Name: Angelica G. Phone: 08123186873


Name: Angelica G. Phone: 08123186873

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  1. Angelica, don’t mind this haters, you are are a beautiful
    Africa Queen, your boobs are compliment to ur beauty.
    ” Omu Siki siki ni iyi Obirin” SUNNY ADE

  2. I think and say am of the opinion that any Girl or lady to make a head way in SUN GIRL she must be God fearing at all time please do not / stop bring shame to your family and the name of your Father and mother,

  3. This very December we shall call all the Girls and Big ladies who appeared in SUN GIRL in a direspectable to come to the town gathering to explain to us and thier family why they did so , i rest my case with the world from the wisest Man ever lived FATHER SOLOMON, fEAR god AND KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS.

      • @ THE MAN, I thought you are Mr Know All. You were correcting Ejifor777, calling him names. You have just revealled that you are the primary “schoold” drop out. “Judge not that you will not be judged”. Or better still, Ffirst take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye”.

  4. True African Queen you are Agelica!At least you are real. Most sungirls are all fake. Flaunt your real gifts from God.As to the haters,they are either not man enough to handle a beauty like you or too blind to see.You go girl!

  5. Mama bomboy are u waiting for som1 to tell u that u breast has become bathroom slippers y do u keep on dashing it to boy\married men free of charge, now u are doing xmas advert\bonanza for who, public toilet shame on u

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