MEND issues threat to commence bombing


Femi Folaranmi, Yenagoa
The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta has issued a threat to commence mortar attacks by October 1.
Specifically, MEND told Chevron to evacuate its Tank Farm in Escravos as it is one of the targeted spots.
MEND, in a statement by Gbomo Jomo, said the militant group has reviewed its Hurricane Exodus and it is satisfied with the reduced oil output caused by pipeline vandalism.
The statement reads in part: “The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta is so far satisfied with the steady destructive progress of ‘Hurricane Exodus’ which has reduced Nigeria’s oil output significantly through our sustained sabotage of pipelines. We will also continue to turn a blind eye to the crude oil merchants passing through our territories because their activities, apart from toll paid us, is helping to achieve our objectives of zero oil output by 2015.
We use this medium to advice workers at the Chevron Tank Farm in Escravos to evacuate the premises as mortar attacks are imminent on Tuesday, October 01, 2013 from 00:01Hrs Nigerian time.”

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  1. This is a bunch of very selfish Nigerians who are happy that they are making money from illegal source to the detriment of fellow Nigerians. You will pay for your sins. No sinner goes unpunished. Many criminals have had their time of being in power and out of power. Nothing lasts forever. Just be ware. Do what is right.

  2. How wise is it for you guys to give date and time for your bombing?Are you telling us that you guys have gone so far that you can succed after giving date and time?We are watching.

  3. They are all jokers after they have taking their weeds and crack. We are waiting for you guys. JTF will finish all of una one time.

  4. Bunch of stupid and idle loafers who are cursed to remain in perpetual bondage. Continue to bomb yourselves until you are completely annihilated. Go on and carry out your plan without notice; you are merely trying to curry stipends for your ogogoro consumption by giving notice. Idiots.

  5. You can see a joker when you see one. Hippies are born everyday. Whoever discloses his battle details to the enemy? Empty threats from ogogoro seered heart.

  6. These bunch of igboo junkies are issuing this threat under the influence of ogogoro and igboo.They should not be taken seriously.

  7. Mend! mend! mend! you cannot mend Nigeria,this is a group that exist only on the news papers and laptops.If you are fighting a justified cause then show yourself.All of you are criminals and cowards.

  8. At least MEND sends out a warning before bombing unlike those savages called Boko Haram. MEND is like the IRA, whole Boko Haram is Al-Qaida.

  9. In as much no one is afraid of the MEND un endn threats of war. Im completely against war as some one who has wtnessed war & knew that war does choose its targets once its on.Therefore, I am in surport of any excercise that could produce an enduring & peaceful co-existenc e amongst this highly polarized,culturally, religiously,heterigene-ous & ethnicly divided amalgated contraption called Nigeria.Consequently,I wish to call on the PDP led Fed. Govt. to heed to the call by the Nigerian Patriots & other concerned emminent Nigerians to convey Mtn of the ethnic Nationalities in Naiga, to discuss under a peaceful atmosphere b4 the end of yr.2OI4 to agree on the best form of association to be adopted by the different Nationalities that Constitute Naiga, to avert the perileous cloud howering the Country,b4 the 2OI5, General elections. May God give our political leaders the grace,to shun primodial or other mondane consid -erations,to hacken to this patriotic & timely advise by the well meaning Nigerians.!!!

  10. Thank you Ebuka Amaechi , it is only arrogance and stupidity that makes nations to go into wars first before dialoguing. the truth is that the difference between the major ethnic groups in nigeria is over-whelming and unless we agree on the modernity for such relation and oneness, peaceful co-existence and nation building will continue to elude us.

  11. Ebuka an Okolie, well said. The conference is long overdue. Any Nigerian leader in whose tenure the conference is convened would go down in history is the greatest and the father of a new Nigeria. That is if Nigeria still remain after the conference. The major and perhaps the only inpediment to the success of the conference is the issue of oil, the alloy that holds the Nigeria almagam together. Many are afraid of the conference because they don’t know what would be the status of oil thereafter. This fear though real is misplaced because you never can tell what will happen. But whatever, I have always maintained that it is better for Nigeria to break up than to breakdown. Breakup through a conference is better than breakdown without conference. If I were GEJ, I would jettison any second term bid, try repair the broken back of PDP humpty-dumpty and allow the conference to hold. And time is running out!

  12. Boko Haram dosent make mouth, but they hit on point, MEND which is your own? If u think u are strong, leave the creeks, go to Port Hacourt, that’s when and where your bravery shall be tested.

  13. @ Sunny Akhigbe, thanks for your analyses, however, the long over-due national conference will not break Nigeria, rather it will re-position the country to greater height. The issue of oil you mentioned and where everybody seem to target will never constitute a problem if ever the growth of the entire nation rather than few parts is in our agenda. For example, does it make sense for the South- South to be like New York while Ogbomosho or Katsina is like the remotest part of Somali land ?.That is why I believe the argument of resources control is deceitful because no one is free until everyone is freed. Another example is this, assuming the conference recommends the decentralization of energy and because of oil wealth the south is able to fix the energy sector which invariably leads to greater growth in other sectors of the economy, don’t you think that if you are a federal civil servant, you will not be happy to be posted the north where there is less infrastructure. Therefore what we need is an equitable sharing formula after royalties are paid to the producing areas. In such conference also, the functions and powers of the central government will be looked into and their allocation reduced to enable Nigeria to develop from the grass root. If Nigeria was doing well before 1967, we must then return to the status quo ante bellum . Not until the leaders begin to display their amor-patriae love to the nation with every zeal in their totis viribus for the probono publico, only then shall we shout eureka.

  14. mend have a reputation for giving advance warning before attacks. If u dont know them for this then google mend and see why they are feared as a notorious group

  15. Our version of boko haram. Please wait until a northerner comes to power before you bomb so that the country becomes ungovernable as is the case now.

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