Mike Adenuga boosts Bayelsa flood relief efforts


….Donates N.5 bn to relief fund

Chairman and principal owner of Globacom, Nigeria’s leading telecommunications company, Dr. Mike Adenuga Jnr, has donated a whooping sum of N500m to support the flood relief efforts of the Bayelsa State Government. Presenting a draft cheque to the Governor of Bayelsa State, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson, in Abuja yesterday, the business mogul said he was moved to make the donation because he felt touched by the plight of the flood victims, considering the magnitude of the flood and its devastating effect on the people and the state.

He also commended the various steps taken by governments at the state and federal levels in cushioning the effects, both during and after the floods.

He added that his contribution was intended to provide additional succour to the people of the state. Receiving the cheque from Dr. Adenuga, Governor Dickson, who led a high-powered delegation of the state to the residence of the business mongul, was full of praises and appreciation for the Globacom boss. The governor expressed his gratitude and commended him for his deep concern and love for the people of Bayelsa State, assuring him that the money would be judiciously used along with other donations received from public spirited individuals, corporate bodies, and donor-agencies both locally and internationally.

Governor Dickson further disclosed that he had just set up a high-powered committee on post-flood management, headed by the former National Security Adviser, General Andrew Owoye Azazi along with other high calibre and very credible persons serving as members of the committee.

The governor hinted that the choice and calibre of persons on the committee, underscored the resolve and commitment  of government to ensure that monies donated towards this cause were well spent and directed to the real beneficiaries, as well as made to serve the purpose for which they were intended.

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  1. O seun OMOLUABI,
    God will continue to bless and enrich your BIG pockets more and more.
    Mr Governor, please make sure the money and other donations from various individuals and corporate bodies are judiciously used for those poor people the flood had rendered homeless and hopeless.

  2. Dr mike adenuga God will continue to bless and replenish your pocket in Jesus name,Governor of bayelsa state God guide you to make judicious use of the money.

  3. pls, go to OPOROMA in southern ijaw local govt and use it for them..i did my NYSC there in 2002 and i still visit the village bcos of the love i hv for them..pls GO TO OPOROMA

  4. Killimanjaro/London on

    Kogi state was first to be and was more flooded, But President jonathan hailed from bayelsa, alright for some.

    • Pls k ilimamjaro dont be jalious. Pray that God will bless u so dat u can donate 2 kogi. Dr. Thank u and may u remain bless. This is how genue money should b spent. Governor Saraki pls use dis money well ooooo. It is not excess crude money ooooh

  5. Thank u mr adenuga.but I think boko haram victims needs more help than flood victims.a lot of children were made orphans & others homeless,they need rehabilitation.we often miss priority in this country bcos we colour every issue with politics.

  6. Corruption. Adenugu gets billions from GEJ government, so it makes sense to grease the palm (Bayelsa). After all, was Bayelsa the only state hit by flood?

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  8. Bond Boy, If the wealthy indigenes of flood affected states should bail their states out, then Adenuga shouldn’t have donated to Bayelsa. Abi what do you think.

  9. Dr Mike Adenuga you are blessed, you show example of good citizen of Nigeria, It make make me to Remember M.K.O Of those days, Were is IBB. OBJ, And others doing ‘???????????????????????????????????????.

  10. Indeed Mr Mike Adenuga Jr. is a good example of patriotic citizen and a philanthropist. Sir, may your ways be right with God almighty so that your reward will not elude you both in time and eternity. God bless you for this kind gesture.

  11. This is just political, the flood effected Delta State, Kogi State, Anmabra State, Rivers, State, Imo state, Edo State and Bayelsa State. Why is Bayelsa so important when we all knew that the President must have through the back door gave them something and the state is among the richest in Nigeria now.. Adenuga is just protecting his investment while indirectly looking for more from the government since Dangote seems to be more favored this time., it is wrong to say that the guy who said Kogi was the first state to be effected by the flood to be jealous he simply said the truth but in Nigeria everything here goes through tribal line and that is why we are gradually sinking like a ship without a captain.

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