shagari regime, millions are being given to them to approve any dubious bills and legislations. They were being sponsored to oversea tours with millions of dollars. Funiture allowances that they never retired or retired with fake receipts.
    Today they seems not to have such opportunity and that is the reason why they will continue to be at logger head with the executive.

    Mrs Oteh exposed the weakness of one of their comittee chairman and other members hence they decided to ask for her head. They refused to perfume their legislative assignment until the woman is removed. Afterall, the allegation made against the senator was correct. He collected money from the commission to embark on oversea trip, he went not, and he did not return the money. In the first place, he should not hve asked for such money from the comission he was investigating. How can dishonourable members make laws and legislations for the people.

    Few months ago, they threatened to impreach the President for budget implementation. Where in the world has any president implement 100 percent budget. Its always threat , threat and threat as if Jonathan is a baby so he can be crying and kneeling down for them.

    During the fuel subsidy, the Speaker was the frist to voice out against it. At the end, what was the outcome. How can any good politician be an opposition to the government is belongs to. This is political immaturity.

    They all want to potray themselves as those who are fighting for the masses, but those tricks are not working because nigerians are wiser than them. Our legislators are today are like earlier europeans who came for our goods and not for our good. They are not working for nigerians, they are indeed working for themsleves and families accomulating wealth and getting prepared for next election.

    Jonathan would have won the heart of nigerians if he is able to implement his programs. He knows what nigerians needs. but the implementation is absolutely slow and time is flying. Nigerians are not ready to take any excuse for any failure. He has the tools and the resources.

    The same legislators who have given backing to Boko Haram in their respective local government and states turned back and blame Jonathan.You cannot eat your cake and have it.

    They started with the introduction of sharia during Obansanjo administration and he Obj did not object. He told them that they have the right to practice anythign within their state. Today its spreading, and he jumps out and lay critisims on this present administration. The governors who are funding the same boko Haram are also blaming the Jonathan administration of not doing enough.

    The reasons for all these are that the person at the head is not the person they want. He is not a northerner who believes that the president of this country is their birthright.

    The fact is clear. Unless the first son who is foolish dies, the second son who is wise cannot take the leadership of the family. Most sourtherners are not satisfied with the slow progresss of this administration, but since its do or die, Jonathan must remain until the end of his tenure. Anybody who dislikes that, can go ahead and hang himself in the gallow.

    Our legislators are half baked who are playing politics of bitterness. There must be a radical change if this country must move forwardf.

    • Efula, who chose the cabinet for him? am I the person that chose them for him? even if I was can’t he change them now that he has the power? you guys should call a spade a spade! he is incompetent it showed itself when he was a governor just that OBJnever wanted smart people near Yar’adua so that he can work with little obstruction he doesn’t want another Atiku near Yar’adua, and today? See!

  7. You the writer mentioned what Godswill Akpabio is doing for his state as if it’s Goodluck Joe that is doing them you haven’t told us the ones Goodluck is doing for Nigerian or the ones he did when he was Bayelsa state Governor? Go on keep being a hypocrite its good for Nigeria.

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