‘Medical doctor’ works with stolen certificates for one year



Michael Akorful Onyeagolo who claimed to be a medical practitioner with a popular hospital in Festac Lagos, was yesterday arrested by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria and Lagoa State Health Facility Monitoring Agency (HEFAMA) for impersonation. Onyeagolo 28, aka Dr. Hilary Abiwu, confessed that he was not a medical doctor. He said he stole the certificates from a doctor in Ghana.

Michael who hails from Imo State had been practising until nemesis caught up with him when he mismanaged a patient who was brought to the hospital. He said, “I was in school in Ukraine but could not graduate. I ran away from the school because I was to be arrested for being a witness to a crime. I went out to a joint with my friends one day and there was a fight. In the course of the fight, somebody died. The police arrested the guy and were looking for me. So I ran away.” On how he began to practice, he said a friend of his name Obinna Uche, a businessman gave him the certificates with which he had been working.

“When I ran away from the school, I went to meet my friend Obinna who gave me the documents. So, I came down to Nigeria and obtained a licence to practice.” Michael after much interrogation, by Dr. Okwuokenye Henry and Dr. Theophilus Ajayi, admitted that he stole the certificates by himself from Dr. Abiwu Hilarious. Dr. Henry Okwuokenye, HOD, Inspectorate Department of MDCN who led the team, said the certificate was not given to Michael by anybody, adding that he lived with Dr. Abiwu for two months and stole the doctor’s certificates. “From our investigation, it was revealed that he stole the documents from Dr. Abiwu who resides in Ghana.

When Michael came to us, he presented himself as the owner of the documents and registered for our assessment examination that is done by all trained foreign medical doctors. He did the examination twice and failed and on the third sitting, he passed and we gave him a provisional licence. In the process of verifying his documents, we discovered that his certificates were stolen from another doctor in Ghana.

We contacted the Medical and Dental Council Ghana who gave us the relevant documents and the real photograph of the doctor, who also wrote to us.” “Since then, we have been looking for him until report came to us that he mismanaged a patient. That was how we got his address.” Okwuokenye advised all quack doctors in Nigeria to desist from their evil practices adding, that the Registrar (MDCN), Dr. Ibrahim Abdumumin had vowed to rid the society of quacks in the medical field.

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  1. Honestly you are a disgrace to our people . Imolites are not known for quack certificates to practice any of their chosen carriers especially in academics. Govt should confiscate all his illicit wealth to serve as a deterant to other criminals .

  2. Shameless idiot. U ran away from ur school when u could not graduate. Later on, u went and stole another man’s Certificate to practise what u are not. I tell u my dear, u will never smell peace in ur life. U are a total disgrace to ur generation. For playing with human lives, u can never enjoy peace of mind or body. Fool!

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  4. Even laboratory scientists and pharmacist masquerades as doctors , it is indeed frightening MDCN should send sss in Lagos kano and port Harcourt

    • @ Chimereze,
      You’re right but biased.So also some Physicians (Doctors) are parading themselves as Medical Laboratory Scientists,Pharmacists,Radiographers,Nurses and Physiotherapists.

      Some Physicians open private hospitals without engaging the services of other health workers.They prefer employing non-professionals (quacks) to man their Laboratories and Pharmacies.They also prevent the different regulatory bodies of these professions coming close to their hospitals for inspection and monitoring.

      I have been following the fight in our health sector with keen interest.The Physicians started the fight because of their egos.The want to be “jack-of -all-trade”.
      In our Medical Schools,there are different departments:Medicine & Surgery,Nursing Sciences,Medical Laboratory Sciences,Physiotherapy,Pharmacy,Radiography etc.Each of these departments are headed by professionals in that department.Then after graduation,Physicians wants to head Radiography,Laboratory,Pharmacy,Nursing,Physiotherapy departments in our hospital. Is this fair?

      Can an Orthopaedic Surgeon successfully carry out brain surgery because he is a Surgeon?
      I am an Electrical Engineer by learning and profession,can I go for the construction of the 2nd Niger bridge because I am an Engineer?

      I squatted all the Medical Professionals during their one-year graduate internship programmes at Ibadan for some days or weeks before they got accommodation.I mean House Officers,Intern Pharmacy,Medical Laboratory Scientist,etc.There was an ego I saw in the House Officers then,they always claimed they know-it-all even in my Engineering profession.The House Officers will like you to bow and prostrate before them,even in my own house !
      I also observed these in my NYSC days in Benue State,the Physicians never allowed other health professionals go close to our NYSC Clinic then.

      This is the more reason I became very very interested in the National Health Bill.I read the bill word by word,line to line,over and over again to really digest it.I discovered from the bill that the Physicians (Doctors) want to legalise their take over of the leadership,regulation and monitoring of other health professionals through this bill if it’s eventually signed into law.

      Health care delivery is a team work.A tree can not make a forest.Let the Physicians play their role,the Nurses play theirs,the Pharmacist plays his,the Medical Laboratory Scientist plays his,the Physiotherapist plays his,the Radiographer plays his,the Medical Information Manager plays his,even the Hospital Cleaner plays his and the patient gets well.

  5. I cant believe this idiot is from Imo State. We are probably the most educated in the whole of Ibo land. Please he should be investigated properly, I don’t think he is one of us.

    • Who told u little braggart that Imo State isthe most educated amongst the Igbo ? Achebe,Zik, Eni Njoku,Barth Nnaji,Philip Emeagwali,Akanu Ibiam,Ogbonnaya Onu are all imo,eh

  6. Whom is he putting this call to , a fellow criminal or what? Pls government should take this idiot to maximum prison without delay. What a way of disgracing our people back home?

  7. This is a typical example of a guy. From Ebonyi state who was studying Medicine & Surgery @ University of Nigeria, Enugu campus, having got to 400 Level got frustrated with finance and dropped out of school and to steal his class mates certificate after graduation and scanned all, edited and replaced with his name and have practiced with it in EBSUTH Abakalikki before he was nabbed by MDCN. Right now the young man is lavishing @ Kpirikpiri Maximum prison Abakalikki. So, MDCN should not spare this man if though he is an Imolite.

    • Anthony I Efobi on

      Somebody in 400 levels is almost a medical doctor already. The issue here has to do with patience and lack of strong mind to toil to the end. Is not all about finance. If it’s finance, he would have looked for IMT or ESUT science student to teach or at worst write their exams for money. It would have being bad, but indirectly worst.
      The true story is that the Ebonyi boy might have failed his 2nd MB and joined up his mates to move up to 400 levels. It was generally not easy for every university students.



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  9. Ebuka Amaechi on

    This is a decayed socie ty & Generation,where acquistion of wealth is the most important thing on the agenda. No matter the source. Is it not recently that Kidnapers of the Mother of Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iwuala confes -sed to obtaining fake National Youths Servic e discharge certificate which emboldened their courage to enter the Traditional Rulers palace at Ogwashi- Ukwu to kidnap the Old queen.The fake Doctor and other known criminals like him, including the high profile politician s,Civil servants &publi c workers in Nigeria should all be made to face the full weight’nd consequencies of their criminal acts against their families and Naiga as a Nation.Whi le the Governments at all levels should fast tract provision of jobs for the employable youths in the Coumtry to check some of the criminal activities by the restive youths.

  10. I still don’t understand d kind of doctors in nigeria health sectors, am surprised wen I took my daughter to general hospital for high fever after everything d stupid doctor could nt even dictate wt is d problem he manage only informed us dat d baby was convulsion, which is nt, been a mature man I took d baby 2 lasuth ikeja wen anoda doctor said is just malaria nd infections which we conducted a test n was true, nw d baby is in gud health.

  11. The fact that this guy is Igbo does not mean others do not do it, yes crime is more pronounced in igboland but his guy is only disgracing himself and Nigeria. Some Yoruba twins also did it as dentists. Sharing certificates.

  12. Alhaji Dan-azumi Gana on

    Igbos again ? all sort of crimes in this country is been comitted by the igbos. Infact, they should be banished from this country for life.

  13. Chimereze made me deviate from the subject matter.This fake Doctor should be investigated.You ran away from school because you’re a witness to a crime and you want me to believe you.You should have gone to the police by yourself and tell them what you know or witness about the crime and continue your studies but you prefer to run away.That shows that you went to Ukraine to commit crimes.

    The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria failed on their own part to wait until a report of mismanagement of a patient before arresting the quack Doctor.
    Before issuance of the provisional licence,there must be a kind of documentation by the applicant which will make provisions for State of origin,local Government Area,name of village,permanent home address,present residential address,phone number(s),e-mail address(es),referee’s name,address and phone numbers.Had it been they got these information,they wouldn’t have waited for a case of mismanagement of a patient before they swing into action.No matter how smart the guy is,one of these information would have linked them to him in good time.

    This should be an eye opener to other regulators of different professions especially in the medical professions.

    To the fake Doctor,whatever the law says he must do or should be done to him,let him gladly accept and do it.

  14. @ Alhaji Dan-azumi Gana who told you we want to remain in this Boko haram country called Nigeria. In fact if you can do it now and I will be the happiest man on Earth. Dan Isika , kafri

  15. Mumu Alhaji Azumi Gana , dan mumu gworo ka wai , pls , help us to facilitate that agenda , that should be the highest gift ever bestowed to your fellow mankind.

  16. Alhaji Dan-azumi Gana on

    @Nweke O Nweke, alias “Bakin karfe”, kaci durin uwaka da bura ubanka. Idon’t know you a very useless and hopeless Nyamiri whose thought always is, to commit serious crimes. if you do not repent from your evil activities, God Almighty will expose you very soon to face the music. Alias Bakin karfe, repent oooo.

  17. Odogwu_Aganaga on

    lest we forget: there are possibly, even probably, some genuine doctors there in the hospitals who successfully ran the course, passed their exams and obtained all the required papers but they are as “clueless”, may be worse, than this fake doctor. the peer review associations should keep an eye on them because they are every patient’s nightmare. they are everywhere.

  18. The real question here is that any thing goes in Nigeria, fake doctors , partially educated doctors, native doctors and self acclaimed spiritual healers. The govt can not embrace native doctors with their obnoxious rituals and body parts, while at the same time condemning any other heathcare providers and expired drugs..

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