Man who raped grandma to death …To die by hanging



A High Court in Ekiti State has condemned a 27-year-old man to death by hanging for raping and killing a 63-year-old woman. The accused person, Mr. Emmanuel Tometin, who hails from Ekore Village in Yakurr Local Government Area of Cross River State, was reported to have raped and killed Mrs. Ikubolaje on August 17, 2006 at about 2:00p.m at Oke Sele farm, Igirigiri Road, Odo-Ado in Ekiti State. She was reportedly attacked, raped and killed on her way to the farm.

The convict was arraigned on a two-count charge. On the first count of rape, he was sentenced to life imprisonment, while he was found guilty of murder and thereby sentenced to death by hanging. Tometin who was said to have attended Apostlic Primary School at Ekore and dropped out in primary four for lack of fund, had ever since been engaged in farming. He was said to have settled in Ado-Ekiti through a relative, Mr. Bassey, in 2004.

Tometin said he was the second child of his parents but added that his mother had left his father to remarry and gave his mother’s name as Mrs. Adiya Erekunpon. The Judge, Justice Ilori Akindayo, said after all findings and facts on the issue, his view was that Exhibit C, F, and G-G3, which indicted the accused were very relevant to the case and he recorded it as full evidence. He therefore ruled that the accused person be hanged by the neck until he is dead.

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  1. Good for the idiot calabar man who derived pleasure in having sex with her grand mother and had the gut to kill her after. That will serve as a deterrent to other idiots like him. What happens to the white garment church pastor that raped a 12 years old girl he lived in the same compound with in Lagos? Governor Fashola please he should also die by hanging since we have not heard anything concerning the matter again, I hope it has not been thrown inside the river.

  2. Very good ruling, where is chief Apkaniko, your brother has been infiltrated with the spirit of raping a well known phylominum up there.

  3. Chioma, my sister his case was treated yesterday, he was granted bail but the chief magistrate mrs Ogala did a rightful thing by transferring the case to family court. That is the appropriate judicial segment that handles child abuse related matters. The fake pastor will soon meet his Waterloo.

  4. Which Way Nigeria on

    We also want Farouk, Bangole, and others to be executed by hanging. Or money dey talk in their own cases? Calabars are fond of raping, why?

    • Say you, Say me on

      @which way Nigeria. Lets not go tribal here. Cant you guys post comments without getting personal. We have all sorts of characters all over this country. No tribe holds a monopoly on illicit behaviour. I wonder which tribe you belong to, so as to let you know what vice your people are known for.

  5. I wonder d kind of joy a 27yrs old boy will get from a 63yrs old woman. I also wonder what he saw in d old woman dat he found attractive

  6. @which way Nigeria. Brother, you mention but a few. Start from Obasanjo, Buhari Jonathan, T. Oji, Elechi, bankole, Farouk, Tinumbu. And many others . These men should die by hanging, Infact lynched and roasted by an angry mob.

  7. Emmanuel is not alone in this demonise acts,however,his case is a lesson for e/body to come closer to his/her creator.may Almighty God guide us to d straight path(ameen).

  8. Andreas wubal, Jos on

    Courts should be doing same to boko haram members and there sponsors. But their cases are always adjourned! Adjourned!! Adjourned!!!

  9. adeyemi sandra on

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  10. Which way Nigeria or whatever ur stupid name is! Why r u limiting raping 2 calabar? I’m even sure u’r a rapist urself. Ur numenclature alone is suggestive of madness. Eventhough I’m not holding brief 4 d animal dat raped a 63yr old woman, but why shld u generalise? I wish I even know d tribe u belong, I wld hv mention many worst instances of raping there, u dull brain u shld be careful what u contribute next time.

  11. Which way Nigeria or whatever ur stupid name is! Why r u limiting raping 2 calabar? I’m even sure u’r a rapist urself. Ur numenclature alone is suggestive of madness. Eventhough I’m not holding brief 4 d animal dat raped a 63yr old woman, but why shld u generalise? I wish I even know d tribe u belong, I wld hv mention many worst instances of raping there, u dull brain u shld be careful what u contribute next time. And u Chioma! I’m sure u wldn’t hv bn able 2 contribute if u didn’t mention calabar, u hv 4gotn so soon, d recent rape incident at ABSU. I’m disappointed in u.

  12. Alhaji Dan-azumi Gana on

    Since August 2006 this case of an abomination was pending. Why is it that a case that needed urgent attention is been delayed ? thank God the appropriate punishment is melted out at last.

  13. Had it been that this young man was rich and well known this case would hv continued to be adjourned until it die a natural death. I weep for the poor.

  14. chukwubuike orji on

    well, dis is pure satanic work, what is attractive in d body of a sixty three yrs old woman? I believed d boy is cursed & d curse needs to be reversed.

  15. @Julius ur an idiot,a fool,onukwu a broda 2 goat.Calabar! calabar!! calabar pple oh! my God.Hw many tyms av i called u nt here 2 beg anybody,if una like make una go rape ur grate grand mother,all i knw is dat D by hanging is there 4 u pple.but una go finish oo!! bcos in calabar every compound has 2 to 3 true o! i was in calabar 4 good 15yrs but cos of raping of a tin,i ask my mother 2 take me out of dat place cos i love her so muchly. Thank u very much oga Judge.

  16. This senseless action of the young man is not new. He should have been sentenced to other forms of punishment instead of death. The death penalty is wrong and only belong to those in the jungle: No human, be it a judge or not has the right to kill what he cannot create. May God have mercy on you all !

  17. BRO. CHRIS NKEM on

    The end time is very close ane the signs are clearer. May i ask, of what type of joy do a 27 yrs old man derieves from an old woman of 63yrs, and above all, his grand mother that after raping her, he went ahead to kill her.
    The question here is not all about where the actor came from but to condemn his action and not the state and tribe he came from because every state have difference good and bad culture that they are known for. In this type of evil action, the actors should be condemned and not to generalised or to rubish where the actor come from. Finally, he deserved the purnishment to die by hanging.

  18. Where is the Oba that raped a Youth Corper. Has the crown desolved the case???????????.
    Where is the Imam that raped a seven yr old ??????.
    Where is the ex-governor now senator that raped a 12 yr old and coveted her to be his wife ????????.
    I need some decent answer.
    Only fools call Calabar in this matter. There are rapist even in your home, church or mosque. Yes I mean you.

  19. Rape Is not exclusive to Calabar Alone.You Can find Rapist in Igboland,Hausa,Yoruba everywhere So Pple Should not Start talking Nonsense.

    The guy deserve da Purnishment Cos he is Useless

  20. @ Papa, but the useless rapist has the right to kill a fellow human being, stop that preaching. Anyone that committed murder must be killed equally. Some papas are rapist by their language we shall know them, one of them is even hiding on top of a volcanoes surrounded by so many mansions. Many covered themselves with stupid chieftaincy titles to rape lady corpers posted to their domains, using Ifa spirit to torment the helpless ladies. No one is even speeding or arguing the matter again as it suppose to be, what a poor lady.

    • Say you, Say me on

      @john chukwudi. Who is your quote for – the judge,’ the law or the 27yr old retard that raped and killed the 63yr old woman?

  21. Owerri bastard, go n sit down joo. U’re full of shit, we are talking about somebody who raped n kill another human being nu’re compearing with another thing. De guy in question got what he deserved, even though am against capital punishment. May i ask u one question owerri bastard, is de sick?

  22. If you are from calabar please accept my apology on behave of those attaching rape to calabar, that is Nigeria for you, always deviating. One Nigeria is only on documents not in the heart of any body. They know that it can happen any where in the world but been that Nigeria is a dead country, her people are always tribal about everything.

  23. ayo okilo (iworo omuo ekit) on

    Gud for him u run from ur village come to my own village fountain of knowledge to do evil,the wages of sin is death ,as per the pastor who raped 12 year old girl read today punch you will see the outcome,they have granted him bail and transfer the case to family to handle.full stop

  24. Engr. Olatunji Samuel on

    Good judgement for this bastard. He must die for his sin. Imagine killing an old woman after raping her. That man is not fit to live among humans. He is an animal.

  25. Thanks 2 all those who hv risen in defense of calabar! I wonder why some people wld deliberately chose 2 display their stupidity thru this medium, why shld anybody start attacking a particular tribe over an idiotic action of one man? Even when similar thing kp happening every day in oda tribes. It shows how unorganised & tribalistic we’r in dis country, yet we kp preaching one Nigeria everyday. As 4 d likes of EDO BOY & CHIOMA ( those riffraffs), I think I’ll only attribute their utterances 2 illiteracy, maybe they shld come over 2 Akwa ibom state & tk advantage of free & compulsory education. Age will never be a barrier.

  26. @ Kola Amodu, your father was losting after Iya Ibadan that culminated his untimely death at age of 82 on Christmas eve, a well known phenominum in your family.

  27. Why has the judgement taken so long? Something dat took place in 2006, is now brougth forward. Maybe the judges were waiting for bribe, but due to the poor background of the guy, which he could not meet their demand, they now hand him over to be hanged. Despite the fact dat what the man did is evil, i want to ask, do you think the guy would have been condemned if he’s the son of a Governor, minister, commisioner, president, or other prominent Nigerians? What we need is equal rigth and equal justice. Period

  28. If proper investigation was carried out they may end up arresting one or two other persons who may have being connected.i guess it may be 4 a ritual purposes or deceived by fake prophets or Imam.i pray that he will repent and receive salvation from our lord Jesus Christ and make heaven b4 he die.his action is very bad and condemnable but God can still 4give him if he repent.

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