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16-years later

Love and laughter, 16 years later

Reflections of a high school 


Theatrical moments! Just after 16 years, high school seems so long ago for the Class of 1996, it had some of them wondering how much they could actually trust their memories. ‘Is this really you?’ was the question that was repeatedly heard. More hugs, slapping palms and boisterous handshakes circulated all around.

Did the Maths teacher with the bad eyesight really admonish us in the staff room to teach him, since we told him he got the figures all wrong? Did four of us really vow to meet at Ubaha Joint in Okigwe every year? (They never made it, but the thought still counts.) Was it just a dream that we scaled high school fences to attend parties? Eighteen members of the class of 1996 came together at Gee’s Place in Lekki, Lagos, to enjoy some good food, dance and reminisce of their days at Federal Government College, Okigwe, Imo State.

This was the first time the class of 1996 was coming together to fete. Adizua Nwakuche, a dorm prefect in high school, who is currently in the oil business, made the contacts and brought together some members of the class of 1996.He embarked on this reunion get-together with a zeal and dogged determination that was indeed inspiring. Nwakuche issued invitations cards months in advance also using social media to advance his cause, to try and get more old boys and girls to participate. But of the 118-member class, 18 made it while many others were either not in Lagos or in the country. At least, one, was already dead.

So painful! The reunion, which was a huge success, had a dinner party, barbeque party, church thanksgiving and beach party all rolled in one weekend. “This is a pretty good turnout,” said Nwakuche.  “We had a lot of fun and reminisce. It’s really an enjoyable time.” Uzo Ogbonna, an educator, described it as an event that should be done yearly.

A suggestion that was highly welcomed. Perhaps, the most interesting feature of the weekend was the dress code, which was strictly “Deck up in your school uniforms and day-wear”. The class of 1996 hopes to return again next year, bigger, louder and better.

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