Man, wife, 2 kids murdered


•2 others escape with bullet wounds


Four members of a family comprising the father, mother and two children were yesterday morning shot dead by unknown gunmen at Chaha Village of Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State. Three others escaped with bullet wounds.

The gunmen who invaded the house of 43-year-old Iliya Yakubu at about 1:30a.m killed him, his wife Lyop, 38, their son, Nuhu and a-year-old daughter, Peace, in their sleep, while three others who were in separate rooms were shot while trying to escape. One of the three that were wounded and currently receiving treatment at the Vom Christian Hospital Vom, Alice Iliya disclosed that she heard one of the assailants calling her brother’s name before forcing their way into the family compound. She said they ransacked the entire house before getting the four in their room.

According to her, the three of them receiving treatment were shot through the window when they were spotted trying to escape into the nearby bush. The State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Abuh Emmanuel who confirmed the incident, said the gang fled into the bush before security agents arrived at the scene. He said the state police command had commenced full investigation into the killings and deployed both the anti-terrorist and anti-robbery squads to the village to prevent further attack.

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  1. There are so many people to be compensated starting from the prey to the predators! GEJ we are watching how you are going to compensate a terror group only for them to use the fund to possess more arms. Please shine your eyes well.

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  3. Our father in the heavens let ur name b glorify, let ur kingdom come, let ur will b dne on earth as it is in heaven. bcos no more peace on earth and human selfish govt can never bring peace on earth, unless ur own govt take place.

  4. Boko haram spirit has infiltrated every parts of d north. Gowon, USENI, DOMKAT BALI and so many of u can see what d law of Kama is doing in the north. I,m happy , for the reason that u all re alive to witness what is happening today, in a place that first recorded ethnic cleansing of igbo extraction.

  5. GO ON WITH ONE NIGERIA[GOWON] Goodmorning oooh! the GOD OF THE ISREALITES DOES NOT SLEEP and to the yoruba cowards hope your one nigeria is working? UP BIAFRA.

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    Akpos replied : “Shuo, I try o, I really try. When green snake waka pass my leg I no shake body or make peem sound. When gorilla come de breath hot and smelly smelly breath for my face, I no shake body or make sound. But when two squirrel waka enter my trouser leg, one come tell the other one say, “Chei, see as this two palm kernel big like coconut, we nor go fit chop dem finish for here, so make we pluck and carry dem go home”, if u u wetin u go do?”


  9. Does everything like this always has to do with Boko Haram?Owerri,when are you people going to see?Claiming the wisdom that isn‘t there,you people aren‘t wise at all,and the problem is that you don‘t know.Mr Owerri you‘re our wednesday fool,goodmorning.

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  11. @Mberede, Why did you always attack and abuse the Yoruba? Are Yoruba the Hausa, Fulani and Kanuri who have constituted themselves into terrorist Boko haram killing innocent people in the Northern region of Nigeria? We are not cowards in any way but very hospitable to all the visitors and strangers around us, super intelligent, highly intellectual and focused on issues of Nation building. The Yoruba would not support anybody foolishly because of his or her money, it was on record that the Yoruba refused to vote for Obasanjo in 1999 as President because they knew he would not deliver on his promises but other Voters from South East, South South and the whole North voted for him because their Leaders who fooled them to do so wanted to occupy juicy positions for their personal gains.
    We are no COWARDS but we like to stand by the truth at all time no matter the individual or group affected.
    The killings in the North would stop if their leaders want it to stop, Mr President should never compensate Boko haram because they have committed serious treason and mass murders against the Country.


    • @dele as at yesterday i was going to think that you are different from the majority of your folks who will always pretend that evil is good for fear of not been able able to stand up for their right; cowards i called u and your people because every body knows the yoruba elders who went to collect envelope at ASO ROCK as a proceed from the killing ABIOLA; funsho williams was killed by a yoruba man for political gains[money] ; your fellow kin killed BOLA IGE for political sustainability; your evil siege deminished humanity by killing 2m innocent children and women on an attempt to become the nigerian presidents to which he later beg without succeeding. your dirty yoruba brothers go to study litterature in schools up to 50years of age without bringing any intellectual innovation to move your one nigeria forward because you are always afraid to confront the street with her realities like the IGBO MAN WILL ALWAYS DO THAT ENABLE THEM TO CONTINUE TO TURN YOUR PEOPLE INTO TENNANTS IN YOUR FATHERS LAND. while the IGBOS doesnt go to school at all it might interest u to know that the only indeginous autor manufacturing company in the whole of west africa is founded; owned and built by an IGBO MAN IN IGBO LAND, that is innovation. yoruba should continue to study litterature; history; english language while the world continue to evolve with technological innovations. cowards you are not tolerants to any body is just that u cant put up a fight even your fathers backyard, our annoyance with average yoruba man SOYINKA not included is because u have refuse to allow us confront in full the hausa fulani man who had impeeded the growth of this nation and will wish we do not go our own but GOD on our side a face of honour will be giving to AFRICA someday via BIAFRA.

  12. Can we eva here any good news in nigeria again?flood,gunmen,unknown gunmen,kidnappers,boko haram…. dis is indeed d end time,are you ready 4christ?

  13. Dele shut up ur stinky lousy mouth, if u dnt knw about ur tradition go and ask ur babalawo. who told u that yorubas are hospitable, they are not. they are only biting their flesh, enemy of progress, u hate civilaization and instade of improving, u want others to be timid, lazy and as dirty as u are.

  14. Omo Yoruba, Odugbami, I love ur comment bcos I see maturity n tolerance in it. About d boko haram n d Northern leaders, what u said is d truth bcos if dia religious n political leaders want it to stop dey can stop it, but dey foolishly think it is political tool 4 fighting GEJ’s govt.

  15. It is really a shame in this country, called Nigeria where killing is now a hobby. it does not mean to waste human life.SHAME!!

    • I really love your courage and maturity but this is not time for blames. Yorubas and ibos can stand up to stop this madness called harram. Our people are involved. Nigeria is ours. By what ever means, i think they have had their time. Yorubs as the ibos have unique roll to play in nigeria as individuals.

  16. The fact is we all have good people and bad one’s in every tribe and ethnic groups, so why are we disturbing our selves instead of looking for a lasting solution.


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  18. This is man inhumanity to man. The insecurity in the land is becoming worrisome. The law enforcement agents are not doing enough and had failed the nation. It is good for citizenry to handle their guns for self defense.

  19. For our Yoruba’s brothers after BIAFRA goes Housa people will drink you like water with their Boko haram program. So is high time for you to prepare your self ooooh!

  20. @mumu Ojukwu u are not an ibo advocate. u ar notin but blood sucker d husa or coward tribe like yuroba u ar so supid by hiding ur identity that shows how cowardly u ar i don,t reason with dunce lik u.big fool

  21. Tony the experienced man on

    where are we going in this country, wickedness almost everywhere. It’s highly regrettable.May their souls RIP. Sunnews must you mention the hospital?

  22. Let stop using the word boko haram when ever muslem militant truck. Is muslem tradition of taking other religions as enemy expecially christian. So in the case of Nigeria “muslem killing christian”

  23. Igwe, I support u.For others read Koran ..,Sura 9v29 etc to confirm that their religion encourage them to kill christians.

  24. When will young men in Plateau learn to constitute vigilante group to guide the women, the children and the aged since security agents cannot protect them. You fought the civil war for the Hausa/Fulani but you can’t fight and protect yourself from them what a pity.

  25. The Ibos do not naturaly hate the Yorubas nor any tribe in Nigeria but hates injustice and lazinesss. The Ibos are the most vissibly seen tribe anywhere in Nigeria, this is because we see every corner in Nigeria as one country. But the problem the Ibos has with the Yorubas who make up the southern Nigeria is that they have refused to see reason even when a blind man can notice it. The Yorubas are educated but are always happy comming behind, even if it is people they are more sophisticated than in every thing. We all know that the almagamation of southern and northern Nigeria by Britain is not working, yet the Yorubas noticed it not. To me, if I have a brother who is not smart, I will continue to attack him untill he reasons with me. The Ibos dont hate the yorubas but we will continue to attack them untill they reason with us. Souther Nigeria must be on their own, thats how it was before britain messed it up…. long live southern Nigeria

  26. Biafra war is still on, but the war front has changed to the north. At thesame time, the tactice has changed too….the north fighting the north. A war general who dodged Biafran Ogbunigwe has just died by bullet fired by his own kigsmen in his house. Those who killed by the sward will face the same music. Danjumo, obj,Gowan..etc, should take note.

  27. Useless Igbo people who love to parade themselves as “Jews” of Africa (whatever that means). They lack tackics and that is why they are where they are. They are always irrational and planess hence the reason they went for a war they never prepared for. Only foolish man like igbo people stands in front of a moving train. After u guys were soundly defeated, u are now looking for who to blame for your failure and irresponsible moves. Yorubas are not and can never be cowards cos we understand the system, we use our heads and not empty boasts like u guys to address issues. We fought along with the northerner and we defeated u and thereafter relegated u to the background. Unfortunately there is nothing u guys can do about that excepts to make noise and we are already used to that. You guys cannot make any headway cos u are all Judas, u love money to a fault and igbo man and woman has a price. Continue to import your containers, kidnap yourself and then rob and kill innocent people like some of you robbed and killed Cyntia at your domain in festac. U guys will NEVER rule this country and infact i dont know y u are still part of nigeria. I will advise u to stop betraying urself and leave b4 hausa/fulani finish all of u. Stupid people


  28. ds country is gradually disintergrating?everyday killing.look at wat d politician turn ds country.may Allah[swt]frgive them?

  29. Ogbonna Julius on

    There is no point beating about the bush. The fact is and remains that the islamic religion teaches forcifull embracement of islam, if otherwise be killed or stranggled. This religion does not preach PEACE as they claim to be. Christains should embrace crusade which is a holy war. They have been pushed to the wall. Enough is enough.

  30. will all of u big fools frm de igbo and yoruba extraction shut ur traps, we re talkin of a whole family been wiped out, rather than pray 4de repose of their souls and 4peace 2return 2d country, u guys re there debating who is de coward and who is not. create biafra 2day or oduduwa, u will nt be more than wat u re already, foolish fools.

  31. Ijebuonwu Gift on

    Devil is using people to destroy life and property.Dnt allow yourself to used as an agent of devil.We need God’s help o o o o

  32. the people thought others how to wipe entire family. Gowon, Ty danjuma, Jt Useni, Domkat Bali started it in 1967. Ask TY Danjuma and late Yaradua snr. how they murdered Gen. Aguiyi Ironsi. This how all of them will die. Middle belt murdered sleep, so they will not sleep. What you sow is what you reap. I am not surprised about the senseless killing in plaeteau God does not sleep.

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