N6bn Army boat contract probe: SSS recommends ex-NSA, others’ trial


From ADE ALADE, Abuja

The Department of State Security, popularly referred to as SSS, has finally concluded investigations into the controversial N6 billion contract for the procurement of six K38 patrol boats for the Nigeria Army and submitted a report of its findings to President Goodluck Jonathan. The President recently ordered investigations into allegations of fraud levelled by one of the contractors awarded the boat contracts.

The presidential directive came on the heels of a petition dated October 12, 2012, entitled: “Conspiracy, fraud, supervision & compromising of Nigeria’s National Security and Official Corruption in the award and execution of National Security and defence projects in Nigeria by a group of Jews operating under many guises with the active connivance and involvement of a few unpatriotic Nigerians government officials and businessmen.”

The petition signed by one Hassan Rabiu, Managing Director of Hypertech (UK) Ltd, who is said to enjoy the backing of a former National Security Adviser (NSA), fingered two firms owned by two Israelis, among others. According to the petition, sometime in 2007, the Ministry of Defence awarded a contract to Dolyatec to supply 20 units of the K38 patrol boats to the Nigeria Army at the cost of over N6 billion. The company allegedly collected 80 percent of the total contract sum and supplied only eight units of the boats without supplying the balance of 12 boats.

According to the petition, Hypertech CEO, in November 2011, was introduced to TP Marine B.V, manufacturers of the boat, by the firm’s original agent, Mr. ZVi Turbo of Shval Saar Limited.  TP Marine, Hypetech’s MD claimed in his petition, expressed its willingness to sell the remaining 12 unpaid boats at auction price to offset its banking obligation.     In the face of the deadlock, Hypertech got government’s nod to supply the remaining boats but at the point of payment, another dispute arose as to the real owners of the company.

While Hassan Rabiu is laying claim to Hypertech (UK) Ltd, another person, Mohammed Mustapha, claimed to be the original owner of the company. Saturday Sun gathered authoritatively that after weeks of investigations and interrogations of all named suspects by SSS operatives, a damning report that indicted virtually all parties to the dispute was prepared and endorsed to President Jonathan by the SSS. Beyond fingering some of the parties to the dispute, the report also recommended that “they be made to refund the funds already collected for which no boat has been supplied or charged to court for criminal diversion of public funds.”

A top security source privy to the content of the report said: “None of them was spared, including those that have even gone public to celebrate that the SSS has cleared them. They will be shocked whenever Mr. President directs implementation of the report.” When asked what is delaying the implementation of the report, the source said: “Mr. President has already minuted it out to an appropriate authority to review and act on, but another leg was added to the whole controversy when it was discovered, through a separate discreet investigation on one of the principal actors, that his claim that a sitting governor of his home state was a beneficiary of a meteorological radar equipment contract was a lie because the governor has denied getting any contract from his organisation when he held sway there. So, more things are coming out beyond the scope of the initial probe.”

Those that had already been interrogated by the SSS in connection to the boat contract probe include the petitioner, Hassan Rabiu; his estranged business partner, Mustapha Mohammed; two Israeli security consultants, Shay Tal and David Maman as well as top shots of the recently dissolved Presidential Implementation Committee on Maritime Security (PICOMSS), among others.

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  1. N6bn Army boat contract probe complteded, what will do Mr President and ssssss ? toothless dogs,you people shoud stop decieving your selves.

  2. Investigating Army purse is long overdue. Almost every ministries, parastatals and some private and govt organisation had being investigated in one way or the other by EFCC, ICPC, SSS e.t.c. But Army/Defence which is most of corrupt organisation/ministry had never being investigated. Why? Most of the KPs and VPs guided by the Army paid through their nose to the Army authourities, starting from Division to the Batallion level. Nigerian Army is not a revenue generating organisation because most of the monies gotten from all these organisations ended up in COs, Brigade Commanders and GOCs purse. These organisations were asked to cough out nothing less than N3,000 per day per each soldier which is N90,000 per month per soldier. But what did the soldiers get in return? Paltry of N500 per day per soldier which is N15,000 per month for each soldier which is 1/4 of what a soldier is entitled to. Most of these duties are been cater for in the yearly national budget, but only God knows where and how budget is been disbursed. Recently Gen Ihejerika, the present COAS alledged that he paid almost 2billion naira debt incured by his predecessors. The question now is, has he set up investigating team to uncover how such huge amount money develop wings and fly out of NA purse? And moreso, where did he, Ihejirika got the money he used in building mansions in his home town, Ovim in Abia state. So Mr president, if you are sure of fighting corruption in Nigeria, please start with Army. That is where corruption have taken it’s abode.

  3. The result of every probe in Nigeria never bear any good fruit, no money ever recovered is better accounted for. You can mention any you know of. The law was made by the superior against the inferior

  4. @PENMIGHT I want to believe that Defense,Army,Navy and Air force will never be investigated because the politicians fears them to their marrows,because they are the one holding them into power,that is why the people in government turn their eyes away from their atrocities.The military is the one keeping them in power.The senior military officers are really making money more than when the military was in power that time the money making in the military was lopsided but now it goes round all the top officers.


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