Mark begs China to release 490 Nigerian prisoners


•As China assures on military co-operation

Senate President David Mark has pleaded with Beijing to release 490 Nigerians languishing in Chinese prisons. He begged the Chinese leader, Mr. Zhang Dejiang to review the cases of  366 Nigerians in Chinese prisons, 120 awaiting trial and four already sentenced to death under the transfer of prisoners arrangement.Nigeria and China have pledged military co-operation especially in the training and retraining of  security personnel in tackling terrorism and disaster response capabilities.Under the arrangement, both nations would exchange programmes for military officers and students of Defence Colleges.

These were part of the high-points of the bilateral talks between Mark and President of the Chinese Parliament, Mr. Dejiang who also doubles as the Chairman of the National Peoples Congress (NPC) in Abuja yesterday.

Senator Mark had requested his guest to prevail on his government for assistance to Nigeria in the mass production of military and police hardware  as well as aircraft’s spare parts production centre in Nigeria. The Senate president also requested China to support Nigeria’s bid for the UN Security Council seat  as non- permanent member from 2015 and as a permanent member from Africa in an expanded UN Security Council.

Besides the  agreed exchange of parliamentary visits between the National Assembly and the Chinese parliament, Senator Mark demanded that China reciprocates Nigeria’s friendly visa regime by honouring Diplomatic Notes and simplifying visa procedures for Nigerians.

Although  the trade and commercial ties between both countries have increased with a deficit of N270 billion against Nigeria, Mark requested that the imbalance be addressed by encouraging Chinese government and industrialists to increase investments in the non-oil sector in Nigeria as well as offering duty waiver on Nigerian exports.

Mr. Dejiang noted that China runs a friendly administration and upholds the sanctity of the rule of law, but would table Mark’s requests before his home government for a possible review especially on those convicted on criminal offences. He promised co-operation with the government and people of Nigeria in all areas that would improve her economy and general welfare of the people .

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  1. Good for the polity. This is perhaps the first time a top government official from Nigeria is appealing to the Chinese government to release some 490 inmates ,But the truth is that the number mentioned above may be in one small town prison,Because reliably at the last count information had it that more than 2000 inmates are languishing in Guangzhou prison alone,about 200 of them facing death sentence.,unfortunately most of them from one geographical area of our country,that still makes them our brothers.The senate president can assist by checking the facts from the Nigerian associations rather than checking with the embassy”s officials. most of them wants to come home to Nigeria but don’t have traveling documents as the Chinese authorities insist they pay for the days they overstay and then pay there way back home.

  2. The chinese goverment promotes productive means of livelihood in all its key sectors of economy and as well encourage economy activities as driving forces of goverment policies and programmes above all chinese parliament did not encourages talk active societies like Nigeria Legislature that only promote talk active society which did not yield political stabilities and democratic development by failed to produce brand new peoples constitution upon millions of talks since 1999, the National assembly only produced amended constitution in sixth Senate and seventh senate are in the process of amending the 1999 constitution as amended (talk continue). The Nigeria legislature are just National Noise-Maker Assembly (NNM) by recently wellcome National conference which some Idled brain in the society were proposing since last year and Senate President David Mark eventually wanted the unelected members of the public to join Noise Makers that failed to make long-term legislation by amending statutary laws after just two or three years of its becomes law which clearly hindered democratic development and political stabilities Electoral law amended, Child right amended, Health insurance amended etc. These Noise-making has become culture and way of life of Nigerians where some English grammar of noise making exists like Lips service etc. Chinese goverment did not have lips service in its dictionary.

    • @The Noon. Thank you very much bro. That is what our government is known for. Noise making without action. And again our people traveled outside this country to commit all sorts of criminal offences and think they will get away with it the way it is done here in Nigeria forgetting that they were not in their home country. I have traveled a whole lot and I have not had any issue in all the countries I have travel to. If your purpose of traveling is genuine, I dont think any country security official will just arrest and put you in the prison. Our people should know this. So for me, they should serve their jail terms and be release and those marked for death should face the penalty because if they are release back to Nigeria then we will have more armed robbers and kidnappers.

  3. If you can do the crime then you can do the time.
    Please, leave them in China o, let them not come back here we have enough k’nappers and armed robbers and rapeees as it is, unless they wan begin sell peer wata.

  4. @moon or whatever u label urself, what’s important is not how many pages of comments you make but the substance -sense – therein.

  5. Senate president should be ashame of himself for ever tried to ask for pardon from Chinse president to release this Nigerian criminals. I can now understand de reson why lots of criminals are roaming our street in Nigeria. I trust china govt will not listen to this asshole any way, cos those convicted criminals must pay for de crimes they committed against de peoples Republic of China.

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  7. @Kola Amodu. Its today dat I know U are already gone mad. So U want ur fellow countrymen to be languishing in a foreign prison while ur so call Chinese people who commits crime here are let of hook to return to china without spending a day in a Nigerian prison yeye man kola nut head. yesterday two chinese national in lagos almost rapd a Naija girl to death if nt for d intevention of aPolice officer dia. what did they do? they were taken to court & was grantd bail & am sure by now they wud hav been in china. Awu- awusa Kolanut. Tomorrow u wud want respect other countries of the world. Lebenese who are terrorist here Nigeria respected and charged them to court even grant them can a Nigerian do that in dia country still be alive talking abt court? Stop thinking with ur anus

  8. Ab chuks u see de different btw u n I is very clear, my belief is if u can’t do de time u don’t do de crime. U made mention of de lebanes that were arrested for terroism, I ask u asshole, where are they now, they are still in detention n all there business activities place under seal. What a better way to destroy people than to make sure they are down economically. Ab chuks don’t say what u don’t know. Most of Nigeria prisoners in China are arrested mainly for fraud n most importantly for drugs. Are u telling me we must lose sleep on this scumbags, no we should not . I hope they all rot in there in China. I know why u’re so move by David Mark request cos ur brother n sister are also in China prisons. I bet they we not be released soon until they serve their jail term, asshole.

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